What is Evil?

Have you noticed that everything good in our world is crying out for help?

Did you know the oligarchs in charge of everything  currently use 3 guiding principles of Free Masonry to oppress We The People?   Those principals are; Imposition, Materialism and Destruction

Do you feel imposed upon when you pay income taxes, sales taxes, use taxes, fuel taxes, communications taxes, entertainment/sin taxes and dozens more etc. taxes?  And what about all that interest you pay on your loans including the $18 Trillion debt they’ve racked up against America?  Or how about when “they” take away your rights and pass unfair laws?  Force you to wear a helmet and seatbelt?   Or subject you to advertising, perversions and propaganda?  Ridiculous terms and conditions?  Or put poisons in your air, water and food?  Those are just a few satanic impositions INTENTIONALLY performed by oligarchic turds to wear you down and make you SUBMIT to them.

Materialism and Destruction are actually forms of Imposition too, by getting us to overuse, waste and destroy Gods’ creation they again succeed at disconnecting us from God/Nature/Harmony.

IMPOSITION, MATERIALISM AND DESTRUCTION is how satanic oligarchs are holding you down, they’ve made you think all three are just normal parts of life but they’re NOT.

Our so-called leaders know the only way they can succeed is to keep you from realizing what is happening.  They have cast a powerful hypnotic spell using advanced psychology and vast deceptions to disconnect you from reality and creation (God).  But those spells are slowly being broken with the truth.  As they degrade you will begin to see what’s been going on right in front of your face.  You’ll also soon be able to see that simply uniting humanity behind our true values of goodness and equality is how we can begin to stop this insanity!

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