Issue #113

International jews Viciously Attacked by Gentiles, AGAIN!


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Oh, the Protestants hate the Catholics, the Catholics hate the Protestants, and the Hindus hate the Muslims and everybody hates the jews.  That’s been said by countless scores of people around the world while they were expelling jews from over 108 countries in at least 200 separate incidents.  The term “Hep, Hep, Hooray” was a celebratory exclamation used by Europeans upon finding and arresting crypto jews hiding in their communities. And now, even most jews themselves popularize the idea of us mean Gentile Goyim always hating and persecuting them because they benefit from the pity generated!  But hold on a second, what have you ever done to a jew?  Nothing you say?  But how about other Gentiles, do you know anyone personally that’s ever actually harmed a jew?  No?  Hmmm. So, that’s a little odd huh?  Another question is, just exactly who are most of these people claiming to be jews or hiding the fact they are?  Those by the way are “crypto or marano jews” and this is a very important part of inhuman survival throughout history.  Hiding ones identity is a practice perfected and carried out almost solely by jews historically.  This was especially true in Europe from 1290 to 1655 when an ongoing attempt to permanently expel them was made by countless heads of state and citizens alike. 


G-d Damn Anti-Semite, Terrorist.
It’s Happening Again! They’re Not jews, They’re satanists.
That’s Hate Speech!

The attempts of course was futile because they were already embedded, taking up fronts as the very Protestants, Catholics and others who were trying to get rid of them!  The same was true in biblical times which is proven in Rev 2:9 3:9 by Yeshua.  Nothing has changed, many calling themselves jews are still the synagogue of satan and those surrounding them claiming to be Christians/Muslims/Atheists ARE AS WELL.

The nagging question truly is; who are these fake jews and what is judaism?  Are they a race, is it a religion or both?  And if so, what religious books do they use;  Is it the Torah, the 1st 5 books of the bible? (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers & Deuteronomy)  Or is it the Jerusalem Talmud, the Babylonian Talmud, the Kabbalah, the Zohar, the Avesta or the Mishneh?  Or how about all the above along with 100s more!  It’s common knowledge the majority of ancient historical/religious texts on earth are stored in special, highly secure underground vaults at the Vatican museums in Rome.  However, few realize the obvious, which is those texts include the whole of prior human knowledge regarding, architecture, polity, astrology, science, witchcraft, sorcery and necromancy!  Indeed, unlike the rest of the world, the SS has utilized ALL knowledge available in those ancient texts to formulate their “religion” which goes far, far, far beyond the bible, and these luciferians don’t share, or play nicely with others!



Hoffa & Bush
Same Murderous satanic jew Shitheads, Different Century

So, our question regarding the jewish identity just got even more complicated didn’t it?  What about bloodlines, are they even human?  Or are they the seed of lucifer straight out of Gen 6:4? Yea, are they even from the tribe of Judah of the 12 tribes of Jacob that make up the nation of Israel?  Or are they imposters? Are Real Jews (Judahites) Africans?  Who the hell are these kikes and their kin who don’t admit it?  The answers to these questions are meant to be so complicated you would never figure them out.  But we have!  Our 1st priceless realization for #113 comes by way of the fact that SS jews have repeatedly earned all the labels of “wandering jews” and “gypsies” who will “jew you down”, “gyp you” & “take you for a ride”.  It’s because the SS is just an organized crime family which all the top mobsters and other big criminals of history were members of.  U.S. Law enforcement officials referred to them as the Italian and American mafia but the evidence clearly shows they were ALL ran by jews and the same is true around the globe.  In fact along with Jimmy Hoffa (shown above having more class than Bush) the next 5 of the most infamous and murderous U.S. mobsters of the 21st century ALL claimed to be jews!   There’s no getting around it, facts are facts!


SiegelBugsy Siegel

Both parents Russian jews

GottiJohn Gotti Jr.

