Pedophilic Yehudim Satanists From Hell – Part 2

Part 2 of 2  If you’ve just arrived from a shared link, Read Part One of This Post First.

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Don’t let yourself be deceived by the simplicity of this post! 




This 2 minute 37 second video from Israeli org “Nefesh” might help us understand what that was all about . . .

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Watch this short, 35 minute film to connect some more dots on this jewish love for blood and satan.  It was made by jews, cleaned by us!



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71 thoughts on “Pedophilic Yehudim Satanists From Hell – Part 2

  1. My God, 1000 pictures tell a million words and that video is the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen! We need to stop them NOW. I’m not putting up with this shit, my kids and grandkids deserve a hell of a lot more of our respect and care than letting these vamps continue to exist. Thank you guys for everything you’ve done here!

    • David Allender said:

      Sure thing Barbara, thanks for the thanks!

      I think we have to really slow down and consider the obvious in terms of vamps. We’re dealing with some very evil shite here and when you’re done connecting the dots it all comes back to the “reptilian” or “serpent” thing.
      FYI; Dracul means “Dragon” in Romanian where Dracula originated.
      Satan was a Serpent who lives forever, Dragons are Serpents.
      Satan was the father of Cain and the Edomites who todays’ jews are. So it’s said.
      Biblical Satanism is rife with sacrificial blood rituals and idolization of a bull/calf (moloch)
      The Babylonian Talmud has multiple references to pedophilia being perfectly legal for jews. (yes, really)
      Jews have forever been accused for blood drinking and using blood of gentiles to bake their Passover matzot.

      It’s disgusting, disheartening, grotesque, inhuman and insanely illegal but here we are, waking up to the satanic jew just like millions before us.

      • I think there’s something to all of that David and people are definitely waking up to this reality, slowly but surely. I myself have been going through some major “revelations” lately and it all began right here about three weeks ago when I left that first comment. Just watched your Chemtrails Questioner and Food Inc at the NumberU, these f*rs really are planning on killing us all. I don’t think they can possibly be human.

        • David Allender said:

          It gets really weird, really fast doesn’t it? Well, don’t let the lack of answers nor abundance of alternative ideas on the subject wear at you. Let’s just get rid of them and worry about what the hell they are later!

      • nick raetsel said:

        This entire world is insane. Satanic crap everywhere, racist crap, ethnic crap, religious crap and just plain crap and it’s all because of these sick, pathetic, fuckwitted jews. What a bunch of chickenshit cowards and losers they all are. They couldn’t win a level fight with a 2 year old one of ours without lying and cheating like the losers they are!!!

        This must be why Yeshua (jesus’ actual name, not jeZeus) hated them so much, he doesn’t have a single good word to say about the jews anywhere in the new testament, he despised and fought them at every turn. He even physically kicked them out of the temple and threw over all their tables! He was not a violent man in any other way except for fighting the sick and evil satanic jews!!!

  2. We had a very large ring of pedophiles in Wenatchee back in the mid 90s. A couple hundred people were accused and I know some of the top ones were Masons but I never really put it together in my head until right now after reading the Gazette and this post. Satanism is fake judaism is masonry.

    • David Allender said:

      Yes, Judaism is Satanism is Communism is Fascism is Socialism is Slavery is Masonry is Judaism, round and round like a top it goes. But that’s all just another part of “the name game”. It’s like Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, Ashkenazi, Sephardim, Zoroastrians, Edomites, Khazars and etc. All smokescreens for jews. Then you have the Trilateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations, Club of Rome, Bilderberg Group, U.S. Supreme Court Electoral College, NATO, the United Nations, the BAR association, Illuminati, Skull & Bones, Rosicrucians, Opus Dei, Knights of Malta, Bohemian Club, Knights of Templar, Knights of Columbus, Order of Death, Boule Society, P2 Lodge, Black Shirts, John Birch Society, Black Nobility, Order of Garter, Free Masons, Illuminati and on and on. All created and occupied by kikes.

      You can also toss in Catholicism, Mormonism and lots of other religious groups. The people we’re calling satanic jews or the synogogue of satan now started them all, they’re “Talmudic Satanists”. They even started the Church of Satan and Temple of Set back in the 60s/70s which are not Talmudic, they’re just dark magic 101 for idiots to abandon God and sell their souls.

      • LouderPlease said:

        This is important for everyone to understand. The type of satanism that kids and other non-jews are practicing today is not real biblical satanism. The satanic bible and all the other “new” satanic BS is just a way to fool them into abandoning God and/or true spirituality. That’s why the jews such as Crowley, LaVey and Aquino created satanism.

