Tell-tale habits of crypto-Jews

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The following behaviors are common among “jews,” but unusual and strange in people of genuine European heritage, so when “a gentile” consistently behaves in one or more of these ways he might be giving away an extremely interesting secret.

Train yourself to spot these clues and signs, and you too will realize the crypto-jewish presence in America is staggering. There must be ten times more cryptos here than the professed variety, in the strangest places. They are everywhere. In fact Babylonians have always connived to control the American countryside, mainly to dispossess us from it, so they’ve been stealing the land from the original European settlers by various means (e.g. arranging a crisis and then ‘carpet-bagging’) going back at least to the Civil War.

Ohio is the choicest farming country on the continent, so kike monsters from the sewer of hell have been conniving to steal it since George Washington’s day. Now half the “white farmers” in Ohio must be crypto-jews. The Amish are almost definitely crypto-jews, as anyone can tell from their fashion sense alone, holding them alongside Brooklyn Hassidim. When “jews” do live in the country, they’re nearly always extremely secretive. The best way to spot them is by knowing their distinctive racial features, which include the following strange behaviors that always leak around the edges of their ‘Goy’ masks. Begin putting out “anti-Semite” vibes amongst your friends and I guarantee you will experience Telltale Sign #12 first-hand, no matter where you live, no matter how “WASP,” “redneck,” “cracker,” etc., they seem.


Cryptos are especially concentrated among purported “Irish,” “Germans,” “Dutch,” “English,” “Poles,” “Catholics,” and “active Christians” in general. Of all the “cattle” on earth, Europeans have been the hardest to hypnotize and enslave, with north-Europeans the purest remnant of the race, so “jews” are extra determined to infiltrate and corrupt these nations, which involves posing as “natives.” This goes back thousands of years. The Scots are the most Goyish of Goys, right? Wrong. Ancient Semite imperialists, a.k.a. “jews,” invaded Scotland 3,000 years ago (Waddell, The Phoenician Origins of Britons, Scots, and Celts). The Stewarts, Bruces, Kerrs, many other familiar “Scottish” families are positively known to be of jewish descent (see Hirschfield, When Scotland was jewish), which is obvious from their grotesque narcissistic arrogance and elitism. If someone tells you “oh, I’m of Scottish heritage” with that pukey little “prim” smile they get, just whip out a machete and hack him into stew meat as your answer. Trust me, he’s got it coming.

“jews” are especially fond of stealing Irish identity, probably because the Irish are both attractively “blameless” and completely unassociated with them (in error; see Waddell). What is the use of a criminal alias that doesn’t put the next victim at ease? This was why they ripped off “jews” in the first place.

Finally, the brainier a potential crypto-jew seems by conventional standards, the more alert you should be. Five generations of relentless brain-poisoning from their mass media and Trotskyite indoctrination day-camps, a.k.a. “public schools,” have judaized Americans so totally that what we call “intelligence” now has more to do with judaization (arrogance, shameless greed, treachery) than with cognitive prowess.

I recommend collecting all of the following ‘telltale habits’ into a single document, which you should save and print for future reference. This way you can reflect on them later, free of distractions from this site’s hasba-rats, their endless scrabbling-chittering-gnawing noises, fucking moronic red herrings, etc., etc.


1) Maniacal chauvinism, double standards, incredible hypocrisy:

Gushing, sappy, unconditional admiration and love for ALL jews combined with blatant contempt for all non-jews; having mostly or only jewish friends; unconditional rabid approval of Israel and/or condemnation of Islam/Arabs; hysterical vitriol against “anti-Semitism.” Their chauvinism and hypocrisy becomes especially weird and obvious when the jew they’re admiring is clearly someone they would normally loathe.

Babylonians seem to literally regard their own race as “god,” a nutty religion in which any criticism or rejection of any jew is a “heresy” answered with hatred.


2) Being a jewish Victimology zealot

Constantly obsessively pushing “the Holocaust,” “the Spanish Inquisition,” other hysterical jews-as-Ultimate-Victims yarns to the forefront of history, bulldozing this theme into every historical discussion or subject. This also expresses maniacal jew-centric chauvinism, also criminal insanity’s signature “I’m the Victim” delusion, against which its own rap sheet never matters. Slobbering sentimentality and unpredictable berserk cruelty are the schizophrenic poles of criminal insanity; this is the sentimental side.

3) Sexual Perversion

Whether it’s fudge-packing, carpet-munchery, sex with corpses, with farm animals, or with kidnapped tied up five year olds, “jews” are the number one grotesque insane perverts on earth HANDS DOWN. They account for maybe 0.5% of the world’s people, but at least 50% of its shit-smeared faggots and insane nut-slashing dykes. Virtually every perversion is condoned by their favorite lunacy guide book, the Talmud, and also trace directly back to the ancient Semitic world, a la Sodom & Gomorrah, ancient “gnostic” cults that trace directly to Mesopotamia and were just excuses to throw faggot orgies as “services,” much more.

Here is why: some of you may recall NIMH Scientist John Calhoun’s legendary experiments, widely publicized in the 1970s, in which populations of rats and mice were allowed to breed freely in lab environments in which the only limiting factor was space. Once they reached an extremely high density, the animals started going nuts and turning into faggots, becoming hyper-aggressive, eating their own babies, etc. Rats and mice are normally very social, but these animals eventually became solitary, having passed through a selection gauntlet that permanently changed their psychology at the genetic level. Behaviorally, they were no longer rats and mice, but … something else. Calhoun called this a “behavioral sink.”