Mother was a Russian jew

SchultzDutch Schultz

Both parents German jews

LanskyMeyer Lansky

Both parents Russian jews

GuzikJake Guzik

Both Parents Polish jews



Jake Guzick was Al Capones #1 man & friend for life.  His supposed arch enemy Hymie Weiss was also a jew, they all were.   Jew Hyman Lebman even built the machine guns for other jews like Baby Face Nelson and John Dillinger.  Those criminals were all dirty, rotten, thieving murderers of Adamites who always made the front pages of US papers which were owned by jews then too. Those killers were glorified and sensationalized to us in their news while their jewish identities were hushed. The stories sold papers while they brazenly showed off to each other how they were dominating and mocking us exactly as they do now with all of their Masonic symbols and satanic crap, everywhere.  Fake Judahite nephilim hybrids (how’s that for a mouthful!?) and their deceived of us only allow what they want in their papers and newscasts which is why we’re all starving for the truth.  Secrecy truly is the cornerstone of the satanic jews’ livelihood, without it, they’re toast and they know it.  Interestingly though is how they want us to see a world full of psychopathic killers, depravity and thievery, so long as you think it’s all being done by your fellow humans, not the hybrids or their jews! That’d spoil everything. Get it? They glorify their own criminally sick, lewd and insane behavior while making Adamites feel, guilty for being human, scared of the world and intrigued about murder, theft, atheism and sexual immorality all at the same time!  “Feel guilty & hate each other Dumb Goyim, but not us jews”.  That mindf*k alone is something we’re going to make them pay dearly for!

Page 1


And what about the worst serial killers in history like; David Berkowitz-the Son of Sam, Gary Ridgway-the Green River Killer, Joel Rifkin-the Long Island Killer, Rodney Alcala-the Dating Game Killer, Ira Einhorn-the Unicorn Killer, John Wayne Gacy-the Killer Clown, Jeffrey Dahmer-the Milwaukee Cannibal, & Dylan Klebold of the Columbine MassacreAll murderous satanic jew psychopaths!


BerkowitzDavid Berkowitz

Mother Was a jew

RidgewayGary Ridgeway

Mother Was a jew

RifkinJoel Rifkin

Mother Was a jew

AcalaRodney Acala

Mother Was a jew

KleboldDylan Klebold

Mother Was a jew



Add to those; the suspected Jack The Ripper, Nathaniel Bar-Jonah, Ed Gein, Harold Shipman, Herb Baumeister, Harvey Glatman, Albert DeSalvo, Charles Cohen, Peter Kudzinowski, Tillie Klimek, Henry Lee Lucas, Charles Schmid, Robert Shulman, Leopold and Loeb, George Sack, Alfred Leonard Cline, Edward Simon Wein, Harvey Murray Glatman, Robert Zarinsky, James Koedatich, Ralph Nuss, Bertram Greenberg, Joseph Kallinger, William Rothstein, Joseph Fischer, Brian Kevin Rosenfeld, Robert Durst, Nathan Trupp, Charles Mark Cohen, James Eric Gottfried,  Jeffrey Feltner, Philip Carl Jablonski, Robert Shulman, Eyal Shachar, Salmon Rosenbloom, and etc for several more pages!  It’s an easily verifiable list of deranged jewish mass murderers and crooks to Gentiles that goes on for miles and the possibility of any coincidences is “against all odds”. 

Since jews only account for 2 percent of the US population, there is no possible explanation why they make up the vast majority of society’s most grievous Gangsters, Banksters, Serial Killers and other degenerates who *inexplicably hate Gentiles, Animals and the Earth.  (*explanations in Later GG issues)  And let’s not forget the worst frauds in US history starting with the original Carlo “Ponzi”, a jew who schemed Americans for over $20 million (= to $1 Billion now) back in 1920.  1,000s of jewish Ponzi schemes later such as the ½ Billion dollar ripoff of Americans by jew Sam Israel III, we come to jew Bernie Madoff who stole 17 Billion Dollars from We the People.  (That’s Seventeen Thousand, Million Dollars)  So, we see the largest ponzi scheming thieves of history,  from start to finish have all been jews!

