Issue #114

Look, Up In The Sky, Another Filthy, Murderous Talmudic Lie!


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If you’ve read the previous editions, you’ve become “jew aware”.  You now know satanic jews have used their monopoly of the worlds’ media to propagandize and mentally program us all into believing news was fair and balanced, America was a democracy, the FED was owned by us, our massive national debt and financial crisis are just flukes, bloody wars are necessary to keep us safe and all the taxes you’ve been forced to forfeit at risk of being arrested for your entire life benefitted our country!  Of course each of those were MASSIVE LIES from sick f*cks who don’t care about you at all.  And now these truths are boggling your mind because they’re such opposites to what you thought.  Re-read the above to see just how incredibly huge and important those subjects are and think about the level of sophistication it took to succeed at deceiving all of us until now.  This is about evil & psychology.  The ones who told you those lies know exactly what they’re doing.  Lying is considered by them to be their greatest craft, it is quite literally what they do for a living, it’s how they survive.  Their parasitic existences rely on lying and playing everyone as fools. 

They are professional liars who take lessons from countless thousands of other liars who came before them.  They took painstaking pleasure of writing it all down in that book called the Babylonian Talmud.  And like all criminals avoiding justice they experience “Mens ra” (guilty minds).  They live in constant fear over being found out.  Hence their affinity for fortified abodes such as pyramids, mansions and castles w/moats, drawbridges, iron clad gates and well trained guards.  They need all the above to defend themselves in the inevitable event we Goyim seek justice after becoming aware of our parasitic infection.  This rude and startling awakening we’re going through has repeatedly occurred to scores of other good people around the globe in every country where these same fake jews have taken up residence for the last several millenia.  Now it’s our turn.  It’s time to bring some long overdue justice to these sick, insane, traitorous and evil things who’ve been sucking the life out of all of us and planet earth.  It’s time to fill our prisons and FEMA camps with millions of blood sucking satanic jews who are attached to our backs, leeching on us via usury, taxation, lies and merciless oppression, once again. 

It’s time to put an end to their satanic ritual murders, tortures and rapes of our people.  It’s time to end ALL of their unnecessary and genocidal wars which we’d be wise to recall have always included poisoning, diseasing and starving innocent and non-combative Adamites LIKE YOU across history.  The satanic jew is a deadly parasite indeed.  They do not care about us, their Adamic hosts at all, and never have.  With very little research one will find out this is nothing new, they’ve “culled” over 260 million Adamites by means of war in just the last century and victims of their intentional poisonings, infections and famines are likely in the 2 to 3 BILLION range.  These are some very sick and insane people who really do think of you as an animal or worse because you have the ability to eradicate them!  They fear you.  However, you’ll find few stories of revolutionary overthrows of key royals or elites in the history books because they rarely occur, and that’s no coincidence.

Satanic jews have learned how to best “manage” Adamites like you and yours because their sick, degenerate lives depend on it.  These raving lunatics have chosen to believe the only way to live is by oppressing real human beings.  So, the idiots have turned into text book psychopaths due to guilt associated with the traitorous dualities in which they live among us, their hosts and prey.  It was famous jew Moses Mendelssohn who said “Be a Goy on the streets and a jew at home” which gives us a peek into what life is like for all jews, satanic and non.  All jews are actually taught that they’re better than everyone else and are Gods’ favorite people who can do no wrong so long as we follow his laws and teachings contained in the Torah and the Talmud.  If you’ve read issue #113, you know the Talmud says lying, cheating and manipulating Adamites out of their wealth, freedom and happiness is perfectly legal because Adamites are just soulless animals and slaves put here to serve jews.  Unlike Adamites who are taught as children to do good, be humane, honest, giving and live morally with care and empathy for others, jews are conditioned with harsh techniques to steel their minds for lives of pathological egotisms and domineering apathy via the right is mite protocol.  That combined with thinking you’re chosen by God to rule over earth as the only living things with souls is apparently the perfect recipe for creating a tight knit group of psychopathic racists.

Imagine being a jew with a special book of lessons handed down by God that teaches you to never feel an iota of remorse for harming others via theft, cruelty, murder, rape, slavery, pedophilia and all other degenerate acts seen as crimes or sins by the rest of the world.  The Talmud tells jews it’s perfectly ok to do those horrific things to Adamites so long as it’s done in the manners prescribed therein.  Imagine being taught to have no conscious over the course of your entire existence and to never feel the slightest bit bad about anything you’ve ever done to non-jews, animals or mother earth.  That’s a psychopath by definition!  Satanic jews have nothing internal to hold them back from performing atrocities unthinkable by the rest of us.  And there’s the key.  Not only can they do such things without feeling guilty, Adamites let them get away with it because we can’t imagine anyone doing it.  You’ve likely felt the results of this strange paradox of disbelief many times in your life. 