  3. A guy sold me a copy of the gazette at costco this afternoon and I didn’t really believe it until now. This is not good. Time to get to work.

    • David Allender said:

      There’s two messages in there that just made my day. Somebody else is working other than me and now you’re in too! Thanks Hiker.

      • My pleasure! I just finished your books the Everything Pages and realized the Goyim Gazette is sort of a condensed version of them. Is this correct?

        • David Allender said:

          Sort of I guess. The literary idea behind the GG is the information is given in smaller, easier to consume chunks. And the functional idea is that it’s designed for printing and sharing/SELLING in real life as well as online. People are going to be making a lot of money with the Gazette soon.

          • From what I can see, this HAS TO WORK. That “Bullshit” post is scary as hell and I can now vouch this shit is real and there’s nothing else out there that’s hitting the nail on the head. I gave the guy at Costco $20 and threw a $100 into the pot at Unidigi and tried to give more this morning but can’t. Now I understand it’s due to the 5Ker promotion so I’m going to send you guys a check. I think you’re going to like it! I’d give more but have not and that’s the honest to God truth. Please help these people everyone!

            • David Allender said:

              Thanks andYes, HELP YOURSELF EVERYONE.

  4. This is a great post, nicely done. We’re dealing with satanists from the bible who say they’re jews but aren’t just like jesus said in Revelation. Wow. Putting it all together is pretty wild. No more “selling me” on anything is required. I’m in.

  5. Me too. Since we’re dealing with fears, it might help some folks to recall that satan cannot hurt you here on earth.

  6. I agree and might add that I think this is a legal game, Moses (of the jews) was a lawmaker and the 10 commandments say “thou shalt not kill”. Hence, without your “consent” neither can satanists.

    • David Allender said:

      I too have speculated on those ideas and do suspect there’s some truth in them. What I do know for sure is that these idiots can’t just go around killing everyone who doesn’t like them. It wouldn’t go over well with the public if you know what I mean.

      They tried to have Peggy and I killed but we’re high targets who are in a different league so to speak. We created the network, wrote the books, published the newsletters and built the sites which all combined are touching millions, slowly but surely. So, as far as we were concerned, when we released the first book back at midnight on 12/31/12 we’d already won. We actually believed we’d be killed or taken that night or the next day. Now we know a little more about how things work!

      It’s like we say in the newsletters, books and movies, they’re walking a tightrope. The way they succeed is by scaring everyone into submission and they’ve been using this bluffing ploy on gentiles for millenia. Division, Confusion and Fear are their tools.

      There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.

      The truth shall make you free.

      • Well put. No fear here, I bagged that bullshit about a decade ago. Don’t give them the satisfaction everyone. Instead, resist in every way you can.

  7. I came across this page a few weeks ago and dismissed it as “crazy things that just don’t happen anymore”. But, the images haunted me so often I was forced into doing some investigation. I’m sorry to be back and report these matters are not only a well documented part of history but they are going on all around us TODAY. The horrible stories of Jerry Sandusky, Jimmy Savile, The Franklin Coverup, Wenatchee WA pedophile ring, McMartin Preschool and etc. all make sense when shown in this light. There are no words to describe those despicable enough to target out defenseless children.

    • Hi everyone, I’m a friend of David and Peggy. The ridiculous and illegal $1.1 MILLION DOLLAR, 65 Man SWAT Team made up of the Wenatchee PD, Chelan County Sheriff, Douglas County Sheriff, US Marshalls Office and Joint Terrorism Task Force apparently didn’t work too good did it! I LOVE THE GOYIM GAZETTE!!! And this post on these satanic psychopaths rules. Keep it up D&P! And for anyone who hasn’t done so already, wake the hell up, join and support these people.

      • Here, here! Hep, Hep, HOORAY! The day of the jew is coming to an end, it’s time for Gentiles to rule this realm, by God may it be.

      • David Allender said:

        Thanks OneForAll. I think Chelan County’s sheriff Burnett is a stinking satanic jew and the courts are all jewed as well. 2016 will be a good year to vote them out and get someone in who’s ready to prosecute all of these worthless satanic kikes.

        When I wrote the Everything Pages I included a graphic near the end and spoke of “We The People” for president. What I meant was that WTP need instant voting ability 24/7, 365. All matters should be managed and overseen by us and implemented by “actually elected officials” and it should be super easy to get rid of anyone who sucks.

