The Most Important Blog Post Ever Made . . .

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This is taken from issue #114 and everyone needs to read it, if nothing else.  YOU ARE BEING “CULLED” BY YOUR GOVERNMENT LEADERS . . . unless you’re a jewish person.  (who knows to only eat Kosher Foods while avoiding heavy metal laden vaccinations and pharmaceuticals with known dangerous/deadly side effects)

We begin with a very important and PROVEN FACT that almost no one knows:  It’s a biggie so brace yourself; Nearly all conspiracy theories originate from YOUR Government.  They all came from the very people who are being accused in the conspiracies.  Indeed, we and others have discovered and thoroughly proven that figures such as Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura and thousands of other “investigative reporters” and “whistle blowers” who have and continue to bring us the biggest stories of corruption and crime, are government shills.




That’s why THEIR STORIES are plastered all over THEIR MEDIA.  Can you say “duh”.  All the while the truth such as this goes unheard.  The truth gets buried on THEIR SEARCH ENGINES and quashed in THEIR MEDIA.  It’s all pre-war Germany style propaganda tactics which THEY have used time and time again across history against you and yours, and “We the People”, the gentiles.  So, why is our jew ran government doing this?  One “theory” (which just so happens to be the only one I’ve ever heard on the subject, please do let me know if you’ve got another idea), is that THEY are giving us legal notice and by doing nothing we “consent”. 

These are legalistic psychopaths who think they’re G-ds’ law enforcers and those laws are absolutely insane.  Read the Babylonian Talmud excerpts in #113 for a glimpse of how you’re thought of by corrupt jews, it all revolves around YOUR CONSENT to being lied to!   I obviously do not consent and you’d be wise not to either because what’s going on is this;  By doing nothing, you’re consenting to your own enslavement, oppression and soon, murder.    It’s called depopulation and there is zero doubt that it’s going on right now.   THEY have written and published many books and spoken of it publicly on thousands of occasions around the world.  THEY want to “cull” billions of Gentiles like you and yours exactly as THEY HAVE done across history all the way back to biblical times and it’s already began. 




This is what all the lies and disinformation coming from the Government and THEIR MEDIA are all about.    You’re scheduled for slaughter and this isn’t just crazy sounding alarmist speech.  It’s real, all of this is real.  Either believe it or take the initiative to learn more so you can prove it to yourself but DO NOT BLINDLY DENY IT.   That sums up your current tasks and responsibilities as a “Goyim”.

Look up at the chemtrails and take note of the droughts going on that will soon cause massive famines, think about all the nuclear and other “accidents” that are sending cancer causing radiation into the environment while the satanic jews hide the oldest cure for cancer on earth.  Also know that financial meltdowns are TOTAL BULLSHIT, they can print money forever, it’s worthless paper, that’s all.  We’re being set up to buy those things as excuses for widespread die offs due to cancer, famine and/or martial law.  If you don’t get this ask me questions below in the comments, I’ll answer them TRUTHFULLY.   (real truth, no lies)




You need to understand that just “knowing the hard to come by truths” you’re being spoon fed here ain’t gonna do shite, you have to tell them YOU DON’T CONSENT TO BEING TREATED AS THEIR GOYIM CATTLE.  And the way you do that is by taking action with us in every way you can starting with our U-Pick Ballot and notice of non-consent.  Denying, hiding, fumbling or waiting will only get you killed as well as America and planet earth decimated.  Come back and read this short post anytime you forget why and/or what you are doing here at this site or on this planet.  Join in on the idea it’s about to get better, not worse!

We’re Surviving, that is the elemental cause and point of any living being, remember?  We’re here to survive AND THRIVE.  It’s Time to be what God/Nature made us to be and that is not slaves to satanic jews!  DO NOT CONSENT TO ANYTHING FROM THE JEWS!   This is real and to make sure you’ll agree there is no disputing it, take a gander at the following;  One of the most disturbing “leaks” I’ve discovered is the 326 page “Internment and Resettlement Operations Manual” created by the US Army, Department of Defense in 2010 (PDF available here).

