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If you’d like to behold this once in a lifetime event more like we did, come back later to read our story at as we began discovering and writing about it in 2016, the year of 666.


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About #119

The original 2017 print version of this article was only 26 – 8.5” x 11” pages long but has been significantly extended with more recent discoveries for online readers.  However, even though it’s still a relatively short read of a couple hours, it is very truthful and dense.  So much so, we deemed it necessary to include the table of contents below with links in each section/page to make it easier to bookmark and navigate while re-reading as will be required by even the most awakened and intelligent of folks.  (Especially pages 5 thru 11 which is where anyone short on time should begin.)


Man has NEVER been given anything even remotely comparable to what you’re about to read.  This eclectic little piece contains the most convincing AND 100% IRREFUTABLE body of evidence about ET life, ancient scriptures and “these times” ever compiled.  God saved His best miracles for His greatest performance to date, the cumulation of ALL the major end times prophecies to usher in the end of this deplorable age of corruption, destruction and oppression.  If you hate evil, have yearned for change and want rock solid reasons to have hope for our future, THIS ARTICLE IS GUARANTEED TO DELIVER!!!



If You are 1 of the Worlds’ 6 Billion Readers of the Vedas, Bible or Quran You’ve Been Taught That One Day God Will Send His Servant To Right The World.  That Means YOU BELIEVE;

SomeONE has to be the one

SomeTIME has to be the time

SomeWHERE has to be the place


This is the place, you’re about to meet the one, IT’S TIME.





Table Of Contents

Page 1: The Importance of YHWHs’ Word, the Truth, In a World of Deceptions.

Page 2: Overview of Our World and What “End Times” Is Really All About.

Page 3: A Different Take On Prophecies That Will Finally Make Sense.

Page 4: The Very Real and Powerful Supernatural World at Work In All of Us.

Page 5: 666 as a Biblical, Mathematical Cryptogram by GOD Intricately Tied to PI.

Page 6: Ancient Uses of 666 by GOD and the Hijacking of 666 by lucifer.

Page 7: Rev 13:18 Calls for TWO 666 Entities, lucifers’ “Beast” and Gods’ Last Messenger.

Page 8: Gods’ Use of 666 in Easily Veritable End Times Miracles Using Google Maps.

Page 9: The Mysterious New Jerusalem as the Home of Gods’ 666 Servant in WA.

Page 10: 7 Bible Prophecies Prove Our Last 666 Messengers’ Name Will be “David“.

Page 11: The 666 Man Matches ALL of the Dead Sea Scrolls Prophecies.

Pages 1224: The 666 Man Matches the Largest Body of Prophecies on Earth, the Hadiths.

Page 25: Connect the Whale of Dots of this Astounding Article About All Our Futures!

Page 26: It’s All About Discerning Good vs. Evil, Can YOU Tell Who’s Who?

Back Cover: The Wrap Up!  End Times are Now, God is Real and His Servant is Here, It is Irrefutable.

Endnote: 2016, the Year of 666 and a Personal Message From David Allender.

Commentary:  If You Can Refute or Disprove ANYTHING Herein, Do It In The Public Commentary Section For Everyone To See.  If You Can’t, You Have 100% Undeniable Proof That ALL OF THIS IS REAL.  (No One Has Been Able To Disprove ANY of the Well Over a Thousand Facts In This Only Of It’s Kind On Earth Article Since Its Original Publishing Way Back in 2016!  NOT ONE.  Let’s see if you can do it!  Remember, You’re Looking For Just One Mistake or Wrong Assertion Out of Litterally 1,000s.  Find It and You’ll Be The First!)


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We have done our best to help folks connect the proverbial dots of our times not only by living through the hair raising experiences it took to write this article (which as most will be able to imagine, was no small feat in and of itself) but also by taking the time to provide lots of notes, explanations and summations.  We figure the more people that “get it” the better off our world will be.  Such being the natural urge felt by all rational, responsible and caring persons.

Indeed it is the job of decent people to proclaim and share the truth so, by all means ALWAYS DO!  That said, do yourself a solid by keeping in mind the following sage advice while doing so;

Ezekiel 3:21  “But if you warn the wicked, who does not turn from their wickedness, or from their wicked way, they shall die in their iniquity; but you will have saved your life

Holy Quran 42:48  “If they turn away from your message, know that We have not sent you as their keeper, your duty is only to deliver the message”  


Good luck everyone.


Peggy and David



Firstly, the problem with our world;

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the Public believes is FALSE”
William Casey, Director of the CIA (1981) In Response to President Reagan’s Inquiry Of Casey’s Goals With The CIA.

There are 2 kinds of Americans; those who understand what that advisor to Reagan meant, and those who don’t. The ones who do are either very well seasoned “truthers” like ourselves or they are the enemies who live and work among We The People exactly as they have for millenniaThe ones who don’t know why our leaders would say such a thing are the very subjects they set out to, and have deceived. (until now) We have dedicated our lives and everything we owned (about $2m) to exposing those enemies of WTP and God.  Like all our work, the online version you’re reading now is 100% FREE and translatable for EVERYONE.  Share it widely and watch what happensYou will find that many cannot bring themselves to read this or even remember it if they do!  Indeed, we have wrote an article that only some people, GOOD CHOSEN PEOPLE, can see and retainCONGRATULATIONS IF THAT IS YOU!!!

Next the solution for our world. FYI, this site is the only of its kind in that everything herein is based upon an honest search for truth. There is no govt disinformation, propaganda or lies. You can trust EVERYTHING you see here because as you’re about to learn, the authors are not liars and in fact are, the only real and present danger on earth to the liars themselves. Enjoy the truth!


David Allender


Love for truth (which is God de facto) often compels one to speak its importance to everyone of finding, comprehending and embracing it. Those of wisdom know with absolute certainty that when it comes to anything of import, there is nothing of more value than knowing THE TRUTH. This is why successful people love it while others don’t. Hence the above graphic and use of this space at the opening of the most important, by far, article I’ve ever penned. As readers of the GG know, I have made such claims before, each of which no one has ever disagreed with to date. I promise this will be the case once again but to a whole other level. That said, let us prime our minds and steel our constitution with one more take, from yours truly, on the importance of truth;


Erroneously thought by some to be a “state of bliss” but is actually just a false sense of security. In a good world it is an option, but in our current corrupt world, these are weak links who hold we the people back. NAIVEFLIGHTY
Intentionally kept in the dark, misled or outright lied to by others (including our jinn) who have something to gain by doing so. No one likes being lied to, yet billions watch fake news and frequent corrupt 501(c) churches.DUPEDBEGUILED
Unintentionally misled by others who themselves are wrong or; assuming that one is correct about any number of things while in reality they are not. #2 and #3 can be far worse than just being ignorant as #1.CONFUSEDDEPRESSED
Knowing of as much truth about any particular subject as is available, bearable and/or comprehendible to ones’ mind. Some truths are hard but no one has ever died from the truth, it is the opposite. FYI in order to play on a team, win at any game, succeed in business, stay out of trouble, avoid fines, not be penalized, or even make it to heaven, the greatest success of all, we must first be informed of all the rules/laws.SINCEREPEACEFUL



Our first, brief yet telling example of this reality can be seen in the true story about Gods’ most recent messenger (that we know of) who sadly went afoul. He was a man named Rashad Khalifa compelled by God to discover by means of a computer what’s known as “the miracle of 19” in the Quran. He did so in 1974 based on data from chapter #19 which is hinted at only in chapter #74 (1974) which tells us there are 19 angels assigned as guardians of hell. Rashad found his name conspicuously encoded in the Quran (imagine finding YOUR name in a one of the most famous, divine books on earth!) and began falsely claiming he was the final messenger, wrongly interpreting the Quran and lying about it, soon thereafter he was brutally stabbed to death on 31/01/1990. (Middle Eastern date format)  Chapter 19s’ 1st verse is #1230 of the “initialled” verses of the book and its last is #1327. The numerical value of “Rashad Khalifa” = 1230 and . . . 1230 x 1327 x 19 = 31011990. As if that’s not enough, we find he was born on 19/11/1935 which tells us he spent precisely 19798 days on earth and the initials of chapter 19 are found exactly 798 times therein.  (Note the simple yet strangely complex style of Gods’ use of numbers in this excellent example of His signs/messages to humanity.  This sort of use of cryptography in plain sight is Gods’ signature and will become quite familiar to anyone researching the tens of thousands of examples now being discovered in ancient scriptures by scholars around the world in “these times”.)



If you are a Christian you’ll want to know and constantly remind yourself everyday that Websters’ definition of “satanism” (the religion of your mortal enemies according to God) is;

1 :innate wickedness

2 :obsession with or affinity for evil; specifically :worship of satan marked by the travesty of Christian “rites (Christs’ ceremonial teachings of “the way” we’re to live. i.e. the law.)

Hence real, biblical satanism has almost nothing to do with modern satanism.  Corrupt US govt operatives created the satanic bible, Church of satan and Temple of Set back in the 60s to deceive Christians, popularize evil and mock everyone with the fact that the worship of their g-d lucifer and being evil was legal.



Page 1

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Firstly, most will be quite surprised to learn Yeshua (aka Jesus) is NOT Gods’ initial figure prophesied to appear in end times. As we will irrefutably prove using the Bible itself, the King we’re repeatedly told to be on the lookout for will arrive before Yeshua in a dichotomy as an adversary to the infamous “beast” of Rev 13:18. We will then prove this long awaited servant is here NOW. This will be easy for most of the non-church going public to follow, but likely not so easy for those who frequent any corrupt, 501 (c) govt ran church. Few realize these corporate churches have long been instructed by high up govt officials around the world to hide this and many other extremely important FACTS about end times from the public. “Why” you ask? It’s simple, these corrupt leaders don’t want to lose their jobs, fame and power! You see, they know there will be zero need or use for them when We the People (WTP) finally have our FAIR, LOVING AND JUST KING IN TOTAL CONTROL OVER EVERYTHING! Worse yet, they know they’ll face prosecution for using our governments, corporations, schools and churches to spread lies and commit crimes. Indeed, they have broken nearly all of Gods’ most important laws, most notably; THOU SHALT NOT KILL, STEAL NOR LIE“. If you stop to think about all the senseless killing (i.e. animals and people), financial crimes and deceptions, you’ll realize ALL our leaders are 100% complicit and guilty!

Of course some will argue it wasn’t they themselves who pulled the triggers or dropped the bombs in our modern military operations where 9 out of 10 of the MILLIONS killed are in fact completely innocent, non-combative men, women and children.  And most see being shrewd and callous in politics and business as acceptable regardless of who it hurts or what it takes, lying to make money has become the norm. So, like all criminals they don’t want to be caught and will do anything to evade but YHWH won’t allow it! However, what they could and have accomplished is really the only part that matters to YOU. That being to deceive as many of WTP about all of this as possible. It is in this manner that if they lose, YOU lose in “THESE TIMES”. 12/21/12 marked the beginning of earths’ 2,160 year astrological journey from the zodiac of Pisces into Aquarius. Even more interesting is for the first time in 25,920 years, on 12/21/12 the Sun rose to conjunct the intersection of the Milky Way and the plane of the ecliptic which created a “cosmic cross” the embodiment of the Mayan Sacred Tree, aka The Tree of Life. The Hindu and Mayan calendars are the oldest on earth and match each other within approximately 12 years. (The Hindu calendar says Pisces ended on 1/1/2000 while the Mayans’ say it was 12/21/12.)

What it takes to prove this fact would go over the heads of anyone not well educated in Mayan/Hindu history and astronomy. So, instead, we’ll just use prophetic verses from Hinduism, Christianity and Islam to see if the condition of todays’ world fits the bill. All of this is going to take us somewhere that will be quite unexpected and awe inspiring for absolutely everyone regardless of faith. Enjoy the ride, you’ll never have another like this one(until you re-read this)

Many are completely oblivious to the FACT that ALL the major “end times” predictions from Earths’ top 3 religions perfectly describe our world today. First from the Bible; 2 Tim 3:1 “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, truce breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good. Traitors, heady, high minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God.” (Sound like the world we’re living in?)

Next from Hinduisms’ Bhagavad Gita; 4:7-9  When there is a decline of righteousness and unrighteousness begins to prevail, then I (God) manifest Myself. (Puts His spirit upon a human being chosen to serve mankind) For the sake of saving good people and defeating those who do evil, for restoring the dharma (the right way of living) I manifest Myself thus from age to age in my Avatars. From Hinduisms’ Kalki Purana; “All kings occupying the earth in the Kali Age (Pisces) will be wanting in tranquility, strong in anger, taking pleasure at all times in lying and dishonesty, inflicting death on women, children, and cows…They will be short-lived, ambitious, of little virtue, and greedy…Because they go on living with perversion, they will be ruined…and people commit sin in mind, speech, and actions. Quarrels, plague, fatal diseases, famines, drought, and calamities appear…and people will freely commit abortion.” (Sound familiar?)

