Now we know, John “Merlin” Rambadt of Gravette AR is a Worthless satanic jew.


How to expose a crypto jew;

Often the easiest and best way to spot a “crypto” jew in your midst is simply by talking about jews!  Use a couple of light jabs while surrounded by people and see if anyone swings back in “defense”, say something like “did you know that jews have cheated, lied and thieved their ways into owning all the news media.”?  Or;  “Hollywood is owned by jews, so how does that fit in with all the satanism in Hollywood films and music”?  Or;  “I just heard that jews did 9/11, not muslims!” or as in the case described below, simply calling them a satanic jew!

This was an email originally intended for private distribution among family only.   However, it is far too important of a subject to be limited as such.  So,

For the Record . . . . On 7/5/14 while disgracefully drunk, John Rambadt finally freely admitted to being a satan worshiping loser.   This occurred during a very heated “discussion” on his part which I had on speaker phone where both Peggy and Kelsey were witnesses to the entire conversation.  The call began with my attempting to reach Amy who, like both Julie and Vicki has been mysteriously and callously avoiding speaking to Peggy.  They won’t admit it, but I know it’s out of fear over our corrupt, satanic jew ran government.

There’s no other sound reason but a commonly used excuse is that they’re mad at her for not going on a sister weekend 3 years ago.  Never mind the fact that Amy has missed no less than 5 of such get togethers without persecution nor that Peggy had nearly broken her neck working in the garage and was in severe pain.  Also, it was at a time when I was writing my first book regarding the jewish problem and we were under heavy surveillance by the CIA.   We gave up flying nearly 20 years ago and with her neck being sore, she decided driving 14 hours didn’t sound like a good idea and it was best that Peggy stay home.

Anyway, the point of the call to Amy was I sought to arrange a meeting/visit by Peggy which Peggy and I were then discussing with Amy when a belligerent John came roaring into the background screaming at Amy, asking “who the hell” she was talking to.  When she told him it was us, he demanded that she hang up on her sister.  Amy was screaming back at him saying no but after several minutes of this John forcibly took the phone from Amy’s hands and began a fanatical tirade of insults and death threats to me for doing absolutely nothing.   Well, other than writing my books and outing his worthless ilk that is.  This is nothing new though, all I can do is laugh at the 100s of death threats I’ve received over the last several years since I began exposing these worthless satanic turds online.  It’s funny how certain people haven’t been in contact with me from that point forward.  Coincidentally,  they’re mostly just all the assholes I’ve ever known! 

John boys’ pugnacious diatribe got even more heated when I asked him if he worshipped satan and he said “ya, so what”!  I then told him I’d always suspected so and that he was an evil, lying, satanic piece of shite which of course hurt his little feelers because it’s the absolute truth.  All satan worshiping jews are professional liars and sideshow cheats, most are masons which I’m sure Johnny is as well.  So, it turns out that this filthy satanic jew has been lying to the entire Dyk family since day one when he crept into the mix under the guise of being a Christian!  But he’s not, he’s of the synogogue of satan.  (Sound familiar?  Read Rev 2:9 & 3:9 for the original version of the satanists lie!)

Unfortunately assuming the roles of others such as Christians, Muslims, Mormons, Atheists and etc. is a very common and well rehearsed ploy used by all jews, not just satanic ones, going back at least to the 1300s when they were vanquished from Europe.  It’s how they avoided being hung and burnt at the stake for being satanic losers while they were banned for around 400 years.  Hence, John is what’s known as a “crypto jew”.  Thankfully his children aren’t jews (no, not even half, a jew by blood is only a jew if the mother is jewish).  So, all of Amys’ children are gentiles, Goyim to John.

Peggy was so shaken up by the event and Johns hysterical death threats that she was extremely concerned for Amys’ safety.  (We know they can’t hurt us)  So, we called the cops to do a welfare check and let them know John was Ram-badtshit  crazy.  He was so irate and belligerent that he couldn’t finish a sentence!  I’m talking totally, totally out of control.  Peggy said she’s never witnessed anyone acting as evil as this nutjob was.  I’d have to agree but wasn’t surprised.

It seems little johnny has always had it out for me going back 15 years ago when he threatened to kill me while we were all out for dinner.  This was after a day of kayaking and general horseplay when he was trying his darnedest to eek out some sort of a dominant role over me, which he repeatedly failed at, hence his desperate threat which only grew into more hatred for me when I laughed at him.  You see, all jews think they’re better than gentiles who they refer to as “Goyim” which means nation, cattle and/or locusts.  Female Goys are dirty, filthy “Shiksas” and male Goys are rotten “Shkotzim”.  That’s what jews like Johnny truly think of gentiles and why he/they can’t stand the fact that gentiles are often smarter than he/they are and better at most anything, especially works requiring creativity.