Well the same thing obviously happened to “jews” beginning around 14,000 years ago in the rat-filled sewer called ‘Mesopotamia.’ In order to survive their perpetual wars with each other, they crammed into squalid jam-packed micro-fortresses like Catal Huyuk in which sure enough they were soon butt-fucking their three-year-old sons, barbecuing them on hibachis, etc., etc. Now, all these millennia later they haven’t changed one bit; on the contrary they’re turning this entire planet into ‘Mesopotamia.’ Yeah, that makes lotsa sense, right… ? You can take the “jew” out of his ancestral nut-house for 200 generations, but you will NEVER get the nut-house out of the “jew.” They are the human version of Calhoun’s ‘behavioral sink.’


4) Hate, malice, sadism, infinite revenge

Everyone is capable of hate and experiences hate, but “jews” are totally abandoned to it to a degree rarely seen in other people. Think of the berserk zombies in the (otherwise stunningly stupid) Will Smith flick I am Legend. That’s jews minus their make-up. With the sole exception of each other, they completely despise and long to torture and exterminate pretty much everyone and everything on earth. Consequently they think of everything as a way to wage perpetual war. How can sex be warfare? Through “white slavery,” prostitution, and pornography, which they invented and still dominate.  How can music be warfare?  Through music-recording and “popular music,” which they completely took over after Edison’s initial technical breakthrough. How can money be warfare? Through “high finance,” which they invented in Mesopotamia when Europeans were still swinging around in trees. This is the alternate universe of Hate they inhabit, which normal sane humans never glimpse and have no idea exists.

They’re also uniquely sadistic, as history abundantly shows. Anyone who has studied the insane viciousness of the “Bolsheviks,” 1917 to 1945, knows the incredible dimensions of their sadism. Ritual murder, a racial specialty of theirs since they were in the Stone Age, is completely sadistic in character and motivation. Only blacks seem as innately sadistic and vengeful as “jews,” as seen in Africa’s distinctive flavor of atrocities, and in fact “jews” (racial Semites) are of partial black ancestry. That’s where their curly hair and “olive” skin tone really come from.

Their sadism often takes the form of very distinctive ritual patterns, as seen in baiting (telltale habit #8). Completely destroying your cultural heritage to make you a better slave isn’t nearly satisfying enough for them. They want to make your resulting emotional pain as intense as possible and witness it in person for as long as possible because this is the part that really gets their pussies wet. So they play spider with a fly games. They truss you up in their web so they can reach out and go twang-twang on the silk and then have another orgasm watching you twist and scream in agony and terror. Abu Ghraib was this exact insanity staring you right in the face. It was a jew spiderweb filled with trussed up flies. Palestine is their most horrible spiderweb at present. “Communist” “Russia” under Lenin and Stalin was the most horrible of all time. The “United States” has been a low-key spiderweb since about 1900, Western Europe for much longer. Over the millennia “jewish” has become a nonsense alias that really identifies vampires and their very distinctive and hideous mental disease. Vampires don’t have to literally drink blood. They also feed on misery, anguish and heartbreak.

Everyone knows, or should know, how power-hungry they are; what is less obvious is that they only crave so much power because this is the key to realizing their berserk fantasies of hatred, sadism and infinite revenge, in which they get to destroy nature wholesale just for kicks and openly subject every enemy to unspeakable tortures to “set examples.”  These were “wonderful privileges” their real ancestors, the inbred insane ruling families of Mesopotamia, enjoyed 5,000 years ago. They sorely miss those “good times” and have been struggling to get back to them ever since. Meanwhile they pose as “jews,” meaning the tribe of Judah, the last remnant of the marginal Semitic society that first realized how nuts they are and rejected them. They actually hate those original authentic jews more than any other people in history and steal their identity mainly to piss on their graves. Consider how much they despise Jesus, whose “crime” was personifying these real jews, their racial memory, and their longing for Justice (see Revelation 3:9). This was the original vessel of the one mystical power in the universe that today’s fake “jews” can not match and can not possibly possess. All of history proves it.


5) Totalitarianism

The obsessive need to dictate every tiny detail of everyone else’s beliefs, “knowledge,” behavior, opinions, morals, politics, etc., etc. This “control freak” brain glitch is triggered any time others are spotted using their own brains as they see fit, “without permission.” In fact jews are absolutely convinced that us cattle need their permission to believe, say, or do anything and constantly proceed from this assumption. Through constant operant conditioning beginning the second we’re born, they turn this assumption into our reality. Besides being obviously nutty, this tyrant brain-glitch is very distinctive to Semites, i.e. “jews” are congenital tyrants. This is the real meaning of “jewish mother” behavior, for example, also their hostile takeover of all mass media, “education,” and academia, the better to dictate every detail and option of our “knowledge.” One jewish truth-teller, Israel Shahak, even wrote a book, jewish History, jewish Religion, to expose a minor part of this history.

This brain abnormality is another clear sign that their real ancestors were inbred insane screaming brats on thrones in Mesopotamia 5,000 years ago, where their berserk viciousness kept vast slave populations terrorized into obedience. As a policy for controlling slaves, totalitarianism is the automatic choice of any elitist. It’s even likely that the word ‘tyrant’ originally meant “native of Tyre,” the later capital of Phoenicia, the rulers of which were infamous… tyrants. Phoenicia was part of the ancient Semitic imperial heartland, i.e. the actual racial homeland of today’s fake “jews.”