They also include “the Great Insider Trading Scam of 1986”, Wall Street’s largest which wrecked tens of thousands of American lives where every major actor was a jew.  (Milken, Boesky, Siegel, Levine etc.)  And many will recall the savings and loan disaster of 1989 headed up by jew Charles Keating then covered up by 5 crypto jew senators like John McCain.  The cost to Americans; $500 Billion Dollars.  Then we had jew Andrew Fastow of Enrons’ 101 Billion Dollar Scam where 9 out of 10 execs were jews who bilked 180,000 people out of their money and robbed 21,000 innocent Americans of their jobs.  Now here we sit with the MULTI-TRILLION-DOLLAR, ongoing mortgage backed securities scam, the largest jew fraud ever that is being blamed for the inevitable collapse of America which was spearheaded by the filthy jew Alan Greenspan.   This is yet another sect of the worst criminals in history inexplicably made up of stinking jews.


PonziCarlo Ponzi

Moether was an Italian jew

IsraelSam Israel III

Both Parents are American jews

FastowAndrew Fastow

Both Parents are American jews

GreenspanAlan Greenspan

Both Parents are American jews

MadoffBernie Madoff

Both Parents are American jews



Note in those short few preceding paragraphs so far, we have proven Undeniably, Absolutely Irrefutably that; THE MOST MURDEROUS GANGSTERS, CRIMINAL THUGS, PSYCHO SERIAL KILLERS AND THE BIGGEST RIPOFF ARTISTS IN U.S. HISTORY ARE ALL JEWS, PERIODFacts are Facts!

And even with all the media coverage for each of those ridiculously outlandish crimes you never heard a word about the fact they were all jews!  Sorta like they own the media or something huh?  (We repeat that often for good reason!)  However, those multi-Billion dollar scams we just covered were really just childs’ play.  The real financial crimes of our times, are in the 100s of Trillions of Dollars and are being carried out ongoing by jewish luciferian elites such as the Rothschilds, Windsors, Rockefellers, Schiffs and a long list of other satanic a-holes who call themselves royals. What’s most concerning and sobering is how America looks like pre-war Germany just before 50 to 70 Million Adamites like you and yours were mercilessly beaten, raped and slaughtered one by one at their homes by SS troops.  It was carried out under the orders of one sick satanic jew, Genrik Yagoda. 1135What, you never heard of him?  Wonder why?  He was the largest mass murderer of innocent peoples in recorded history and you’ve never even heard his name!  GENRIK YAGODA  MURDERED 10 to 15 million totally innocent Adamites who were thought of exactly the same ways that your satanic government leaders think of you now!  You’re Goyim!  These worthless, murderous, inhuman satanic kikes need to go!

That said, we must repeat another common line of thought in all the GG issues which is; we’ve all been subjected to never ending loads of satanic propaganda and jewish disinformation bullshit that points straight back to their most important deception of making sure “We the Adamite People” never find out exactly who they, our enemies are.  So, at risk of seeming to beat a dead horse, we’re taking care of that a little at a time, quite repetitively. And calling them a crime family is no theory, the satanic jewish fools who deceived the masses are operating as a global mafia under total mental control of their father lucifer and his minion of fallen jinn (not angels). So now we have this big, sick jew-ish group of twisted degenerate greaseball frauds who call themselves christians, muslims and Judahites (The Original, Real “Jews”) but they aren’t, they’re just brainwashed and/or demon/jinn possessed fools.

An interesting fact for Real Jews is how they’ve convoluted what judaism is, so badly that even we have a hard time figuring out what the heck a jew is!  If you look into this, what you’ll find is a mire of confusion and long winded debates based on opinions with no single concrete answer, all fake jews are in a quandary over who they are!  But according to some key areas of the bible and history, Adamites of any color can be the Real Jews/Judahites!  For the cognizant reader that might go some distance in explaining why we use the “Real News From Real Jews” motto on the Goyim Gazette.  This identification is far more sound than “anyone elses” claims for several very good reasons;

Firstly, We can say without any doubt the satanists who call themselves jews are fanatical pathological liars on quite literally every subject imaginable so, why would we trust them on this one?

