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It Huffs & Puffs, Why Aren’t They Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?


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The main topic is fear and why you can’t have any. Without it, the psychopathic masonic leaders of our world have got nothing.  As you’ll learn in #111, this is all about the synagogue of satan or SS relying upon creating mass Division, Confusion and Fear to control the masses.  It’s been thoroughly tested and proven to be 100% true by David Allender and Peggy Star.  Herein are a few extremely guarded secrets they learned from exposing them in their town of Chelan, WA and on the web which is Davids’ forte.  He’s sniffed out 100s of goobernment trolls and sent them packing from dozens of popular forums, chat groups and social media sites.  What this couple has learned blows the lid off the most important secrets your enemies have.  Everything is a lie and you’ll be relieved to find out that includes the idea that SS creeps are powerful or brave.  Without your fear, these bullies are neither, they’re losers and cowards.  David got his education on this matter while debunking two,  multi-million dollar masonic dis-info films called “Thrive” and “Sirius”.  He decoded their promotional posters by spotting all the masonic symbolisms and later camped out at the online world premiere for Sirius and turned the event into a disaster and damage control operation for the CIA.  He’s flushed out swarms of masonic CIA shills and counter intelligent operatives and loves doing it!



It started when one particularly greasy,  SS dirt-bag, Jim Lacey out of Austin TX tried to sabotage  Peggy’s programming for Unidigi, a very special, useful and highly unique Grassroots Social Network.  “Unidigi” was built on Open Source PHP Code and designed to be 100% Owned by “We The People” (ie; you).  That makes it extremely “Anti-Facebook”  owned by self acclaimed jew Mark Zuckerberg.     He received $200k of seed money from the CIA and BILLIONS worth of free advertising from 1000s of SS owned corps, that’s why Facebooks’ logo is everywhere.  It’s the opposite of Unidigi which is Your Home Grown, Self-Financed Network that’s now up and running, Zuckerberg and all the SS be damned.  It’s complete with a prototype Banking Alternative along w/an online voting system based on Pure Democracy and one extremely unique tool, the Spotlight on Public Officials made to expose Crypto SS and their Shabbos Goyim.  Go back through and scan those bolded items to see why the SS doesn’t like Peggy’s work!  They’ve totally feared the idea of Americans using Unidigi ever since Peggy began working on it.  But instead of buying into their intimidation or giving up, she called their bluffs and stood firm.  And that is a beautiful thing because there’s nothing else like it.  Unidigi is what Facebook and the internet could, should and would have been if it weren’t for the SS having their claws all over it since day one.  The net is nearly 100% SS and that’s a huge truth they don’t want you to know.  The truth is a weapon, especially big ones, that’s what David figured out while goofing around at (GLP).  They kicked him out for saying the problems of the world were due to the Rothschilds who are all Satan Worshipping Psychopaths.  That’s where the trail got hotter so he began experimenting with those same key words and others such as Chemtrails, Masonry and BitCoin on various other forums like Before it’s News & etc. What ensued was 100s of all out attacks on him from Government Trolls and SS Shills everywhere.

He learned that calling them out as satanist, masons and CIA SS Trolls ended their assaults every time.  Satanists, Masons and CIA SS Trolls were some very magic words indeed.  The spankings on them were so shameful that most sites not only banned him but deleted entire threads wherever he’d left his calling cards & truths about the SSThe truth hurts!  They had to close the threads to end their fights because letting the truth remain meant absolute disaster.  He’d  discovered they had a serious Achilles heel.  The truth really is our weapon.  Every time someone calls them out, the other people in the thread see it and begin figuring out that all of those unusually and unexplainably argumentative users are actually just CIA trolls and SS shills!  This realization is what made D&Ps’ refusal to buy into the satanic fear mongering possible and now you’re doing the same thing.   Try hitting the net and bantering with satanic cowards in any decent sized forum, chat room or social media site, especially Facebook.

The best baits are copies of these newsletters or anything that has to do Masonry, Satanic Jews, the New World Order, CIA, Chemtrails, Trolls Shills & etc.  Davids’ books, movies, websites and other writings are also good fodder for trolls (often “AI” or artificial intelligence ie; computers)  If you’re not that brave yet, he also came up with a flyer so perfect in its anonymity, even kids and grandmas can use it to spread the message without being known for doing so.  It’s because at first glance it looks like it’s a case for a missing little girl named Liberty Kennedy.  So, what happens is people quickly and innocently share it to help out without knowing its’ real purpose and message which is telling the story of mankinds’ problems with the SS.


Help Us Find Our Beautiful Liberty!