6) Subscribing to the doctrine that “fascism” and “anti-Semitism” are interchangeable and that both are antonyms of “jewish” to the exclusion of any other interpretation of fascism.

This is a ‘clincher’ in that only jews believe this beyond all reason and persistently try to voodoo-hex others into believing it, but when they do it can be subtle (worms the hex into saps’ brains better), meaning catching it may take reflection. To their mentality, “jewish fascist” is always an “extreme,” very offensive oxymoron, which is most curious considering that jewish Fascism is an undeniable historical fact. Just look into the life, ideas, affinities, friendships, etc., of one Vladimir Jabotinsky, as card-carrying a fascist as there ever was, and his present-day legacy. International “right-wing Zionist” politics, as seen in Wolfowitz, Perle, the other “Neocons,” Israel’s taste in political leaders, its permanent berserk viciousness toward Arabs since WWII, etc., is easily the world’s most significant relic of fascism’s heyday, 1919 to 1945, and jewish fascism’s real history absolutely proves this is NOT a “traumatized aftermath” of the Nazis’ excesses.

This makes for an excellent crypto-jew test: jewish brains, crypto or not, start squirting out their ears in total denial when confronted with the reality of jewish fascism, which is important to know about for this exact reason. It “does not compute” in a way that’s very dramatic and loony when you understand what you’re seeing. You just hit one of their most telltale, whacko cultural lies: “‘jew’ and ‘fascist’ are antonyms, goddamn you!” “Fascist” is the ultimate condemnation, so therefore can’t possibly apply to jews, per Telltale Sign #1. First their screens turn blue, then their brains reboot straight to #12. “Anti-Communist counterrevolution” is a far better, more accurate definition of fascism than “anti-Semitism” or “anti-jewish,” but they have no desire to know this. Tyranny of any sort is far too dear to their hearts.

A good way to educate yourself quickly on jewish fascism is by reading Lenni Brenner’s fantastic books The Iron Wall and Zionism in the Age of the Dictators. Then connect the dots to Jabotinsky’s proteges, Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir, both leaders of jewish terrorist undergrounds of the 1940s who later became Israel’s Prime Ministers, and to the tenor of jewish tyrannical politics since the Begin administration, both in Israel and here in jew-merica (i.e., the “Neocons” and the jew imperial psy-op called ’9-11′). Ariel Sharon was simply the leading torch-bearer of jewish fascism / terrorism for the generation after Begin’s. Israel is a blatant jewish-supremacist dictatorship that combines fascist and communist elements behind a smoke-screen of “democracy,” their favorite jew-di mind-trick for keeping societies of asshole cowards tranked out on horseshit, a formula they’re gradually forcing on everybody worldwide.

A perfect way to administer this crypto-jew test is by bringing up Betar (a Hebrew notarikon of B‘rit Trumpeldor) the fascist youth organization launched by Jabotinsky in Latvia and Israel at the exact same time (1922) when Hitler was starting up the Hitler Youth. Both were following the example of fascism’s undeniably brilliant innovator and Jabotinsky’s very close friend, Benito Mussolini, who in turn was reacting to the world menace of “Bolshevism-Communism.” Today, 90 years later, the Hitler Youth has been totally discredited and extinct for 65 years, but its identical jewish counterpart is still going strong with branches on every continent. They even still wear black shirts, after Mussolini’s followers. The JDL was essentially a revival of Betar; Meir Kahane spent his adolescent summers in Betar’s north-American paramilitary boot camp in Hunter, New York, where Jabotinsky suddenly died in 1940 while visiting to dedicate the camp.


7) Spying

Genuine Europeans are forthright people who respect the privacy of their peers as ‘personal space’ and tacitly assume their peers will do the same for them. This assumption is rewarded so long as their societies remain free of the taint of CSRNA (Chaldean sewer rat nucleic acid). “jews” on the other hand are sneaking snooping lurking conniving devious treacherous dissemblers who also assume their fellows are just like them and therefore must be spying on each other constantly by any means possible. This dramatic and clearcut difference in innate cultural expectations is an excellent tool for spotting “jews” posing as Goyim.

Far beyond any other North American cultural group, “jews” / cryptos show innate tendencies to sneak, snoop, spy, surveil, and otherwise function as “spies,” and to share the resulting “intelligence” within their exclusive social networks, i.e. to have ZERO conscience regarding others’ privacy. Espionage has a traditional companion, sabotage, and here too they’ve been uniquely active. Let two cryptos discover each other in the same town and boom you have an instant “spy network,” probably a ‘radical’ political conspiracy to boot. Let any significant number do so and these things can be absolutely counted on. Cryptos can be spotted with some confidence from this sort of thing alone. No other heritage comes close for “hobby spying” and weird subversive politics, e.g. fake “egalitarianism” as con-artistry.

It’s only “smart,” given these depraved appetites, for jews / cryptos to put on ACLU T-shirts and pose on street corners as “champions of privacy rights,” but their contempt for any concept of privacy (except theirs) is total. To their innate elitism, you don’t have rights; you’re just slave chattel with amusing, useful delusions about your station. On the contrary, they want to key your name into a computer and stare straight into your brain at will. This is the reality behind their use of 9-11 (their black op) as a pretext for launching the Total Surveillance State now emerging around us, as seen with cell phones, networked computers, the emerging RFID infrastructure, the mounting paramilitary character of police departments everywhere, etc. “jews” are the world’s original, most extreme tyrants, therefore the most ancient, extreme enemies of the native European spirit of universal emancipation: privacy, free speech, freedom of the press, freedom of association, freedom of religion (when the religion is Christianity).