It’s what happens whenever we hear of genocidal dictators, mass murderers, pedophiles, big time crooks, ridiculously greedy executives, major polluters, etc.  We’re stunned into disbelief asking “but why?”  We don’t get it which is a perfectly common response from any decent, normal person, but it’s also a deadly flaw if left unchecked.  This is especially true in regard to the main subject matter herein.  We’re working up to that but first we must realize that not understanding the ins and outs of evil is the epitome of what being gullible is.  GOOD PEOPLE ARE GULLIBLE.  If you pride yourself in good works or deeds and feel bad about making mistakes in life, you are prey to those who don’t.  You’ve been trained to be that way while they have been trained the other way.  We’re taught to be giving, caring and considerate while they’re trained to be manipulative, shrewd and racist, the worst racist on earth in fact.  Can you see the problem?  It always goes back to the sick, insane teachings of the Talmud most Adamites have never even heard of because it was kept secret previously written only in Hebrew.  However, thanks to some translations for English speaking jews and leaks that followed, we’re now able to read it for ourselves.


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This satanic book of racist lunacy holds the lessons their worthless, parasitic existences depend on for callously cheating billions of innocent Adamites like YOU out of your money, liberty, justice and freedom for over 3,300 years.  As we covered in #113, according to the Talmud, even your life may be legally taken by any jew,  It and their G-d says you’re their slave, YOU ARE JEWISH PROPERTY.  What do you think, are you their Goyim?  If you’re not taking this seriously and personally, it may help to remind you their victims are our ancestors and kin which includes your mother, your father, your grandparents, your siblings, your kids, your cousins and all your Adamic friends, each wrongfully and illegally discriminated against by Talmudic jews.  The undeniable fact is they’ve always been the worst bigots and racists on earth and now, lo and behold, here we are once again dealing with these satanic psychopaths who are quite literally born, bred and educated to cheat, harm, stress and abuse innocent, unsuspecting human beings like you and yours.  And remember, the Talmud is a book of jewish law that they think gives them the power and license to kill Adamites like YOU.  Soferim 15:10; “Even the Best Gentiles Should All Be Killed”.  With that and all the above in mind, you should now be able to begin grasping the idea of how satanic jews plan to use their sick Talmudic teachings to justify mass scale genocides.

You’ll have a firm grip on this shortly starting with a great question;  have you ever heard, said or thought there are too many people on earth?  Ever likened mankind to a virus or plague?  Why?  Where did this idea come from?  Who popularized it?  The people who own the media and control all our educational systems maybe?  Have you been taught by jews to hate your own race and feel guilty about existing?  Yep!  Satanic jews conditioned everyone into believing there are too many people on earth.   And even though it’s total BS, it worked.  That’s why most Adamites parrot messages of “overpopulation” but very few know it doesn’t have to be this way and practically no one understands that the jews who popularized depopulation are only talking about Adamites!  And there you have the most deadly and racist propaganda program to have ever been deployed!  While unbelievable as it still may sound (due to your inability to conceive it) satanic jews want to kill you, your spouse, children, friends, countrymen/women along with about 6 billion of your fellow human beings of earth because of the Talmud.  Managing your life and death is their God given duty! 

This is why jew governments and corporations don’t mind polluting the environment with 1000s of toxic chemicals or putting mercury in your vaccines, fluoride in your water, GMOs on your plate and radiation everywhere.  And the only reason it’s hard for anyone to believe is because they don’t understand their motives.  Firstly, it’d be wise to recall this is an ancient scheme for world domination that’s been going on for millennia.  1142That means things happen very slowly which makes them appear almost non-existent.  Everything is being carried out in a “boil the frog” manner right in front of your eyes.  And let’s not forget, it’s this same group who’ve always had full control of the so called consumer safety agencies like the CDC, EPA, FDA and etc. who, in just the last 50 years have successfully created a 3,000% increase in autism, 600% jump in diabetes, 400% higher obesity and 1,000% more cancer to name just a few highly profitable sicknesses. Here’s the funny thing; would that dismal report card be acceptable to you from any leadership?  Look what they’ve done to us and the earth!  And they’re proud of their accomplishments!  Obama and his equally demented senior advisor jew eugenicist John Holdren and the rest of our satanic caretakers such as the Gates, Rockefellers and Pelosi  call their fully intentional failures to maintain your health and safety a success!  Dumbed Down, Sick and Dead Adamites = SUCCESS!  Jew Holdren has spoken and written on the subject of eugenics throughout his career, so has Bill Ayers, Obummers’ other very close, satanic jew buddy.



“Eugenics” is a code term long used by jews to describe safeguarding their bloodlines while decimating that of Adamites via every method conceivable.  Race mixing, involuntary sterilization, radioactive destruction of DNA, limits on children and you name it, anything goes when it comes to decreasing numbers of Adamites of all colors, ages and religions on earth.  In fact the reason Holdren sits by the president is because he came up with some sick ideas on how to kill the Goyim in his first book back in 1968 titled the “Population Bomb”.1144

He later co-wrote Ecoscience”, with jews Paul & Anne Ehrlich who had written another genocidal gem called “Human Ecology”.  All the books attempt to show how too many Goyim in developed countries will collapse the planet, but it’s really about spoiling their multi-millennial rule and reign of terror upon humanity. And even though a child could conclude the evil, materialistic systems of greed, waste and excess popularized by jews to make them rich are really at the core of ALL the worlds’ problems, they have still successfully fostered the mythical idea that Goyim are overpopulating, taking all the resources, creating global warming and need to be culled ASAP!  Of course the real agenda is to off us before too many Real Judahite Adamites find out about them and what they’ve done to all of us for millennia, as well as countless billions of cool, defenseless creatures and mother Earth.  So, sure enough, the psychopathic, satanic jews of the UN & DC are now performing a silent depopulation process. Slowly but surely, you are now being culled in a mass “democide” (murder by government) and this same group of satanic elites have repeatedly been performing this insane act over and over, forever. 