One of the best examples came from a known CIA troll who did so with 3000+ of his own FB followers!  So, they fixed that, try sharing it on FB and watch the auto bots cover it up!  Use the thumbnail pic and a simple message such as; “Help Me” along with the url   Also watch what the SS trolls and AI do everywhere else you go to spread the word.  That will be all the proof you’ll ever need and you’ll be amazed at what happens next, You’ll become empowered like never before!  No kidding.  This whole thing is exactly like worrying about a bully in grade school.  People are scared until they simply stop giving in to fear and say NO MORE.   So, now you know what David learned early on.  There is nothing to be afraid of, everything is a huge bluff and that is one of the golden nuggets to take away from this issue.  You can’t freeze in confusion or fear because that’s what they want and require us to do.  The SS and their ilk are total cowards who’ve made us war for them for millennia.  There’s just nothing quite like exposing these evil, sadistic reptiles who’ve been screwing you for your entire life.  Imagine throwing a punch in the air and having a stinking little demon materialize, whelping with a bloody nose and calling you an anti-semite, hater or racist.  That’s what exposing a “crypto” SS member” is like!   It’s addicting which is why David kept upping the ante, calling them and all their SS pals out everywhere he went.


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He was then harassed, threatened, ripped off, falsely accused, defamed and wrongly attacked by the  SS in real life off the internet.  Now to any red blooded American like David that simply meant more success!  It happened around his home of Chelan WA which turned out to be a satanic utopia, they occupy all the local media and most of the leadership positions.  You’re practically guaranteed to find this is the case in your community too, even if it’s a small area.  But instead of rolling over or backing off, David took the offensive again by simply promoting the truth.  It can’t be said too many times, the truth shall make you free!  These are vampires, the truth is the light and anyone who shines it on them will find success.  The truth is powerful and without flexing your truthing muscles you’re left w/no experience to build your courage.  leveyThat said, Biblical satanism is nothing like the kiddie versions behind the church of satan and temple of set which satanic jews Anton Levey (left) and Michael Aquino recently created and popularized for the US government in the 70s.  (More in  #117)  Now, after centuries of lies and oppression by psychotic scum, we can say with absolute surety all their fear mongering is pure bullsh*t.  It’s all just one big, life or death bluff!  David and Peggy figured this out after they were stalked by dozens of SS CIA goons w/SUVs, choppers and drones who gave their best to intimidate but instead got flipped off and ignored, they failed miserably. So, now the proverbial gig is up.  There are no real men in black, there are only police and soldiers, most of whom are unwittingly being used by the SS to do their dirty work!  It’s our sons/daughters, fathers/mothers, friends/neighbors whose feet fill most boots on the ground.  We’re Americas’ soldiers and police and we don’t kill or arrest each other while taking actions to save our lives, freedoms and republic!

And the SS can’t kill us themselves because it’s against their religion!  Like the devil, so it’s said, they can only trick us w/fear and confusion into killing each other and defeating ourselves.   FEAR IS THE KILLER.   HAVE NO FEAR!!!  If not, death is the penalty for not uniting locally to use our laws, democracy and strength in numbers while we still can.  The main thing to remember is these satanists keep their identities and allegiance hidden but are everywhere in your community as the owners/managers of your local papers, radio/TV stations, corrupt mayors, sheriffs, prosecutors, judges, attorneys, educators, activists, and various business owners.  That means this is a LOCAL BATTLE  for all of us in each of our communities.  And that is the best news ever because LOCAL ISSUES are the ones Americans always succeed at!  This isn’t in some faraway place like DC, this is right here at HOME IN YOUR TOWN.  That’s the massively critical difference between our message and all the bogus conspiracy theories out there!  Your enemies are living right next door to you while smiling and lying like rugs.  This is the truth they’re trying to stop everyone from hearing.  It’s key because people have a hard time generating support for causes in far away places such as DC or generalized ones like “the Government”.  But the instant you have a community issue, locals unite and win.  THINK LOCAL, think Erin Brockovich and win!  We the People care about our communities and each other, we stand by our neighbors and are empowered to effect change locally.  There will be defectors within some TV/Radio stations and newspapers.  Hopefully many of them.  Once those kind of mutinies happen enough, it’s game over for these satanic parasites.

From there on out, we the people will rule America and Earth with an actual democracy, the planets’ first ever.  And for that prize we cannot cower, give up or give in.  We have nothing to fear but fear itself, literally.  Fear really is the killer and the more you realize how it was intentionally instilled in you and your fellow Americans by the SS media you’ll be all set to overcome it.  If you’ve read Davids’ original version of this newsletter you know he and Peggy never lost faith or backed down to evil and it’s worked every step of the way for them just like it will for you.  Breaking free from fear is all that matters.  For instance, does all of that business of them being attacked by a 65 man SWAT team sound scary?  Of course it does!  However, the important question is this; what did it take to make all of that happen to them?

