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This article, based upon the most banned site in the world at, is the only publication in history that is guaranteed to save your life, your soul and your freedom, if you should so choose. No one will be able to refute a single thing there and we back that up with $100 in cash to anyone who can! To make it clear that we stand behind that challenge, our home address is 1 Moonbeam Rd, Manson WA and our phone # is 509-670-3022. This will not be like anything most of We the People have ever seen because it is 100% TRUTH, no propaganda and zero ulterior motives which is why YOU were given it for FREE if you got it from us! (Others can and do sell the Gazette)

OK, with no further ado we shall tear SUPPOSIVID-19 to shreds. We have spoken to literally hundreds of people who believe they’ve been sick with it going back to Dec of 2019 and anyone who opens their mouth to talk to others will find the same to be true. In fact we ourselves had it in Feb of 2020 so, you can trust this firsthand, personal accounting about it from us, David Allender and Peggy Star. The first bell ringer for anyone of minimum intellect comes from the overly obvious fact that all the symptoms of CV-19 are identical to those experienced by all victims of RF/EMF exposure (aka radiation poisoning from Radio/Electromagnetic Frequencies) going back 180 years since the discovery and early use of electricity. It is obvious.



• Fever / Chills

• Fatigue / Lethargy

• Nausea / Vomiting

• Diarrhea / Constipation

• Abdominal Cramping

• Headache / Sharp Pains

• Eye/Ear/Olfactory Dysfunction (including loss of taste, smell, hearing)

• Dizziness / Disorientation

• Depression

• Irritability

• Changes in Blood Pressure (High in the young/healthy and Low in the elderly/sick)

• Co-Infections due to Immunosuppression (Strep Throat, Meningitis, Encephalitis, Cholera, Diphtheria, Dysentry, Typhoid, Typhus, Tuberculosis, Herpes, Urinary Tract Infections, Skin Infections, Eye Infections, Sinus Infections, Candida Overgrowth, Fungal Invasions, Pneumonia, etc.)

• Oxygen Uptake Difficulties / ARDS / SARS
• Fever / Chills

• Fatigue / Lethargy

• Nausea / Vomiting

• Diarrhea / Constipation

• Abdominal Cramping

• Headache / Sharp Pains

• Eye/Ear/Olfactory Dysfunction (including loss of taste, smell, hearing)

• Dizziness / Disorientation

• Depression

• Irritability

• Changes in Blood Pressure (High in the young/healthy and Low in the elderly/sick)

• Co-Infections due to Immunosuppression (Strep Throat, Meningitis, Encephalitis, Cholera, Diphtheria, Dysentry, Typhoid, Typhus, Tuberculosis, Herpes, Urinary Tract Infections, Skin Infections, Eye Infections, Sinus Infections, Candida Overgrowth, Fungal Invasions, Pneumonia, etc.)

• Oxygen Uptake Difficulties / ARDS / SARS

That should be all it takes for the average person to begin to realize people aren’t getting sick from any virus but we’ll make that point stick like glue before we’re done here! Also of extreme import is the irrefutable and easily veritable fact that before the widespread use of electricity the now extremely common diseases of Cancer (now 1 out of every 19 Americans) Diabetes (1 in 10) Heart Disease (1 in 3) and Obesity (1 in 4) were practically non-existant with many doctors never having seen a single case of the first 3 over their entire careers!

Now let it be known that most people cannot connect the dots of how they didn’t already know this, who doesn’t want them to know this, when this elementary knowlede about our welfare got hidden from We the People and why on earth it would ever be covered up in the first place? Indeed, HOW, WHO, WHEN and WHY are the key questions so let’s briefly answer them right now;

How you’ve never heard of this is because it has been hidden from We the People instead of being taught by the teachers, doctors and other sick, inhuman dirtbags who have always known about it.

Who they are is one of the greatest and oldest, most coveted secrets on earth which was quite thoroughly covered by God in the Vedas, Bible and Quran before each of those collections of His Word from over 50  messengers/prophets were carefully, incidiously and methodically changed over the course of the last several millennia.

When the CV-19 side of things began was circa 1839 upon the discovery made by military, medical and political leaders around the world that formerly healthy soldiers and telegraph operators were experiencing a wide variety of strange, debilitating symptoms, often dying from them and/or heart disease for the first time in history.