        Right now we have to educate each other regarding their existence, identify them and band together to remove them from our city, county, state and federal governments. That’s the basis of our Unite-Educate-Act motto and Unidigi is the only place I know of that’s set up to do it.

        People don’t get it but we’ve been working full time and then some on this problem for over 4 years and there’s some very unique stuff at Unidigi. We can do this. We can also throw out all the rich, elitist scum and elect some decent, everyday Americans. It’d be a real challenge to find worse people to represent us.

        I’ve never in my life had the least bit of interest in politics but now that I know what I know, well, throw me into any office and watch what happens! These fuckers need to go and I for one will do absolutely anything to see it through.

        • TheGoodSister said:

          I’m in!

        • Indian Princess said:

          I’ll vote for you David!!!

          • LeotheLefty said:

            Hell yes, me too!

            • Sure, me too. Heck, I’d vote for David for president! He might be a bit pissed off but it’s obviously warranted, there’s nothing I’ve seen anywhere that would make me think he’s not fit for the job.

              However, we need more than one guy. The whole pile of pathetic trash needs to be taken out and replaced. We ought to elect a bunch of people who’ve either fought in the middle east or served time for selling cannabis. I’ll guarantee you, people in those groups know a little about just how much bullshit exists in our govt.

              • I agree with that Ron! You know, in all seriousness, this is a very interesting idea being thrown around. I don’t believe the American Public has EVER actually chosen a presidential candidate.

                • I’d vote for David for sure. But do you guys think all Jews are bad? What if David is a Jew? It says “Real News From Real Jews” right in the header of the Goyim Gazette!!!

                  • Again, I know these people personally. If David’s a jew, he’s said it’s unbenounced to him and would only be by distant blood. I’ll concede that he might have some jewish looking features and is intelligent but I’m not even sure I believe in those ideas for identifying jews. I think DNA will be the only sure fire way of doing so.

                    Outside of that and measuring his nose to the back of his cranium like they did in WWII, this is a deep subject that one could spend many, many days researching only to come up empty handed and confused. I think the bottom line in determining who’s who in regards to jewry is exactly as David has shown us.

                    If you believe in AND ACTIVELY SUPPORT equality and democracy, you’re not one of the monsters we’re calling bad jews. (taking and promoting ACTION is the all inclusive determining factor between shills and reals)

                    Oh and then there’s this; David and Peggy have put up their entire retirement, over 4 years of hard work, $50k in damages to their home and nearly died at the hands of corrupt shitheads just for trying to give us the truth, they’re not the enemy and I have to question your intentions Sarah.

                    If you’re here to stir things up as a shill, I’ll give you a good run for your money!

                    Anyway, as for voting for David, I doubt he was being serious about running for any office. I know firsthand that he hates suits and ties, won’t make appointments with anyone for anything unless he absolutely has to and runs from the spotlight whenever you try to shine it on him.

                    Heck, just try complimenting him and watch how he’ll shirk it, this guy has no real interest in bumping elbows with egotards. (If I’m wrong, David, by all means chime in, I’ll vote you into any office you care to run for!)

                    • Sarah said:

                      Uh, look at my comment OneForAll. See the first line; “I’d vote for David for sure”. I’m not a shill, I was just trying to reafirm that not all Jewish people are bad. This is afterall David and Peggys’ stance as well.

                      Anyway, no bad intent here. I’m with you and by the way, I like your “OneForAll” username and have it on the back of my new Unidigi 5KerT-shirt which I contributed $100 to recieve.

                      My numbername is “Treehugger” if you (or anyone here) would like to chat, email or get together, I’m available evenings and weekends in the San Diego area and will be happy to help this effort (and David’s Candidacy if he wants to run for anything!) anyway I can.

                    • Barry N said:

                      OK, I think we should pursue this line of thought. Why not elect one of ours? The strangest thing about it is I don’t even know where to start. I do know David meets the 3 parameters for presidential candidates which are;

                      1. US born
                      2. 14 Years residency prior to running
                      3. 35 years old minimum

                      So, that much is a go. I’m going to do some research but does anyone here know more about the process or have any firsthand experiences to share?

                    • Mrs. Martin said:

                      It’s not complicated but there is some red tape. Here’s what I know you need to do;

                      1. Spend or raise at least $5k (I’d say David and Peggy have already done this)
                      2. Register as a candidate with the Federal Election Commission
                      3. Register as a candidate with each of the 50 states
                      4. Invite televised debates with other candidates (jewish puppets/liars)
                      5. Crush them with the truths
                      6. Prepare to move into the Whitehouse

                      There’s actually a “how to” video from the FEC here:


                      See you in DC!