What would you have to do to necessitate a massive million dollar frame job followed by another million dollar SWAT raid on you?  The SS wants you to think it’s the automatic result of resisting them but that’s obviously not real life.  They don’t have their dream system of total slavery in place just yet.  David did just about everything you can imagine that would agitate an instant response from all of the 3 letter goon squads such as the CIA, DHS, NSA and FBI.  He totally screwed with them for 3 long years before the big bad wolf could figure out how to weasel up its response.  Oh sure, they huffed and puffed, snarled, gnashed teeth and used every Talmudic SS intimidation and entrapment technique imaginable but all to no avail, he kept the satanic government at bay and on the defensive for 3 long years.

And while doing so, a growing multitude of his fellow Americans like you began awakening.  Many began ousting, poking and prodding the men in black to the point of total ridicule and shame.  It’s not that hard to do, especially online. The thing is, a lot of the hit men you’ve been taught to be afraid of your entire life don’t exist.  Many govt. goons are treasonous cons, shim sham artists and actors who are fat, dumb, lazy and/or stupid.  We’re talking way under average and very few of them have training or ability to arrest anyone.  Most of these losers exist solely in the background as “counter intelligence operatives” a fancy title for everyday shills and internet trolls who work to maintain Division, Confusion and Fear in the masses.  They commonly make $100k+ per year while sitting at home in their underwear eating junk food.  They’re losers.  It sounds unbelievable until you ask yourself what other types of people would do their lowlife work?  Think about it!  One group of about 20 of these buffoons even got renamed “The Men in the Dark” before being forced to close up shop in several forums and recollect themselves.  They’re really not the brightest bulbs on the tree.  In fact one of the new prerequisites for intelligence agents and military figures for America as well as most other United Nations Member Countries around the globe is a lack of intelligence.  Imagine that!  Inductees with lower IQs of 100 or less are now the only ones sought by gooberments.  Sound unbelievable?  We know.  That’s what happens when the truth is stranger than fiction.  Yet, such is this case.  Another thing about our men in the dark is they don’t have the Hollywood “license to kill” for whatever reason they want.  That’s just more propaganda, they don’t kill anyone.  When’s the last time you heard of anyone getting shot up by the feds?  It simply doesn’t happen because that’s not what they do.

They trick our guys, the locals and state police to do their dirty work for them by manufacturing bogus charges and fabricating stories to back them up exactly like they did to David.  They have to frame us because many of our lower ranking boys in blue are good guys who have to be sold what appears to be a lawful bill of goods to take action.  The thing is, this is a very legal world we’re living in, and of course cops rely on laws to tell them what they can and can’t do.  Even China, another satanic utopia for its leaders, has strict laws their police must follow to shoot a citizen in the head for approved offenses before sending their family the bullet used.  (Yes really, public executions by police are common there)  Regardless of how cruel, it’s all by the book so the cops go along.  And if you think for one second it can’t happen right here in America to you and yours, think again.

Our justice system is totally subverted by these worthless satanists who think Gentiles aren’t human.  They’ve actually passed bills through Congress to make us live under their rule with a separate set of laws called noahide laws.  We have a rock solid solution to end that problem and it happens almost automatically via learning about our power as jurors while we use our motto; “Unite-Educate-Act”.  We cover that in issue #000.  The main thing not to forget is they want us to remain Divided, Confused and in Fear.  So, we can’t do that.  Instead we unite at Unidigi which is designed to be our tool that sorts out the good from the bad.  It’s a place for leaders to publicly pick a team. Once someone’s put on the list of shame, there’s no choice, they have to participate.  So, building that list is the job of We the People which takes care of the Unite portion.  Then Educating ourselves and others is taken care of with the Goyim Gazette and, the most educational site on the net.  Then once united and educated, We Act!

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That said, there is still cause for alarm and concern, just not the type or in levels that immobilize you.  So, HAVE NO FEAR.  Life’s a ride, you’re on it, and it’s about to get  really interesting!  It’s going to be ok, everything is going to be ok.  We’re here to start the process of taking back our government, media and money from the SS for the 1st time in millennia.  This is, a start.  Everything starts somewhere with someone like you right this second.  It’s all about taking action a little bit at a time until finally that one little ripple is started in just the right spot and results in the perfect wave.  That little ripple might be because of you in your town, that’s how the world has changed time and time again and this is our chance to see it happen once again.   And don’t forget we and many others have been thinking about retaking our world from the Masons for ages.  This really has been going on for millennia and we can do this.  WE ARE DOING THIS.  You’ve already started the process of taking back the media just by learning it’s a monopoly.  It’s an industry worth hundreds of billions per year and this series of newsletters will result in your distaste for all the SS newspapers and other media.  That will produce a boycott of sorts.  Boycotts ruin the value of SS companies which can then be purchased for pennies on the dollar by our company.  That’s Unidigi, a company everyone will have equal ownership and say in, including how we restructure the old corrupt companies to meet our needs and desires instead of theirs.  There’s a lot of ground and money to be retaken and there’s a min of $714,000.00 US for every non-SS man, woman and child on earth.