Why all of this deception exists is the biggie that requires the online real estate of as well as an uncorrupted copy of the Vedas, Bible or Quran to explain, the latter of which we do indeed now have thanks to God protecting it with totally mind boggling mathematical encoding and advanced scientific facts that simply were not known to man or even discoverable without recent technology. And yes, this is the soul saving portion of things but you’ll need the life saving part to give you the time required to learn and accept the Truth about God. The God who sent famous figures such as Arjuna, Krishna, Moses, Abraham, David, Job, John, Jesus and Mohamet to warn His then uncorrupted line of Adamites of an enemy that secretly exists among We the People of the world to this day. Also note that the freedom saving portion hereof may be equally important as the life saving due to the fact that the enemies are well underway with plans to permanently obfiscate the ugly truth about themselves by way of tyranical oppression. Recall all the constitutional rights we lost from the Patriot Act after 9/11 and the tons of others now from this bogus plandemic? If we don’t save our freedoms life in America will be like that experienced by billions of people in 3rd world countries such as China where it’s recently become illegal to worship anything other than the communist party! So, if they succeed it means YOU will never know the most important Truth on earth designed to make We the People fail at the most important mission in life, not getting sent to Eternal Hell for breaking Gods’ Real Laws! Now if you’re a Christian you’re likely thinking “that doesn’t apply to me” but if that’s the case, I hereby guarantee you that you have been deceived by the very same aforementioned group of enemies behind all the CV-19 deceptions and every other evil thing that’s ever happened to you, your friends and loved ones! If you don’t think ALL of We the People have been heavily deceived by them stop right now and read the impossible to deny compilation of 44 short verses given to us by Jesus himself. You will see something absolutely horrifying that has been hidden from us all. For the first time in your life you will comprehend the fundimental Truth that Jesus and all the messengers taught for God Almighty. And if it’s not proven to be 100% factual and True by its’ own merit, call us or come on up to collect $100 in cash because this is indeed another challenge especially for our Christian brethren. That said, what Jesus taught in those 44 verses needs to be known by absolutely everyone who doesn’t want to spend Eternity in Hell for being deceived by these very real enemies! EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ AND DIGEST THE MOST HAIR RAISING, DAMNING AND EYE OPENING REALITY IMAGINABLE FOR OVER TWO BILLION UNSUSPECTING PEOPLE. Stop now, go there and read!


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No sane person could possibly deny the long hidden truth behind that compilation which irrefutably proves what is one of the largest and most daming deceptions ever deployed! Indeed that is soul shaking in and of itself so, if you care be sure to share! There are over 2 BILLION Christian men and women on earth who are in dire need of that Truth! But who would carry out such a damning deception? Indeed, we are still on the WHO question so let’s unwrap the number one deception ever to have been carried out against humanity. In the next several minutes you are going to unravel 3 of the most bafflling mysteries ever pondered by anyone who’s went to med school, studied geneology or dabbled in archeology. Those baffling mysteries are the unexplained “missing link” between neanderthals and modern man, impossible to explain RH blood factors and foreign, non-human HLA genes recently discovered by scientists in “some people”. Given the following graphic even a child will be able to understand WHO we’re talking about and it is all backed up repeatedly within around 50+ verses in the scriptures by God Almighty Himself. For instance;    Rev 12:13 “And when the serpent saw he was cast unto the earth, he pursued the woman which brought forth the male


Biblical Reptilian/Serpent Sons of Gods or Quranic Jinn. (i.e. lucifer & iblis)Non Reptilian
Human Beings
aka Adam/Eve
Reptilian/Human Hybrid Giants aka Nephilim or Men of Renown (All male living 1 generation only)


© 2020 ITSASIGN.COM  New Humanoid
w/New DNA
& RH Bloodtype
Which of these do you think used very advanced technology to build the pyramids, fly around earth and live undetected to this day?
Biblically Shedim and Familiar Spirits, Quranic Jinn. Eternal
w/Extreme Telepathic Abilities
Man or a blood jew/satan which after 1000s of yrs of elitist eugenics (selective breeding) look quite similar!

Early Gen nephilim/human hybrid aka evil spirit, satan or blood jew. A lying psychopathic misfit that God destined to hell from his/her birth.
YHWHs’ Human Being who jews want to mercilessly oppress and and deceive into committing sins that result in eternal damnation.