And lastly from Islams’ Hadiths; “Prayers will be neglected, carnal desires will be pursued, transgressors will become leaders, it will not be possible to distinguish the faithful from the false, telling lies will become desirable. Males will commit adultery with males, and females with females. Children will disobey their parents, friends will treat friends badly, sins will be taken lightly. Usury (charging of interest) will become rampant. Human life will have no value and singing women will be on the increase. (Connect the dots!)

Those prophecies are from the top 3 religions on Earth with a total of 6 Billion followers. The warnings of judgment day are identical in all 3 faiths and virtually all the top figures from each agree we are living in “end times” RIGHT NOW.


  1. WTP are living at the beginning of a long awaited, beautiful new age on earth. (Aquarius, Satya Yuga, Golden Age, The Millennium, Messianic Age, World to Come, etc.)
  2. YHWH will make His servant help us right the world to live in lawfulness with peace and plenitude throughout this age.

He, His final Messenger will identify, kill or arrest and incarcerate all the evil and/or deceived people opposed to God. (This is what “FEMA camps” and the U.S. Armys’ Internment & Resettlement Operations Manualare for) Later, all the deceived ones and their supporters, knowing or not, will be judged and sentenced to hell which is a very real place described throughout ancient scriptures from around the world.  Tragically for most, it will be solely due to them being deceived about Gods’ 10 simple laws which resulted in their transgressions thereof. As the old saying goes “Ignorance is NO EXCUSE for the law!”









Supporting them in ANY MANNER including doing nothing is treason to country punishable by death per 18 U.S. Code § 2381 plus treason to self and God, the latter of which we are all warned is also punishable by death, followed by eternal hell.  (If God, end times, the irrefutable 666 miracles herein and all the rest of this is real, which it is, who would be stupid or foolish enough to assume hell isn’t real?)


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An eye opening look into YOUR immediate future!


This is the most important material you’ve ever possessed. It tops off all the major religious books (Hinduisms’ Vedas, the Bible and Islams’ Quran) because it will conclusively verify the unfolding of their most astonishing and long anticipated prophecies, which are of dire import for every member of the human race. This writing will turn anyone with an open mind into “a believer” in the God of Abraham. (Because even the most ardent of atheists will not be able to refute the bevy of factual evidence in the prophetic happenings herein!)  Firstly, the name of the prophet Abrahams’ God is “YHWH” Who is one and the same as Islams’ “Allah” which is just a generic name like “God”. In the Bible it’s written as “Eloh” but since there weren’t differentiating vowels between Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek, Allah & Eloh are identical. It is believed we will come to find the same to be true in the Vedas, but Sanskrit is a lost language and much manipulation has occurred. What can be said is that Hinduisms’ laws, teachings and prophecies are extremely similar, usually identical. For instance; see the age old rule of only worshiping the One True God; “There is only one God, worship Him” (Rig Veda, 6.45.16) and “Do not worship any one beside Him” (Rig Veda 8.1.1) and “God is only one, not a second” (Chandogya Upanishad Ch. 6.2.1). In Hinduism the first prophet (aka “Avatar”) was Krishna who himself prophesied that Mohamet by name would appear in Arabia w/his companions to fight evil and spread Gods’ word, all while being under divine protection. (Bhavishya Purana, Prati Sarag Parv III Khand 3 Adhay 3 Shloka 5-8But what exactly is a “prophecy” you ask ? . . .

There are 2 different kinds of prophesying, (aka “predicting”) the reliable one happens when God communicates directly with humans or via angelic beings such as Gabriel, Michael, Israfil or Azrael. The other not so reliable one uses the “spirit world” which is prone to being demonic and requires trances, spells and/or conjuring of spirits (the jinn) usually with some sort of object such as a crystal ball, mirror, liquid surface, pendulum, stones, tarot cards, an ouija board, pendants, talismans, amulets, majick squares, idols, statues, animal or human body parts and/or in many cases, the sacrifice of live animals or children. This of course is evil which God warns us NOT to practice; “There shall not be found among you anyone who makes living beings pass through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. For all who do these things are an abomination to YHWH” Deut 18:10-12

Now the difference between prophesying with God vs. the spirit/jinn world is that God doesn’t lie, while the spirits/jinn DO. They actually have to lie because it’s the law not to tell humanity “certain truths” especially to those ignoring Gods’ word at the time by practicing their forbidden rituals! Hence the spirits/jinn contacted by mistake prone famous seers like Nostradamus, Jeanne Dixon and Edgar Cayce will not tell them the whole truth because they are terribly afraid of God. “Thou believest there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble”. James 2:19

Here’s a verse about those kind of false prophets from Jeremiah 14:13-14  And I said:  Ah, ah, ah, O Lord God, the (false) prophets say to them: You shall not see the sword, and there shall be no famine among you, but He will give you true peace in this place.  And the Lord said to me:  “The prophets prophesy falsely in My Name: I sent them not, neither have I commanded them, nor have I spoken to them: they prophesy unto you a lying vision, and divination and deceit, and the seduction of their own heart”.

What’s being said in that example is that false prophets (future tellers who use magic, sorcery, tarot cards, divination etc.) are giving their followers false hopes.  Evil people can however plan things in advance and make it look as though they “prophesied”, 9/11 is a good example of that.  Let us prove this foreknowledge of 9/11 by our govt/leaders within a popular card game which came out 7 YEARS BEFORE 9/11/01!!!



(Again, this came out 7 Years Before 9/11/01)cardgame


That one was done by a satanic “insider” individual to make money from a conspiracy card game with over 350 cards that are rife with 100s of future events, most of which indeed have occurred(Because they were all planned by our govt/leaders via the jinn whom they invoke in their use of ancient practices of witchcraft/sorcery)  The next of the bills shows how the masons in charge of our govt used both satanic prophesying and the power of occult suggestion to carry out their plans for 9/11. (Which was in fact an “inside job”)


Below are the US $5, $10, $20 & $100 Bills Folded As Shown.


$5 Standing – $10 Crash
United (Flight 93) – America-n (Flight 11)


$20 Falling – $100 Smoke


What you’re going to read are legitimate prophecies from real prophets of God All Mighty across the ages about “end times”.  Unlike mistake prone seers, you’ll see just how amazingly accurate these prophecies from Gods’ actual prophets are, even though many were made thousands of years ago. IMPORTANT NOTE; If you can’t wrap your head around this YOU ARE IN GRAVE DANGER. There are 100s of verses from all the ancient texts of how both God and lucifer (aka a jinn in the Quran or a “familiar spirit”, “shedim”, “devil” in the Bible commonly known as ETs today) send down delusions, disbelief and confusion. If you experience any such feelings while studying here we highly recommend TAKING IT VERY, VERY SERIOUSLY.

THIS IS A VERY DIRE WARNING FRIEND.  Those of sound mind who cannot process truthful information are not only brainwashed by our govt like everyone else, but also supernaturally trapped by the jinn into bad habits of making poor decisions which are then further bolstered by God, in condemnation.NOT GOOD!


Page 3

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A Few Clues/Warnings About Supernatural (Telepathic) Mind Control and Deceptions From The jinn and Their nephilim hybrids;

The deceivers:  Revelation 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, (a jinn/ET) called the devil, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his partners were cast out with him.” Revelation 20:10The devil, who deceived themJohn 8:44 “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” 1 John 5:19 “…the whole world is under the sway of the evil one.” Quran 35:5 “O mankind the Promise Of God is True so do not let the life of this world deceive you and do not let any deceiver deceive you about God!” Quran 4:118-120  . . . the degenerate snaking imposter said: I will take of Thy Servants an appointed share and I will lead them astray arousing sinful desires in them commanding them to cut the ears of docile livestock and to change the Creation Of God. And whoever takes the degenerate snaking imposter for ally instead of God they have suffered clear defeat. The degenerate snaking imposter arouses sinful desires in humans and promises only deceptions. ” Quran 3:175 “It is only the degenerate snaking imposters and their jinn fathers who seek to put fear in you so fear them not.” Quran 7:200 “And if an evil suggestion comes from the degenerate snaking imposters or jinn seek Protection From God.Quran 15:39 “Said lucifer: My Lord because Thou Has Sent me astray I will make life on Earth seem pleasing to them and I will deceive them one and all!” Quran 14:22 “And when the matter has been concluded the degenerate snaking imposter will say: God Promised you the Promise of Truth and I promised you but I deceived you. And I only had the right to call you to evils but you foolishly responded to me. So blame not me but blame yourselves for I will not answer your cry nor will you answer mine and I now reject your reliance upon me as a protector yea for the wrongdoers comes a Painful Punishment.” Revelation 22:10 And he saith unto me, “seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand (meaning disclose the secret signs of end times so people can choose their fates, hence . . .) he that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.” 2 Corinthians 4:3-4 “… if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not.” Luke 8:10-12 “Those by the wayside are the ones who hear; then the devil comes and takes away the word out of their hearts, lest they should believe and be saved”. (Many have experienced this phenomenon after disclosing truths to others who seem to get it at the time, and then mysteriously return to states of complete ignorance, it’s totally common.  We have seen it happen literally hundreds of times!) THIS IS REAL and happens commonly, here’s another like that; Mark 4:14-16 “The sower sows the word. And these are the ones by the wayside where the word is sown. When they hear, the devil comes immediately and takes away the word that was sown in their hearts….” And another; Matthew 9 “When any one heareth the word of the kingdom, before he understandeth it, then cometh the wicked one, and catcheth away that which was sown in his heart.”

God the Condemner:  (NEWS FLASH; Not unlike you looking on as your child, pet or other disrespects, disobeys or dishonors you, those who oppose God begin incurring His wrath right then, long before judgment day!)  2 Thessalonians 2:9-12 “according to the working of lucifer, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned, who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” Isaiah 66:4 “I (God) also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spake, they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes, and chose that in which I delighted not.” Isaiah 6:10 “Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and convert, and be healed.” Matthew 13:14 “. . . hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive.Quran 2:7God seals their minds and their hearing, and their eyes are veiled. They have incurred severe retribution.” Quran 4:155 . . . “and their saying: Our hearts are encased. Nay! God set a seal on them for their ingratitude—so they believe not but a few.”  Quran 6:46 “Say: Considered you that if God took your having the ability to hear and your sight and sealed over your hearts, what god other than God restores them to you?  Look on how We diversify the signs! Again, they still drew aside.”  Quran 6:65 “He has power to send torment on you from above or from under your feet, or to cover you with confusion.” Quran 6:110 “And We (Angel/s speaking collectively in service to God) shall turn to their hearts and their eyes, even as they refused to believe in the beginning. We shall leave them in their transgressions, to wander in distraction.”  Quran 7:100  “Guides not those who inherit the earth after its previous people that if We will, We would light on them for their impieties, and We set a seal on their hearts so they hear not?”  Quran 8:11 . . . “He covered you with a sort of drowsiness, to give you calm as from Himself.” Quran 9:86-88  “When a Chapter of the Quran was caused to descend saying that: Believe in God and struggle along with His Messenger, those imbued with affluence ask permission of thee. And they said: Forsake us. We would be with the ones who sit at home. They were well-pleased to be with those who stay Behind. And a seal was set on their hearts so they understand not. But the Messenger and those who believed with him struggled with their wealth and their lives. Those, for them are good deeds.  And those, they are the ones who will prosper.”  Quran 9:93  “The way of blame is only against those who ask thee permission to remain behind and they are rich. They were well-pleased to be with those who stay behind.  And God set a seal on their hearts so that they know not.”  Quran 16:107-108  “That is because they embraced this present life Instead of the world to come. And God guides not the folk, the ones who disbelieve, those are those who God set a seal upon their hearts and upon their ability to hear and their sight. And those, they are the ones who are heedless.”  Quran 18:10-11 “And when the spiritual warriors took shelter in the Cave, then, they said: Our Lord! Give us mercy from Thy Presence and furnish us with right mindedness in our affair. So We sealed their ears in the Cave for a number of Years.”  Quran 18:17 “He whom God guides is the guided, but he whom He leads astray – never will you find for him a protecting guide.” Quran 19:83 “Seest thou not We have set the devils on the disbelievers to confound them with confusion?” Quran 30:58-59 “And, certainly, We propounded for humanity in this, the Quran, every kind of parable. But if thou were to bring about any sign to them, certainly, they who were ungrateful would say: Truly, you are nothing but ones who deal in falsehood. Thus, God sets a seal on the hearts of those who Know not.Quran 40:35  “those who dispute the signs of God without any authority having approached them. It is troublesome, repugnant with God and with those who believed. Thus, God sets a seal on every heart of one who increases in pride, haughtiness.”  Quran 42:24 “Or they say: He devised against God a lie. But if God wills He would have sealed over thy heart. And God blots out falsehood and verifies The Truth by His Words. Truly, He is Knowing of what is in the breasts.”  Quran 45:23 “Hadst thou considered he who took to himself his Own desire as his god and whom God caused to go astray out of a knowledge, sealed over his having the ability to hear and his heart and laid a blindfold on his sight? Who, then, will guide him after God? Will you not, then, recollect?”  Quran 47:16  “And among them are some who listen to thee until When they went forth from thee. They said to those who were given the knowledge: What was that he said just now? Those are those upon whose hearts God set a seal. And they followed their own desires.”