The process of uniting and selling these newsletters to educate others automatically funds our new company while producing incomes for individuals.  It’s simple, and it’s also exciting.  This is not a scary, gloom and doom operation, it’s one of good old fashioned American ingenuity and teamwork.  We the people excel when united which is why the SS  used language, borders, religion, race and wars to keep us divided while they gorged and got fat.  Breaking the SS will be the largest redistribution of wealth in all of history.  Hundreds of Trillions in stolen assets from murderous satanic royals and elites are going to be coming back to we the people, earth’s real owners.  That’s turning lemons into lemonade.  We’re taking conspiracy theories and spinning them into a lifesaving revolution with a giant for profit enterprise that’s owned and controlled equally by everyone via a pure democracy.  Our forefathers attempted it but were infiltrated by the SS  from the start.  But this time we have a modern, technological twist  that makes sure our new democracy will never be undone, it’s incorruptible, and you’re going to love it.  The person who got this copy of the GG to you signed up at Unidigi for a special lifetime username, a “NUMBERNAME”.



Get Your NumberName at so You Can Use it On Your Own Editions of the GG!



Anyone can distribute these newsletters for free but those with Numbernames can sell them for cash money while signing people up in person via browsers on phones, tablets and PCs anywhere.  Just download your favorite issues & either print them at home on regular 8.5 x 11 letter size paper or order quantities of professionally printed copies from Unidigi.  They’re printed on durable 11 x 17 magazine stock for longevity while being passed around and read by others.   Of course you can also have them printed locally or make copies.  This is a quick, convenient way to get the word out in person in your community and can be both very rewarding and profitable.  For instance, just 100 GG paks (10 newsletters, a t-shirt, biz cards & educational DVD) at $99.99 ea returns $10,000 cash per day from anywhere you feel like working.  And that’s only the beginning, there’s much more!

Also, other than being honest, there’s no rules.  You can sell them for whatever you like or not at all.  If you can afford to print a few thousand copies or more for free distribution, more power to you.  You will never find a better thing to do with your SS money, before it’s worthless.  Or if it’s just a few printed at home, do it!  No matter what your contribution is, you’re part is important.  Call us toll free at 866-HELLODC (435-5632) to get custom editions with your town/city professionally added to the “Goyim Gazette” logo for ongoing income potential.  You can add your Numbername to ensure you’ll get credits when your issue is shared anywhere by others.  So, if you or someone you know is looking for good income, this is worthwhile monetarily as well as patriotically and morally.  It’s a win, win, WIN for everyone.

Plus spreading the truth and building this network is a very serious business that absolutely anyone can do from anywhere on earth, with no experience.  All it takes is an internet connection on any device to invite others or sign them up in person for immediate cash income.  There’s nothing to it.  For friends, family, co-workers and others outside of your area you can share invitations and links using your Numbername via email or social networking.  It’s easy and self-explanitory once signed up. is fresh, unlimited and has been built from the ground up by 2 of YOURS to be YOURS.  It’s a network created specifically to be owned and controlled 100% by “We the People”.  All proceeds go to building the community and raising awareness.  There are no banks, no investors, no govt. or corporate involvement & no 3rd parties whatsoever.  This is Peggys’ gift to all of us.  So, unless someone’s got a better idea, let’s use it!  Start by promoting truthful news for a change!  And while you can get these newsletters for less from members or for free at, $50 covers all 8 issues and will also get you $2,500 to $250,000 in a new kind of digital currency; “NUMBERCOINS”, our version of “Bitcoin”numbercoinwhich many think is the answer to ALL of our central banking problems.  (ie; the FED)

The thing is, if we don’t start experimenting with our own currency, we’d be doomed to fail at the hands of the SS.  Being the worlds largest counterfeiting ring is where all of their control originates.  All money is BS, whether based on gold, diamonds or worthless pieces of paper, our labor and use of whatever currency is at hand is what makes it valuable.  If you’d like to see the most simplified lesson ever given on the worlds’ financial matters of current, hit for about 10 minutes.   It’s only a few pages long and has a link to a chapter in Davids’ book which explains the Rothschilds’ central banking scam from top to bottom.  That’ll do it for most.  Aside from offering a chance to experiment and perfect our own monetary system, Unidigi will also help us regain absolute control over our personal info from big bro and big biz by retaking the most elemental of all our modern personal assets, our data.  It does so by enveloping ALL our “unique identifiers” (account #s given to you by corporations and government agencies) under one specialized digital umbrella based on “Unified Numbering”.  A new and highly advanced organizational system created just for the job.