8) They / their kids are Never Guilty / always “Victims”

Picture this: you’re enjoying a public park on a balmy idyllic Saturday in May. All the benches are full, everyone is chattering happily with friends. Three Hassidic jews come out of a synagogue and saunter into the park. Suddenly one of them rips a baby out of a stroller, twists its head off and glugs blood out of its neck like it’s a wine jug. The other two laugh. This should result in pandemonium, but everyone remains weirdly quiet and calm, as if nothing has happened. You, being new in town, stand up and shout “my God, look what that jew just did! Why don’t you do something?!!” So now the pandemonium erupts, with everybody whipping out cell phones and glaring at you as they dial 911 and announce “we have an anti-Semite here! Better send the SWAT team.”

More with each passing year, we actually live in this nightmare. These people are SLAVES who have read “the writing on the wall” and therefore know the jew baby-chugger hasn’t done anything “wrong” or alarming because jews NEVER do anything “wrong” or alarming no matter what they do. The only person doing anything “wrong” is you, the asshole who had to go and shoot his stupid accusing mouth off. Now they have to feed you to Molech to show Master what good slaves they are. Slaves subconsciously realize they’d better think this way because this is how the jew Masters themselves think, i.e. that jews never do anything wrong by definition. Only Goy slaves who accuse them do something wrong.

The taboo subject of jewish ritual murder is a perfect example. Any jew who looks into this honestly, Ariel Toaff for instance, has to admit most of the cases are solid and that “jewish” society probably does harbor lunatics who do such things. After all, “jews” are the sole modern representatives of ancient Semitic societies that openly practiced human sacrifice and blood rites in a context of Satan worship from 10,000 B.C. until well into the first millennium B.C. That is one hell of a “coincidence.” And yet not one jew in ten thousand could care less whether or how much jews have actually committed ritual murder; they only care that this subject is “defamatory” because it portrays them negatively. Specifically, it keeps alerting the chattel to their grotesque serial killer secret alter-ego. Why, if this keeps up it could even goad the slave morons into actually RESISTING their world takeover. egads! Therefore all discussion of same is to be stomped out as “anti-Semitic” and we are never to consider this subject again. Fuck Truth. Which actually makes them all accomplices.

This brain abnormality also appears in their lax parental emphasis on morality–as distinguished from berserk demonstrations of power, which they never pass up–a non-emphasis that becomes especially dramatic when their kids blossom into sordid criminals as they come of age. Goy parents are normally grief-stricken when their kids become criminals, but “jews” / cryptos often don’t seem upset at all, in fact their reactions can bear an alarming resemblance to “ah, I did a good job after all!” This is another very kookoo telltale sign. Picture a jewish brat shoving little old ladies under buses in front of his parents, whose only admonition is “hey, stop that! Someone not insane might see you,” not “oh my God, I’ve spawned a demon. I have to have him sterilized.” Then there’s the really telltale sign: any cop who so much as hands the brat a ticket is instantly “the Oppressor,” i.e. justice and legal authority become “Oppression” when jews are punished, even when their guilt is certain. To their incredibly bigoted “morality,” jews are above being punished by Goy animals.

This tendency could also be called Lawyerism. Judging from the incredible evidence before our eyes, 10,000 years of high civilization in Mesopotamia has produced a race of sleazy defense lawyers who will say / do anything to get “their client” (jews collectively) acquitted. “The courtroom” is any social situation they can distort into such an opportunity. The “testimony / evidence / court exhibits” are primarily history, or rather the Orwellian butchery of it. Exactly like sleazy defense lawyers, they understand their job as character-assassinating the plaintiff, i.e. any non-jew who accuses any jew of anything, ever.

‘Lawyerism’ is also visible in the way American police forces, even in the hinterlands, now have so many officers who look amazingly like Adam Sandler. “jews” have been piling into law enforcement in recent years and police work is not the sort of job they naturally want (way too blue-collar, “grunty,” dangerous; nowhere near enough money, prestige, etc.). The trend therefore suggests a Babylonian effort to strengthen their grip on already corrupt, subverted police forces. If they should ever decide to drop all pretense and start murdering their political enemies wholesale here, as occurred in Russia after 1917, in Germany and the Middle East after WWII, in Iraq 1990-present, in Central America, South America, southern Africa, Indonesia, etc., etc., we can expect to see these cops instantly shape-shift into paramilitary “death squads.” The paramilitary adaptation is already happening, thanks to the handy pretense of 9-11 and the “war on terror.” The “death squad” role has also appeared in such incidents as the attack on Randy Weaver’s family and the provocation and assassination of Bill Cooper.


9) “Goy-baiting”

jewish bigotry often takes the form of very distinctive, sadistic baiting rituals— strange patterns of abuse by which jews and cryptos “racially bond” by cryptically dehumanizing non-jews. The mixed societies imposed by employers and schools are the big hotbeds of baiting. In the typical scenario, a crypto is simultaneously hostile to non-jews and favorable to cryptos. This is simple bigotry, of course, but in baiting it’s also an esoteric ritual by which the first jew demonstrates for the others that “Goym really are sub-human. See how completely stupid they are?”