Gods’ Messengers:  2 Kings 17:13 YHWH warned Israel and Judah by every prophet and every seer, saying, “Turn from your evil ways and keep my commandments and my statutes, in accordance with all the law which I commanded your fathers, and which I sent to you by my servants the prophets.” Quran 44:5 “It is a predetermined promise from us that we send messengers.” (mankinds’ divine notice of notices!)  Quran 64:6 ” . . . their messengers went to them with clear proofs, but they said, “Shall we follow humans like us?” They disbelieved and turned away. YHWH does not need them; God is in no need of praise.” Quran 7:101 “We narrate to you the history of those communities: their messengers went to them with clear proofs, but they were not to believe in what they had also rejected before. God thus seals the hearts of the disbelievers.”  Quran 10:74 “Then we sent after him messengers to their people, and they showed them clear proofs. But they were not to believe in what they had rejected in the past. We thus seal the hearts of the transgressors.”  Quran 14:9 “Have you not heard about those before you, the people of Noah, ‘Ad, Thamoud, and others who came after them and known only to God? (because they and most evidence of their existence was obliterated from the face of earth by God for their insolence!) Their messengers went to them with clear proofs, but they treated them with contempt and said, ‘We disbelieve in what you are sent with. We are skeptical about your message; full of doubt.”  Quran 15:11-12 “But never once a messenger came to them at whom they did not scoff. We place disbelief in the hearts of sinners.”

Regarding the rest of this document;  Needing to re-read that which is hard to believe is normal but always keep the messages from the above verses in mind while doing so. For those who can’t comprehend or retain the truths contained herein it is either demonic entities who are beguiling them and they still have a chance to resist and “repent” (stop being deceived), or it’s God who has already begun condemning them for their insolence. If the latter, they won’t be able to make heads or tails of this no matter how many times they read it.

These spiritually corrupt people are marked for destruction yet still exist along side the rest of us which is NOT good news for mankind as a whole because they are our oppressors, mass murderers, thieves, liars, cowards and etc. degenerates. Hence, in order for humanity to advance, this element must be purged from society and that is in large part, what end times is about. (Justice!)

Next comes millennial rule of We the People under the divine guidance of Gods’ most loyal servants many of whom will have just been resurrected and sent back to earth for such purpose.  (This is the first judgement performed in the background by God, see Rev 20:6 “Blessed and holy is he who shares in the 1st resurrection!” Over such the 2nd death has no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and they shall reign with him a 1,000 years.”) 

Those servants and saints of old come back with Yeshua during his 2nd coming to help We the People right the world.  They will be “set up” by Gods’ end times Messenger (the new King of Earth) for service to country and God in facilitating justice within every nation around the world. This is the truth about “end times” which is actually just the beginning of the final age/millennia on earth.  It will be beautiful, unlike any other era in recorded history!

Then after the 1,000 years comes the rapture (the taking up/saving of good people who are alive at the time) and destruction of earth with death to the remaining masses and then the long awaited final judgement called the “white throne judgement” for those not resurrected upon the return of Yeshua and those who die during the coming millennia.  This is the end game, heaven or hell to every soul.  

The state of belief, disbelief or confusion thereabouts at the time of death of each person living now and during this coming millennial reign will determine where they end up.  These are NOT times to remain deceived!  We will now unravel some BIG LIES sewn by our enemies that were designed to make We The People fail the tests . . .


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THE FINAL TRUTHS ABOUT 666 and a little more . . .


Prophets Jeremiah, Ezra & John were inspired to use 666 four times in their three separate biblical accounts/stories which in total is more than any other large, specific number (3+ digits, non-aughts) in the bible;



The people and “others” (God and His angels) behind creation of the Bible also chose to make 666 the most talked about, symbolized and anticipatory number on earth today by using it in that famous prophetic end times verse of Rev 13:18 about a “666 beast” and a “666 man”. The thing is, it turns out that 666 is an extremely unique “triangular number” well known by higher ups in modern science and mathematics to be the most interesting number of all which as we will fully prove is also deeply embedded in our world!  So, why doesn’t everyone in religo-merica know all about that or many other truly amazing (utterly fantastic actually) 666 facts such as how “someone” also brilliantly encoded the famous opening verse of Genesis 1:1 with 666 and other highly unique triangulars such as 703 and 2701?!

Gematria (Numerical Values) for the Original 7 Hebrew Words in the Famous Verse of Genesis 1:1

Genesis 1:1 “In The Beginning (TIME) GodS Created The Heavens (SPACE) and the Earth (MATTER)


Numbers derived from Perfect Triangles made with objects such as coins are called “Triangular”, here are the 1st 99 which includes 666, the year 2016 and the total gematria of 2701 from Gen 1.11, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, 28, 36, 45, 55, 66, 78, 91, 105, 120, 136, 153, 171, 190, 210, 231, 253, 276, 300, 325, 351, 378, 406, 435, 465, 496, 528, 561, 595, 630, 666, 703, 741, 780, 820, 861, 903, 946, 990, 1035, 1081, 1128, 1176, 1225, 1275, 1326, 1378, 1431, 1485, 1540, 1596, 1653, 1711, 1770, 1830, 1891, 1953, 2016, 2080, 2145, 2211, 2278, 2346, 2415, 2485, 2556, 2628, 2701, 2775, 2850, 2926, 3003, 3081, 3160, 3240, 3321, 3403, 3486, 3570, 3655, 3741, 3828, 3916, 4005, 4095, 4186, 4278, 4371, 4465, 4560, 4656, 4753, 4851, 4950, 5050.


GEN 1:1 = 2701 TOTAL

 BELOW IS A TRIANGLE MADE OF 2701 PARTS/DOTS. (For real, you’ll see a counted version below) Note the Exact Fit With the 703 Triangle From the Gen 1:1 Words “and the earth” Perfectly Surrounded By 666 Triangles of Air, H2O and Fire Just Like the Earth is!



Exactly 216 (6x6x6) Parts In the Perimeter of a 2701 Triangle!

Note: Ancients didn’t use zeros so, 216 is the same as 0216, 2016 (i.e. the year) 2106 or 2160.


2701 is 73 x 37 and 703 is 19 x 37




FIRST A HIGHLY INTERESTING ANECDOTE;  After discovering what you’re about to read below, I was guided to page #216 (6 x 6 x 6) of The-Quran-Unchallengeable-Miracle.pdf(one book among many available today which irrefutably prove the Quran was authored by highly advanced, non-human intelligence, i.e. God!) wherein there is a paragraph taken from “Contact” (the book behind the popular 1997 ET movie) written by Carl Sagan the famous astronomer and scientist. The movies’ premise was that if we could find proof of Gods’ existence hidden in the digits of PI it would change the world.  This is because atheist mathematicians, scientists and skeptics everywhere would begin to become believers and read the scriptures.


What if that’s exactly what God did and He then guided us to find such proof encoded in PI along with some very solid clues that this is indeed end times which are closely associated with 666?!




Product (from multiplying) the 28 Letter Values x Number of Letters in Gen 1:1

Product of the 7 Word Values x Number of Words of Gen 1:1




2.3887872 x 1034  x 28 (letters)

3.0415352 x 1017 x 7 (words)


= 3.1415


That’s PI (p) which is a key number for use in ADVANCED, MODERN GEOMETRY TO 5 DIGITS IN ACCURACY!!!  (A calculation not to have been achieved by humans for thousands of years after Genesis was written.)  But wait, let us be sure this isn’t a coincidence . . .  

If we perform  exactly the same, extremely unique calculation with exactly the same, extremely unique parameters using the Bibles’ only other narrative of the Creation story this time from the New Testament with its 52 Greek letters (instead of the OTs’ Hebrew) within the 17 words of John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”.  We get;


= 2.7183


Well, that’s Eulers’ number (e) which is a key number for use in ADVANCED, MODERN CALCULUS once again TO 5 DIGITS IN ACCURACY!!!  (“e” and modern calculus weren’t even discovered until the mid 1700s!)

For full proof and a detailed look (one of many now out there) at the work behind this impossible to deny mathematical miracle from God please see this page we’ve archived for Lloyd Garrick

So, that’s two of the most important and oft used numbers in advanced Geometry and modern Calculus we have discovered deeply encoded in the Bibles’ most famous creation stories of Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1.  One might wonder if we’re only pecking at the skin of this onion?  What if we could go on and on for days finding more and more highly advanced cryptograms within just these two verses of divinely delivered texts?  Well we and others can AND HAVE but we have more to do, we’re here to see the bigger picture!  So, let us conclude this little exploration with yet another key number from the Greek gematria of John 1:1;



Upon adding those values we find the total of John 1:1 is 3,627.  And if we concatenate (place/link) that number after the Gen 1:1 gematria of 2,701 we get 27013627 or 27,013,627

OK, the math behind this one is much simpler, let us square that number . . . (27,013,627 27,013,627)


= 72973604e+14


Hey, that’s the Fine Structure Constant (a) of 72973 which is a key number for use in ADVANCED, MODERN PHYSICS once again TO 5 DIGITS IN ACCURACY!!! (“a” wasn’t even theorized of until 1916 and finally nailed down in 1998!)




Note a deeper meaning shown by joining the gematrias from Gen 1:1 and John 1:1 is blatant proof that advanced, non-human intelligence was behind each of these famous Creation Stories delivered nearly 2,000 years apart!


And how about a little “geometric icing on top humanities’ birthday/creation cake” . . .

Similar to the above shown concatenation of 2,701 from Gen 1:1 with the 3,627 of John 1:1 to get the Fine Structure Constant or “a” we find yet another excellent and telling fit, this time geometrically with John 1:1 as a perfect plynth (base) for Gen 1:1!




So what do you think, does God exist and did He author Gen 1:1 and John 1:1 or not???

This exploration goes MUCH, MUCH DEEPER (well beyond the average persons’ imagination or intellect) but the half dozen or so discoveries covered above alone clearly prove advanced intelligence behind Gen 1:1 & John 1:1.  You could stop right now, focus on nothing else for the rest of your life and know with complete surety that ancient, primitive humans did NOT author these texts.  There should be no other proof required for anyone of sound mind.  However, just to be sure, we have been given “a few more” exciting and irrefutable clues!



As shown above the first 4 decimal digits of PI (p) are 1, 4, 1 and 5 (3.1415…). The result of the separation and unification of the first 2 digits 1 & 4 is 14, then for the 1 & 5, we have 15.  OK, a calendar year is 365 days but the actual solar year is a bit longer: 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and a little over 45 seconds. To balance things out we stick with the 365 day year (as in 3.1415) times then add a “leap day” every 4th year on February 29th.  (Note the sum of 14 and 15 is 29!)   Therefore a common year has 365 days and a leap year has 366 days. Now here’s the gem;  Upon adding up the digits of 365 from the common year, we arrive at 14 (365 is 3 + 6 + 5 = 14).  For the 366 day leap year, we get 15 (366 is 3 + 6 + 6 = 15).  That’s 14 and 15 as in 3.1415!  Just coincidences?  Let’s see . . .

The next  2 digit number in PI is 92 (3.141592…) which is how many naturally occurring chemical elements there are in our universe!  (Note the existence of time then creation of the elements in the same order as Gen 1:1.  Remember, we’re looking for proofs of the Creator of our material world so, all this is quite relevant and will tie in really well below.)  OK, these numbers: 3 . . . 14, 15 and 92 making up the first 7 digits (recall the 7 day week of creation) of PI have revealed some curious findings and here’s another when we continue the 2 digit parceling of the first 10 decimal digits of PI; 

Recall God is the Omega a perfect 10;

The first 10 decimal digits of PI are .1415926536 and;

3 (as in 3.1415926536)  (14+15+92+65+36) = 666

Rest assured what follows will combine to make all of this become impossible to deny proof from God who knows full well the importance of PI and 666 in His Creation.



AND HOW MANY DEGREES ARE IN A CIRCLE? (i.e. ONE SOLAR/ORBITAL YEAR TAKING 12 MONTHS OF 52 WEEKS) THAT’S RIGHT, 360° . . .  And what is the halfway point known as the winter and summer solstice?  Uh huh, 6 months.