The problem is when a government or corporate entity gets any one of your unique identifiers, they instantly have access to nearly everything about you because it’s all cross referenced in a database they’ve compiled on everyone.  Between our data, money and bogus laws, they’ve got us all bound and chained.  Now when one of them gets JUST 1 OF ANY OF THE FOLLOWING, they’ve also got ALL THE REST;  your SS#, DL#,  Passport #, phone #s, bank acct #s, credit card #s, Birth Certificate, medical ID #s, Facebook, Twitter, or IM IDs, emails, and physical addresses, voice print, finger print, iris scan, facial scan, DNA, keystroke or internet usage patterns and any other type of account #s whatsoever, it’s all cross referenced back to 1 number.  So, we’re already operating under the biblical number of the beast system, and every person has been given an ID in it.

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Voila, it’s done.  Each and every one of us already has the mark of the beast.  There was no big event to mark the beginning of the mark.  It happened long ago at the United Nations via the “IMF” for every person on earth.  Many people in 3rd world countries who don’t even have photo IDs got their mark of the beast from voice prints on their cell phones.  And if you think none of this matters, you’re WAY OFF.  Your identity is at the heart of their New World Order control system that SS members such as Hitler have long dreamt of.  You’re a number to them like Real Jews were at Auschwitz. The IMF we just mentioned stands for “International Monetary Fund” which is owned by the same tiny group of frauds who think they own and control you & your world.  They already labeled you with your satanic SS# under Internal Revenue Code #666.  They put a $650k bond on your head at birth.  They call you and yours “useless eaters”, heathens and “goyim” (cattle).  Unidigi and the Unified Numbering Project is your solution to these problems.  The easiest way to think of this new company of yours is as the foundation to building a new kind of social network that’s made for retaking our identities and providing everyone with ultimate control over all of their data.  Learn more by visiting the Unified Numbering Foundation at



Or if you’re not interested in the geeky, technical parts behind it, just sign up at to start playing around and transferring some digital currency, it’s quick and  easy.  But keep in mind it’s not perfect nor by any means done.  Like all internet projects, that will take years and years but what makes this different is the results will come from you, your wants, needs and desires.  It’s your launching pad for pure democracy that’s just waiting for new opinions and ideas from you, one of its’ owners.  And there’s nowhere for corruption to get its’ foot in the door, we’ve got a solid place to begin anew.  This is a “do-over”, a place to use all our liberties such as the free market and free speech that America once stood for.  Unidigi has web based email, chat and a dedicated SSL “internetwork” forum, what you type never leaves the server or travels the net.  Does it matter?  Probably not, but it’s nice to know you’re not being watched by our voyeuristic psychopaths or their AI.  Unidigi is our way of saying no to the SS NSA, CIA, MI5 and Israeli Mossad who fully occupy Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo and all the rest of the most popular sharing and email platforms.  Russia’s Putin (one of them) just came forth and admitted that the internet was one big CIA experiment!  It’s all been bullcrap from the beginning.  Everything’s a lie.  An interesting example is learning why the media was so eager to report how the NSA openly admitted to spying on all Americans.  That was a tactic to spread fear over talking about SS, the FED and our govt.  They would rather you think you’re being illegally watched than not, because it shuts you up.  That says it all doesn’t it?  The message is FEAR THEM.  But you won’t do that because you know fearing them = serving them!

They’re desperate and will do anything to stop us from sharing these truths with each other which should tell you everything you need to know.  Telling us we’re being illegally watched also accomplished another goal, it makes you submit to and get used to being spied upon!  That is “associative conditioning” and it’s been used to oppress you and your loved ones in every manner imaginable from childhood to retirement, comics to porn.  We’ve all been played.  But now that you know it, it’s easy to say “NO MORE”.   Begin by helping us improve and experiment with things at Unidigi.  Tell us if you can think of any better ideas on how to retake ownership of our world.  If enough of us do this, one day soon we’re going to be able to choose our candidates instead of being forced to elect satanic sellouts and liars who’ve been hand picked and groomed for the jobs by the SS.   We’ll also be able to quickly and easily fire corrupt politicians. And it doesn’t end there.

We can create new laws and change bogus ones in real time as deemed necessary by us, the majority, without their lobbyists or representatives clogging up our systems.  We can change the world into how it should have been in the first place if gentiles would have been in control instead of ruthless, psychopathic SS scum.  There wouldn’t have been ANY MONEY NOR SPECIAL INTERESTS involved in our political races or law making PERIOD.  That’s kindergarten level logic, our democracy is a joke but we can begin fixing it right now.  There’s nothing stopping us except for the fake Division, Confusion & Fear they have instilled.  That’s it!  Nothing else is in our way.  You and only you can hold you back from this moment on. YOU MATTER, YOUR VOICE AND EFFORTS ARE ALL THAT COUNTS.  You can help Unite-Educate-Act with others yourself to disempower the SS who have nearly destroyed Earth and humanity in just the last 100 years. You can be resolute in not allowing them to continue treating you and your family, friends and fellow human beings like cattle, fools and lab rats.  You can stop them from manipulating your mind.  You can reverse the programming!  You can turn the tables!  You can put them on the defensive and make them fear you, us and yes, “God!”   Actually, they already do and it’s in a big way, you’ll see!