There are even over 2000, very well documented cases of democide right here in the USA with a minimum of 10 million Adamites dead.  (Take special note of 10k killed by Govt Poisoned Alcohol during prohibition for #115)  The history books prove all those genocides while all the dumbed down, over stressed masses of sheople chew their cud living in ignorance and denial.  We’re here to change that!  So, everything you’ve ever heard about your government leaders being evil and against you is real, yet you never understood why and dismissed it as an unexplainable oddity.  But now you know, it’s SS jews!  They & their Talmud are the missing parts of the puzzle.  And, just like we proved in issue #113 where the majority of all the worst gangsters, sadistic serial killers, felonious rip off artists, and disgusting pedophiles were jewish, EVERY mass murdering psychopath such as Leopold, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Yagoda and all the others you’ve ever heard of were too!  Just these 5 satanic jews murdered 260 MILLION+ Adamites;


leopoldKing Leopold

jew Friend of the Rothschilds

stalinJoseph Stalin

jewish Father and Wife

maoMao Zedong

Surrounded and Funded by jews

pol potPol Pot

Surrounded and funded by jews

yagodaGenrikh Yagoda

Both Parents were jews



Once again, the worst of the worst in yet another heinous group of individuals, this time genocidal psychopaths, are by some amazing coincidence, all members to a long hated group that makes up less than 1% of the people on earth!  And don’t kid yourself, both of the men to the left ARE SS  JEWS.   Color is not a factor for this mob.

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Hitler was an Austrian jew which is why millions of jews got free tickets to America arranged and paid for by him and his satanic jew kinfolk such as Prescott Bush, GW’s gramp.  Entire trainloads and shiploads of desperate jews, good and bad alike for whom the people of Germany sought justice, piled on to infect America.  And now we’re learning those German Adamites wanted them gone for exactly the same reasons as you do now.  It’s known about 3 million jews arrived in the U.S. from Europe from1880 to 1945 but the real number is likely greater.  Many of them were just like most Real Jews today, they’re just dumbed down, everyday people with the exception they’ve been taught they’re special and better than all the real humans on the planet.  They have bought into the same lines of bullshit from our sick, demented satanic leaders and have worked their ignorant little hearts out in helping the New World Order come to be.  But what they don’t know is this time, they’re being used and tricked right into their graves because there will not be any planes, trains or automobiles to save them since they will no longer be needed nor useful to their satanic elite handlers.  There would be no need for the millions of jewish pawns in the “new world” who are now enjoying their occupations as 40% to 100% of all bankers, actors, musicians, artists, physicians, cops, attorneys, professors, media and business professionals.

If Adamites don’t band to stop this insanity, we’ll be replaced by technology.  Orwellian computer systems are being set up to run and police the world for the elite via drones, robots and satellites the majority of which are now in place.  By helping the satanic jew elites, millions of dumbed down Real Jews have dug their own graves.  There would be no more “Real Jews” in the world if they don’t wake up with the rest of us now.  NONE.  Just think about that if you hear anyone making the all too familiar faux pas of lumping all Jews in the same group.  It’s simply not so.  Like most Adamites, many “Real Jews” also have no clue what’s really going on, they’re brainwashed just like everyone else, or worse because most actually believe the elites are on their sides! But they’re not, the truth is they’re being subverted into furthering the goals of lucifer and absolute evil on earth.  So, like the rest of us, they now have a very simple choice to make, are they good or are they evil?  We all have to choose a side, every person must now decide which of the only 2 teams that have ever been on earth he or she will be part to.  It’s either good or evil, truth or lies, life or death, creation or destruction, peace or war, heaven or hell, it’s black and white, nice and simpleAnd never forget, choosing happens via inaction just the same as it does with action.  Doing nothing is still making a choice, doing nothing IS choosing evil and for all intent purposes, will guarantee your death by SS or prosecution for treason when this thing is done.  Now, there is only us and them and if we (you) let them win, your number will soon be up.  Don’t let that happen!

Next, we have what will likely be a memorable fact for you, it’s that we’re dealing with AshkeNAZI jews.  There’s no alternate explanation for the naming of the Nazis, they were Hitler, Stalin and the leaders of every “Nazi” organization on earth, even heads of the KKK!  They’re the Nazis, and every time you’ve heard the word it was a slap in your face and reminder to them that they owned this game, but now it’s your reminder of them.  Every time you use or hear the word Nazi, you’ll know who the real Nazis are.  They’re the satanic AshkeNAZIs, the only psychopathic killers and terrorists on earth.  Adamites don’t do what they do and never have because we are of God/Good/Nature/Creation not satanic/evil/lies/destruction.  And every time you hear or see “SS” you’ll 1146know it’s the synagogue of satan.  From your SS#, to SOS, SS Battleships, the SS Enterprise star cruiser, and in gematria both the letters F&S are #6 so SS = 66!   Take a look at the SS “KISS” logo, the famous band led by satanic jews Gene Simmons & Ace Freely.  Nearly all popular musicians are jews, and this is another huge slap in YOUR face!  And it’s NOT funny.  The satanists who are calling themselves jews HATE Adamites and all Real Jews (Judahites) because we are good people who are truly gifted, we are Gods/Natures’ chosen ones, not them!