Secondly, they’ve overseen all the records that would tell us who real jews are, which obviously reeks of more deception, and;

Thirdly, Devil worshipping murderers, liars and thieves who rule by Masonry’s motto of Imposition, Materialism and Destruction most certainly would not be the “Chosen People” of any Good God!!!

That last one’s a “Self Evident Truth” and is really all that’s required to know these turds aren’t anything they claim to be, at all.

Self Evident Truths like these presented repeatedly in the Gazette are pure, clean and simple. They’re “Godly” which brings us to an important fact most eventually discover while becoming jew/hybrid aware; It’s that the truth is always simple while satanic deceptions are always complex.   The Truth is natural while lies are lucifer/jew made.





Page 2


We need to delve into this subject because it is yet another excellent reason as to why jews have been despised across history.  Not only are they psychopathic murderers and thieves, it’s because they’re liars; deceivers extraordinaire who use absolutely any and all devious methods available to manipulate and weaken what they refer to as their “opponents”, “adversaries” and “enemies”, the Goyim.  For instance, take the KJV Bible, modern politics, the central banking industry, the stock market (especially the derivative market), US Income Tax Rules, allopathic medicine, and modern law. Those things are very complex aren’t they?  You have to study for years and years in order to become a professional in any of those subjects.  But why?  Who benefits from the complexities which often obfuscate the truth?  Who was behind the creation of over 150,000 widely differing translations of the bible?  Who would want to pervert the truthful words of God? And why is it nearly impossible for We the Adamite People to get rid of corrupt politicians or change bad laws? Why doesn’t every high school student understand where money comes from, how the FED works, who owns it and how many Trillions of Dollars they’ve made from US tax payers alone?  Why does the IRS created by jews in 1913 have an 80,000 PAGE tax code to enforce constitutionally illegal collection of our money at virtual gunpoint to pay jews who own the FED?  Why doesn’t everyone heal themselves with naturally occurring drugs and remedies that cure the problems instead of temporarily treating them with expensive chemicals that kill us or produce nasty side effects requiring more expensive drugs?  And why are warning texts on most of those drugs often 2 to 10 pages long and full of legal disclaimers?  Why can’t the average person understand the law enough to defend themselves in court and be relatively sure to win if he or she is innocent?  You know the answer don’t you! Fake jews have made all of those things complex to deceive and trick you out of your money, health, liberty and freedom!  They want 100% control over your life and planet earth.  Complex = satan/lies, Simple = God/Truth!





Most 10 year olds could come up with better societal systems.  I know I could and did!  Go have a look at  you’ll get a glimpse of how the world will run with YOU in charge instead of worthless, lying satanic jews.  The fact of the matter is that Adamites outperform evil jew pukes in every respect and it’s a no brainer that if anyone is Gods’ chosen people, it’s us, the ones’ being called Goyim cattle by satanic jews!  The moral of the story is the people who call themselves jews and the rest who are but deny it, have acted as one big stinking pile of greaseballs in a real life conspiracy full of murder and deceit against Adamites like you and yours for millennia.  It’s evil, plain and simple.  For more proof refer to the 260 MILLION innocent Adamites lying dead at the hand of the satanic jew in just the last century alone, it was just a preview to their crowning achievement of the 6.5 Billion (including YOU) scheduled for “culling”.  (yes really)

That’s why you’d better HATE them with a passion!  Oops, but you were taught not to hate anyone, not even your enemy right?  By who?  The lying, stinking satanic jew, that’s who!  Oooh, don’t hate us says the poor, poor devil worshiping jew!  Instead, hate your neighbor for having a barking dog or for letting his yard get overgrown.  Hate your townsmen for being smart, having a nicer car or better looking spouse.  Hate your brothers and sisters for their minuscule faults and natural, God given differences.  Hate your parents for letting things go to hell but don’t blame the jews who did it and deceived YOU TOO!  Hate others with different colored skin, but not if they’re jews!  Hate liberals, conservatives, democrats and republicans but not murderous, degenerate, globalist, communist jews!  And don’t forget, this jew mafia has plenty of non-genetic jews who’ve married into or converted to judaism like Sammy Davis Jr., Madonna, William Shatner and countless other ignorant traitors to God and His Real Adamite People. 