Also, none of this is rocket science nor does it require a militia of Rambos to enact.  We are, decent, caring people, lovers of peace, truth and freedom and we can do this our way by creating our own monetary system to be owned by Americans just as our forefathers created the FED to be.  Rothschild and a few satanic turds robbed us of that by creating the central banking cabal in the 1800sThey were just a tiny group of 6 frauds. WE ARE THE PEOPLE OF EARTH.  Add yourself to the mix and only a few more like you from towns across America and watch what happens next!  You can have faith in our abilities as decent human beings and as Americans.  It’s time for a revolution and even though you don’t know it yet, that’s what you’ve always wanted more than anything in the whole wide world, YOU WANT A REVOLUTION!  And you want it on your terms, not theirs which they’d turn into martial law if given the chance.  You want a shot at perfecting the system our forefathers left for us and that’s what we have.  We have a real shot at doing something great and we’re going about it 100% peacefully and legally.  That’s a real problem for them, we’re playing by the real rules and they know they’re going to lose.  Hence creating Division, Confusion & Fear are their only tactics.

Now, we’ve taken care of the problem of having a place to unite without them interfering, that’s Unidigi.  And we’re removing confusion by providing the truth, that’s what the Goyim Gazette & are for.  All that’s left is your fear, it is their last straw.  The future of the world lies in you overcoming your fears and they know it.  They spent decades and billions on heavy propaganda to manipulate you into being so afraid of the scary government that you wouldn’t so much as fart if they told you not to.  But if they were so big and tough why did they bother spending billions and decades on propaganda.  Why did they build 1000s of conspiracy sites?  Why do they care if you know they’re satanists?  Why are they censoring the GG?  Could it be that everything you’ve just read in this little gem of a newsletter is the absolute truth and they fear you with it?  Are you about to lose everything you’ve ever cared about including your life itself all because you’re too programmed to believe the obvious truths herein?  Do you realize that they count on you and your fellow Americans to slumber and do nothing while giving up like chickensh*t traitors to your republic and loved ones?  We repeat this message frequently because it is at the very core of our problems.  Inaction isn’t an option.  Doing nothing is always the WRONG CHOICE!  They want you and your fellow Americans to follow their programming of do nothing so they can finish us off.  Just say NO, overcome their brainwashing!!


“We The People” Are Building Our Own Bank, News Source & Social Hub. HELP YOURSELF at


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  1. I just tried sharing the 1st Unidigi graphic on Facebook and my post was swamped with 13 new posts over it from “others” just 10 minutes later. Now there’s several dozen which is beyond unusual. I only had 9 for an entire week prior. Also opened an account at, yesterday after reading these and the blogs here, they haven’t approved my 2nd post which was the same graphic for Unidigi but did approve my first which was just a random jew bashing test. So, this is real folks.

    • Just had a similar experience on FB and then my page locked up but my coworker’s are working just fine. Not good. They can keep their fucking social network. If it starts working again I’m going to share the pedophile blog with everyone I have on there and then close the account.

    • I don’t have facebook but am here to report that, and don’t like the Goyim Gazette! As expected, I was instantly banned after posting links.

  2. This makes tons of sense. I’m a medical cannabis activist and have been dealing with trolls and shills for years but now I really get it. It was never just about the money, these religonuts are trying to take over completely.

    • I was just totally attacked by 2 friends for sharing a link to the Goyim Gazette on FB then it locked up! This is getting downright scary. How are you guys not afraid???

      • Wade, If these pukes were so powerful we’d already be dead. And if all of this weren’t true, they wouldn’t be trying to stop us from spreading the word. There is more going on here than most are realizing, this is a biblical war we’re in. We’re fighting satan and his kids. They are totally afraid of us finding out about them because they are weak and cannot win the battle, deceit was their only chance and once that’s gone, they’re in deep doodoo. Fook these satanic loser jerks, it’s time to help God take out the trash! If you’re on his team, he’s got your back, forever. No fear here!

        • David Allender said:

          Fear is one problem, ignorance and division are the others and, all problems are solved with action.

          In fact ask any hero, patriot, optimist, activist or survivor of persecution or oppression and they’ll tell you taking action against your “opponent” (especially when that’s the govt.) in fact reduces fear.

          It’s because thoughtful “confrontations” of your problems puts you in control and is the 1st step to solving them, AND; if you are rightful in your response, you are “righteous“.

          Hey everyone listen up, If you fear someone, you serve them. Don’t serve evil parasites, resist them. I can attest and do hereby promise, your rewards will begin immediately, and will continue. Simply resist evil and serve good.