1 x 4 x 1 x 5 x 9 x 2 = 360°!




FIRSTLY, HOW MANY HOURS ARE IN A WEEK?  THE ANSWER IS 168.  (7 x 24 = 168) BELOW ARE THE 1ST 168 DECIMAL DIGITS OF PI FROM PIDAY.ORG IN ROWS OF 10 EACH; (so you can count them yourself if desired or easier yet use

3 . . .


the 2 is #165

the 7 is #166

the 0 is #167

the 1 is #168

Well, there’s that Gen 1:1 number of 2701 now being tied to Gods’ 7 days of creation totaling 168 hours. (Note that the 168th is THE LAST HOUR of our 7 day week which mirrors Gods’ 7 days of Creation.)

And . . .




+ 168

= 666


 So, that’s 2701 from Gen 1:1 and the last hour with 666 from the famous end times prophecy of Revelation.  And we’re about to learn this is all now being divulged by the 666 man of Revelation 13:18 who is declaring this is end times!




And what about 144,000, the other famous number God used TWICE in the end times book of Revelation? . . .

 Rev 7:3-4; Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the bond servants of our God in their foreheads.  And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel. (We are cautious in that being one of the 144,000 who get “sealed” may  NOT be a good thing!  It’s because when the word “sealed” is used it often means having your eyes, ears and/or mind closed by God due to disbelief in, and/or being ungrateful for, the many, many miracles mankind has been given across history which most definitely includes the plethora herein we’re being given now!)

And here is the 2nd mention of 144;

Rev 21:10;  And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and shewed me that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God . . . 21:15-17; And he that talked with me had a golden reed to measure the city, and the gates thereof, and the wall thereof.  And the city lieth foursquare, (LIKE A PYRAMID!) and the length is as large as the breadth: and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs.  (About 1,500 miles)  The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal.  And he measured the wall thereof, an hundred and forty and four cubits (thick), according to the measure of a man, that is, of the angel.

144 cubits = 216 feet which is 66 x 6

144,000 / 216 = 666.666

144 is 2/3rds or .666 of 216  (72 + 72 + 72)

Man was created on Day #6 and 6 Days = 144 Hours

(Also of noteworthy peculiarity is that 144 / 666 = .216216216216 to infinity and 1,440 is 666% of 216.22.)

And here’s the real kicker; the last minute of the day is #1,440 (24 hrs x 60 min = 1,440) and the first 144 decimals of PI add up to . . . yes of course, 666!!!  Add the sums from the first 14.4 lines of 144 decimal digits of PI in bold and see for yourself;

3 . . .

1+4+1+5+9+2+6+5+3+5 = 41
8+9+7+9+3+2+3+8+4+6 = 59
2+6+4+3+3+8+3+2+7+9 = 47
5+0+2+8+8+4+1+9+7+1 = 45
6+9+3+9+9+3+7+5+1+0 = 52
5+8+2+0+9+7+4+9+4+4 = 52
5+9+2+3+0+7+8+1+6+4 = 45
0+6+2+8+6+2+0+8+9+9 = 50
8+6+2+8+0+3+4+8+2+5 = 46
3+4+2+1+1+7+0+6+7+9 = 40
8+2+1+4+8+0+8+6+5+1 = 45
3+2+8+2+3+0+6+6+4+7 = 41
0+9+3+8+4+4+6+0+9+5 = 48
5+0+5+8+2+2+3+1+7+2 = 35
5+3+5+9 = 22

41 + 59 + 47 + 45 + 52 + 52 +45 + 50 + 46 + 40 + 45 + 41 + 48 + 35 + 22

= 666!

So, now we have both the last hour of our 168 hour week AND 1,440 the last minute of our days being clearly associated with Revelations’ famous end times numbers of 144 and 666 encoded in deep PI! 

“IN-SHA-ALLAH” That is God!

Please also note the incredibly improbable event of the 355 day long Islamic/lunar new year of 1440 began at 12am on 9/11/18.   That’s 9/11 which is Yeshuas’ (aka Jesus) birthday tied together with the famous number of 144 from the end times book of Revelation in the 18th (6 + 6 + 6) year of the new millennia!!!  Think it and everything else in this bulletproof, mathematically factual piece means or points to anything? Maybe the most important events in recorded history???


Now would be a good time to mention 2019 had both a lunar eclipse (a “Blood Moon” on Jan 21st) and a solar eclipse (on July 2nd).

Why does that matter???  Acts 2:20-21  “The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and manifest day of the Lord come”

What kind of fool could possibly think all of this is a “coincidence”?  We are being shown incredible signs from our God YHWH that end times and judgement day are real.  THIS IS YOUR FAIR AND LEGAL WARNING in the form of highly advanced, impossible to deny, mathematical facts from God and we’re just getting started here!

Ain’t the “age of information” grand?! 

God even told us we would learn about these things in “these times”! 

Luke 8:17  “For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.”

Matthew 10:26-28  “Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.  What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops.  And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear Him which is able to throw both soul and body in hell.” 





Jeremiah 31:35 “Thus says YHWH, who gives the sun for light by day and THE FIXED ORDER of the moon and the stars for light by night”

Quran 35:13  “He causes the nighttime to be interposed in the daytime and He causes the daytime to be interposed into the nighttime and He caused the sun to be subservient and the moon.  EACH RUNS ITS COURSE FOR A TERM THAT IS DETERMINED. That is God, your Lord. For Him is the dominion!



Next; The Seven Hebrew Words of Gen 1:1 Have a Total of 28 Letters Which Itself Is Another Triangular Number;


The ET pictured above is likely similar to lucifer/ibliss, not God who is a very beautiful, majestic and perfect being.  It is prophesied that He will show Himself to His end times Messenger in a vision.  Numbers 12:6 “I YHWH will make myself known to him in a vision”.   You’re about to learn this has indeed occurred and it happened to “someone” involved in these writings!!! (And his name equals 666 or 6 + 6 + 6 = 18 which is equal to 12 + 6 as in that verse of Numbers 12:6!)


Here are the 1st 99 triangulars again; (note the inclusion of #s 153 fish from John 21:11 & 276 souls from Acts 27:37) 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, 28, 36, 45, 55, 66, 78, 91, 105, 120, 136, 153, 171, 190, 210, 231, 253, 276, 300, 325, 351, 378, 406, 435, 465, 496, 528, 561, 595, 630, 666, 703, 741, 780, 820, 861, 903, 946, 990, 1035, 1081, 1128, 1176, 1225, 1275, 1326, 1378, 1431, 1485, 1540, 1596, 1653, 1711, 1770, 1830, 1891, 1953, 2016, 2080, 2145, 2211, 2278, 2346, 2415, 2485, 2556, 2628, 2701, 2775, 2850, 2926, 3003, 3081, 3160, 3240, 3321, 3403, 3486, 3570, 3655, 3741, 3828 (just realized that’s the last 4 of our old home phone #, always wondered what was special about it!) 3916, 4005, 4095, 4186, 4278, 4371, 4465, 4560, 4656, 4753, 4851, 4950, 5050.

FOR THOSE IN NEED OF MORE HINTS/SURETY; IN THE LIST ABOVE, THERE ARE 36 (6 X 6) TRIANGULARS BETWEEN 666 AND 2701 (666 IS #36 AND 2701 IS #73 WHICH IS 37 REVERSED) AND 26 BETWEEN 666 & 2016 WHICH WE WILL SEE WAS THE YEAR OF 666 WHEN ALL OF THIS WAS REVEALED TO US BY GOD AND HIS ANGEL/S.  WELL, GODS’ NAME “YHWH” EQUALS 26(The gematria values of the four Hebrew letters in “YHWH” known as the Tetragrammaton (Yud – Hey – Vov – Hey) are 10, 5, 6 and 5.  Y=10, H=5, W=6 & H=5 which totals 26. )

And check out how that very special number of 37 is also hidden within His holy name YHWH which equals 26(Just like it’s hidden in His word of Gen 1:1 and as we’ll see, the human genome!) First we take the four numbers (10, 5, 6 & 5) and sum the 2 numbers on the left, the 2 middle numbers and the 2 numbers on the right;

10 + 5 = 15

5 + 6 = 11

6 + 5 = 11

Next, sum their values …

15 + 11 + 11 = 37!

Next, sum their reversed values …

51 + 11 + 11 = 73


37 x 73 = 2701 of Gen 1:1!

Now instead of adding the values of the two numbers to the left, the two middle numbers and the two numbers to the right, multiply them …

10 x 5 = 50

5 x 6 = 30

6 x 5 = 30

50 + 30 + 30 = 110 which is 37 + 73!!!

And while recalling the 92 natural occurring elements from 3.141592, look at this; The sum of atomic numbers from the types of atoms found in DNA = 37 and the total atoms in the molecules found in DNA = 73

Is there really any doubt YHWH is our Creator?!

The above factoid was included in the 73 lines of the “Arecibo Message” produced by Carl Sagan that was launched in a rocket in 1973 supposedly in hopes of opening communications with God/ETs.  Basically 5 numbers representing the atomic numbers of 5 different atoms that make up DNA are; Hydrogen = 1, Carbon = 6, Nitrogen = 7, Oxygen = 8 and Phosphorous = 15.  The sum of these 5 numbers is 37.  The number of atoms in each of the 6 molecules that make up DNA are; Adenine = 14, Thymine = 14, Cytosine = 12, Guanine = 15, Deoxyribose = 13, Phosphate = 5.  The sum of these 6 numbers is 73.

37 x 73 = 2701 of Genesis 1:1, The Creation Story Given To Us By The Creator Of Our DNA!




How are you doing friend?  Feeling a little overwhelmed?  Say this;  “Please YHWH (Yah-way) give me the wisdom and ability to understand these revelations from You”

Go ahead, ask Him and watch what happens!  “Please YHWH give me the wisdom and ability to understand these revelations from You”

Congratulations, you’ve just been introduced to your maker, YHWH, God Almighty!  Now watch, you’ll be able to more easily handle His miraculous proofs . . . 




There is so much going on with this fascinating number of 2,701 and it’s factors of 37 and 73.  For instance 2,701 reversed is 1,072 and 2,701 + 1072 = 3773!  That’s 37 and 73 the factors of 2,701!!!


Another interesting correlation to “these times” with 37 and 73 is this;

37 is the 12th prime number

73 is the 21st prime number

Now recall the 12/21/12 end date of the Mayan calendar!


And how about a link to 12/21 and “these times” about the end times 666 Man . . .

Rev 13:18  “For it is the number of a man and His number is 666

Gematria for Revelation 13:18 in its original Greek = 1221


But why did God choose to make the Hebrew gematria of Gen 1:1 equal 2701 with its prime factors of 37 and 73?  What’s the missing link here?  Why 37 and 73?

Well, only now during this computerized “age of information” can we explore deep PI to find the answer, check it out! 

Below we have our repetitive triplets (111, 222, 333 etc. which are all divisible by 37, i.e. 3 x 37 = 111) with their respective locations in lists of prime numbers and decimal digits of deep PI(i.e. 607 is the 111th prime or “P” and 111 is located at the 153rd decimal digit of PI or p“)  We made a simple excel spreadsheet with the first 100,000 digits of PI and primes up to 1,000,000 to confirm these numbers.



Note the use of a reflective for the sum of 16012 (21061) from the PI column to obtain 37073 and/or 3773 as we also see with the 2701/1072 reflection of Gen 1:1!

And there is even more!


Row # & Width           Running Totals


We’ll come back to that plynth number 2035 (the base for 666) but firstly, what are the 703rd and 2701st Primes?

703P = 5303
2701P = 24317

How many integers/numbers are between 5303 & 24317?

5303 <19013> 24317

19013 is the 2161st Prime (P #2161 = 19013)

2161 reversed is 1612   (Recall Gen 1.1 2701 Reversed is 1072 + 2701 = 3773)

2161 + 1612 = 3773!!!


And what about reversing that plynth sum of 2035 we see above?

2035 + 5302 = 7337!!!


And we haven’t even talked about PHI known as “the Golden Ratio” which is also perfectly defined within our Gen 1:1 2701 triangle.  When broken into it’s 4 parts of 666 + 666 + 666 + 703 the outer lines defining the 703 “and the earth” triangle in the center create the following perfect 1 to 1.618 depiction of PHI, the Golden Ration which we find everywhere in Gods’ Creation!



That one alone is HUGE, stop to think about it! For much more on that please see the page we’ve archived for the folks over at 37× HERE  (But take heed the warning given below about the jeZeus deceptions therein!)


All of that from the gematria of Gen 1:1

Could anyone possibly need more proof than what we’ve just covered??? 

Hey, here’s a good question for right about now;


For the translator; Why are governments, the media, google and churches censoring findings now being made by scientists and mathematicians around the world which irrefutably prove Gods’ existence?  Why?