Many believe that’s why they were cursed with dozens of bizarre diseases such as cystic fibrosis, blooms syndrome, canavan, dysautonomia, hyperinsulinism, fanconi anemia, gaucher disease, glycogen disorder, joubert, lipoamide deficiency, maple syrup urine, mucolipidosis, nemaline myopathy, spinal muscular atrophy, tay-sachs, usher, walker warburg, alpha-thalassemia, ataxia, wolman, polyglandular deficiency, muscular dystrophy and etc.  All hybrids are far more likely to have those diseases!  It’s no stretch to assume this has something to do with the reason the Rothschilds, Hitler and IG Farben were so hell bent on using creative, Adamite minds to develop the allopathic health care system.  It’s because their diseases aren’t curable by nature like most diseases Adamites are prone to.  You’re going to be blown away with the rest of the info on this subject in the next issue!  (Especially if you or someone you know has cancer)  But that’s just one reason satanic jews hate everyone, it also might have something to do with the fact that they’re forever worried about being prosecuted for their gruesome crimes.  That’s a funny thing about murderers, pedophiles, rapists, pathological liars, thieves and etc.  Those darned criminals just don’t like people who seek to have them prosecuted. ie; YOU! And definitely ME. 

eeoh - eo"yew"

eeoh – eo “yeh”

114jewprinceSo, there’s a couple good reasons why satanic jews have always hated Adamites who are truly creative, honest, brave, caring, moral and decent in general.  Those are some elementally big differences between good and bad people.  Hence we get yet another glimpse into their egotistical psychopathy with always needing to be rich and/or famous.  These facts begin to explain why satanists feel the need to oppress & mock non-satanists at every opportunity.  For instance, you may recall all the jew media hype over prince Harry’s Nazi costume?  Why did a jew make fun of the deaths of millions of other jews?  Well, it’s because he is a satanic Ashkenazi jew, none of which were killed at Auschwitz!  So, now you know this was just another huge slap in all our faces.  That same, sick mocking goes on and on and is especially apparent in modern graphics and media.  Satanic jews love ridiculing Goyim with their evil signs and symbols right in front of us on everything from the $1 bill to 666, to the name “jew” itself which was “created” by them in the late 1500s not in biblical times when the letter J didn’t even exist.  “Jew” was derived from the ancient rune symbol pronounced “yew” which was associated with the sun/son (of gods Gen 6:4) lucifer.  Hey, it looks just like an S in the SS symbol!  Aren’t these unravelings priceless?  But always remember this; do NOT take any of their mocking lightly.  It is not just jabbing, light hearted play.  These ruthless pieces of satanic trash are the meanest, most cold hearted things you’ve ever came across and there’s nothing cute or funny about how they flaunt their evil, satanic messages, signs and symbols in our faces.  Basically, we’re all being pissed as if idiots multiple times per day by the most murderous, racist degenerates in history, that’s why God is going to kill them all.

But they’ve spent decades conditioning everyone to think satanic messages in music are just “rebellious”, satanic symbols on currency, products and food packages are “interesting” and that the Palestinians are their only enemies!  And did you buy into the idea that Israel is the only itty biddy piece of land desired by satanic jews?  Just give us our tiny little piece of dirt and we’ll be happy whelps the poor, poor jews who’ve ALWAYS SOUGHT TOTAL OWNERSHIP OF THE WHOLE FRIGGEN WORLD.  That’s why jews love calling themselves “the people without a country”.  It’s more mocking BS.  Get it?



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Now before moving on to the real topic which you’re literally dying to find out about.  It’s time to familiarize yourself with the word “Holodomor” meaning “Extermination by Hunger” or “Murder by Starvation”.




It refers to a series of purposeful, mechanized genocidal famines which took place under Lenins’ Jewish Bolshevik regime where  60 to 100 million Adamic Europeans were slaughtered during the periods of 1921-23, 1932-33 & 1946-47.  Bush Sr and his murderous gang of jews such as Madame Albright used holodomor to mass murder over 500,000 innocent Iraqi Adamic children via intentionally imposed grain embargoes, he blamed Hussein for their deaths.  That’s just a recent SS holodomor but there’s been many more around the world w/billions dead.

Henry Kissinger, a satanic Mason and jewish “hired hand” of the elites is accused of rape, pedophilia, torture, treason and murder.  He said “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac” and victims of this disgusting jew pervert will tell you he has wholeheartedly raped and lived with that philosophy.  He is also known for saying;  114kissinger“Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy controls whole continents; who controls money controls the world.”   Well, thanks to 9/11 the satanic jews got their central banks into 5 more of earths’ 190 countries, Only 3 Left!  And the Rothschilds have always had all the oil refineries and transport systems so, the energy portion was wrapped up when jew controlled member countries created OPEC in 1960.  That’s why the American dollar is called the “Petro Dollar” which the entire world has since based its currencies upon.  So, that wraps up the money and energy portions of Kissengers’ control web, all that was left is the food and water supply. This could only be accomplished by controlling seed stocks, insecticides, pollination, climate, irrigation and rainfall.  Well, the SS has most certainly gained control of all those except the temps and water which thank heaven they certainly would never be able to touch.  Only God has that ability right?  No one could control the weather on earth!  You’d have to use 1,000s of planes to make artificial clouds that wouldn’t look normal, everyone would notice them unless they were brainwashed or under a satanic spell!!!