  3. Captain Ron said:

    My grandfather taught me if you’re afraid of gypsies/jews, you lose. If you let em they’ll gyp you, they’ll jew you, they’ll roll you over and screw you!

  4. Jews are from eGYPt and gypsies never have a home. They’ve came a long ways but I’m not going to fear these greaseballs.

    • David Allender said:

      Good one, never thought of that. I’ll bet there’s something to it. Reminds me of the AshkeNAZI thing I’ve cited here and there. So, we’re dealing with satanic eGYPtian ashkeNAZI Yehudim! And “Set” was an Egyptian god whose followers were called “Setuns”! Hence the “Setunic/satanic” Temple of Set brought to us by the CIAs Michael Aquino back in the 70s. Of course it nor Anton Leveys’ church of satan are based on real, biblical satanism but the association and mocking is clear.

      Word play is really, really rampant throughout satanic jewry. They’ve been using alternate spellings, definitions, anagrams and reversals (Hebrew/Chaldean is read backwards) to mock all of us everywhere for millennia. That’s the reason behind things like God/Dog, Evil/Live, Saturnday, Satan Claus (who knows when you’ve been sleeping, awake, good or bad) and Life/File which is a bit creepy and telling in terms of everyone being watched 24/7 and our actions being recorded for judgement day. God knows all!

      I feel pretty strongly there’s something to all of the biblical warnings about not being deceived, fighting evil, resisting satan, doing good works, having faith that God will back us and etc. So, get right and be right! Not only does it feel good, it pays big now and maybe bigger later! As Kelsey says, “Pick a side motherf*ckers”!

      • Mark Miller said:

        Everything is right there in front of our faces if we just open our eyes. But let me just say while this kind of stuff is interesting we have to stay focused on the work at hand for OUR heritage and legacies. Our and our childrens’ lives are at stake and I’ve got to say I’m proud of the responses that all of you, my fellow Americans are chiming in with. We’re going to do this, NO FEAR!

        • David Allender said:

          Exactly, couldn’t have said it better myself. Staying focused on the work is key, however, we must slow down to learn the basics and in the case of the “ashkeNAZI” association, it helps people get past the holohoax. They did it all, jews were Hitler just like Bush and Obama are. (Bushes’ grampa Prescott funded Hitler and Obummers mammies’ maiden name was “Stanley” as in the jewish “Morgan Stanley” banksters, so she’s a jewess) It’s all one big LIE. There’s likely something more to understand about the eGYPtian/gypsy thing too but it’s not coming to me just yet. I will say that it’s hard to be afraid of a bunch of greasy gypsy cons and grifters though, so identifying them as such is a useful thing for all of us.

  5. Nope, no fear here either. I fear losing my freedom and that of my kids more than my life and that’s exactly how many before us have felt about this same group of con artists. “Give me liberty or give me death!”

  6. Of course this won’t be allowed to post but if it does, good luck with trying to imagine your way out of a well armed SWAT team at your door after joining up with this lunatic David Allender!

    • Mark Miller said:

      Oh man, I’m sure you’re working on it but let me have a shot at this one David! . . . .

      OK, “Tom” (aka; pathetic satanist coward and paid jew CIA shill) David already took care of that remember? You worthless satanic kikes already sent a 65 man SWAT team to his house in an attempt to kill him and Peggy but it didn’t work did it? God himself gave David the impossible ability to breathe, see and act as if nothing had happened after you sent over a dozen CS and Tear Gas bombs into the very room he was in. Now how is it that every other story I’ve ever heard only involves 2 or 3 bombs for an entire house? And since you know there were no gas masks in the house, how do you suppose he managed not to so much as cough, sneeze or tear up after this ridiculous assault on him? Let me just tell you why, it’s the work of God dumbass! You weren’t able to do shit to him or anyone else that chooses to join with God and fight you worthless reptilians.

      Oh sure, you spent $1.1 million of our tax dollars and did $50k worth of damage to his home but oops, he’s now f*king you all up again in even greater manners and now “We the People” are able to begin joining and backing him here and at Unidigi! And just like the GG issue we’re now commenting on says, it took you losers 3 years and countless millions just to slither out a plan on how to do that to someone who actually created the network, wrote the books, produced the movies and built these fine American sites. Do you really expect anyone to believe they have anything to fear from just reading and distributing these truths? Ya, right!!! As you’re well aware, I’ve been doing this for the better part of my life and now right along side David for over 2 years now. Yet you nutless morons haven’t been able to do shit to me other than send me stupid FBI/CIA/DHS emails, call me at odd hours of the night, fly over my house in your fucking little helicopters and sit at the end of my driveway putting more fat on your asses while eating your wop donuts.