Congratulations for finding and reading this article, you’re now on the right path, the one that’s been hidden from you by your enemies!  Share that picture above with everyone you know so they can begin awakening too!  (It will also give you someone to talk to about all of this, a support group if you will)

 Indeed, we are witnessing the amazing work of Almighty God encoding His divine words in the scriptures with highly advanced mathematics not available to us until now!  For another totally mind boggling example of His Super Intelligence, this time behind the Quran, see the research paper prepared by Ali Adams. (Note; we know firsthand it isn’t possible for the average human mind to comprehend everything in that document, especially upon 1st read so, be patient.)  To compliment his section regarding the popular subject surrounding evens/odds from chapters/verses we have archived a simpler exploration solely dedicated to that subject from

Anyone who doubts the Quran’s genuineness needs to seriously WAKE UP!  Start by watching the following short 38 minute video “The Miracle of 19”.


Download The Miracle of 19? (124 MB .mpeg video)

Unlike 20 years ago, there are now MANY, MANY scholarly books, articles and videos on the subject of the Qurans’ authenticity.  It can be easily ascertained by anyone of sound mind that the Quran is indeed the final testament to mankind delivered by what it and God Himself confirms therein was our final prophet Mohamet (peace be upon him). For some of the best videos in the world that irrefutably prove the Qurans’ authenticity go to and grab a copy of that translation of ours!

Here is another blatant and really cool proof source from the Miracle of 19 in the Quran;


This is a deliberate design of Almighty GOD; He has placed His mathematical signature in our hand. The number of bones in our hand is 19.  In mathematics, 1 and 9 are like A and Z in English. They can signify “The First and The Last,” “The Alpha and Omega or the Beginning and the End.”  Zero independently has no value. To make sure that we don’t think this might be a coincidence, next to our hand, GOD has placed 8 bones in our wrist.  Well, 19 is the 8th prime number;  (2,  3,  5,  7, 11, 13, 17, and #8 is 19!)

For those wishing to find unity amongst the Biblical and Quranic Scriptures we highly recommend spending ample time at the following site.  After a decade of full time research, as of this writing, it is the ONLY site other than ours which accurately correlates the Bible and Quran. HOWEVER, BEWARE! It too is malicious propaganda in the facts that it hides Gods’ Holy Name of YHWH and the real meaning of “Thou Shalt Not Kill”. Those two “little points” are COMMANDMENTS that will result in ETERNAL HELL for those who get them wrong. Oh, and they also promote the flat Earth bullshit so, again BEWARE. Anyway, here’s that, bookmark it for later;

These truly are miracles for humanity to use in waking up!  Here’s a really good one which ties the “God numbers” 37 and 666 together in a super blatant manner;  Most Americans don’t realize that the normal 98.6° temperature of the human body is 37° degrees Celsius.  And . . . if the Fahrenheit system (180 <60 + 60 + 60> units of measure from freezing water at 32° up to 212°, its’ boiling point) was like the Celsius system and began at 0° instead of 32°(as one might think it logically should) our temp is actually 66.6°(98.6 – 32 = 66.6)  Also, one more incredible tie is that 37% of our 180 degree range in Fahrenheit is exactly 66.6°!  (180 x 37% = 66.6!)  So, God made our healthy body temps precisely 37° Celsius and 66.6° in Fahrenheit if started from zero° as it logically should and would if it hadn’t been covered up by “someone” wishing to deceive We the People about 666!!!  (Yes, in case you haven’t figured it out quite yet, we’ve all been lied to about 666.  There is much, much more proof on that below!)

To wrap this portion of our explorations up, below are .pdf archives of the recently published works by mathematics researchers Leo Tavares and Vernon Jenkins.  (Note to readers; BEWARE of many technical documents like these surfacing on the net, they will make your eyes bleed and the bogus references which glorify fake Judahites aka “jews” and promote the prophet Yeshua as being God will turn your brain into deceived mush.  [The hugely important deception about fake Judahites can take years to overcome so, we don’t try here.  However, it is well covered starting at the homepage here at the Gazette.  As to the jeZeus deception; while the gematria of 2,368 for the fictitious name/title “Jesus Christ” is an indisputably important number in advanced mathematics, the name itself and concept of him being God are massive deceptions woven by lucifer and his lil helpers here on earth.  This manipulation of the original New Testament scriptures/stories was done to make YOU worship a prophet/messenger instead of God which will result in your being sentenced to eternal hell!]  Always remember, there is only ONE GOD and His name is YHWH, worship Him!)





All of that was just a few in your face divine hints about the significance of key numbers in creation along with some very cool examples (among many, many more) of how “someone” encrypted the bible with 666 which other researchers have also recently discovered even deeper ties to advanced mathematics of Pi, Eulers’ Number, The Fine Structure Constant, Multidimensional Geometry and Human DNA!  Trust we could spend many pages on this subject but let it suffice to say there are more reasons this “Certain Someone” has an affinity to 666 in particular, and with a little research one will find hundreds of important, ancient ties to our world with “sexigecimal” (six base) numbering which conclusively tie to the ancients who established parameters of important things such as; TIME with its 60 seconds per minute and 60 minutes per hour, 3 dimensional SPACE with its 6 cardinal directions of North/East/South/West/Up/Down and MATTER such as Carbon 12 (6+6), Earths’ most prevalent solid element which also constitutes 99% (66 flipped) of all Carbon Life Forms like us made of 6 electrons, 6 neutrons and 6 protons with body temps of 66.6°Indeed, we are all 666!!!  And so were the bibles’ “Nephilim”, 9′ to 18′ tall ancient giants of renown such as Goliath who had 6 fingers and 6 toes. Hmmm…


Page 5

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Abrahams’ Kabba built circa 2000BC Note: Abrahams’ God “YHWH” is the one true God of 3 billion Christians and 2 billion Muslims Worldwide!Solomons’ Temple first built circa 950BC and later rebuilt. Note: he was the son of the bible’s most famous king of all, King David of Judah, the main tribe of Israel which Jesus descended from.

NOTE: Even though man could measure short increments back then, we didn’t know what nautical miles were because calculating them requires knowing the exact circumference of a sphere.(Earth)

AND . . . Jerusalem, the ultra-famous city of antiquity where Solomons’ Temple sits is also where BOTH Jesus & Mohamet, (the two most famous figures in all of history) left our earthly plane to join God in heaven. Perhaps that’s why YHWH chose its coordinates of 31:46 North by 35:14 West which just so happen to add up to . . . yup, 666!!!




AND . . . the Kaaba at Mecca is situated in a manner which its corners align to match the 66.6 degree axial tilt of the earth;



(i.e. 90° – 23.4°  = 66.6Note: As we will repeatedly disclose herein, there is a massive deception about this subject which relates to the actual sizes of the earth, sun and moon and how things truly are.  But the 66.6 degree “wobble” in the suns’ orbit likely still applies.  Regardless, this information is the official data from NASA and all the other alphabet soup organizations.




We even see this amazing message of advanced ancient intelligence AGAIN on a correctly oriented map when we draw a line between Jerusalem and Abrahams’ Kaaba at Mecca!!!


Genesis 25:7 which tells us how long Abraham lived is the 666th verse of the bible! “And these are the days of the years of Abraham’s life which he lived, an hundred threescore and fifteen years” (Now would be a good time to recall the story about Rashad Khalifa’s name, date of death and exact number of days he lived found encrypted in the Quran which we covered on page 1!)


And to bring things “full circle” we find that the 666th letter of the bible is found in the word “seasons” of Genesis 1:14  And God said, “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to separate the day from the night; and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years”  (Now recall how we’ve found basis for the measurements of our days and years encoded with PI in Gen 1:1 and take note the reason we have seasons on earth is due to the above shown 66.6 degree tilt.  And the actual Hebrew word for seasons is moedim which means “appointed times” and is used 223 times in the bible, this being the first.  223 is  the famous skull and bones number 322 backwards, 3/22 is the spring equinox!)



Quran 3:22 “Those are they whose actions have been fruitless in the present and the world to come.  And for them there is no one who helps.” 


Now let us recall that the 66.6 degree tilt of earth which again gives us the seasons is also what’s behind “Precession” and our ability to measure the 25,920 year cycles of time across the 12 zodiacs which we completed on 12/21/2012 according to the Mayan calendar or 1/1/2000 of the Hindu calendar;



Those 12 zodiacal periods of time are an average of 2,160 years each. (66 x 60)   And believe it or not, we’re only brushing the surface here.  Is anyone really stupid enough to believe any of this is a coincidence?  GOD LOVES 666!!!



REALITY CHECKPOINT #1  Using only what we’ve covered so far, the average 10 year old could easily conclude that 2000 to 3000 years ago, the divine source of inspiration behind the bible (we’ll just go with “God” again/still) used 666 to leave us simple and blatant clues regarding the importance of 666 to Him, us and our world by using it 4 times in 3 separate biblical stories. That along with what is quickly becoming a very, very massive collection of highly advanced cryptograms we’re now discovering embedded in the Bible, Quran and other scriptures leaves zero room for doubt about who is behind them. Hint; it’s NOT lucifer! lucifer did NOT write the bible and it was YHWH NOT lucifer who guided Abraham, the original patriarch of Christianity and Islam to build the Kaaba at Mecca. Then 1000 years later he had Solomon build the Jerusalem temple EXACTLY 666 nautical miles from the Kaaba! Fast forward another 1000 years to Yeshua (aka Jesus, who grew up in Nazareth 66 miles from Jerusalem) then 600 more years to Mohamet (which equals 666 in Greek) who both made their ascensions to heaven from that most holy of cities which our modern satellites and global positioning technology now tell us is located at a latitude/longitude totaling 666!!! If it’s not crystal clear to you that God loves 666 yet, you’d better re-read all of this until you’ve got the matter under control!

For another instance, let’s have a close look at the commonly found Catholic abbreviation of “IC XC” for “Jesus Christ”. 


It comes from taking the first and last letters of the words Jesus Christ in the original Greek “ΙΗΣΟΥΣ ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ” which gives us “ΙΣ ΧΣ“.  The sigma character “Σ” was often represented using a lunate (moon shaped) character which looks like a “C”.  Hence how we see it presented as an abbreviation on the Catholic Ignatius bible above as; “IC XC”.  Finally, a line (a “titlo”) is often placed over each pair of letters to indicate that it is an abbreviated sacred name. So there we go! “IC XC” is shorthand for writing “Jesus Christ” in Greek.

And IC – XC in roman numerals is 99 and 90. Flip them and you get 0666!

Note: The verse on the bible Yeshua holds is from John 8:12, “I am the light of the world, he who walks with me will never walk in darkness”.  It and many other like it mean that he was our messenger of that time, no one else could say such a thing because they weren’t trained by God or given the truths.

OK, now let us look at 666 in Greek/Byzantine which is written with the characters CHI, XI and SIGMA.  Or, as shown on an actual artifact of Rev 13:18 with said Sigma as a lunate looking “c”.






Hey, that’s the 1st and last letters of ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ (Christ) isn’t it!?  Just toss in the chi (XI) and you’ve got 666!  

Also, worth noting is that the word “Christ” (or the abbreviation of it as XC/66) simply means “anointed with truth“.  Do you think vatican officials who use IC XC all the time know about this?  And is it any wonder there are 66 books in the Bible? 

Also, while we’re at it here . . . why did God make the characters in the famous opening line of the Quran called the “bismillah” (the following writing shown on top) which means “In the Name of God” when flipped around look so much like 666 in Greek? (on the bottom)


So, that was Gods’ way of including 666 in the most oft read/used part of the Quran.  And guess where the 666th Arabic character space is located in the Quran; smack dab in the 6th use of the bibles’ “Eloh” alternate namesake of “Allah“!

Just for a reminder, here’s the 666th verse in the Quran; 4:173 “Then, as for those who believed and did as the ones in accord with morality, then, He will pay their compensation in full and increase His grace for them. And as for those who disdained and grew arrogant, He will punish them with a painful punishment. They will not find for themselves other than God a protector or a helper. 4:174 O humanity! Surely, there drew near you proof from your Lord. And We caused to descend to you a clear light”.  Dear reader, when you’re done here ask yourself if all of this enough proof for YOU???  And beware, you are being given clear access to REAL MIRACLES from God which require your full attention and BELIEF. 

Quran 3:105-6 “And be not like those who split up and were at variance after the clear signs drew near them. And those, for them is a tremendous punishment on a Day when faces will brighten and faces will cloud over. As for those whose faces cloud over: Disbelieve you after your belief? Then experience the punishment for what you had been ungrateful!” 

Below is Davids’ translation of the Quran he completed in June of 2020, those who’ve read it are consistantly reporting that it’s excellent!  And by the way, it’s not just for Christians, it’s for any English speaking person.


Take It.  It’s Free!