Since Goy butts of this “joke” aren’t typically aware that cryptos are jews, they lack the basic information needed to realize they’re witnessing an interaction between jews and what it really means. It just seems like arbitrary obnoxious behavior, as in “this guy’s just a jerk,” and “who cares?,” when it’s actually a brazen jewish bigot sorting through the company around him and all but saying out loud, “jewish god-person, Goy sub-human, jewish god-person, Goy sub-human…” to delight the other jews. Because they aren’t vicious bigots 24-7-365 themselves, Goyim thus baited don’t catch this secret meaning that any jewish bigot recognizes instantly. Therefore they’re “obviously stupid,” “stupid” being the jews’ favorite idiom for “sub-human.” Manipulating them to display this “stupidity” was the first jew’s conscious purpose from the beginning.

This is a classic jewish exoteric-esoteric ritual. Exoterically, it’s just “someone being a jerk”; esoterically, it’s a jew tickling other jews’ bigotry by demonstrating jewish power and superiority. Many jews / cryptos seem to derive nearly orgasmic pleasure from this hate ritual. The way Goym don’t pick up on it (because their own brains aren’t twisted inside-out by hate) only further “validates” the hate.

Alternatively, a Goy does know what’s happening and makes this clear, but this does not make him “human,” but rather “a definitive anti-Semite.” Any Goy who catches on to baiting is “just an anti-Semite,” since the real Babylonian criterion of humanity isn’t actually intelligence / awareness, but hereditary membership in their criminally insane racial “club.” Their culture of perception is neatly worked out so that every possible scenario will always be win-win for them and lose-lose for everybody else.


Another common baiting pattern is “ganging up”: multiple jews singling out a non-jew for a campaign of harassment that causes him to behave inappropriately, resulting in expulsion, arrest, termination of employment, etc. I have seen gangs of middle-aged jewish men tormenting lone Arab pedestrians in this manner in New York. They were always smug and elated, like malicious kids, when the hapless Arab was arrested. Again, the “big thrill” obviously came from demonstrating their racial superiority and power to each other by preying on the helplessness, ergo “stupidity,” ergo “sub-humanity” of a singled-out hate object.

Virtually every American Goy has been the butt of another baiting pattern all his life, though few seem to know it: “comedic” movies and television shows, to which they mindlessly laugh along as they’re dehumanized by jewish “entertainers.” The reader is urged to watch Blazing Saddles or Animal House again while always keeping a certain question in mind:

How does this movie differentially portray obvious jewish and non-jewish characters?

It helps to recognize a blatantly racist jewish dramatic device that dates at least to the vaudeville era: blonde hair / pale eyes = Goy; dark curly or wavy hair / black eyes = jew. The eponymous fraternity in Animal House is clearly jewish, for example, while Kevin Bacon’s frat is WASP. What you should notice in both movies is sympathetic portrayal of jews and blacks combined with hateful portrayal of Euro-American Goys are as stupid, ignorant, evil, violent, tawdry, corrupt, “Nazi-like” (genocidally racist), deranged / insane, etc.

Likeable Goy characters (e.g. ‘Mongo’ in Blazing Saddles) are invariably eager moronic pawns of the jewish side. Behind their “screwball comedy” disguises, consisting of lots of throw-away lines and other noise, these films are actually mind-boggling hate orgies– the real “joke,” strictly for jewish consumption. Other good examples: everything by Stanley Kubrick, Mel Brooks, or the Marx Bros; many of Clint Eastwood’s roles (a truly revolting shabbos Goy or crypto-jew); the Pink Panther and Addams’ Family movies, Star Wars, No Country For Old Men. “Hollywood” has been a volcano puking out their demonic insane hate throughout its entire history. A complete list of these hate-gasms would require its own encyclopedia.


In television, the big ground-breakers were All in the Family and Saturday Night Live, followed by an incredible barrage from Fox (Married With Children, The Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park). Seinfeld is particularly brazen with such “gags,” especially repulsively non-funny shiksa themes. In all cases, the “humor” involves openly vicious portrayals of America’s Christian-European center demographic, which has indeed been dehumanized by accepting them as “funny.”

Goym have failed miserably at catching these subtexts, but not jews, who are ethnically obsessed and for whom the real gag doesn’t happen exoterically on screen, but esoterically in the theater auditorium, with Goym alongside them obliviously laughing along to their own dehumanization. It’s really an industrial-scale version of the first baiting scenario, thus all the more delightful because as “popular culture” it dehumanizes us on a mass scale still unnoticed. How deliciously stupid of us!

To awaken completely to baiting is to experience mass media as an open window on their demonic Underworld, a realm perfectly concealed from wholesome innocence because it’s totally inconceivable to it. “jews” instinctively form conspiracies against everybody else and “baiting” is the initial overture of this process. It’s the tawdry game by which young jews are initiated into the conspiratorial “underworld” beyond their families. Goy-baiting is ideal for this purpose because they must be “perceptive” enough to pass its test, meaning sufficiently mentally warped to enjoy its “hidden delights.” Otherwise they’ll miss the secret message just like any other normal person, which is “for the best” given this underworld’s high priority of never being detected by any but its own. It’s all very neat and evolved, obviously very ancient.

“jew-baiting” as a favorite charge against “anti-Semites” is really a jewish persecution fantasy in which they project a nastiness almost unique to themselves. Racial Europeans behave this badly only during adolescence and have no idea what “jew-baiting” means— but best not say so! The real thing requires a majority culture conscious of jews, hostile to them, and confident enough to brazenly kick them around. Where in the “West” does such a society exist today? Nowhere. The first half of the 20th century consisted of jews capturing all such remnants and terrorizing them into submission, then closing them up inside mind-control gas chambers. Any more, only jews have the vaguest idea what the term “jew-baiting” even means, so only they use it. Goy minds lock up with ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ when we go anywhere near it. If a person loves to scream “jew-baiters!” but pretends to not be jewish (read: John Taylor Gatto) he’s probably giving away a secret.