Even a child could discern changes in the amount of day to day air traffic over their heads which would never happen with normal commercial flights and their SAME DAILY SCHEDULES.  Plus, people could use free resources like and to easily prove to themselves that the planes leaving unnatural trails in the skies right over their heads are unscheduled, covert flights!  Then if they were to ask their local sheriff, politicians or governor for an explanation but get pushed off or denied one, they could be absolutely sure that a massive, secret, jewish program to “Geo-Engineer” the weather on earth is a reality and that by the very nature of their secrecy is nothing good.  Even the dullest nitwits possess that much common sense, right?  It is for those reasons that we shall not try to educate nor debunk the satanic jew CIA disinformants who are thick like a plague everywhere that the subject of “Chemtrails” is mentioned.

Below are 21 solid proof sources of the current genocidal agenda of depopulation via intentionally induced Holodomor:

#1  Satanic jews pushed 500 million people around the globe into extreme poverty since 2011 solely because of rising food prices.

#2  There are about 3 billion Adamites who Trillionaire globalist jews now have living on the equivalent of 2 dollars a day or less.

#3  Food inflation as a whole is up 150% just since 1990 in the US.

#4  Due to bogus jew govt ethanol subsidies 1/3rd of U.S. farmland grows toxic, GMO fuel corn. For a full understanding on this and what we’re going to do see

#5  The jewish owned company Monsanto released UG99 wheat rust which scientist fear will wipe out 80% of world wheat.

#6  RF radiation and Monsanto GMOs are blamed for bee colony die off which wiped out much of the worlds’ natural food supply.

#7  Monsanto now controls over 90% of the worlds’ food seeds which they’ve Genetically Modified to not produce natural, fertile seeds thereby guaranteeing repeat, annual purchases from farmers and total reliance upon them for providing the only seeds on earth.

#8  The disastrous and unnecessary jew agenda of fracking for gas is poisoning millions of square miles of aquifers around the world.

#9  Jews used HAARP to create the tsunami & subsequent nuclear crisis in highly anti-semitic Japan to render vast agricultural areas in that nation both unusable for food growth and uninhabitable.

#10  The radiation leakage has been blamed for 2000% increases in deadly radioactive iodine and increases in caesium 137, an equally deadly radiation now common in the Pacific Ocean. Add 5G = hell.

#11  The way jews have our food being produced and transported is heavily dependent on their oil, with just slight price increases many forms of food production will no longer be economically feasible.

#12  Just since 2000, worldwide Corn and Wheat prices have more than Doubled and Soybeans have nearly Tripled.  It’s all planned.

#13  Global Warming created by Geo-Engineering leads to crop losses which end in decreased livestock production and lessened availability of vegetables and fruits for direct human consumption thereby creating high food prices, turmoil and famine, ie; genocide

#14  The chaos created coincides with biblical prophecies thereby furthering ideas of apocalyptic doom coming which is used to create widespread feelings of futility and full on idiotic complacency.

#15  Kike invented Geo-Engineering is responsible for the worst wildfires on record resulting in more hardship, chaos and death along with an even greater sense of biblical doom and hence, futility.

#16  Increased reliance on drought/aluminum resistant GMO crops patented by SS Monsanto/Bill Gates result in massive profits and control, plus mass malnutrition, sickness and death for Adamites.

#17  Over 5,000 Million Pounds of insecticides such as Monsantos’ toxic, DNA mutating Glyphosate (Roundup) used annually is now found in nearly all water, urine and blood samples globally.

#18  Global water tables are being depleted at an alarming rate due to “overpumping”.  3 Billion people now rely upon foods grown with water pumped out of aquifers faster than it can be replaced. For instance; the United States’ systematic depletion of the “Ogallala Aquifer”, the largest in North America will soon turn “America’s Breadbasket” into the “Dust Bowl” which is exactly what they want.

#19  The Aluminum, Strontium and Barium in Geo-Engineering decimates top soils at a rate where 1/3rd of the world’s cropland is losing its fertile soils faster than new soil can form. All by chance.

#20  Due to being blanketed by fake clouds made with aluminum oxide which magnify and trap heat, we now have a 6°+ hotter earth with 20% less sunlight at its’ surface which further impedes growth of food crops. And everything herein is intentional by satanic jews.

#21  Deer, elk, moose, etc. and fish of all species commonly relied upon as food for billions are being decimated by unsustainable overfishing/hunting and Geo-Engineering which creates starvation, dehydration and diseases carried by insects that are now flourishing due to warmer temps. Dear Reader, Geo-Engineering” leading to insidiously slow depopulation of masses by poisoning, infecting and starvation is what this issue was all about.  Watch our short film “The Chemtrails Questionnaire” at  Remember; Controlling Money, Energy & Food = Depopulation!