That’s how you know satanic jewry is a crime syndicate, you don’t have to be related, all you have to do is agree to sell out to evil as a traitor to your own kind, your republic and let’s not forget, the natural world and God!  And on that note, jews would love nothing more than for you to think God is just a fairy tale, but issue #119 and the Quran For Christians screws that up for them real good! When you read those works you’ll have concrete proof of Who Created All of this and Who will prevail when it’s said and done. You’ll also confirm that this group of hybrid so called jews are actually inhuman vipers. They are the most insane, deceptive and condescending individuals to have ever walked the earth.  That’s who runs your country and world of current and we’re only getting started into discovering why we Adamites have always ended up despising the poor, poor satanic jews.  That said, how about some more solid facts to back things up?  The question is; why do jews inexplicably “occupy” huge swaths of the highest paying professions in our republic as 40% to 100% of all U.S. Doctors, Lawyers, Famous Musicians, Actors, Writers, Producers, Professors, Curators, Historians, Scientists, Activists, News Reporters/Editors, Talk Show Hosts, Bankers, Traders, Top CEOs, Politicians and every other key job/profession of all kinds which are disproportionately “jewed”. WHY ARE THEY ALL jEWS most of whom claim to be others?

The thing is, you never knew it but the deck was stacked against you and all your fellow Adamites from the get go. Public records clearly prove jews make up the majority of students in the top schools and colleges, they effortlessly fall into stardom in jew owned Disney & Hollywood as overpaid actors, musicians, writers, and producers while scores of Adamites naively struggle for years and years to make it in acting while actually not having a hope.  Indeed, it is also jews who get all the glamor, prestigious awards, accolades and media coverage for everything they do, even if it’s criminal!  They also win all the lawsuits in jew courts and get all the big promotions and bonuses in jew owned companies while Adamites who are consistently shown to be smarter, harder working, more creative and honest are intentionally overlooked and methodically beaten down by lucifers’ satanic jews.

Perhaps you’ll now begin recalling a situation or two where this has happened to you or your loved ones?  How does that make you feel?  Sort of pisses you off doesn’t it? Good! And the focus of that hatred must include the worst of all jews, Adamites who have been deceived into thinking they’re jews! Giving them preferential treatment is one way hybrids make them feel like members of “the big family”. These foolish Adamites have been brainwashed into becoming traitors. They will stick up for jews and parrot all their anti-semitic rhetoric until they end up being the foot soldiers who are blindly carrying out the despicable, racist and terroristic works of the satanic jews who will throw them under the bus at the drop of a hat. Hence ANYONE who thinks they’re a jew are part to an insane satanic agenda that’s been set forth by lucifer and his minion of fallen jinn. That will sound “far out” until you’ve read “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” which many non-jews in Europe were killed just for learning of. Those who read it will quickly see that it is not of human origin, the cunning and farsightedness of its schemes are beyond that of any Adamite! It is likely the brainchild of lucifer himself.  And it has the same warning as the “Babylonian Talmud” which in its own pages calls for the death of any non-jew who reads it. Indeed, these aren’t for Adamite eyes!

Those texts among others have a definite air of non-human intelligence and cunning that you’ll be able to spot almost immediately. They are all from hybrids or idiot Adamites who were possessed by jinn such as lucifer. And the jinn are not to be confused with “satan”. That label was intentionally misconstrued and popularized by jinn and their nephilim hybrids (aka satanic jews) to confuse the masses. Even fools who come to think they’re jews don’t realize this, they think they’re of an angelic bloodline from fallen angels! But angels don’t fall, they don’t even error in the slightest. It is the jinn who fathered the nephilim and hence the satanic jews. So, whenever you hear or see the word “satan” be well advised to pin it upon the satanic jew nephilim hybrids who created it to confuse you. Indeed satans are not spirits or demons, satans are the satanic jew hybrids that run the world while being telepathically possessed by their jinn fathers. These deceptions aren’t simple are they? 