For anyone to write that off is absolute insanity.  Our jewish leaders have fully disclosed their plans to round us up like cattle exactly as the same worthless satanic scum did in Germany.  Not only was the Holohoax bullshit, it was orchestrated by AshkeNAZI jews.  The jews themselves were the nazis!   85% of the German govt were jewish!  (I repeat this several places because it’s elemental to your understanding the level of deceit and disinformation tactics satanic jews have always used, everything has multiple layers of bullshit, this is war room intel and YOU are their enemy simply for not being one of them)  They’re even hiring people to handle their FEMA crap now, check that out here.

So, if martial law is being planned by the satanic jews of our government as they have warned us of repeatedly and as so many have researched and believe to be factual, the small bit of information below will save your life and our republic if enough of your fellow Americans choose to share and use it.  And if so, it will be useful for exposing and prosecuting the largest swath of criminals to have ever walked the earth while seizing FIVE HUNDRED TRILLION DOLLARS worth of their illegally gotten wealth. (About $714,000.00 for Every Non-Satanic Man, Woman and Child on Earth)  Sound like fun?  Sure it does, it’ll be rewarding too!  (and not just monetarily)


There are 2 Important Things You Must Know For Now;


1.  The most valuable asset for the satanic jew is keeping their key players hidden in your community.  They are masquerading as our friends and community leaders in all US cities, towns and neighborhoods right now and being exposed is their worst fear.  Without secrecy, their goose will soon be cooked and we’re turning on the oven. 


They are the people in your community and world who:

Deny the existence of chemtrails or say Geo-engineering is for your own good.

Become defensive or evasive at the mention of “conspiracy theories” (a.k.a. their crimes).

Say you’re anti-semite, anti-government, racist, bigot etc. for fighting evil and crime (them)!

Don’t want to prosecute all the worlds’ corrupt leaders, media owners and bankers (them).



Those are yehudim and their blind, ignorant sympathizers.  They are your mortal enemies, literally.  Their job is to take as many guns out of the hands of gentiles as possible before establishing martial law so they can be protected by UN troops.  But here’s the thing, if we know who they are in our towns, they won’t want martial law anymore because they’re aware we, their neighbors will take them out before their troops could arrive to protect them.  This is what happened in WWII era Germany and they’re doing it again right now.  This is why you want to share this information with EVERYONE (not just your friends and family).  It’s a tool to find out who is who. 


That was part one of some life saving information, here’s #2. 


THEY have told you over and over not to resist them and that if you do, you’ll be put on “a list”.  Well, get this straight, YOU are already on their list because YOU ARE A GOYIM TO THEM.  There is nothing you can do to be put on any worse list in their eyes.  And you must understand Yehudim are subversive, legal minded and militant.  They don’t waste time or resources being vindictive so once you’ve done your part by simply spreading the truth, you’re not a threat anymore.  So, don’t tip toe nor attempt to hide because it won’t do a damn bit of good and will stop you from being effective at the only job you have, retaking your republic from them and saving your life.  Unite-Educate-Act!  These are your mortal enemies, you are their opponent and they already know exactly who and where you are.  Your problem WAS you didn’t even know you had an enemy, but we’re solving that right now.

We’re also compiling a list of our own, that’s what Unidigi does.  It will be the go to source for deciding who to re-elect and who to prosecute in YOUR community and beyond.  And before anyone goes running for their bible looking for excuses not to face these truths, they’d be wise to realize it was subverted by jews back in the 15th century upon their  translating it from Hebrew/Greek to English.  (We’ll cover this in issue #7 but an example is the word “nation” when used therein was actually “goyim” in the bible before translation.)   You will agree that the implications of this and many other facts in the short texts of issue #7 as well as each of the others are both monolithic and stunning.  Everything is a Lie and Now It’s Time For the Truth!