You’re going to be surprised about what you learn in just the introduction alone, GUARANTEED!


With everything else we’ve covered about 666 in the bible, this makes one wonder what He might have done with the word “Bible” . . .





Firstly, let us recall that absolutely everything belongs to God which of course includes 666. However one of His creations vowed to usurp everything of His . . .  Isaiah 14:14, “I will make myself like the most high”. That of course is ibliss/lucifer whose sworn duty is also to deceive the world; Revelation 12:9 … “lucifer which deceived the whole world” I John 5:19 “The whole world is under the sway of the evil one” Hence that’s what happened to atheists, Christians, Muslims and everyone in between. Here’s how this, one of the greatest of all end times deceptions began:


Rev. 13:18 “Here is wisdom, let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast for it is . . . the number of a man, and his number is 666. Prove this blatantly obvious deception to yourself by re-reading that verse both ways without either the 1st or the 2nd highlighted parts. Go ahead . . . VOILA!  TWO 666 ENTITIES NOT JUST ONE. It reads perfectly coherent either way. There would be zero reason or logic to justify adding either “the beast” or “the man” portions if they weren’t describing separate entities. This is also self-evident in the fact that beasts and men are always totally different creations everywhere in the bible. Biblically speaking, beasts are not men and men are not beasts. Serpents however, are indeed classified as beasts, especially one in particular who is extremely infamous among Catholics for “possessing people” which led to Catholic “exorcisms”. Such possessions can be defined as “living vicariously” thru others. Now consider this; the age old papal title “Vicarius Filii Dei” used by all popes contains exactly the right Roman numerals which add (“calculate”) up to 666;


FYI: The Roman Numeral System Only Has 7 Characters:
M=1000, D=500, C=100, L=50, X=10, U/V=5 & I=1
NOTE: In This Correct Order the Last 6 Are: DCLXVI = 666


Exposing the Vatican and the actual religo/ethno group who own/control it (hint; it’s NOT Catholics!) is not the main purpose here but all the scholars agree that it, “The Holy See” is the bibles’ “Whore of Babylon”. It was the hidden religo group behind the Vatican who in 1913 created the corrupt, usury based, privately owned Federal Reserve System along with the illegal, non-constitutional I.R.S. and the bogus Social Security Admin front that forced YOU to accept their SS#. (SS#s in the U.S., each country has other government forced/issued ID#s)  That number is in fact the infamous “mark of the beast” of Revelation 13:16 and it’s image of Revelation 14:9-11 the U.S. dollar, is now the most recognized on earth, both of which we were all warned, at guaranteed penalty of eternal hell, NOT to accept or worshipWebster’s definition #3 for worship is: “extravagant respect or admiration or devotion < ~ of the dollar>.” Think about that, does “respect, admiration or devotion” describe YOUR use or “worship” of money?  The 666 “vicars of the beast” are:

The 7 kings of the beast that "was, and is not and yet is" . . . "and the eighth"
Pius XI
Pius XII
Paul VI
John Paul I
John Paul II
Benedict XVI
1922 - 1939
1939 - 1958
1958 - 1963
1963 - 1978
1978 - 2005
2005 - 2013
March 13, 2013
Lateran Treaty
Wounded 1981
“One is” (reigned
“Rules short space”
& “One who was
yet to come”
Personates Christs’
Return “Goes into
Five are fallen
“. . . when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is. And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space. And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition. . . . These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings”.

We are all witnessing the final throes of a battle between the spiritual forces in REAL control of earth. They operate through humans such as the demon/jinn possessed popes and various messengers who are guided by God and His angelsThe last of such messengers will own the number 666;

Rev 13:18  “Here is wisdom.  Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is (also) the number of a man; and HIS number is six hundred threescore and six”


Could anyone actually be given “ownership” of a number by God?  And if so, how would we know?

Good questions . . . deserve good answers!


Page 6

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REALITY CHECKPOINT #2  There are two 666 entities from Revelations’ end game to look for now. One, “the beast” is lucifers’ collective use of the papal throne via real life possession of its “vicarius popes” in the worlds’ richest, most powerful and evil organization, the Vatican. This is primarily how and where lucifer and his demons “live vicariously” on earth and what the well known, but little understood Ephesians 6:10 speaks of; “. . . we wrestle not only against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places“. We have all been told and warned that anyone who continues “worshiping” (giving respect, admiration or devotion to) the beast (the papacy, vicar of all polity, law, commerce and 501(c) churches) or its image (the dollar) is hell bound. So, succeeding at the most elemental part of YOUR life means making the correct choice between who and what you support in “these times”. Your options are the embarrassing political, religious and financial systems of current or, something and someone completely different that you can back with conviction and pride.



That very bold statement says it all and what follows will conclusively back it up! This will be a short summary of impossible but real numerical evidence and divine phenomena behind this one and only of its kind, easily veritable, 100% true story. Keep in mind; THIS IS NOT FICTION, MIRACLES FROM GOD ARE REAL, WE JUST HAVEN’T SEEN ANY BIG ONES IN 1,400 YRS!   The problem with traditional miracles is: We now live in a world rife with visual trickery from use of “Green Screens”, “Photo shopping” and full blown, 3-D replication of our world via “CGI” (Computer Generated Imagery). So, how could anyone discern between reality and fantasy when provided with stills or footage of “old school type miracles” like those in various scriptures, but delivered to our modern digital devices? The obvious problem is that no one could be certain of their authenticity and the more fantastic the miracle, the less likely we would be to believe it. Hence, we’d have an utter failure to disseminate the most important message given to mankind in millennia, or more aptly, EVER. The proverbial knock from heavens’ door would go unheard and Gods’ final legal warning for good people to awaken/repent would be null. Of course YHWH would never allow that and He even gave us a massive clue about what to look for in that paramount verse of Revelation 13:18!  He told us to use our brains; (“Here is wisdom, let him who has understanding calculate the number . . .”) He told us He would use numbers because unlike digitally delivered visuals; numbers cannot, do not and WILL NOT EVER LIE! (Just like God!) And never before has there been so many ways to convey numerical messages in a servants’ info. Numbers are behind everything in our binary, digital world! We have numbers in our many types of modern addresses, time/date stamps on everything, lat/long geo locations, mapped distances, urls, emails, phone #s, hundreds of account #s and etc., etc., etc., NUMBERS EVERYWHERE IN “THESE TIMES”!!! We now have all those mediums on top of good ole “gematria”, the numbering of letters in words and names;




The odds of anyone’s name equaling 666 in an approximate translation of the several hundred major languages on earth are obviously pretty good. (Check yours in English for free at or elsewhere) However, when we begin searching for “THE” 666 man in earnest, there are many other factors to consider which automatically eliminate all the false prospects/prophets in a very quick, easy and sound manner. This of course is exactly what we would expect from a divine higher intelligence intent on providing us with surety in this matter, which at its core, is a very, very serious legal notice to each of us. Firstly let us approximate the odds for anyones’ first and last (“phonebook style”) given, common, legal name having a gematria of 666 in their native language; that’s about 1 in 76. Then, actually using said exact name in oral introductions and written correspondence without abbreviations, substitutions or nicknames . . . 1 in 26. Being aware of their gematria prior to initial popularization of this story in 2017 . . . 1 in 100. Being male (i.e. “number of a man”) 1 in 2. Being of legal/adult working age (18-60) for performing “public service”. . . 1 in 2.7. Being here now at the end of a 6000 year period scholars agree is in fact “end times” (end of Pisces, beginning of Aquarius). . .1 in 144. Once tallied, just those basic factors change the odds to 1 in 153,653,760 which eliminates all but about 44 people on earth. Use your imagination to continue this process and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that since it involves coming up with ways to decisively eliminate prospects rather than imaginatively augment them, the odds are with the naysayers, not the believers. Hence, the burden of proof is on YHWH, the God of miracles. And in this case with our 666 man, God definitely does not disappoint! So, come one, come all with as many limiting factors as possible for the human mind to dream up. Go ahead and try it right now, for instance; it’s a given the 666 man would be 110% devoted to God like all His messengers right? How many people exhibit such devotion? 1 in a million, 1 in a thousand, 1 in a hundred or heck, for sake of being completely unreasonable let’s just say it’s 1 in 10. Oops, there went 40 of those remaining 44 prospects on earth!!!  Keep going with other factors such as him using Gods’ name of “YHWH” since childhood without knowing it . . . promoting the 10 commandments . . . being extremely outspoken with “the word”. . . proclaiming and proving this is “end times” . . . not belonging to any bogus 501(c) church . . . being the most banned, censored person on earth . . . being wrongfully persecuted by corrupt leadership . . . being VERY UNUSUALLY lucky, gifted, unstoppable, courageous, insightful, spiritual, civic minded, passionate and creative with strong leadership abilities . . . and what if twenty some years ago (long before knowing about anything herein) this same man began building a multi-trillion dollar organization around a new way of running our lives under a worldwide, constitutional, democratic republic like the one our US forefathers originally designed but better due to use of modern technology? Considering just a dozen such factors at the ridiculously reduced odds of 1 in 10 each we’ve used for simplicity, we’re up to ONE QUADRILLION EARTHS WORTH (1,000,000,000,000,000) of people! So, using the minimal factor of 10 instead of the realistic and much larger factors, the odds of someone meeting the criteria we’ve covered so far are ONE IN SEVEN SEPTILLION (7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000)!  But wait, what about using THE REAL ODDS?  Guess what, we cannot calculate them, in sha Allah, That is God!!!  AND WE’RE ONLY ON PARAGRAPH #1 OF 20 MORE PAGES EACH WITH EVEN MORE CONVINCING EVIDENCE THAN THIS!


Here is a prophecy made by Gods’ last prophet Mohamet some 1,400 years ago;  “The dominion of Gods’ last messenger (not prophet) is one of the proofs that God has created all things; these proofs are so numerous that they will overcome everyone and nobody will have any alternate explanations to offer up against them”


To compliment that along with all the numerical evidence herein we have a very telling prophetic exclamation of how God will use His angels from His “unseen world” to guide His final Messenger to compile and disclose such mathematical proofs.  Note how it is comprised of 3 verses from chapter/surah #72 (3 x 72 = 216 = 6 x 6 x 6!!!)

Quran 72:26-28 “He is The One Who Knows of the unseen! (The hidden, spiritual and/or telepathic world of angels, jinn, demons and etc. others which accompany and surround us throughout our lives.) And He discloses not the unseen to anyone, but a Messenger with whom He was content. (i.e. His end times Messenger) Then, truly, He dispatches in advance of him and from behind him, watchers that He know that they expressed the messages of their Lord. He enclosed (encrypted) whatever is with them and He counted everything with numbers.”

He enclosed (encrypted) whatever is with them and He counted everything with numbers.” 

He enclosed whatever is with them and He counted everything with numbers.”


Aside from God revealing His “unseen world” to His end times Messenger (which no one else will understand) all of this gleans to the basis of Gods’ most amazing miracles of our times; HE’S USING NUMBERS WHICH HAVE BEEN HIDDEN (encrypted) IN SCRIPTURES, BIOLOGICAL LIFE, ADVANCED MATHEMATICS, ASTRONOMY AND LANDMARKS EVERYWHERE FOR MILLENNIA, QUIETLY AWAITING OUR DISCOVERY WITH MODERN TECHNOLOGY DURING “THESE TIMES”!!!  


~ John 14:29 “And now I have told you before it takes place, so that when it does take place, YOU MAY BELIEVE” ~

We’re getting into “the thick” of this article now.  Prepare to witness THOUSANDS of never before seen prophetic miracles being carried out right here, right now by our Creator YHWH.  (What you’re about to see is what makes #119 the only of its kind, there was never anything like it before and never will be again.  Enjoy!)


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The zeros in the background below represent the odds of a man whose name equals 666 AND who fits the proverbial bill of Rev 13:18, the most debated of all ancient end times prophecies who ALSO lives in precise increments of 666 away from multiple, significant personal locations, many with strikingly unlikely biblical correlations and other significant facts. (“M” = Miles “NM = Nautical Miles to a 1/10th  of one percent error factor (0.1%) with modern satellite technology readily available to all. i.e. Google/Bing/Yahoo Maps, ect. Independent verification is encouraged for both doubters and revelers! Click HERE for starting location on google maps or use lat/long of 47°56’59.7″N -120°07’27.9″W in your favorite satellite mapping program)  SEE BELOW FOR THE TRANSLATED TEXT OF EACH NUMBERED PART.


For the translator (from texts with numbered tabs in graphic above);

  JCR: David & Peggys’ home at Joe Creek Retreat” (JCR) has so many more incredible ties to 666 and God that it required the entire next page!