Can you tell the difference between the heads of a human puppet and a hybrid puppeteer in this photo of Bill Gates and Israels’ Netenyahu?



Don’t be mistaken, Gates is an evil scumbag who’s allowed himself to be deceived by the talmudic tribe of satanists who use these symbols;



FYI; if you’re new to us and the Full Truth you may not know that masonry, talmudism (aka satanism) and nazism are all the same. Here is another example of a hybrid head and his deceived human puppet;



And now he’s being replaced with Biden who is just another evil, inhuman, hybrid headed, lucifer & Israel loving asswipe like Trump.



Note the star of David. These are not Adamites of Gods’ creation! Can you see it with your own eyes? And look, a horsefaced/headed VP.



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It is not possible to convey everything that you need to know about these mortal enemies to humanity in that single page. The point behind this publication is to get folks primed for the whole enchilada at which is the only place on earth we know of that is exposing this reality. And those who look into our story will find it is not that unlike those of famous figures such as Jesus, Mohamet and even Moses in the old testament who exposed the very same inhuman freaks from hell. Genesis 6:4 “There were giants (aka nephilim) in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God (ETs) came in unto (raped) the daughters of men, and they bare children to them who became mighty men of old and renown” (Hybrid giants)

For us it began by releasing a book about these psychopaths back in 2012 which resulted in the largest SWAT team attack in recent US history, they tried to kill us. Uh huh, we’re for real and so is everything you’re reading. Getting back to CV19, there are 36 really, really good videos at Betterness.comthat have been taken down from youtube and scrubbed from the net but since we spend $500/mth on private servers, they can’t touch them. However, arguably the best nail in the covid coffin comes from a book called “The Invisible Rainbow” we have archived for free download at It is not possible to deny that radiation poisoning is what’s making people sick after reading that book! Hence why Peggy made a nice infographic there based upon it. As it and we will now prove the symptoms of supposvid 19 have been reported during every pandemic for the last 180 years. It has happened with each advancement of electrifying the earth with new forms and/or greater amounts of RF/EMFs from telegraph wires, phone wires, electric lines, radio waves, radar waves, wireless devices and etc. all the way to todays’ 5G networks. Every advancement perfectly coincides with another bogus pandemic. And each time scores of innocent people, animals (i.e. fish, whales, dolphins, birds) and many species of plant and insect life (i.e bees) get sick and/or die. It’s why no one wants to live near high power lines, cellular antennas or other dangerous RF emitting things.

1839 Early Telegraph:Doctors begin diagnosing telegraph operators with “mal graphique” (telegraphic sickness). These patients suffered from heart palpitations, dizziness, insomnia, weakened eyesight, and a feeling “as though a vice were gripping the back of their head.” They also suffered from exhaustion, depression, and memory loss all of which are well known symptoms of radiation poisoning to this day.

1861-62 Major Expansion of Telegraph transmission via railroad tracks for the war: Corrupt officials lumped symptoms of electrical radiation poisoning into a new illness purposely named “Railway Spine” to distract the public from identifying it correctly, the propaganda machine was now steaming down the track. Frequent passengers and train personnel commonly suffered from the same complaints continually reported by telegraph operators: fatigue, irritability, headaches, chronic dizziness, nausea, insomnia, tinnitus, weakness, numbness, rapid heart beat, bounding pulse, facial flushing, chest pains, depression, and sexual dysfunction. Some became grossly overweight, bled from the nose, or spat blood. They reported their eyes hurt, with a “dragging” sensation, as if they were being pulled into their sockets. Their vision and their hearing deteriorated, and a few even became gradually paralyzed! A decade later they would have been diagnosed with “neurasthenia” and “effort syndrome” as many railroad employees were. Corrupt officials kept changing the names just like they still do, think about all the different flu names!

NOTE: Prior to the1860s DIABETES was so rare that few MDs saw more than one or two cases during their lifetime. It has changed its character: diabetics were once skeletally thin. Obese people never developed the disease. HEART DISEASE at that time was the 25th most common illness, behind accidental drowning. It was an illness of infants and old people. It was extraordinary for anyone else to have a diseased heart. CANCER was also exceedingly rare. Even tobacco smoking, in non-electrified times, did not cause cancer.  (Smoking was vilified to cover up the real cause which was radiation poisoning.)