10) Totally shameless infinite greed

Normal people have become inured to the clever form of theft known as “profit,” but their moral sense still wants to hold it within socially responsible limits. The taking of grotesque profit under criminal circumstances is something they will do if coerced, but then if caught they’re sick with shame.

“jews” are not like this at all. The jewish profit “ethic,” as expressed in their little-known motto ‘Leolom Tickach’ (always take; see chapter 5 of Samuel Roth’s jews Must Live), is to always take however much they can up to infinity without any moral qualms at all. There is no such thing as “obscene profit.” If they hear such talk their signature racial reaction is unmistakable: “oh, so you’re just STUPID then, aren’t you?” Astronomical profits taken under morally repulsive circumstances are only that much “smarter” and therefore cause for pride. They may limit profit per unit because doing so maximizes total profit from production, but this is not a moral case.

Say someone is caught bankrupting senile widows with cancer by selling them sugar pills at ten dollars apiece as “a sure-fire miracle cancer cure.” A non-jew caught doing this might commit suicide, his guilt would be so terrible. To the jews’ native sensibility, as seen in Bernie Madoff, there would be no shame. On the contrary they would consider shameful or contemptible only those who expect them to be ashamed, because they’re “obviously so stupid.” This is their attitude concerning their megalomania, too.

It’s one of the most dramatic contrasts between European and “jewish” innate character. The jews’ infinite remorseless greed has dominated modern ‘high finance’ and corporate culture since they originated these things in their shtetl of Amsterdam over 400 years ago. ‘Chutzpah’ is their word-trick for distorting this shamelessness into a “virtue,” when it’s nothing but the psychopath’s total absence of conscience.


11) Incredible arrogance and vanity; pathological aversion to saying “I don’t know”

To psychopathic competitiveness, every social interaction no matter how trivial is a “chess match,” meaning a ruthless winner takes all contest for personal gain and gloating rights. This mentality can not grasp traditional Western ideas of virtue versus weakness. Although very clever, resourceful, observant, etc., in other ways, morally it is literally mentally retarded. Its only ideals comparable to “virtues” are winning and “smart” (the mental process of winning). To lose or otherwise be humiliated is to regard itself as “stupid,” and while “sin” isn’t the right word for its opinion of “stupid”—sin requires conscience and guilt, which this mind never experiences—“stupid” is still catastrophic to its sense of self-worth. It’s when scorned as “stupid” or “inferior” that this creature becomes truly vicious and dangerous.

Their “morality” is really just … berserk vanity. jews are incredibly vain once you dig past their “normal” act. Given their egotism, vanity is a natural substitute for the morals and virtues they neither possess nor appreciate, but as such it’s also very bizarre and distinctive. For example they experience the freedom from vanity in others, ergo slovenliness, obesity, etc., as “a moral failing” in a way normals do not. To witness them distorting mere vanity into a quasi-morality is to be surprised by weirdly shallow thinking in someone otherwise obviously intelligent, but this is not a higher brain function at all; it comes up from much deeper creepier depths.

Everything in the universe divides into 1) that which panders to their vanity and serves their selfishness and therefore is “good” “smart” and “true”; 2) that which offends and vexes these things and therefore is “bad” “stupid” and “lies.” This is their entire “reality.” To anyone sane, objective reality is an infinitely vast presence opposite which any human is puny in every sense, but to this deviation it’s merely… a servant / plaything. Which finally solves the age-old mystery, “what on earth could be going on inside their heads??” They think they’re “god.” Their brains are clearly congenitally deformed to believe this and absolutely immune to any amount of contrary evidence.* They may never glimpse many meanings which sanity takes for granted, but “I’m smart” and “I win” versus “you’re stupid” and “you lose” are exactly to their taste. They constantly distort social situations to fit this preferred “reality.”

These weirdlings are intensely aware of each other (unlike normals) and identify collectively as a distinct race, which they are; therefore their vanity translates into virulent racial supremacy and militancy, but they’ve learned to keep the real source of this racial identification–their shared psychotic underworld–deep in shadows of ambiguity. To mislead gullible fools away from it, they offer red herring explanations like “religion” or “culture,” which don’t really suffice to explain them. This is a much better way to understand the people misnamed “jews,” who know better than anyone that “jews” is just a clever code word for their real identity, which is biological.

To ever utter the words “I don’t know” for any reason, even when answering “what time is it?” from a passerby, is to this vanity tantamount to saying “I’m stupid,” which it never wants to do and therefore goes to bizarre lengths to avoid. A characteristic evasive answer would be “isn’t there a clock over there?,” which simultaneously avoids the dreaded phrase and deliberately distracts the questioner from its ignorance (manipulates him), also moves the stigma of “stupid” onto him for not knowing where the clock is. This is a good example of how these aliens among us function in general.

It’s interesting, then, to pose a question to which “I don’t know” is the only truthful answer expressly to see who displays the insane reaction of squirming away from saying it or at least being annoyed by the “chore” of saying it. This method of detecting Semitic inbred lunacy was discovered 2,400 years ago by Diogenes of Sinope, an unsung hero whom the secret Babylonians of Athens hated then and have cursed ever since. Of course the groveling slaves wot pass for “Westerners” now are so judaized themselves that it’s no longer a reliable way to detect secret “jews,” but it’s still interesting and revealing.