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Let’s take a gander at that secretive book the talmud now. It’s adorned with the star of David and written in Hebrew, a language that was never taught in schools for some very obvious reasons.  Few parts were ever translated into English until recently during this age of mass information when it and all truths have become like needles in the proverbial haystack. That said, we’ve tried to make sure our stuff is nothing but those needles, so now we have a haystack of truth with hopefully very few pieces of straw!  The American Heritage Dictionary describes the talmud as; “constituting the basis of religious authority for traditional judaism” and Merriam Webster calls it; “the authoritative body of jewish tradition compromising the Mishnah and Gemara”.  The key word in both those and other definitions is “authority” because the talmud is first and foremostly, a book of law. All jews use the laws of the talmud to at least some extent but like Christians and the Bible, many don’t know it by heart or believe all parts to be relevant. We can quickly get the gist of how Gentiles are viewed by jews with but a glimpse into the worlds’ oldest, most murderous, hateful and de facto racist book.  It’s also completely psychopathic. Below are a few verses, download the entire thing here;

* Any Gentile who pries into the talmud is condemned to death, for it is written, it is our inheritance, not theirs. (Sanhedrin 59a)

* Only jews are human, Gentiles are animals (Baba Mezia 114a-b.)

* Even the best of the Gentiles should be killed (Bab. Talmud)

* Jesus, raised from the dead is being punished in boiling hot semen.

* Those who read the New Testament (“un-canonical books”) will have no portion in the world to come (Sanhedrin 90a)

* If a heathen Gentile hits a jew, the Gentile must be killed since hitting a jew is hitting God  (Sanhedrin 58b.)

* If a jew finds an object lost by a Gentile it does not have to be returned (Baba Mezia 24a; also in Baba Kamma 113b.)

* What a jew steals from a Gentile he may keep (Sanhedrin 57a.)

* Gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God has “exposed their money to Israel” (Baba Kamma 37b.)

* jews may use lies to circumvent any Gentiles (Baba Kamma 113a.)

* Gentiles prefer sex with cows (Abodah Zarah 22a-22b.)

* If adult jews have sex with little girls it’s nothing  (Kethuboth 11b.)

* Gentile girls are in permanent states of filth from birth (Zarah 36b.)

* All Gentile children are animals (Yebamoth 98a.)

* A jew may have sex with a male or female child as long as the child is less than nine years old  (Sanhedrin 54b)

* A male jew may marry a three year old girl (specifically, three years “and a day” old)  (Sanhedrin 55b.)

Now that we know what jews are taught to think of Gentiles, especially our children, let’s take a peek at some of the most disgusting men of the 21st century such as Keith Obrien, the senior Cardinal for all of Britain who molested 4 of his own priests as youths.  Of course he was buddies with the Pope John Paul who was responsible for making sure 100s of Catholic priests like him weren’t charged for the brutal rapes of many, many thousands of children.  They were both friends with Jimmy Seville who’s believed to have raped over 1,350 kids.  Makes Jerry Sandusky look pretty good at only 52 charges huh?  But then we have Hans Groer, he made up for that by sodomizing over 2,000 defenseless little boys.  Note the jewish caps called Kappas or Yarmulkes that all the Catholic  jews wear;


KeithCardinal Keith Obrien

Catholic Crypto jew

PaulPope John Paul

Catholic Crypto jew

SanduskyJerry Sandusky

Both parents Polish jews

SevilleJimmy Seville

Atheistic Crypto jew

GroerHans Groer

Catholic Crypto jew



So, there you have it, the worst of the worst in yet another category of criminals and guess what, they are all  jews AGAIN.  And FYI; nearly all Catholic Bishops and Priests are crypto jews who secretly study the Talmud and the Kabbalah.  According to, they number about 11,000 in the US which a full 10% have been accused of rape and/or pedophilia.  That percentage is up to 200 times higher than the incidence of pedophiles among the general population.  Therefore, any child likely to have contact with a priest in an Orphanage, Catholic School, Childrens’ Hospital, Juvenile Hall, Department of Social Services or most any other Child Welfare Organization frequented by Catholic jews is 200 times more likely to be raped than if you had left them with random strangers.  Also, 80% of the victims are boys who were brutally sodomized.
  Sickening huh?  In order to grasp the level of depravity and ruthless nature of the satanic jew, we need a brief look at that other infamous body of jewish text we mentioned earlier, the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” which many were killed for reading. It’s archived at  in its original completeness.  Here’s a summary of what it says;