You’ll see the way we begin retaking our republic is by exposing the satanic jews in our communities via the use of  It’s simple, quick and with hundreds of trillions in assets to be seized from satanic jews around the world, there’s money to be made by everyone involved.  Unidigi is being used to weed out scum by simple means of cordially calling them out via invitations to join us.  You’ll find that anyone with the type of immoral character indicative of the satanic jew will not want to join because of the reasons stated above while you and all decent people can and will join because we have nothing to hide.  Joining Unidigi is all it takes to assure you won’t be charged for treason or targeted for execution by your fellow Americans.  Think that’s over the top?

Imagine being one of the people who LIFTED A FINGER TO PRESS A MOUSE BUTTON A FEW TIMES to support their loved ones and our republic.  Then imagine martial law being imposed by our jew government and losing your spouse, children, pets, home and belongings during a FEMA round up by UN Troops.  All of that after a fellow American had asked you to help do your part like we are right now.  How would you feel towards those who didn’t do so much as “lift a finger”?  There is no excuse and doing nothing now guarantees you will either be “culled” by satanic jews like a 1/4 BILLION OTHER GENTILES IN THE LAST 100 YEARS, or jailed for treasonous inaction by the good gentiles who are doing something to stop them.  It’s YOUR choice!  And by the way, treason is punishable by death.

And don’t forget about the other ramifications of supporting evil by doing nothing or knowingly allowing yourself to be deceived by satan!  That’s your choice too and THEY gave you notice of it all 2000 years ago in the Bible.  Whatever you do or don’t do about this problem will have results and it is completely of your choosing.  Please realize that we’re not some huge corporation with scores of crafty sales people and endless resources to use in “convincing” you to save your own life or do the right thing.  We’re just average people like you who are doing our part in this.  No one handed us all of this info nor provided us with a solution like Unidigi.  We had to build that network, research everything, create these pages, produce the newsletters and finance this entire project by ourselves.

FYI:  Sign up is free and takes all of 30 seconds, there’s no excuse for inaction.  Get your name on the only list that matters, the only list that differentiates satanists from your fellow Americans.  Make sure you support the only network with the only list that can save your life.  Get with people like yourself and look towards a future WITHOUT SATANISM IN OUR LIVES.   Fuck jewish Hollywood, jewish Banks, jewish FED money, The FDA, EPA, CIA, MOSSAD, etc. etc. etc.  CAN I BE ANY MORE CLEAR???  Those who don’t unite are serving the enemy and are no better than them, they are satanic traitors to America and humanity, period.  Is That Who YOU are?  The message in the images below have been used before!  UNITE OR DIE.














Always Remember;

ALL OF YOUR NEWS AND ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA (TV/Radio Channels/Newspapers/Publishing Houses/Hollywood Film and Music/Silicon Valley & Disney) Along with facebook, jewtube, wikipedia, yahoo-dim etc and EVERY MAJOR FORUM ON THE NET is Owned By, Rigged By and Trolled By satanic jews to Stop You From Educating Others about Them and Uniting to Save Your Republic.  Don’t Let Them Win AND;




  Use Unidigi and This Info to Expose satanic losers in Your Community Who:


Deny the existence of chemtrails or say Geo-engineering is for your own good.

Become defensive or evasive at the mention of “conspiracy theories” (a.k.a. their crimes).

Say you’re anti-semite, anti-government, racist, bigot etc. for fighting evil and crime (them)!

Don’t want to prosecute all the worlds’ corrupt leaders, media owners and bankers (them).




Pass it on . . . please send this article to someone you know




17 thoughts on “The Most Important Blog Post Ever Made . . .

  1. foreverthecatlady said:

    I’m pretty new to all of this stuff so I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. Here goes my stupid question… If everything is a lie then how can you tell what is the truth?