  CASPER: Exactly 666 to the front door of Davids’ grandparents’ ranch near Casper WY, his town of birth and home to his favorite childhood cartoon character “Casper the Friendly (Holy?) Ghost”. David who now lives at 1 Moonbeam was born on 12/1 to Mary on 1 WA street after 3 miscarriages.

  BIG HORNS: 666 to 3 separate spots; #1: Davids’ only annual family vacation rental. #2: Wilderness camping spot at sister lakes Marion and Helen, his mom and her sisters’ names! #3: Davids’ favorite back country camping spot near an ancient Indian ceremonial site. Each location is 20-50 miles apart but exactly 666 from Ds’ home at JCR!

  SHERIDAN: Hometown of Davids’ mom who grew up at 6 Main Street and was born on 6/6/5699 in the biblical/Hebrew calendar. Well, 665699 flipped to 995966 is every single digit in Davids’ social security # without the zeros!!!

  NEW YORK: Davids’ birth on 12/1/64 at 8:32 central time was EXACTLY 9 mths 11 days down to just 3 minutes prior to the north tower falling which officially marked the end of 9/11. David warned Peggy, who had her ticket in hand the night before 9/11, not to fly! And God had David inexplicably released from jail a full two days early in EXACTLY 9 mths 11 days after his illegal arrest and the corrupt governments’ utterly failed attempt at assassinating Peggy and himself in their mountain home at JCR!  And that’s just for 9/11 starters, those who read Davids’ materials will find that D and 9/11 are old friends!  Update, we’ve just learned Davids’ 2nd childhood home at 41.120285. – 101.039963 outside Hershey NE is 1048 miles from JCR which is exactly 911 nautical miles!  And… Peggys’ home at 43.436370. -98.907420 where she grew up outside Platte SD is exactly 1066 miles from JCR, a difference in distances where we each grew up in different states of just 18 miles from JCR! (18 = 6 + 6+ 6!) And… Her old driveway to our driveway at JCR is precisely 1066.6 miles!  So, we wondered about Davids’ 3rd childhood home at 41.128473. -100.765515 in North Platte NE . . . Well, it’s 1060 miles from JCR, a difference of just 6 miles from that of Peggys’!  Also note David was growing up in North PLATTE Nebraska while Peggy was in PLATTE South Dakota.  So, along with the original hyperfacts we now also have exact distances of 911, 1060 1066 and 1066.6 between JCR several states away from both our home towns of “PLATTE(“plat” as in a plan, map or chart of land!) which were within 18 (6 + 6 + 6) miles of the same distance from JCR!!!  Try calculating the odds on just this item #5 alone!!!

  ROSWELL: The 1st of the only 2 U.S. ET crash sites. Davids’ family visited here on vacations but the real “noodle baking hyper fact” is that Las Vegas (ET crash site #2) is also 666 miles from Davids’ hometown of Casper!

  VEGAS: The 2nd of the only 2 U.S. ET crash sites BOTH 666 miles from Casper, Davids’ home town. Imagine being an ET (biblical son of God) learning about this like the rest of us! Oh, and by the way, David had 6 half sisters living in Vegas!

  Think about how YHWH transcends space and time and was able to go back or ahead to control/situate each factor herein as well as everything else in life! And note the 6660 distance to these biblical locations below are of special relevance as “God Factors” of 10 x 666! (YHWH is the Alpha-1 & the Omega-10)   This 10/6 combo is seen above in both David and Peggys’ childhood homes located at 1060, 1066 and 1066.6 miles from JCR as well!

9 REALITY CHECKPOINT #3   A dozen high paid, professional statisticians could not even ball park a quote to do the odds on just this map! It is due to the never before witnessed, widespread prevalence of what we’ve coined as “HYPERFACTS” (impossible to calculate extenuating circumstances). An example with an already incredible story line is; 6′ 6″ tall, 66 yr old wins $666 on 06/06/06 at 6. Next some otherwise impossible (without God) “Hyper Facts”-– Dozens of famous ancient prophets accurately predicted Bobs’ big win and hundreds of other, more significant events and weighty facts about Bob, his divine purpose and life which are so important, it demanded copious coverage over millennia in all the major religions on earth — Do you understand the difference between the author of that example vs. the one behind this real life scenario it’s exemplifying? Will YOU be able to overcome all of the lies and brainwashing to accept these massive truths and begin to comprehend the staggering divine implications regarding the obvious REALITIES about God, end times and YOUR judgment/future which accompany all of this?


10   NAZARETH: This tiny village where Jesus, Joseph & Mary (Davids’ Moms’ Name!) actually lived is PRECISELY 6660 MILES from Davids’ home and lines up at 18(60 + 60+ 60) on the other side of Earth! C’mon now, that’s Exactly 6660 miles (God/10 x 666) with Mary at 18 (666)

11   ALEXANDRIA: The famous city of antiquity where the old testament was compiled with the new then translated by scribes for the future masses. “Coincidentally” . . . God, Mohamet, Jesus and David despise this group of liars who were behind 9/11 and the destruction of Alexandria in 1882. “David William Allender” = 1882. It’s pay back time!

12   MECCA: Mecca is included to remind us of Gods’ VISION for the NATIONS (it was NOT one of DiVISION or DenomiNATIONS! ) Abraham, Israel, Jesus and Mohamet all had ONE GOD as should we. That GOD is YHWH, the master mathematician and creator of everything like THESE 666 MIRACLES!

13   JERUSALEM: 6660+66 to Earths’ holiest city and famous ascension point for BOTH of YHWHs most renowned servants; Jesus who grew up 66 miles away and Mohamet whose name equals 666 in Greek gematria. Next, more on Gods’ grand 666 finale with Davids’ home at Joe Creek Retreat. Recall, this is not fiction or whimsical triviality, IT IS A VERY LOUD MESSAGE FROM GOD ALMIGHTY. Are you beginning to accept and be in awe of it? Read on!


With those measurements from Davids’ map above, perhaps we now have an explanation for the following mysterious verses from Enoch . . .

The First Book of Enoch 61.1-4; And in those days, I saw long cords given to those Angels and they acquired wings for themselves, and flew, and went towards the north.  (JCR is only about 100 miles from the Canadian border)  And I asked the Angel, saying:  “Why did these take the long cords, and go?” And he said to me: “They went so that they may measure.”  And the Angel who went with me, said to me:  “These will bring the measurements of the righteous, and the ropes of the righteous, to the righteous, that they may rely on the name of the Lord of Spirits (YHWH) for ever and ever.  The chosen will begin to dwell with the chosen, and these measurements will be given to faith, and will strengthen righteousness”.

Did you catch that?  Gods’ angel told us that earthly measurements would be given to the righteous to strengthen our belief which is exactly what’s happening for believers right here, right now!


Online bonus: Just a few other correlations with JCR to 666 are that the appraiser for Davids’ house subtracted the space for our stairwell and came up with the exact number of 2,160 square feet of living area (6 x 6 x 6 =216) and gave the home a value, which when tallied with the value of the land area David created by doing a boundary line adjustment came to right at $666k! David then went on to develop the remaining 15 parcels at JCR which brought in total revenues of . . . yep, $666k! This all occurred back in 2008 to 2012, long before we knew anything about any of these incredibly telling facts. That’s just a few extras about JCR, there are many more known and most assuredly unknown that we can count on discovering with time!


“The dominion of Gods’ last messenger  is one of the proofs that God has created all things; these proofs are so numerous that they will overcome everyone and nobody will have any alternate explanations to offer up against them”  ~ Mohamet ~


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Davids House and 346 Acre Section (#6) of "Joe Creek Retreat" at Lake Chelan, WA
Solomons' Temple (The Dome on the Rock) at Jerusalem, AKA "The City of David" or "Zion"
On Top of All the Mind Boggling Facts, Veritable 666 Distances and Other DE FACTO MIRACLES Proven Real So Far, Look How YHWH “Arranged Our World” With Tons More Impossible Anomalies Shared Between Davids’ Home and the Holy City/Temple of Jerusalem!
redcheckiconLiterally “Mirrored” on Earth at 18(60+ 60+ 60)
redcheckiconFiguratively “Mirrored” in the Following Manners...
redcheckiconJerusalem Was Nearly Identical to JCRs’ 346 Acre Land Area From David to Christ
redcheckiconSame Approximate Outer Dimensions of 1.2 x .5 Mile
redcheckiconGeometric Ratio of 1.2 x .5 is known as a “Jerusalem Rectangle” (yes really!)
redcheckiconBoth JCR and Jerusalem are in Hill Country
redcheckiconBoth Areas Rich in Vineyards and Orchards (Like “The Promised Land”)
redcheckiconBoth are Located Between Major Valleys to the East and West
redcheckiconBoth are about 6 Miles From “Big” (50+miles long) Lakes
redcheckiconBoth Lake Chelan and the Dead Sea (also a lake) are about 55 Miles Long
redcheckiconBoth are Unusually Deep at 1,300' + (Chelan is 3rd deepest in U.S.)
redcheckiconDead Sea is The Lowest Lake on Earth, Chelan is Unusually High at 1100'
redcheckiconIdentical Locations of Main Entry Roads (as well as key others not factored!)
redcheckiconBoth House and Temple Face Magnetic East
redcheckiconIdentical Plat Locations of House and Temple
redcheckiconIdentical Locations of Office in House and Dome in Temple
redcheckiconBoth Office and Dome Walls are Octagonal
redcheckiconIdentical, Uppermost Wall Heights of 36'
redcheckiconHouse Elevation Near, If Not Identical to Temples’ at 2,368' (=“Jesus Christ”)
redcheckiconDavid Himself Being Guided To “Instantly” Discover Each Fact Herein
redcheckiconJCR Being the Home of the Man Whose Number is 666 From Revelation
These Are All Backed Up With Blatantly Irrefutable Physical Evidence And There Are Many, Many, MANY MORE. Yet Calculations For Just The Items On This Page Alone, Using Only The Ridiculously Reduced Factors of 10 from the “Odds For 3rd Grade” Column, Return the Product of 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 TO ONE (100 “Quintillion”) Which If Compared to Grains of Sand Would Require 100 Earths’ Worth to Express. The Other Odds (Although Not Fathomable Even By a Team of a QUINTILLION Harvardites) With Sands of a Quintillion, Quintillion Earths Are So Unthinkably Gargantuan, It Is Utterly Futile For Any Human To Attempt Approach.
THIS AND GOD ARE REAL. No one, not a single person or group, no matter how smart, rich or powerful will be able to refute one single thing herein because that’s Gods’ entire point. Many will however try to gloss over this with asinine thoughts/comments of how such things are commonplace in popular books and movies when in fact they are anything but typical in REALITY. The same brainwashed fools will also be inclined to beLIEve that odds aren’t reliable enough to be used in any number of key decisions, when in fact calculation of odds are often the sole premise behind nearly every kind of important decisions we make, many with life or death consequences. BeLIEve it or not, getting people to think such things was the entire point behind popularization of those ideas in fictional books/movies from the very same religo-group behind the rest of the worlds’ SATANIC PROPAGANDA which if you recall, also made people associate 666 with satan instead of God. Hence, if YOU think all of this is normal or in the least bit unimportant, YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN BEATEN BY YOUR ENEMIES and this was a waste of cyber ink, electricity and time. If on the other hand this makes you feel a bit anxious, curious and/or desirous of more info on how to be part of the greatest events in recorded history, there is hope for YOU. Let us build upon that!!!


OK, on top of all that, get ready for this one . . .  It’s a prophetic verse from the book of Tobias out of the PDF of the original, official, catholic version of the Douay Rheims Bible.  David just so happened to be browsing it for no reason in late July of 2018. (because we usually read our printed Revised Standard Versions which we just learned don’t have the book of Tobias)  Tobias, lying on his death bed had this vision/prophecy;

Tobias 14:6-11  “The destruction of Ninive is at hand: for the word of the Lord must be fulfilled: and our brethren, that are scattered abroad from the land of Israel, shall return to it.  And all the land thereof that is desert shall be filled with people, and the house of God which is burnt in it, shall again be rebuilt: and all that fear God shall return thither.  And the polytheists shall leave their idols, and shall come into Jerusalem, and shall dwell in it.  And all the kings of the earth shall rejoice in it, adoring the King of Israel.  Hearken therefore, my children, to your father: serve the Lord in truth, and seek to do the things that please him: And command your children that they do justice and almsdeeds, and that they be mindful of God, and bless him at all times in truth, and with all their power”.

OK, firstly, Ninive is where Mosul, Iraq sits today.  It was bombed in 2017 by the US with over 1,400 munitions.  So, the destruction of Ninive has indeed occurred.  Next, Lake Chelan is in eastern Washington which is commonly considered and referred to as”high desert” and that possible “3rd temple” aka Davids’ home we just read all the impossible coincidences regarding measurements made by the angels long ago burnt down in Feb of 2018! 