1876 The Telephone: Operators begin to suffer permanent injury to their health. These patients typically had headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, floaters in the eyes, racing pulse, pains in the region of the heart, and palpitations. They said they felt weak and exhausted and were unable to concentrate. They could not sleep normally. They were also depressed and had anxiety attacks. They had tremors. Their reflexes were elevated, and their senses were hyperacute. Sometimes their thyroid was hyperactive. Occasionally, after long illness, their heart was enlarged. These are of course all symptoms and results of long term exposure to electrical radiation.



1889 Power Lines: Influenza, in its present form, was invented in 1889 along with AC or alternating current. It is now with us always, like an unwelcome guest. Influenza (flu) is so familiar that we have forgotten that it wasn’t always so. Many of the doctors who were flooded with the new “not-disease” in 1889 had never seen a case before. It behaved unlike any other illness, was not contagious, (and it still isn’t obviously) and was named so because its comings and goings were said to be mysteriously governed by the “influence” of the stars hence mockingly “influenza”. 



1918 LF & VLF Radio: The Navy launched the world’s largest radio network which was behind the pandemic of Spanish flu. This not-disease struck more than half a billion people, a third of the worlds population and had absolutely no evidence that it was contagious. (Corrupt scientists and health officials around the world have tried to prove contagion of the flu in a myriad of ways to this very day but never have!) The Spanish not-flu originated in the United States in early 1918 and was supposedly “spread” around the world on navy ships, first appearing on board those ships and in seaports and naval stations all of which were where new radio technology was being utilized. The largest early poisoning occurred in the Naval Radio School at Cambridge, Massachusetts and from there it “spread” to Army camps where the Signal Corps was being trained in the use of wireless radio technology. About forty percent of these supposed flu patients in the Navy suffered from nosebleeds, others bled from their gums, ears, skin, stomach, intestines, uterus, or kidneys, the most common and rapid route to death being hemorrhage in the lungs: these victims drowned in their own blood. Autopsies revealed that as many as one third of fatal cases had also hemorrhaged into their brains. NOTE: Not unlike how doctors are currently intubating supposvid patients and putting them on ventilators which kills 9 out of 10! We the People in the spanish flu plandemic were prescribed overdoses of aspirin (20 to 30/day) which caused, or at minimum exasperated said hemorrhaging.  So, like then, We the People are being intentionally sickened and killed by a secret group of psychopathic murderers. Also, an astonishingly self evident fact that would make no sense if this spanish not-flu pandemic was infectious, but that makes perfect sense since it was caused by radio waves, is that instead of striking down the old and the infirm as usual, this one mainly hit/killed healthy, vigorous young people between the ages of 18 and 40 exactly as the previous pandemics. Of course it was this age group who were most prone to being around these new radio waves. Yet another mystery solved.



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Peggys’ infographic at Betterness is light years better than this, it’s complete with tons of pics and several key videos but you should be getting the gist. Even after skipping a bunch of events in her timeline, it should be overly apparent to anyone that this is the Truth.

1939-45 Radar era began: Irritable heart, later called “soldier’s heart” or neurocirculatory asthenia returned with a vengeance. John Scott Haldane discovered that soldier’s heart was caused not by anxiety as thought but by a chronic lack of oxygen. Mandell Cohen then confirmed the defect was not in the lungs, but in the blood cells’ ability to uptake oxygen. These patients continually gasped for air not because they were neurotic, but because they really could not get enough of it. You might as well have put them in an atmosphere that contained only 12 percent oxygen instead of 21 percent, or transported them to an altitude of 20,000 feet. Their chests hurt, and their hearts beat fast, not because of panic, but because they craved air. So, exactly like supposvid 19 patients today, their bodies craved oxygen, not because their coronary arteries were blocked nor because of their lungs not working, but because their hemoglobin could no longer utilize the air they were breathing due to their blood cells being de-structured by the intense radar waves.



1957 DEW Radar Lines: The US built hundreds of powerful early warning radar stations that littered the high latitudes of the northern hemisphere, hurling millions of watts of microwave energy skyward. Then low frequency components of these waves rode on magnetic field lines to the southern hemisphere thereby causing the Asian flu pandemic starting at the end of February 1957 and lasting for more than a year. The bulk of the mortality occurred in the fall and winter of 1957-1958. Hence the deaths of over two million people and sickening of untold tens of millions more in said areas of the northern hemisphere where the radar was emitted.