      BTW; Are you the fat, cross eyed piece of shit that keeps leaving coffee cups down there? If so, you should know I’ve kept them just to get the fingerprints to prove it was YOU who in fact is, acting as a De-facto traitor to America! Note I didn’t mention your tapping of my phones because I know your Israeli communications companies and Mosad owned NSA are doing that to everyone anyway. But thank you for making it so obvious with all the clicking and other noises which just remind me to curse and spank you harder with every opportunity I have on the phone, which as you well know, I end with my bidding to you to GO F**K YOURSELF after my party has hung up. This desperate little attempt of yours just shows we’ve got your asses on the run and no one is going to relent this time around.

      PS; For everyone here, one thing that’s not mentioned anywhere is the fact that most, if not all of the people you’ve ever heard of being attacked by the government for whistleblowing or whatever other kind of patriotic acts, are fictitious stories. Most are produced with actors just like hollywood movies, it’s just fear mongering propaganda. Snowden, Assange and Manning are all excellent examples. None of that crap is real and one reason for this is satanic christians/muslims/atheists/jews live by “noahide” law which states “Thou Shalt Not Kill”. They cannot hurt you themselves, they have to hire or trick Gentiles to do their dirty work which complicates matters significantly.

      This is why you have to be a very big target before needing to worry about repercussions for doing good works. And if you are lucky enough to experience any such repercussions, you’ll know you’re on the right side of things! But the point is, the average Tom, Dick, Joe or Jane has nothing to worry about and people who understand this are a major threat, the more the better! So, don’t buy into their bullshit!!!

      There are many like myself who’ve been very outspoken about the Masons for years and years, you’ve just never heard of us because these worthless cowards and traitors own all the media. That’s why all the “heroes” you ever hear of are made to look as if they were persecuted for their actions. It’s all bullshit, pure bullocks! Heck, I wouldn’t doubt it if JFK lived the rest of his life on an island with Marylynne Monroe and Osama’s hanging out with Bush in Texas! Everything we’ve learned from the media should be questioned, anything is possible.

      • David Allender said:

        Great comment, thanks Mark! Also, let us consider the real or “divine” plan behind all of the FEMA camps and stocking up of armored SWAT vehicles in towns and cities across America. They’ll soon become tools for us to use on them! So, let’s just say, Tom and his little devil worshipping pals are gonna eat them words soon! Justice comes.

        • Wow, that was great! Thanks Mark and David and FUCK YOU VERY MUCH Tom! I’m new here but am catching up quickly. Also . . . Awesome job on Unidigi and great newsletters, blogs and movies! Home sweet home!

          • Man the shills really take a beating around here! So long Tom . . . . !

            What an obvious fear mongering ploy that was. They’re doing that kind of thing on Facebook and Youtube big time. Mentions of getting you on the wrong list for 3 Lettered Goon surveillance, FEMA camps and account terminations are the most common.

            It’s just a bunch of scare tactics BS with the additional benefit of programming everyone to accept the existence of FEMA camps, wrongful account terminations and illegal surveillance!

            As to the lists, there’s only one that matters to them or you, that’s whose side you’re on, Good or Evil.

            • David Allender said:

              Yep, 1 list of them and 1 list of us. That’s all there is now, and all there has really ever been. It’s just evil vs. Good.

              • And if you’re not them, you’re already on their list!

                So, fear is a killer alright. Doing nothing offensively/proactively is backing yourself into a corner and that’s exactly what they want. Therefore, DON’T DO THAT. This is simple stuff, do the opposite of what they’ve told you and programmed you to do. That’s what will defeat them! DUH!!!

                And FYI, I just got done reading the AAA ballot and have to say, I’m impressed. This is going to work because of that alone, there’s nothing to fear from voting! I think everyone who’s even slightly scared of these asshole kikes should just skip all of this part of things, support the AAA, vote and help build the Unidigi network.

                You don’t have to know or face all of this scary stuff to be effective in changing things with the AAA and Unidigi. We can do this without knowing anything more than what’s provided in the AAA newsletter! That’s all it takes. However, I must admit, I’m hooked on the truths around here. Feels like I’m finally getting things straight, f*ck the fear, give me the truth.

                • Yep, same here. Bag the fear, I’ll take the truth over lies any day. This was kind of a boring issue though, I was creeped out way more from the intro version. But even at that, I haven’t been afraid of anything yet actually. I’m on Gods’ side and I’ll do the works, so what’s left to fear???

                  • You’ve got it Bekka. So long as we’re doing the right things as Gods’ battleaxe and take care not to be deceived by satan or his lil helpers, we’ll be just fine! If everyone could just get that, they’d all be fine too! No fear.

                    • David Allender said:

                      Wow! Like minded people, what a concept! Well, all I can say is I look forward to seeing us change the world. Keep on keepin’ on everyone. IT’S TIME!

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