What is Evil? (Part 1)



Parasites & The Hosts They Destroy

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You Are Living In A World of Good and Evil. You Have Always Had The Power To Choose Your Side But Never Knew You Were Being Tricked and Manipulated By satanic jews.

Now That You Do Know, What Will You Do?


“If it can be destroyed by the truth, it deserves to be destroyed.



For Sale: Your Health


These same parasites are also sucking your health and selling it for a giant profit. The pharmaceutical/medical industry complex was created to make and keep you sick. Cures for diseases are stopped from reaching the general public. Natural healing is ridiculed and your doctor has been reduced to being a legalized pill pusher. They need to have “buyers” (sick people), to keep the giant wheels of their machine turning and their pockets full of cash! How does it make you feel to know that you and those you love are tortured and murdered for a corporate profit?

One of their favorite weapons is utilizing their multibillion dollar Food Industry to push their unnatural junk food on you everywhere. They use their media to advertise it, they serve it to your kids in school cafeterias, they sell it in their restaurants that line every street and they fill the vast majority of the shelves in their grocery stores with it. They make their unnatural junk foods cheaper and more readily available than healthy natural foods. Can you see the satanic agenda?  It’s evil and it’s real, they don’t care about you, at all.  Gentiles are just numbers to satanists.


Following their prescribed diet plan results is robbing you of both your mental and physical energy.



Submitting to their evil persuasions literally makes you sick, and when that happens you’re confronted with yet another choice;  Do you have the smarts to attempt healing yourself naturally or do you call your jewish doctor (most are) and continue being brainwashed and part to their criminal multi-Billion dollar worldwide medical-pharmaceutical industrial complex? 

The fact is humans around the world lived healthier lives just 100 years ago which were based on natural, “Homeopathic” health care.  Now our medical industry is a facade based on jewish “Allopathic” medicine which with the exception of some surgeries and prosethics, NEVER, EVER cure a condition but rather “treats” them, this of course is designed to keep you sick and profitable to the jews who own all the drug companies and hospitals.  You know this is true and we have overwhelming proof;


  • 1 Out Of 3 People Will Be Diagnosed With Cancer, a Disease That Was Virtually Nonexistent 100 Years Ago
  • Every 67 Seconds Someone In The US Develops Alzheimer’s, a 600% Increase Since 1980
  • Since Then The US Has Also Seen A 800% Increase In Diabetes
  • 1 Out Of 13 Children Are Taking Psych Meds
  • Prescription Overdoses Kill More Than Heroin & Cocaine Overdoses Combined
  • Combined Sleeping Pill Prescriptions For Zolpidem and Ambien Have Increased To 44 Million
  • During 4 yrs Of College Our Doctors Take 1 Course On Nutrition Which Totals Just 2.5 Hours Of Time!
  • There are multiple cures for cancer and other diseases that jewish medical professionals have buried for over 65 years.

Those are NOT trivial talking points, they’re pieces of criminal evidence of Murder, Fraud and Treason against Billions of Gentiles Like YOU.



Now That You See It’s Another Choice Between Life or Death, What Will You Choose?


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