* Real jews, meaning goat farmers of ancient Judah, took exception to this same delusion among Mesopotamian royalty over 2,700 years ago:

Isaiah 14:13-14:

You [the King of Babylon] said in your heart: “I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain. I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself most high.”

This is another clear evidence that the heritage of modern “jews” really traces back to arrogant ruling families of the ancient Semitic imperial centers, not to intelligent peasants in “the provinces.” This real lineage / incredible arrogance still shows up clearly in such statements as “the jews are the aristocrats of the world” (–Samuel Untermeyer, live WABC radio speech, evening of 6 August 1933; see Text of Untermyer’s Address, 7 August 1933 New York Times)


Your relationship with a crypto-jew undergoes dramatic-yet-subtle changes when they discover you’re “an anti-Semite,” i.e. that you somehow broke their voodoo spell and ripped open your slave eyes to realize how nuts they are / how the “economic cycle” is really nothing but them ratcheting up their parasitism to insane ruinous extremes time and again. They hate that. Their reaction is very different however from that of Goym still deep in the trance, e.g. sanctimonious “liberal” cowards. The latter love to make their contempt for “anti-Semites” very loud and public so that Master will know whose tongue is cleaning his rectum this time. Pat pat good doggy, have a breath mint. Closet jews have a qualitatively different reaction (they know you’re not “imagining things”) plus they’re obsessed with preserving their secret, so…

a) They totally hate your guts now that you’ve declared yourself The Enemy, but if they express this plainly you might realize their Family Secret, so instead they “play it cool.” As spectacular as their “social skills” can be, it’s impossible for this extremely conflicted emotional state to not leave a trail of clues over time. If they mostly succeed in pretending nothing has changed, these new startling powerful emotions will still break through on occasion as them being “weird,” cagey, spiteful, catty, hostile, treacherous, passive-aggressive… The look in their eyes is key; the cold look of hate is unmistakable. If you’ve ever been close to them the change won’t even be subtle.

b) When one of them finds this out they all know. Every jew your “friend” knows whom you never met will openly hate you “at first sight” and will know all sorts of things about you which they won’t bother hiding, indulging instead in catty sadistic games. Within 30 seconds, their rudeness will have you wondering “excuse me, do we know each other… ?” If your “friend” is present, this squirting of venom from bared fangs will make him nervous. They’re basically ratting him out. They’re just so crazed with spite they don’t care. This is really baiting, since they’re simultaneously tormenting you and expressing solidarity with your “friend,” who will be looking off into the distance, whistling, wearing his best “who, me?” look…

First these total strangers cultivated rabid hatred of you, sight unseen. Then upon meeting you they immediately opened fire with spider-with-a-fly baiting games. Both behaviors clearly indicate Babylonian psychiatric heritage. They’re also proof of Telltale Sign #6, and also great! because this is them windmilling their arms screaming “I’m a jew!” in your face instead of preening their camouflage like they usually do. It’s good when they’re obvious.

They love to imagine they’re “highly rational” when they’re not at all. They’re completely nuts. They’ve just mastered the con game of acting sane.

If cryptos should ever break down and admit to any of this (which is astronomically unlikely; criminal rule #1: be loyal to your Lies) they’ll insist their sneakiness and predatory malice are “defensive adaptations to millennia of ruthless persecution.” Of course they would believe this. What else has criminal insanity ever believed when caught? Never mind that it’s ridiculous for them to even try this excuse on American Goyim, their most eager mindless pawns ever, who have never done anything to deserve hearing this shit. In America more than any other place in history, their hatred of Goyim obviously exists for its own sake.

The wonderful irony is that all these tricks and games only confirm that these hardcore bigots know full well what they’re doing and how repulsive they are. What makes “anti-Semites” such hate objects for them is that we know it too, but in a context of mental normalcy and rational self-interest— which is unusual, and most unwelcome in slave chattel. On the other hand, let us take their “diversity” bullshit to heart and accept that “they’re just like everybody else” and this is the exact naïve “stupidity” that hands them their other favorite excuse to hate us and cheat us, when they only find us remotely bearable as long as we remain “stupid” by exactly this standard. That is, so long as their relentless con-artistry keeps us confused and helpless. Nothing enrages them more than having their “art” not work after all.


All told, these 12 signs and symptoms add up to a horrifying tale of completely perverse motivational psychology.

Motivation is the most primeval and important level of psychology, the deep down lizard-brain source from which every conscious thought and behavior arises. So therefore shrinks and psychology professors (jews and jew-flacks, one and all) train us to ignore it and concentrate on trivial stuff like cognition and Freud’s stupid bullshit. After all, these fakes aren’t really trying to heal anyone; their real job is making us all batshit insane like jews, the secret tyrants of the Rothschild-owned “Modern jewniversity System,” so that they’ll be “normal” for the first time in history. Why else would they push faggotism as “a healthy option” when it’s obviously a symptom of insanity? Here’s why: because fudge-packing, carpet-munching, sex with corpses, farm animals, kidnapped tied up five year olds, and every other grotesque insane perversion is “JEWISH” and therefore “unconditionally good.” All of these deviations trace directly back to Satan-felching ancient Semites, a la Sodom & Gomorrah, ancient and medieval “gnostic” cults that trace back directly to Mesopotamia and were just excuses to throw faggot orgies as “services,” much more. The Talmud, the #1 code book of their insanity, normalizes and condones all of them.