                    • David Allender said:

                      Whoa there everyone! I DIDN’T MEAN THE PRESIDENCY!!! C’mon now. I regret editing that post, now I know why I’ve never done that!

                      Anyway, if I had thought about it at all, I would have been considering a position more in line with Chelan county commissioner or something of that nature.

                      I doubt they’d even let me do that anymore since they’ve successfully made me into a felon with their recent frame job and trumping of charges from misdemeanors to a felony!

                      Anyway, I’m not presidential material. I’d be happy and honored to lead the way into any battle for freedom but I’m pretty sure WTP wouldn’t be impressed with my teenage record. I recall MIP, Fleeing (a favorite of mine in my old SS El Camino), DUI, Wreckless Driving, Careless Driving, Speeding, Stop signs/lights and etc. all before I had to “grow up” at age 16.

                      Luckily, from there on out I had too much responsibility and a tight schedule with employees and businesses. Aside from doing things like dying my hair red/blue on a bet in resentment of a dress code for work, fighting corporate America wherever possible, playing the income tax game with the IRS like a Russian and living by my/Gods rules instead of dejudens’, the rest of my life has been relatively mundane. That said, I really was a true hellion as a kid, I’m writing about some of it in Issue #119 right now.

                      Now I know it was always in rebellion to the unfair and biased system we have in the U.S. due to all of the jewish subversion. Nonetheless, they got me branded for life just like they obviously intended to, they’ve done the same thing to millions and millions of other lovers of freedom and would be activists, resistors and patriots. That’s why the jewish CIA has been repeatedly caught trafficking drugs to America, it’s a great excuse to arrest our brightest Gentile youths, mar their records for life and beat us down in general. They’ve done this in so many ways it will make your head spin. It’s all by design, most everything is.

                      Anyway, I bet that will be the problem with finding the right kind of potential Gentile candidates for positions as elected officials. Especially since “their” media handles all the supposed vetting, finding “spirited Gentiles” without bones in their closest (criminal records) who are worthy of fighting the fight will not be easy. Pickings are going to be scarce!

                      I like what Ron said though. We’d be far better off if soldiers and hippies were in every position available! This is so, so true. But most soldiers come back mentally beaten, unfit or suicidal and on psychotropics. And then the people who’ve been sent to jail for committing horrible crimes such as growing, consuming or selling the safest, most beneficial and healthful plant on earth (cannabis) have that as their records which dissuade them from running for office.

                      It’s all a very complex racket designed to hold down the best of Gentiles. This whole idea in general is from their Babylonian Talmud which says “kill the best of Gentiles”. It means to knock down the brightest and most spirited of us, their would be opposition. Dumbing us down and holding us back from the get go is what it’s all about.

                      Sorry, didn’t mean to go on like that but we are here to discuss the truth, and it is what it is. We do need our own presidential candidate though, someone who hasn’t been hand picked or bred for the job like all the rest. This is a worthy topic for sure.

                    • Ron said:

                      So David, let me get this straight. You’ve been screwed with your entire life by jews like everyone else who didn’t fit into their mold and that makes you unworthy of running for what office? If you ask me, it’s a perfect chance for some more rebellion in a big way.

                      I think maybe you should do some soul searching on this one. You’ve obviously got balls and a sizable amount of knowledge about dejuden and what’s wrong with our country/world. I’d support someone like you running for any office, especially because you were in fact framed and are hated by the jews! It’d be a welcome change and I’ll guarantee you a lot of folk will feel the same way.

                      But hey, God knows I would never even think about doing it myself. So, there’s no pressure from me one way or the other and I think everyone should just leave you alone buddy, nuff said.

      • Little Tate said:

        Ditto. I just joined. Unidigi, David, Peggy and all of my fellow Americans have my support. This isn’t going to continue, everyone knows something is majorly wrong and I think this might just be the answer. “It’s Time”, Godspeed friends.

        • Truthseeker said:

          Mad Dog has left a message that’s been missed by most of us. The term “Hep, Hep, Hooray” originated in Europe, it was the celebratory exclamation upon the outing, arresting and/or hanging of a jew. Good one Mad Dog!

  8. Awesome post. Someone should do more of this sort of thing with pictures, it really worked for me. Time to sign up!

  9. We cannot allow this to continue on our watch.

  10. This is absolutely disgusting. I’m literally sick but it did the trick, I get it now. It’s the jews. Thank you guys very much.