Goyim are the mortal enemies of jews because they don’t like our laws contained in the Talmud which say we’re better than them in every respect, nor do they like our rituals, incantations and invocations of associates from the netherworld which require blood sacrifices of defenseless animals and Goyim, especially children. In order for them to succeed we need to abolish all Goyim governments and replace them with a single government.  This will take a long time and involve many covert operations by our subversive agents embedded in society as Christians, Muslims, Atheists and jews.  They along with corrupt Goyim who will unwittingly participate in their own destruction shall act as one tribe serving our one true g-d, lucifer in his objective of overtaking the whole of earth without consideration or loyalties for any country except Israel.  To be successful in this endeavor we must;

* Place our jewish and Goyim Agents In Power Positions Everywhere

* Create, Own and Control All Forms of Media for Use as Propaganda, Sublime Psychological Messaging, Hopelessness and Demoralization

* Divide Goyim with Languages, Religions, Borders and Racism

* Employ Threats, Blackmail and Bribery to Make Goys Submit

* Use Masonic Lodges, Fraternities and Clubs to Indoctrinate Goys

* Use Materialism, Capitalism & Sexual Perversions to Distract Goys

* Appoint Goys as Puppet Leaders to Work with Jews as Fall Guys

* Make Goys Believe They Have Democracies while Abolishing All Rights, Freedoms and Liberties, Except the Right of Force by Us

* Sacrifice Jewish Agents to Make it Appear Justice is Alive

* Disconnect Goyim from Their God, Spirituality and Nature

* Destroy Goyim Intellect and Pride in Their Heritage by Revising History via Our Control of what’s Focused On in Schools & Churches

* Create Complicated Rules, Laws, Industries & Financial Systems as Impositions and Distractions, Make Goyim Struggle to Survive

* Dumb Down, Corrupt and Kill Goyim Youths By Any & All Means

* Encourage Spying On Each Other, Create Distrust Among Goyim

* Keep Goyim in States of Perpetual Labor with Little Free Time

* Capture All the Gold, Manipulate Markets, Cause Depressions

* Tax Everything; Income, Property, Goods & Services of All Kinds

* Create wars by acts of subversion, sacrifice billions to satan

* Take Over Creation of All Currency and Recapture the Worlds’ Wealth via Usurious Lending to Governments and Individuals

Dear reader, we could go on for many, many more pages of the protocols regarding the criminal, degenerate and evil plans of the satanic jews.  We haven’t even touched upon their vampiric blood sacrifices, holocaustic burning sacrifices or their poisoning, infecting and starving of hundreds of millions of innocent Adamites. Those and many other sick and insane practices are why jews are historically “very unpopular” among we the people.  The satanic jew is your mortal enemy and even with just these 4 short pages you should now have a good understanding as to why billions of otherwise peaceful people across history have consistently ended up burning the poor, poor jews at the stake, hanging them in town centers, jailing them by the 1,000s and expelling them from 108 countries.  Now it’s our turn.  It’s Time to change the world, do you agree?  Read on and you most surely will!

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  1. In my opinion, this is by far the best GG issue for showing the evil inhumanity of the jew. Every cop, soldier and other “good guys” should read this as a prerequisite for their job. The kikes are virtually solely responsible for ALL the crime, war, immorality, destruction and perversions on earth.

    Excellent, excellent, excellent job done here!!!

    • Yep, this one sealed the deal for me. It couldn’t get much more blatantly obvious, it’s the jews, PERIOD.

      I’m actually just about speechless as to how they’ve been able to do all this shit without being fingered by every last one of us. It’s amazing really. I guess that’s what they’re psychotic 3300 year old plan is all about. The talmud blog post here is excellent for understanding that. All I can say is; WTF.

      These fuckers need to go.