    • David Allender said:

      That’s actually a very excellent question that I will attempt to answer as well as possible. If I were a dis-informant I would tell you there’s no way to tell if anything is real and the truth has many sides. Of course that would be complete and utter Bullshit! The satanic jews would love to have you believe nothing is real and the truth is complicated which is exactly what they have espoused for millennia via their control of nearly all organized religions, popular philosophies and our history books many of which they have thoroughly revised and/or then direct the narrative in our schools and churches. That’s how they choose what we focus on and take away from all the books and bibles.

      The fact is “Truthing” is complex and “the one and only truths” are nearly impossible to find because they’ve been intentionally buried by the jew. I could go in depth but it wouldn’t help so to sum this up, you will begin to see the truths for yourself more and more with practice. In the interim I invite you to begin fact checking a few subjects of your choice from Issue #111. Getting the basics gulped down is the key to redeveloping trust for your own kind and distrusting the power complex. That’s the recipe to begin uncovering what’s real for yourself. Prove to yourself that what we’re disseminating is honest and you’ll be able to use that much to do the rest on your own. You have to begin trusting something/someone so please make the effort to verify our stuff so you can use it as a foundation to awaken and become fully jew aware.

      It begins with knowing you’ve been brainwashed, propagandized, manipulated and blatantly lied to by satanic jews who really do own/control ALL of the popular media (YOUR Favorite TV/Radio Stations, Newspapers, Magazines, Book Publishers and ALL of the major internet sites such as Google, Wikipedia, Youtube, Yahoo etc.) Another biggie is becoming ever aware that political parties, religions, languages, racism, bigotry, sexism and other popular discriminative ideologies of all kinds have all been focused upon and strengthened in THEIR media to keep the Goyim Divided and thereby weak.

      And in line with our motto of Unite-Educate-Act which counters their Divide-Confuse-Fear Monger tactics, you must be vigilant in not biting their hooks. If you come across something divisive, confusing or overtly scary with no mention of satanic jews and no action to take, it’s likely Bullshit. Hope that helps you and everyone. Also, always remember this stuff isn’t childs play. Conspiracies aren’t funny or “interesting”. They’re heinous crimes, many of which are aimed at taking your life, liberty and freedom as well as those of your loved ones along with your fellow men, women and children of earth not to mention the billions of animals who have no voice in these matters. We’re all we’ve got, act the part.

      • David Allender said:

        If the above response was helpful, keep the questions coming. I try to wear the shoes of others in writing all of this stuff but don’t know what everyone is thinking. Help me out folks!

        • foreverthecatlady said:

          Thank you so much for such a thoughtful response! I will practice and continue fact checking on my own. I did act the part and jumped on the bandwagon by signing up at Unidigi. Can’t wait to wear my free “One For All” t-shirt!

          • Just got mine washed and dried yesterday, now wearing it while typing! Very cool. The only thing is I wish we had about 100 million Americans wearing them right now. Everything would be different. The nightmare would be over. God help us help ourselves! Well, one step at a time I suppose.

            • David Allender said:

              You got it. One step at a time. And even if everything should ever look bleak or impossible, one more step. Keep on keeping on. Never stop, never cower, NEVER GIVE UP. Period.

  2. This is some really great stuff. There’s so much truth around here it’s almost foreign even for me and that’s saying something. Thanks David. I’m in.

  3. Grease Monkey said:

    Sounds like you guys have been doing this a long time and have a pretty good understanding about everything. I’m like foreverthecatlady and am new to this too. Just wondering if there is a difference between sephardi, ashkenazim, zionist and orthodox jews and if they’re all bad or just one certain group? Oh and BTW I like your avatar so I’m stealing it! 🙂

    • Sephardim derived from the hebrew word for Spain. Religiously sephardim beliefs generally follow orthodox judiasm and contains a strong mystical strain.

      Ashkenazi jews came from the northern and eastern Europe and Russia. They are ones who speak yiddish. Most of what you see around the US being “jewish” like bagels, black hats, and braids are part of the ashkenazi group.