If you have any doubts about depopulation do yourself a huge favor and spend about 15 minutes at the archived blog here

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Finish connecting the dots with this extremely important 42 minute video.  Make this and it viral!

If you are viewing this website offline from our GG Data DVD, please go to the “2. Film Archive”  folder to watch videos.


For more on depopulation via Chemtrails,  also see “Don’t Talk About The Weather” in our video section.




21 thoughts on “Issue #114

  1. That’s the best video I’ve seen on Chemtrails. So, yep, the jews are depopulating the Goyim of the world in the name of their G-d. They’re after our food and until they can reduce it, they’re poisoning it (plus the air and water). Go to walmart and see how many Organic and/or Kosher foods you can find! (the only foods jews will eat)


    David W. Beier . . .former head of Government Affairs for Genentech, Inc. . . . (now Monsanto) chief domestic policy advisor to Al Gore when he was Vice President.

    Linda J. Fisher . . .former Assistant Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Pollution Prevention, Pesticides, and Toxic Substances…now Vice President of Government and Public Affairs for Monsanto Corporation.

    Michael A. Friedman, M.D. . . former acting commissioner of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Department of Health and Human Services . . .now senior vice-president for clinical affairs at G. D. Searle & Co., a pharmaceutical division of Monsanto Corporation.

    L. Val Giddings . . . former biotechnology regulator and (biosafety) negotiator at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA/APHIS) . . .now Vice President for Food & Agriculture of the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO).

    Marcia Hale . . . former assistant to the President of the United States and director for intergovernmental affairs . . .now Director of International Government Affairs for Monsanto Corporation.

    Michael (Mickey) Kantor. . . former Secretary of the United States Department of Commerce and former Trade Representative of the United States . . . now member of the board of directors of Monsanto Corporation.

    Josh King . . . former director of production for White House events. . . now director of global communication in the Washington, D.C. office of Monsanto Corporation.

    Terry Medley . . . former administrator of the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) of the United States Department of Agriculture, former chair and vice-chair of the United States Department of Agriculture Biotechnology Council, former member of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) food advisory committee…and now Director of Regulatory and External Affairs of Dupont Corporation’s Agricultural Enterprise.

    Margaret Miller . . . former chemical laboratory supervisor for Monsanto, . . .now Deputy Director of Human Food Safety and Consultative Services, New Animal Drug Evaluation Office, Center for Veterinary Medicine in the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).*

    Michael Phillips . . . recently with the National Academy of Science Board on Agriculture . . . now head of regulatory affairs for the Biotechnology Industry Organization.

    William D. Ruckelshaus . . . former chief administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), . .now (and for the past 12 years) a member of the board of directors of Monsanto Corporation.

    Michael Taylor . . . former legal advisor to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s Bureau of Medical Devices and Bureau of Foods, later executive assistant to the Commissioner of the FDA… still later a partner at the law firm of King & Spaulding where he supervised a nine-lawyer group whose clients included Monsanto Agricultural Company… still later Deputy Commissioner for Policy at the United States Food and Drug Administration, . . . and later with the law firm of King & Spaulding… now head of the Washington, D.C. office of Monsanto Corporation.*

    Lidia Watrud . . . former microbial biotechnology researcher at Monsanto Corporation in St. Louis, Missouri, . . .now with the United States Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Effects Laboratory, Western Ecology Division.

    Jack Watson. . .former chief of staff to the President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, . . .now a staff lawyer with Monsanto Corporation in Washington, D.C.

    Clayton K. Yeutter . . . former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, former U.S. Trade Representative (who led the U.S. team in negotiating the U.S. Canada Free Trade Agreement and helped launch the Uruguay Round of the GATT negotiations), now a member of the board of directors of Mycogen Corporation, whose majority owner is Dow AgroSciences, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company.

    Larry Zeph . . . former biologist in the Office of Prevention, Pesticides, and Toxic Substances, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, . . . now Regulatory Science Manager at Pioneer Hi-Bred International.

    *Margaret Miller, Michael Taylor, and Suzanne Sechen (an FDA “primary reviewer for all rbST and other dairy drug production applications” ) were the subjects of a U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) investigation in 1994 for their role in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s approval of Posilac, Monsanto Corporation’s formulation of recombinant bovine growth hormone (rbST or rBGH). The GAO Office found “no conflicting financial interests with respect to the drug’s approval” and only “one minor deviation from now superseded FDA regulations”. (Quotations are from the 1994 GAO report).

    Condoleezza Rice, George Bush’s National Security Adviser said the following regarding the benefits of terrorism; “When people are trying to kill you and when they attack because they hate freedom, other disputes from Frankenfood to bananas and even important issues like the environment suddenly look a bit different.”

  2. So, this is what it’s all about, slow death by jewish ran government. These fuckers need to go asap. First in America, then the world. No more biblical jewish psychos! It’s becoming pretty obvious that’s where all of this originates. The worlds’ worst cases of racism, hate, murder and genocide are all coming from corrupt religions. I think they’re all possessed. Literally, no kidding! And not just the jews, Christians and atheists too.

  3. David Allender said:

    There’s really no getting around that is there? I’ve written and spoke about this elsewhere but might as well throw it out there again; Amen-Rah was the ancient pagan sun god of the Egyptians. Now the word “Amen” is on nearly every page in the bible and Christians say his name after every prayer! I dunno for sure, but I figure that alone has got to have some sort of effect in a world of jewish sorcerers, warlocks and witches. They were the ones always getting caught worshipping Molech/Baal/Satan right? RIGHT!!!

