The Everything Clips, Banned!

The Most Shocking Film in History! Whether you’ve read David Allenders’ Book “The Everything Pages” or not, this is a great collection of news clips and short films (including the Chemtrails Questionaire) compiled to shine an irrefutable light on the New World Order and those behind it. Get ready to regain some serious ground in the war that’s been waged to control your mind and future. This grassroots film is for you, by the people for the people.


Download The Everything Clips (399 MB .mpeg video)

One thought on “The Everything Clips, Banned!

  1. Paul Gabriel said:

    Hi David,

    I fell onto your page via the subverted nation website. It’s another BS site! How happy and stunned was I when I started looking into your site and the gazette. Just printed all your articles out and I’m going home to read them. Very excited! I knew they did 9-11 because of the local paper in Jersey covered the dirtbags who were arrested near the then Giant Stadium.I was living in Hasbrouck Heights NJ at the time. No other paper in the country picked up on the story; it’s then that I realized something didn’t smell right. I’ve been educating (very hard) myself on what’s going on with our country.Alex Jones and other Jew run sites that give you 90% truth, but not the big Rothschild picture. Leaving work now excited to read your material.


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