      • Yep, it is utterly amazing how they’ve gotten away with all their crap. NO MORE. I’ll do absolutely ANYTHING to see to it they’re stopped and I agree, this is the best GG issue for exposing these greaseballs.

        If everyone in America read this single newsletter, we’d be completely done with them in a matter of days. This is the one to share.

        • TheyCallMeBob said:

          I agree. For whatever reason, I think David’s made a mistake by not making this one the centerpiece around here. It’s just plain in your face simple and irrefutable. I knew that jews were notorious for financial crimes but had no idea the mafias and most prolific pedophiles and psycho mass murderers were all jews. Wow, it literally makes me sick. SHARING!!!

          • Uh huh, this is just plain creepy and rock solid. The jews have got to go, once and for all, and for good. What got me the most is the fact that every stinking jew around knows about all of this. I made quite a few jewish friends in college and not a single one ever pointed out anything negative about their little tribe. There’s no way they didn’t know about the brunt of this stuff. NO WAY. You can’t be part of any group without knowing who’s who. It’s just not possible. The gig is up and I fully admit, I was duped. But not any more!!!

            • David Allender said:

              You’ve hit the nail on the head Joyce. What you’ve just pointed out is the most simple and irrefutable proof of treason by jews. (Which is punishable by death) You can have 100% confidence that they all know who’s who. Unlike the rest of us, they’re keenly aware when jewish names and other crypto members of the tribe crop up in the headlines. This includes all of their famous ancestors such as the Windsors, Rothschilds, Warburgs, Roosevelts, Kennedy’s etc. They know of the heinous and despicable real life conspiracy they’re committing full well. Good job for bringing this up!

              • Wow, that’s a really, really good point. They know. They all know! It can’t be any different than being black, chinese, hindu, muslim, christian a democrat or anything else, you know who’s who, you know which people are like you and on your side.

                This must be especially true with a crypto group who are constantly scanning to find other “members”. This is golden! Especially for anyone with jewish “friends”! They’re NOT YOUR FRIENDS AT ALL.

  2. David Allender said:

    You’ve got it Missy! They’re first loyalty is always to the tribe, they don’t give a rats’ ass about their non-jew friends. And you can bet your bottom dollar this is true even when they’re married or otherwise related! They’re traitors, the worst on earth.

    I’d say that’s got to be one of the most important realizations one can have regarding jewry in general. That’s why we cover the subject in our primer issue that’s being released alongside the Affirmative Action Alliance newsletters. If we could all just get certain basics like this, we can and will change the world.

    Well, the truth is, the world is going to change massively regardless. This is all about God and His plans/promises for the new age that’s dawning. All one can really do is worship Him, have faith and hope we’ll be part of the world to come.


  3. The Skull Cap they all wear is a Pharisees Tradition and goes back 1000’s of Years, they wore a Turban during the Day and the Skull Cap at Night, They are the Masons, Templar, Illuminati, Nazi’s, Communists, NSA, CIA, DHS, KGB, Mossad, Muslim Brotherhood, etc. you name it…they created all the so called “secret societies” and other various private clubs.

    They are the Rh Negative Bloodline of humans. I think this is the bottom line, no Reases monkey genes = jew.

    Hitler A-
    Bush A-
    Mao O-
    Obama AB-
    McCain O-
    MLK AB-
    MalcolmX AB-
    Reagan B-
    Ramses B-
    Eisenhower O-
    JFK AB-
    Nixon O-
    Clinton AB-
    Sitchin O-
    OJ Simpson A-
    Prince Charles O-
    Queen E. O-

    If this is true, it’s going to be very easy to find and eliminate them. A simple blood test is all it will take. However, we then have to get rid of all their useful idiots and those of us who are irrepairably deceived by them as well.

    The question is, will God and His angels do the work, or will They have us do it via guns, FEMA camps and guillotines? Time will tell but I truly believe the end is near. We’re headed for a new era and there will be zero jews in the world to come!

  4. David Allender said:

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    For in depth discussions on these subjects enjoy using our private, TROLL Free forum inside

    Or email us at “info – AT SIGN –”


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