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Issue #000


7 thoughts on “The Comics

  1. Great cartoons! I especially like the 600lb Gorilla. That says it all about our world and what the jews/satan have been able to accomplish. They have everyone looking the other way and hating each other instead of them, the only enemies Americans have! Simply amazing. I’d like to add the following I found at ziomania about the fraud and misnomer of jews calling anyone an anti-semite;

    If one looks into the history of the word, “semite”, it has to do with a language group and no more. The semitic languages are, at least according to most linguistic experts, Amharic (spoken in Ethiopia and Eritrea, the lands once known as Abyssinia), Arabic (spoken in all the Arab countries and in many Muslim countries because it is the language of the Qur’an), Hebrew (spoken in Israel and by some Jews and others outside of Israel), Aramaic (spoken primarily by the Chaldeans of Iraq and by some Catholic and Maronite Christians in the world, at least in their church services if not in their homes or business) and Syriac (spoken by a few in various parts of Syria and in the Middle East). Incidentally, according to most linguists, Abraham, the father of the Jews and Arabs, spoke Aramaic, that was the language of the land at the time, not Hebrew.

    So, next time you hear a jew calling someone who’s exposing them an anti-semite, it should roll right off your back! Jews are semitic as apple pie, televisions and frisbees. It’s bullshit, don’t let them get away with using this word because they’ve invested countless billions of dollars and endless hours of propaganda to strengthen this lie, but it’s still a lie!

    • Just these comics alone tell more about things than you’ll find on 99% of other sites! Excellent job here!!!

      Also, thanks for adding that Rocky. It’s a perfect example of how the jews will cheat, whine and lie about EVERYTHING. Why would the word anti-semite be any different!

  2. Wow, that’s excellent. Thank you. And then you have hordes of deceived christians running around “parroting” messages and ideologies popularized by jewish subversives who are pastors and clergy in their churches! Yep, we’ve got a problem here don’t we!!!

    • Israel and the Zionist Monsters are the most vile, evil turds on the Face of the Earth. These Psychopaths will not only lead to the destruction of all Gentiles, but also every living thing on this Earth, including All Zionists! You should know that the Pharises Jews where the chosen ones of satan/lucifer and his demonic entities, that’s their g-d! From their Actions, you can see that they know absolutely Nothing about Love, Compassion, Humanity or Empathy. They were never Chosen by our (Gentile) Definition of GOD. (Creative, Prime and Loving Source.)

    • Amazing – people are finally starting to catch on! They didn’t know it but what the progressives have ALWAYS meant (and should have said) every time they talked about “the rich, the rich, the rich” should have been “the jews, the jews, the jews”.

      It’s nothing new, they’ve been shouting it since Germany. Since Armenia. Since the French Revolution. Since Herrod. Since Pharoah, Since the Tower of Babel. It’s the FUCKING KIKES. EVERYTHING EVIL AND BAD ON EARTH COMES FROM THEM!!!

      • David Allender said:

        Just deleted over 100 spam and shill comments, time to shut ‘er down! The next issue, #000 is about our bogus, jew ran injustice system and their epic fail at trying to kill Peggy and I with a 65 man, $1.1 million dollar SWAT team attack.

        Just so everyone can see a great example of karma, I’m writing this 4 years later, in perfect health, safety and sanity while sitting in our house which we haven’t made a payment on since July of 2011. The total in payments saved to date (6/4/2016, which just so happens to be Peggys b-day) is around $200,000! “they” have tried to foreclose upon us 4 times and failed at that too. Grime doesn’t pay!!!

        One per day will keep the liars at bay! 😉

        Oh, and BTW; in reply to Samson . . . CORRECT.

  3. Nice Homepage. Greetings from Germany. The jews are still raping, molesting and killing German children till this day. Often in a ritual acts and it’s the same there in America, go to your local wal-mart or post office and look at the missing children posters, it’s like a trophy list for the jews. No B.S. It’s why We the People of Germany began outing and executing them in the streets pre-WW2 before Hitler came along to save them by rounding them up and shipping them off to the US and Palestine. DEATH TO ALL jEWS!!!


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