  11. Teresa Belsky said:

    A Good Read for Sure!


  12. Janice Lockard said:

    The jew trolls and shills hate this post! I’ve been slandered and jew spewed on every forum I’ve left a link to it on which numbers 9 so far. This stuff is priceless!

  13. Damned Right said:

    This is right up there with the most important thing I’ve ever seen online. Well done.

    • TheGoodSister said:

      Thank God for the 1st Amendment!

  14. The first amendment is the only reason this site exists but it’s hanging by a thread because whoever owns/controls the net “Dictates” what goes on in it. Hence what we see happening on Facebook and Youtube where millions of posts and videos are being banned by you know who. It’s Time alright!

    • Moniker, the largest domain name reseller on the net was just aquired by the same company that owns ICANN. Not to fear monger but I think the net is closing up as we speak. If it does, CDs/DVDs and jump drives will be all we’ve got left to educate others. Anyone who doesn’t share this site with everyone they know right now is a traitor.

      • Agreed. Don’t sit on this one. Tell everyone you know just to check it out, the information will do the rest.

  15. World Warrior said:

    We all need to be inspired to stand up for what is good and true in the world, this post does a great job at that. We all need to get together and speak up, the more voices there is the louder they will be. If the squeaky wheel gets the grease well then let us all squeak together. I’ll see you guys at Unidigi!

    • Yeah you said it!

  16. All I can say is wow… if this doesn’t wake people up I don’t know what will. Great job on the post! Time to rid the world of these evil fucks!

  17. PeacfullJew said:

    This is the biggest pile of bullshit I ever saw on the internet. get real people, were not in the middle ages.

    • David Allender said:

      It appears we have a satanic fan from Israel everyone! “Peacfulljew” has an IP address of which according to is;

      Country: Israel (IL)
      State: Tel Aviv
      City: Herzliya

      Only a satanic jew or one of their CIA/Mossad shills would say anything against this site!

      Let’s see if the little shitstien has the balls to debate. So, Peacfulljew, other than being a worthless jew turd who can’t spell “peaceful”, what else can you fail at? For instance, what specifically is “bullshit” about this post? Pick a topic and debate it so we can expose you for being a baby killing, ass licking, lie spewing jew you are. I’m ready anytime!

    • I agree, we’re not living in the middle ages so why the f*ck are you assholes still sacrificing animals and children to evil spirits and other “things” that should be left alone? Also, if you jews are so peaceful, why is Israel and the Rothschilds who created the country behind every single murderous and genocidal war on earth? F*CK YOU!!! My brother’s is dead because of all you sick pieces of shit.

  18. I find all of terry richardson’s work disturbing and uncomfortable. Anyone who thinks that this is photography is sick and twisted more like child pornography. You said it with “what the f*ck is this?”

    • David Allender said:

      HI Ana, you must have found his site, I didn’t list it because it’s a time sucker. I spent a good 2 hours or so grabbing pics off it for use here and in a vid short I’ll be posting shortly.

      • I worked for a catering company in Hollywood and have ran across Terry’s “work” on many occasions. He’s a well known pervert and MK Ultra controller but I don’t think many people realize the jewish connection with satanism or pedophilia. Even though it’s totally obvious, I myself hadn’t put it all together until now, it’s as if we’re literally under a spell which I’ve actually heard Hollywood “Biggies” talk about on many occasions. Very scary stuff! Turn off your TV and limit exposure to your PC and phones everyone!!!

  19. Holy smokes! I think I’ve been living under a rock, at least that’s what it feels like after reading this post and the newsletter. I just had no idea and must admit I feel naive for not knowing about any of this stuff. Thank you for having the courage to put this info out there. I’m going to tell everyone I know about it! Thanks again, I’m in!

  20. Day Dreamer said:

    With all these pictures of human sacrifices and pictures of people getting raped and what not, how come these people aren’t stopped? Isn’t that enough evidence to lock them up?

    • LeotheLefty said:

      They’re not getting locked up because they are the justice system so they can get away with murder.

      • Day Dreamer said:

        Yeah I know… but still they SHOULD have to follow the law just like everyone else.

        • David Allender said:

          Unfortunately LeotheLefty is correct. At the moment, our courts and justice systems are totally compromised by jews. A great proof source of this comes from issue # 000, if you haven’t read it, you need to. Another great reference is from a jew shill Bill Windsor of

          How do we know he’s a shill? Because he’s reporting on a corrupt criminal justice system and doesn’t know that all attorneys and judges take an oath to serve the bankers (jews). This is why I was charged with 2nd Degree Felony Assault which is “Intentionally Creating Apprehension and Fear” in another. So, “Scaring Someone” (especially a jew) is now a Felony, even if that someone is illegally trespassing on your property as in my case.