1968 Satellite era began: Like many supposed flu pandemics, the Hong Kong flu was “said” to had been first detected in China at the beginning of the year. It killed a million people and sickened tens of millions more with all the same symptoms as each and every other incident we’ve covered so far. The bottom line is that all types of influenza are nothing but various forms and differing levels of acute electrical radiation poisoning which never occurred before the advent of electrical radiation. None of these “flu like” illnesses existed before electricity because radiation poisoning is the only cause of them.

1990 to Present HAARP: The High Altitude Aurora Resonance Project was created after Nicholas Teslas’ work. He proposed that such a network of high powered antennae could be used to tear the surface of the earth apart with earthquakes, direct the jet stream and control the weather on earth. It worked and has been expanded widely all around the world by our satanic psychopathic leaders. Hence the obvious uptick in quakes and pandemics over the last 30 years.  It’s obvious, no one who’s lived during that time needs any more proof.  There’s been every sort of ridiculous named flu and breathing related sicknesses such as SARS and MERS all around the world ever since the activation of HAARP. Don’t miss the videos on HAARP and chemtrails  at



Just for some quick, irrefutable proof about HAARP look at the stats of earthquakes since its inception. The data is from the USGS, check it yourself if you can’t believe it. We’ve done that research and know!



That’s totally irrefutable and completely obvious is it not? As most are aware, the United States lost 1/3 of its honey bees, many beekeepers still experience a total loss of their bees year to year. Colony collapse disorder has of course “spreaded” to China, India, Japan, and Africa. And by the way, anyone who tries will find that the quickest way to destroy a bee hive is to place a wireless telephone inside it! FACT!!!

1991 to Present Cellular era: The prevalence of eight of the top ten conditions among all millennials (then teen agers) who were the first generation of young cell phone users, showed a double digit increase in 2017 as compared with 2014. Note that we only have that 3 year span of data yet look what happened to our children in that short span;

Major depression increased 31 percent. Hyperactivity increased 29 percent. Type 2 diabetes increased 22 percent. Hypertension increased 16 percent. Psychoses increased 15 percent. High cholesterol increased 12 percent. Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis increased 10 percent. Substance use increased 10 percent.

And Autism went from 1 in 20,000 kids 20 yrs ago to 1 in 30 now.

In 2019, scientists from Australia, Vietnam, and China reviewed 73 reports of insect declines from across the globe and concluded that 40 percent of all insect species on earth are threatened with extinction.

Dear reader, you definitely need to spend plenteous time at to take all of this in with the focus it deserves. There is so much excellent information there it will amaze you as it does us. Your life, the lives of your loved ones and friends depend on being fully informed about all this. And as you’ll see, there is even a proven cure for radiation poisoning but the murderers in our govt and medical fields won’t tell you it. It is the same natural, cheap and totally safe plant that people have used to prevent and cure the deadly breathing related diseases of malaria and tuberculosis for centuries. There is much more there as well. And we think this is going to be the impetus for a massive revolution against corruption and evil as God promised.  If not, you can kiss your freedom and liberty goodbye because that is the entire point behind CV19. They need 5G to run their surveillance networks which are designed to permanently enslave you and yours.

Lastly a bonus; after we learned the Quran was indeed the Word of God, we translated what folks are saying is by far the best English version ever complete with highly advanced scientific and mathematical proofs of it’s authenticity that will make your head spin! We’ve all been brainwashed about Islam for this very reason, because the Quran is the only intact body of scripture on earth that contains the truth about our hybrid enemies. And it cannot be changed due to the fact that the angel Gabriel delivered it to Mohamet and his followers who memorized it bit by bit over the course of 23 years. Millions of people around the world have it committed to memory word for word which is why the Arabic version is exactly the same as 1,400 yrs ago. We provide it for free like this so open your mind and read it. You’ll realize that we’ve all been lied to about Gods’ Real Laws by the very same psychopaths behind 9/11 and covid who do indeed want you to go to Eternal Hell with them. If you don’t overcome their deceptions they will succeed. Eternity is a long time compared to this short life!


Take It.  It’s Free!


You’re going to be surprised about what you learn in just the introduction alone, GUARANTEED!


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