    And their G-d Jehova of the bible, told them to enslave and kill all the non-jew Goyim they came across. Then they wrote another book called the Talmud and kept it secret from everyone else. Why was it secret? Because it goes into sordid details on how to hate, cheat, rob, rape, murder and enslave everyone else and everytime we the people find out about it enmasse, we expell and/or kill the fuckers who read it! It’s happened 108 times in various countries around the world.

    That’s what is happening now and the 109th time we as a people are doing this has got to be the charm! No more talmudic turds on earth!!!

  4. It’s taking everything I have in me to remain civil with this comment right now. My wife and I are both Jewish, our daughter is Autistic, our son is ADHD and both have celiac disease. We’ve never read the Talmud nor did we used to pay much attention to Kosher foods which of course was our choice. I fully admit, I’ve always known that Jews control and own pretty much everything. If you’re a Jew, you know this. However, I have nothing to do with any of the Genocide and have obviously gotten caught up in a ridiculous war against Gentiles. I can clearly see where anti-semitism is coming from now. Our Jewish leaders are wicked and deserve to be hated but please remember, there are many Jews like myself and my family who are just like everyone else. We’ve been decieved and I’m sorry I’m only now awakening to all of this. That said, I’m in. I’ll fight this evil even though I’ve been taught not to. This has got to end. Israel too. We have to stop the insanity.

    SheElohim yevarach otha! (may god bless you)

  5. David Allender said:

    Wow, if you’re for real (which you’re not) you’re the first Jay!!! Show us your true colors by coughing up some shekels at Unidigi and we’ll know you might be for real. I and everyone else will be looking forward to seeing you and your support in the network!

    Update; It is now 3 years later and no jew, err jay with his email address used here exists. Surprise, surprise.

  6. Ditto Jay. Come on in if you’re not the piece of sh*te liar that we know you are!

    • BullshitWatcher said:

      Sorry but I’m calling bullshit on Jay. The average Jew is knee deep involved in the crime network, even if they’re not actively supporting it. The average Jew is a hardcore supporter of Israel. If they weren’t you’d see them doing something to stop the murders occurring in THEIR names. Those who just say they don’t support Israel, are lying.

      Also, like Jay admitted, every jew on the planet knows how much jewry has to do with quite literally EVERYTHING that’s wrong with humanity. They know their tribesmen are real life mafia greaseballs who own the central banks, Hollywood, Disney, silicon valley, all the media, all the corps that profit from murderous wars of innocent NON-jews, all the medical companies that profit from sickness and death of NON-jews and Monsanto, the largest killer of Gentiles in world history with their GMOs and Round Up. They all know the real reason behind eating Kosher and organic foods is to survive the depopulation agenda.

      Furthermore they’re all benefiting from jewry in one way or another, yeah they don’t all work in the Fed or Goldman Sachs but they easily enjoy the benefits of their tribesmen having so much power and control, whether it be getting their startups/organizations funded, getting insider information on the markets, getting hired over real talent because of their biased networking. Once you control the money the rest is easily bought and controlled, the rest of the tribe ends up running other aspects of society. Everywhere you look some kike is the head/CEO/director of something important in both government and private industries. This doesn’t happen by accident.

      Nope, I’m not trusting any greaseball kike. Like he said, he’s always known the jews owned everything. That means he’s deceived everyone else around him by not letting them in on the “secret”. Once a liar, always a liar.

      • David Allender said:

        I agree BSWatcher. I like to keep it simple though, the proof’s in the puddin’!

        • Yep, these fuckers are liars extraordinaire. Since this comment is under #114, you might want to recall they’re also murderers, cold blooded killers of totally innocent men, women and children LIKE YOU AND YOURS. Fuck em. Fuck you Jay!!!

          • David Allender said:

            Well, I can’t argue with that Rick. Support us or not, they’ve all got some explaining to do! And don’t worry, that day is coming. Justice comes.

            I figure the non-crypto jews might try to do a lot of backpeddling which would of course include trying to befriend the rest of us. Think about it. Recall what you’ve seen other criminals, liars and cheats do when they’re about to be caught. They’ll say and do anything. That’s likely what Jay is doing here.

            Wait, can you hear that? . . . waaaaa, waaaaaaaaaaa, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

            • Man, you guys are spot on, FUCK YOU JAY. I’ll never be that gullible again like I used to be as long as I live.

              • Don’t sweat it Barry. This stuff is hard to get through your head because you’re a decent person. You wanted to trust others and be fair like any decent person would. The problem is, jews don’t.

                I’m here to say, they’re all parts in this to at least some degree. That’s where it get’s sketchy and guess what, it’s by design too. For instance, what’s the crime behind knowing that jews own everything and not telling others?

                They’ll tell you there is no crime but I’ll tell you there is and it’s treason, punishable by death. The only jew I’ll consider trusting is the one who dedicates their lives to exposing, arresting and killing other jews.

                But even then, the question will be how much I trust them! Fool me once . . .

                • Well, it’s likely there’s nothing I can say to make you believe me but that’s no excuse for my not trying.