          That’s a perfect example of how jews are using the law against Gentiles while most jews walk even in the worst of crimes. They’ve stolen trillions of dollars from Americans and killed millions of gentiles around the world, it’s ridiculous. Read all the GGs, you’ll get it.

          • Rockerfella said:

            That’s some scary shite you guys went through and the wildest thing is it’s all true. Crooked cops are using totally bogus definitions for felony crimes such as assault (exactly as you’ve shown) burglary, possession of a harmless and totally beneficial weed (marijuana) and many others to target would be or actual gentile rebels, especially youths. It’s total bullshit.

  21. Uh Na Ma Nus said:

    They created the laws. They are “the lawmakers” on earth. Always have been since biblical days. satanic jews have been screwing with gentile minds for millennia. They’ve used their ill gotten control over the Bible, Quran and all the other popular religious books to induce we the “goyim” into a satanic trance making us more susceptible to demonic influence. (sounds laughable right?) Well, the spirit world is real and as David wrote somewhere, anyone can see it for themselves with a weegy board (not the right spelling) a pendulum, tarot cards or a majick 8 Ball. We’re not alone, at all. You are likely not even just “solely you”, at this very moment. . . Think ALL SEEING EYE and the Pineal Gland. That’ll do it!

    • David Allender said:

      We’re on the same page with the ASE/Pineal Gland idea. If you’d like to pitch in or chat about doing something to help out, feel free to call 509-670-3022 me or drop me an email BTW Everyone. One of the primary agendas behind the net has been to stop us from having each others phone numbers and email addresses. Before Facebook, we all had each others contact info. Now hundreds of millions of people are totally RELIANT ON jEW OWNED/CONTROLLED FACEBOOK to communicate important truths about their only enemies, jews! See the problem? Share your phone #s and email addresses with everyone you know!!! There are no “boogiemen”, only jews!

      • Great website. It is important to understand that the “jews” who are at fault are the Vatican with it’s black pope, top members of freemasonry and family members of the 13 bloodlines, they’re all working together around the world. Amerikans have been brainwashed by jewish media into believing the fabricated story of scary muslim terrorists but the whole thing is a farce. jews did 9/11, not muslims!

        Before I became jew aware about 10 years ago, I thought Putin might save amerika from the jew death grip but I am sad to say I was wrong. His fathers’ name was Epstein and mother’s maiden name was Shalomova, thus Putin is a jew on both the maternal and paternal sides. This is world jewry, not just America!

  22. David Allender said:

    All true Mike. Elitist jews created pretty much every little boys club, secret society and political group in the world which number well over a hundred that I myself have come across. There’s likely more, it’s how they get together to communicate and operate without us knowing. Everything is a front just like the mafia which is in fact jewish. They’re just one big family of crooks and greaseballs.

    Putin is one of them, hand picked and reared by jews just like Obummer and you’re absolutely correct on the Muslim side of things but they have the same problem as we do, their leaders are all satanic jews too. They’re all puppets for world jewry. Getting past this part of things really cleared the air for me. Almost all the worlds’ leaders are now jews. Threats of war between China, Russia and the US are nothing but fear tactics instilled to promote serving in the military for Christians and other non-jews. Militarization and smaller, real wars have created 10s of trillions of money made on the wars by jewish bankers on both sides. It’s pretty simple and once you get it, you know not to listen to any of the bullshit coming from the media. If we got invaded by Russia or China, it would simply be the jews doing ethnic cleansing of American Gentiles of all colors while making more dough on interest from loans given to the governments supposedly fighting each other as well as all the profits from all the oil, ships, planes, machinery and munitions used. That’s why all manufacturers of those items are owned by jews.

  23. Sister Tina said:

    I’m in just let me know what i have to do..

  24. Even Bill Gates has jewish parents, the pics of the Talmudic jews. Would make a person puke , george Soros a jew who enjoyed helping the nazis, this world is sick. They’re racists who enjoy making blacks and whites hate each other yet they own the media. Covid19 probably was made by buttlovingjews.

    • David Allender said:

      Greetings Bri, there is zero doubt about covid now. Read the homepage at and watch all the vids there. You’ll learn more on that single page than anywhere else I know of! Peace

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