      Orthodox jews follow jewish law as laid down in the torah, the 1st 5 books of the bible and the talmud.

      Zionist- Originally zion referred to a stronghold in jerusalem. Zionism as a secular political movement developed in the late 19th century and called for the resettlement of the dispersed jews in a new jewish state in Palestine.

      Some orthodox jews had opposed zionism b/c the messiah had not appeared.

      And there are other branches of judaism as well… all seem to be just as evil as the next.

  4. I just tried to share this on glp and now I’m banned! That’s never happened to me before, they must be getting scared ha ha!

  5. Skeptical Inquirer said:

    Those 4 things are great! To this day some of my closest friends still deny the existence of chemtrails, and I’m like WTF? Some people just don’t get it and never will. It makes you wonder if they’re real or just contrails and your mind is playing tricks on you.

    • David Allender said:

      So, you know they’re jews right? You got that? Or did you forget the 4 things you just got done cheering about? WTF?

      • I haven’t forgot the 4 things “Skeptical Inquirer” was cheering about: Our mortal enemies are those who;

        * Deny the existence of chemtrails or say Geo-engineering is for your own good.

        * Become defensive or evasive at the mention of “conspiracy theories” (a.k.a. their crimes).

        * Say you’re anti-semite, anti-government, racist, bigot etc. for fighting evil and crime (them)!

        * Don’t want to prosecute all the worlds’ corrupt leaders, media owners and bankers (them).

        What DregHunter (David) is Saying to you “Skeptical Inquirer”, is that your friends who are denying the existence of Chemtrails are satanic jews. So, you’ve just found out that “some of your closest friends” are lowlife, degenerate, satan worshipping scumbags. Put em on the list of shame and let God/We the People sort them out later!

        By the way, for any losers (such as “Skeptical Inquirer” who’s likely a shill) that haven’t had the common sense to side with others of their own kind yet, The L.O.S. is in

        • Yep, I mean c’mon. Look at what he/she/it said; ” Some people just don’t get it and never will. It makes you wonder if they’re real or just contrails and your mind is playing tricks on you”.

          My mind is DEFINITELY NOT playing tricks on me when I look up and see a perfectly natural and blue sky one minute, then watch a dozen planes fly by and see it turn into a bog of fake crap clouds an hour later. Go F*ck yourself “Skeptical Inquirer”. Can’t the mods just his/her/it’s post down? That’s a classic doubt seeder comment by a jew shill if you ask me.

          • David Allender said:

            Hi Leo, It’s often better to let shills posts remain. As you can see, we’ve done a fair job at exposing “he/she/it” (LOL).

            This way, others can see what’s going on in the world of cointelpro. I’ll never forget the first few times I started discovering their existence, it makes everything very, very real. Especially when you begin bantering with them! Anyway, kudos. Thanks for chiming in.

          • Hi David!

            I just got your email and wanted to let everyone see it; (you of course can allow or dismiss it as admin)

            Leo, thank you for your generous contribution to Unidigi. As you may or may not be aware, Peggy and I have committed ourselves to this operation and sworn not to take a penny, even though we’ve put our entire life savings of over $500,000 into the project as well as 3 years of “more than full time” work. The reality of this will come forth, more and more with time. We’re working for “something else”!

            And we’ll get our $ back for surviving the last throws of bogus capitalism by doing the work of selling the Gazettes and Numbernames just like anyone else can. We’re going to make millions, and whatever exists beyond our $500 week living expenses, will go directly back into the project. That’s how it is.

            What you’ve just done by signing up and attacking a satanic shill is exemplary and indicative of what I would like to think would be any decent person. I know very, very well how important these little thanks are, so you have mine. Kudos.

            All the Best,

            David Allender

  6. David Allender said:

    Comments are turned off or may not get posted because we no longer have time to waste on spammers, trolls and shills.

    For in depth discussions on these subjects enjoy using our private, TROLL Free forum inside

    Or email us at “info – AT SIGN –”


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