                  I’m attempting to tell everyone here that I didn’t know about all of this depopulation stuff and in fact have been victim to it and all the poisoning of our food, vaccines and etc.

                  My own kids have paid the price, can’t you see that? These people at the top and anyone who’s knowing of this crap are guilty of murder and treason, to name just 2 crimes. I’m guilty of being a Jew who knew that Jews control the world.

                  However, I didn’t believe in conspiracies and thought we were doing the right things under direct command of G-d. Now I’m questioning everything just like everyone else. And I do mean EVERYTHING. We’ve been deceived, likely all of us, even the evil pukes at the top.

                  But one thing is for sure, I don’t like being lied to or poisoned anymore than anyone else. I’m here to help and I’m going to do just that, regardless of what anyone thinks. And when the time comes, I’ll be ready for judgment. I’m not an evil nor deceitful person.

                  That said, can we please just get to work. No one can say I’m a rich man but I’ve signed up and contributed $500 so far. I’m also going to be selling the Gazette in person and helping in every other way I can. So, how about just giving me a break until I can prove myself. That’s all I ask.

                  • David Allender said:

                    Well everyone, this is how we beat the satanic jews and establish OUR new world order of REAL Democracy, Freedom and Justice! True equality is coming to the world for the first time in millennia, IT’S TIME!

                    Do not be deceived and watch out for that little voice in your head that tells you to believe jew lies or to go against your fellow non-jews. Those who know their bible and/or quran should recall that failing at this mental battle will result in eternal hell.

                    Trust in God, truth and each other. Anyone who tells you to do otherwise is your enemy and that enemy is DEFINITELY IN YOUR HEAD. I speak of the telepathic/supernatural world known as the “unseen”. See page 4 of GG #119 for a very serious eye opener on this subject. Here’s the link;


  7. Have no mercy everyone, the jews don’t deserve an ounce. On another note, this is a great issue of the GG and that really is the best Chemtrails vid out there. Here’s a link to some excellent work done by Stephanie Seneff on Autism and digestive disorders caused by the jews/Monsanto’s Round Up.

    You might want to think about what you’re buying at the grocery store. Go Kosher and Organic people!!!

    • David Allender said:

      Thanks Reva, we have her powerpoint presentation and PDF in the Archive DVD. It’s solid work she’s done for sure!

      • Mark Miller said:

        Hey David, FYI; Dane Wigington and his site you’ve recomended has been debunked as a CIA operation. (I figure you might already know this?)

        Anyway, for everyone here, as with all the cointel sites, there is much truth there but watch out for all the fear mongering BS and don’t let them take your eyes of the jewball!

        • David Allender said:

          Yah, I always knew something wasn’t right there. The give aways are his non-mention of jews, no gathering of a group or uniting our opposition in any other way, focusing on the fukashima radiation BS and popularizing the idea that chemtrails are being done to combat global warming instead of simply to negatively control the weather/food/water to aid in depopulation. (There are many other diabolical objectives in line with that as well)

          Anyway, one thing was that he let a couple of my comments stand on the site back in the summer of 2014 so I figured that maybe, just maybe he was simply off target on those subjects. But since then I’ve seen how he’s “leading the opposition” for the jews.

          To conclude, the reason I left the link/recommendation is because his site is one of the best ones out there at legitimizing chemtrails in the minds of newbies. I know it sucks to have to use a shill site to expose shills but we’re forced to do so at 1,000s of other sites as well so, we’ll just use it with an ounce of caution.

          This is especially true in the case of Chemtrails because it’s such a deep and important rabbit hole. There’s too much going on for me to “catch up” and disseminate everything there is to know on the subject. We made the Chemtrails Questionaire and did this issue on the kikes depopulation agenda which should get people on their way in the shortest amount of time possible.

          Anyway, thanks Mark. It’s good that we’ve covered this and I probably wouldn’t have gotten around to it without you bringing it up.

          • Mark Miller said:

            Sure thing David, I knew you had your reasons but just wanted to make sure others aren’t deceived. The more I look around the net, the more I begin to wonder if this is the only real site out there. It’s beyond bizarre. I keep wondering if they’re using technology to block access or change content on other sites. One thing is sure, the value of the physical, printed versions of these newsletters and the archive DVD is becoming frighteningly apparent!

            • David Allender said:

              Uh huh, what’s really, really amazing is how all of this has come to be. Never in a million years could I have come up with all the stuff we’ve been led to do. From the domain names to the Unidigi network to the SWAT raids and everything we learned from it all. And now the Affirmative Action Alliance, One Big Job and this little newsletter. Then there’s my story in #119, which is unlike anything imaginable. It’s so hard to comprehend the powers behind our world and lives. The unfathomable mind of God is amazing indeed! No one understands this aspect of things quite yet but God, YHWH, the one true God of Hinduism, the OT, NT and Quran is on our side and the jews know it, they’re done! The thing is, they’re trying to take as many of us with them as they can. This of course was satans’ promise all along.

  8. David Allender said:

    Comments are turned off or may not get posted because we no longer have time to waste on spammers, trolls and shills.

    For in depth discussions on these subjects enjoy using our private, TROLL Free forum inside

    Or email us at “info – AT SIGN –”


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