When shrinks realize this is the secret agenda behind shrinking and do it well they get to be “public intellectuals” and make millions puking their lies straight into your skull through the flatscreen cyberjew. Yeah, switch it on again, stupid. You paid how much for that fucking thing, stupid? When they don’t they get to be jerkwater burger-flippers. Rewards and punishments, baby. Gotta train them Pavlov doggies right. yap yap. grrr.

That said, it’s extremely difficult to analyze the motives of a person whose brain-wiring is completely different from one’s own because normals tend to superimpose, or project, our own motives onto their behavior without even realizing it, as in “what would my motive be if I were to say or do what they just said or did?” Since they’re not actually like us, this produces bad answers. To experience other people’s motives empirically, we must learn to distrust and suspend this reflex–no small feat. What’s worse, their psychopathic total lack of empathy gives them an innate advantage in this sense. They sense our normalcy and adapt to it instantly; we tend to never notice their lunacy at all.


To correctly analyze the motivations of “jews” is to nearly always detect some combination of:

1) ultra-competitiveness

2) rabid, sadistic hate

3) shameless thieving greed

4) grotesque vanity and egotism

5) pro-jewish chauvinism / racial supremacy

6) pathological lying, probably to serve the other motives, but also “just for kicks.”

All taken to manic extremes.


This motivational pattern is as “jewish” as hook noses and matzoh balls. It can come through even when their “I’m just a sweet Goy sap” act is jacked up full blast. They really can’t stop being like this. The ones who could stop accepted Christ and his Message and followed him into a new identity 2,000 years ago, then dissolved into Europe. Today their descendants are genuine Westerners, not crypto-jews.

NORMAL HUMANS ARE NOT LIKE THIS. They’re genuinely altruistic, trusting, and honest- all qualities the kike monsters lump into “stupid.” Again, this difference is biological. Motivation is hard-wired into the brain by genes.


2 thoughts on “Tell-tale habits of crypto-Jews

  1. There are some key points in this stage of the truth movement people need to get over.

    1.If they say they support Israel in any way shape or form, no matter what else they say. They are full of shit, and a shill/jew.

    2.If they say they hate israel and “israelis”, but other jews are ok, they are full of shit (most likely a jew) and working towards the jewish one world government by making it look like they are on OUR SIDE.

    3.They say “Zionism” is the problem, and we must stop it, other jews are fine, then they are most likely a jew, and again trying to pretend they are on our side.

    4.If they say Zionism and jews are the problem, but lets all hold hands and pray, or wish for world peace, then they are a jew on their back foot trying hard not to get you angry.

    5.If they say violence is not the answer, guns are bad, they are a jew afraid of you fully understanding what they are doing.

    6.If they say they are against the new world order and bankers etc, but won’t tolerate any racism, they are a jew site. Even many muslim sites have jews running them, so be aware muslims!

    7.If they say guns are good, load up on ammo a shitstorm is coming, but to survive, do nothing, stay out of trouble, keep your head down, they are fake patriots, and most likely jews.

    8.Calling jews TRAITORS to America is retarded. To be a traitor you must be on our side (a non jew) and cross to the jew side. Jews have ALWAYS been on the jew side, therefore not traitors, they are simply the enemy, and always have been.

    9. Anyone that says you need permission to do anything is a lying jew, or traitor non jew.

    10.Learn to read the PSYOP angle when you read. What is the jew wanting you to feel/think? When a story says “Banks are too big to fail, too big to arrest” they are trying to tell you you are helpless, and there is NOTHING you can do. They are full of shit. NO JEW OR CRIMINAL IS FASTER THAN A SPEEDING BULLET HEADED IN THEIR DIRECTION!

    11. Jews are WANTING a revolution. Many such as Mike Jewvero are calling for the government to collapse. During this collapse the media will focus on jew leaders leading the “resistance” so people will rally behind them, as they did in Russia in 1917. Then the jews will turn against those that supported them. When it hits the fan, take them out as fast as you can (jews and the media). Don’t give them an inch. NOW is the best opportunity for military personnel and those that can, to not let the jews dictate how things will go. A coup right now would be a blessing for the American people, and take the jews by surprise.

    12. All those truthers out there supporting jews in any way shape or form should be delt with the same way as the jew-no exceptions. Those like MARK GLENN that say “we need jews to help fight the jews” are a lying sack of shit. He leaves the window open for all manner of infiltration, subversion and psyop tactics by the jew. Those assholes have chosen their side, and they will pay for it with their lives.

    13. Remember a jew is a JEW FOR LIFE. No matter how much they try to convince you. Beware the jew that holds a cross in front of your face-Brother Kapner. He has good info, but swears Russia is our friend, and jews don’t control it…..LIAR!

    14. Always ask “Is he/she a jew?” or “Where are the jewish connections”?….meaning jewish wife, family, business partners, friends etc. Most of the fools running around pretending to be on your side get money to spew shit and lie to you on a daily basis. In fact, you probably pay for them to do it to you.

    15. ALL the jews shills out there have their own angle of attack, and say 80% of the shit you want to hear. Rivero says “Canned goods and shotguns people!”…..and gun owners are like YEAH MAN! YOU ROCK!…..The fact rivero told us all about the voting system scams during the last 2 elections, and today still says to VOTE THEM OUT! this tells you he is full of shit. He has one of the biggest “truth seeking” audiences in the USA, why isn’t he calling on all gun owners to take over washington DC? Why is he making people feel helpless and useless by giving you day after day of shitty news concerning the downfall of America? Because thats his job!

    Be empowered, and be strong. jews fucking hate it! Be what they hate and fear most!

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