In Johnny’s case, we add to the mix the fact that I’ve been successful as a lifelong, self starting, self learned, entrepreneur which  “Silver Spooner” jewboys like Johnny can’t stand.  All Goyim are supposed to be slaves to the jew, and in fact most are.  As many of you are aware, his business was created and left to him by his Dad.  And while he wasn’t smart or resourceful enough to start the business himself, he does somehow manage to get plenty of major, multi-million dollar contracts from all the big jew owned companies like Walmart and Disney.  He’s admitted his jealousy to me in the past but I never thought anything of it until now when we’re finally putting all of the pieces together.   So, now we know why Johnny has always been the black sheep of the Dyk sisterhood and family.  Peggy and I are still very concerned for Amy’s safety which I hope this email will go some distance in assuring while the 100 or so relatives are awakening to this parasitic infection.  I can only hope there aren’t more cases but hold no surety.

Whom that hath ears, hear.  

All the Best,

David Allender

–End of original – Begin blog bonuses;


Feel free to share this with everyone you know.  Unfortunately, if you’re like most, you’re going to be finding out that some of your “friends” and even family members by marriage are crypto jews just like little johnny.   My estimates are in the 20 to 30 million range in the US alone, but that’s just a fairly educated guess.  It could be more but it’s highly doubtful to be less and certainly nowhere near the 6 million figure reported by the jews themselves.   And while not all jews are satanic degenerates like Johnny, we don’t know the number who are so this is an obvious problem in terms of where we’re to “house them” during investigation, deportation and/or prosecution of every last one of satans’ lil helpers.

Real Jews prepare to help us help you!  I keep thinking those 900 FEMA camps around North America might be just the ticket!  In fact, I keep thinking that might be the entire angle behind the satanic jew agenda that’s been used time and time again across history to safely move satanic jews to different countries just as in the case of moving them from Europe to America during the German pre-war era.  About 1.5 million Real Jews and 50 to 70 million Christians were killed but very few satanic jews were.  The records show that an estimated 4.5 to 6 million  of them came to America!  Here’s a pic of some terribly abused satanic jews being shipped to Palestine from Buchenwald Concentration Camp near Weimar, Germany, in July 1937;



By the way, most don’t know it but the concentration camps were actually “work camps” fully furnished with hospitals, schools and gyms for the jews.  They were exactly what our government is calling “Internment and Resettlement” camps or FEMA camps!  Back then, the jews filled the boats, trains and plains bound for the US, their new homeland and now it would seem they’re readying to “move along” once again.  Maybe to Israel, China, India, the Moon???  I don’t know but I say we nip their attempt to flee without justice in the bud this time.  The days of the stinking satanic jews are numbered on earth.  These are “End Times” and the world is about to get a whole lot better in every manner you can imagine!!!


Here’s an old pic of the family, Peggy and I are on the left, Amy and the thudpucker john himself are on the right;

VYGY_009 (2)


Kelsey noticed a super creepy thing about that pic, did you?  . . . . .   Why is Johns’ hand on his brother in laws’ knee???  Masons, satanists and jews are all into homosexuality!!!  As far as I know, Gordy didn’t even care for John much back then and he certainly looks uncomfortable with it.  He’s the only one in the pic who’s not smiling.  WTF is going on here?  I need answers on this one.  But since I probably won’t get any, I’ll postulate it is part of a mental control method using the “imposition” portion of Materialism, Imposition and Destruction which satanic jews utilize to oppress the masses.  My guess is that Johnny has something on Gordy and this is being done to re-enforce  control/dominance.  And while that sounds crazy even to me, I cannot discount it.  When it comes to satanists, anything goes.  When they say “Do What Thou Will”, they mean it, at any costs.

Here’s a more recent pic of what this smug, POS looks like after licking satans ass for 15 more years;


Johnny and his satanic pals better enjoy their ill gotten gains because their house of cards is about to fall.  God is real, this loser’s going to jail, then hell.



How to expose a satanic jew . . . . .  (Illustration by Kelsey Scott)

 john merlin rambadt satanic jew


Note the facts that John has been lying to the family for 25 years and that he’s not just claiming to be a jew, he’s claiming to be a SATANIC jew.  That means he’s not deceived by our satanic government, media or financial system, he’s part of it.  These evil, murderous degenerates are knowingly and willingly acting together in doing unthinkable evils everyday while laughing at everyone around them for being so stupid.   And while that “everyone” includes Real Jews and Gentiles alike, it is the Real Jews who should be the most upset, embarrassed and disgusted for being taken on such a ride.  Now,  I must say there is some theorizing going on in this post but the guts of it are 100% factual.  We’ve got a serious parasitic infection going on in America and you’re going to find that every community around, including yours is ground zero.  Exposing these evil, satanic liars and bringing them to justice is all that matters now.


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  1. This is priceless yet depressing. I’m sorry for your guys’ “loss”. But then again, I guess outing a crypto jew isn’t really a loss, it’s more of a pleasure. Looks like a scumbag, that’s for sure.

  2. I’ve exposed 3 members of my “family” as crypto jews but thankfully none of them admit to satanism. They’re scared of being found out and persecuted for the actions of their zionist satanic leaders though. I think this house of cards is beginning to tumble! Excellent work here, I’m from England, but have joined and contributed. EVERYONE NEEDS TO SHARE THIS SITE.

  3. David Allender said:

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