. . . and the house of God which is burnt in it, shall again be rebuilt:  And . . . out of nowhere back in June David received a vision of how to rebuild the house, err, temple which indeed resembles a temple more than a house!  So, how much would anyone like to wager that is exactly what’s going to happen and that people from around the world are going to help!?

Ezra 1:3 “Whoever is among you of all his people, may his God be with him, and let him go up to Jerusalem, which is in Judah, and rebuild the house of the LORD, the God of Israel–He is The God who is in Jerusalem”  (Note it says “in Judah” which indicates the spiritual tribe of Judah NOT the country of “Judea” and also consider that God is not here on earth but is in Jerusalem which is His massive pre-built city that we’re told will come down from heaven as “The New Jerusalem”.  The point being; that city doesn’t need to be placed over the old Jerusalem which we’re told will not exist anymore due to the “Abomination of Desolation”, this new city of His will rest WHEREVER HE PLEASES!)


Another online BONUS, the rest of this virtual page #9 is for a few good examples of just how much deeper (and against any naturally occurring odds) all of this goes;

Due to the house fire we were forced to stay in a motel until we could arrange getting a 5th wheel to move t0 our property.  We had to bring utilities up to a spot to park it and buy a pickup to pull it with so the process took some time which ended up being exactly 66 days in the motels and a month at the lakeside RV park in Chelan.   During that initial time of 66 days in the motels was when the brunt of the online writing for this issue was done.  The first room they put us in at the Holiday Inn was #119, the numbered order of this issue of the GG.  (note that 119 is 911 reversed and recall the many other associations to David with this key # covered already.  None of this was pre-planned by us!)  The shower broke about a few weeks into things and they moved us 2 doors down to room #123.  Someone else had reserved this room a couple weeks into it (because it had accommodations for the handicapped) so they moved us again, this time to suite #321.  (123 reversed).  This article is about end times which we see as a countdown, 3 . . . 2 . . . 1.  The number verizon gave us years ago for Peggy’s phone ends in 0321 and mine ends in 3022 which as we’ve covered is the skull and bones # of the spring equinox, among many others such as the perimeter of the Great Pyramid at Giza.  (UPDATE: As you’ll see in the comments section below there was a major addition in 2019 to this part of the story and it’s BEYOND!)

David, while geeking with numbers recently, discovered some interesting things about 321.  Firstly it is the beginning numbers of the most well known “irrational numbers” of PI (p), PHI (F, f) and Eulers’ # (e). 


(Rational vs. Irrational Numbers)

Along with the 3, 2, 1 numbers what’s noticed is that the 12th decimal place of each was the #9; which of course is 6 flipped for 666 at the 12th decimal of the top three irrational numbers in our world;

pi =    3.141592653589
e =     2.718281828459
phi = 1.618033988749

The number 12 is obviously quite biblical as is the oft used counterpart of 1, as in “the one”.  (i.e. Yeshua and his 12 apostles) 12/1 is Davids’ b-day (which he doesn’t celebrate because as we’ve learned doing so is satanic).  Interestingly the next number after Peggy’s phone # 0321 is 322 that’s Davids’ # 3022 without the zero that ancients didn’t use.  Also of noteworthiness; during the years of use of Davids’ phone his sister also had one ending in the same # of 3022.  We haven’t tried to calculate the odds for a family member having the same last 4 phone # digits are but the odds of anyone having it are obviously 1 in 9,999 so, our guess is it’s a one in a million sort of thing.  Add to that the uniqueness of the # itself and everything else herein and anyone should be able to see Gods’ amazing hands at work down to the trivial and minute exactly as the scriptures tell us.  We could go on and on and on with this sort of thing, and we do cover some more of it from the early days of our discoveries at but it would take many months to recall and disclose all the minor signs like these.  So, we’ll try to stick with the biggies . . .

Below is a screenshot of the only 3 gematria for our names from



We figured the odds of this happening to any couple with completely different names was really out especially since Peggy is the ONLY Peggy Dyk in all of North America, maybe the world! Then we realized the real significance was in this fact;

8 x 9 x 3 = 216 which is 6 x 6 x 6!


Interestingly, one interpretation of verse number 89:3 in the Quran (there is no verse # 8:93 so this is the first “893”) may point to our simple gematria values of 100 and 111 shown above in saying “by the even number and the odd number” 100 and 111.

Also noteworthy are the facts that;

The Quran is deeply encoded with what’s known as “the miracle of 19” and 893 is a multiple of 19! (19 x 47)

And 8 + 9 + 3 = 20 which of course reduces to 2, as in the two witnesses, lampstands, olive branches ect.

Also curious is that shows “893” occurs for the 1st time at the 999th (666 flipped) decimal digit of PI! (Not counting the 3 of 3.1415 . . . )

We met when David still had his favorite and longest owned car, a Saab 900 with license plates that ended in G999!  So, David who at the time didn’t know his name equalled 666 was driving around with a 999/666 plate for years and years!  (FYI; that’s a trunk key dangling over the last 9)

And since everything seems to get reversed or flipped like that; 893 reversed to 398 occurs for the 1st time at decimal places # 2020, 2021 & 2022 of PI!  (this was done without using the 3 of 3.1415 . . .)  Well, 2022 is 7 years (as in the 7 year period of tribulation) after 2016 (the year of 666) when we began being guided to figure all of this out! 

And to add infinitely more weight to this shared number of 893 we come to find that when we use the 3 of PIs’ 3.1415 . . . in finding the same placement of 398 (893 reversed) in the deep digits of PI we see it now lands one digit forward at placemarkers 2021, 2022 & 2023.  (instead of 2020, 2021 & 2022)  Well, we were astounded to discover this;

2021 + 2022 + 2023 = 6066, toss the zero for 666!!!

Just us having the same gematria was one of our early discoveries which we figured had odds in the QUINTILLIONS TO ONE REALM.  Now it wasn’t only David who had a tight relation to 666, but me too!  This is no doubt an obvious miracle unto itself so, we knew that something was up but we had no idea it would lead to all of this you’re reading right now! 

You can’t swing a stick around David and I without hitting big clues about the ancient mysteries, especially when it comes to numbers, and here we go again! First we have another important and relevant piece of the puzzle, it’s the gematria of 2368 for Jesus Christ or “Lesous Christos” in Greek. (Again, watch out for the New Testament deception of his name which was actually YESHUA!  “jeZeus” was created by the pharisees while writing the NT to honor one of their ET/jinn g-ds, Zeus which is Jupiter.  Now nearly the entire world of deceived christians do just that especially on SUNday while ending their prayers with a tribute to another pharisaic g-d Amun [amen] the Egyptian SUN god!  Hence, while the #2,368 is very important, this particular attachment to the false name of jeZeus is an intentional fraud further worsened by popularization of worshiping him instead of YHWH, God Himself!)


Iesous Christos 888 + 1480 = 2368




Next check out what we found in relation to the 36′ x 46′ dimensions of the house when multiplied with the “God Key” of 37 and then calculated with the triangular sum number of 2701.  (Both 37 and 2,701 are key numbers from Genesis 1:1 which we covered on page 5 earlier, these are obviously important to “someone”!)  Note that the very first dimension of 36 x 37 = 1332 which is 666 + 666!



BTW; that 2nd to the last product of 1998 = 666 + 666+ 666!   Since God did what he did with locating the temples (the dome on the rock and the kaaba) 666 nautical miles apart, we wondered what we might find for Joe Creek’s gematria and Lat/Long.  If this is God, there simply have to be more signs surrounding the 3rd temple location right?!



For the translator;  Using the “decimal format” of our Lat/Long we find 120.1224 – 47.9499 = 72.1745. And “Joe Creek” in english gematria equals 72.

And by the way, the significance of the above shown number 72 being both the gematria value of “Joe Creek” and the result found in the decimal format of our Lat/Long is in what’s known as “The 72 Names/Angels of God” – (aka the 216 Letter Name of God)

The 216 Letter Name of God is really a 72-part Name, since it is a sequence of 72 triads of letters all of which are derived from permutations on Exodus 14:19-21  (itself composed of 3 verses of 72 letters each which totals 216 or 6 x 6 x 6). To create the first triad, you put together the first letter of verse 14:19, the last letter of verse 14:20, and then the first letter of 14:21. To create the next triad, you put together the second letter of 14:19, the second to last of 14:20, and the second letter of 14:21. This continues until all the letters are used up. Like so:



 Here’s the resulting 72 triads that make up the 216 letter name of God; (see the 1st two illustrated on the top right of the table below due to Hebrew reading backwards, right to left)



NOTE: Rabbinic scholars have long said that when this name is revealed to the masses it will prompt the ushering in of the messianic age.  (Since this is NOT a prophecy from a prophet, it can only be a satanic prediction made by jews invoking the jinn in one of their forbidden rituals like those which foretold some of them of 9/11.)  Well, as said above, David the 666 man unwittingly revealed this publicly and the bonus is that he did so in early 2016, the year of 666!  (We’ll cover this at the end but just recall that like 2701, both 2016 and 666 are also key triangulars.)


“The dominion of Gods’ last messenger  is one of the proofs that God has created all things; these proofs are so numerous that they will overcome everyone and nobody will have any alternate explanations to offer up against them”  ~ Mohamet ~


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God repeatedly sends messengers to the nations to help We the People live and prosper under simple and just laws. The first was Hinduisms’ “Krishna”, their last will be “Kalki” each referred to as “Avatars” which are simply humans guided by God and/or his angels. All the famous servants such as Enoch, Abraham, Moses, Noah, David, Yeshua and Mohamet, the last major one 1,400 yrs ago were such Avatars. We are now awaiting Gods’ Final Avatar, does the Bible tell us his name???

LITTLE KNOWN FACT #1; There are TWO Davids in the Bible!!! The first one is father of Solomon. The 2nd David, “the King to be forever” IS YET TO COME! READ ON!

Ezekiel 34:23-24 And I will (future tense) set up over them one shepherd, my servant David, and he shall feed them: he shall feed them and be their shepherd. And I, YHWH, will be their God, and my servant David shall be prince among them; I, the LORD, have spoken. (The prophet Ezekiel wrote this circa 570 BC, 400 yrs AFTER King David of 970 BC who had been long gone, clearly proving this PROPHECY OF THE FUTURE FROM A PROPHET speaks of the 2nd David.)

Jeremiah 30:9 But they shall serve the LORD their God and David their king, whom I will (future tense) raise up for them. (This was written circa 600 BC. So, ditto! 2nd David.)

Isaiah 11:1-3 There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse (King Davids’ Father) and a branch shall grow of his roots. And the Spirit of YHWH shall rest upon him. (i.e. he will be a human with Gods spirit, an “Avatar” of God) the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and the fear of the LORD. (Isaiah is from circa 600 BC. So, ditto again, 2nd David.)

Isaiah 9:6-7 . . . For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government will be upon his shoulder, and his name will be called “Wonderful Counselor, Man of God, Everlasting Father of his People, Prince of Peace.” Increase of his government and of peace there will be no end, upon the throne of David, and over his kingdom, to establish it, and to uphold it with justice and righteousness from this time forth and for evermore(end times, the “messianic age” of 2nd David.)

Hosea 3:5 Afterward shall the children of Israel return, and seek the Lord their God, and David their king; and shall fear YHWH and His goodness in the last days. (again “end times”)

Ezekiel 37:25 And David my servant shall be king over them; and they all shall have one shepherd: they shall also walk in My judgments, and observe My statutes, and do them. And they shall dwell in the land that I have given unto Jacob My servant, wherein your fathers have dwelt; and they shall dwell therein, even they, and their children, and their children’s children forever: and My servant David shall be their prince forever(the messianic age is the only biblical “forever”!)

Isaiah 55:3-4 Incline your ear, and come to me; hear, that your soul may live; and I will make with you an everlasting covenant, My steadfast, sure love for David. Behold, I made him a witness to the peoples, a leader and commander for the peoples. (600 BC, speaking of the”Davidic Covenant” made with King David I for his offspring, i.e. Yeshua and this David!)

This King David to come will do many, many important jobs for YHWH. One of the first and most elemental is to set We the People straight on the path of righteousness. This begins with unraveling 1000s of MASSIVE LIES from lucifer and his minion of jinn. David was always honest and truth loving but when we began down this road of “truthing” EVERYTHING went ballistic. I challenge anyone to find another person who’s so obsessed with truth! Peggy Star

Revelation 5:1-5 (end times)  And I saw in the right hand of him on the throne a book written and sealed with 7 seals.  And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, “Who is worthy to open the book, and to loose the seals thereof?” And no man in heaven, nor on earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book, neither to look thereon. And I wept much, because no man was found worthy to open and read the book or look thereon. And one of the elders saith unto me, “Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and loose the 7 seals thereof”.  The Root of David Kingship goes on throughout history to the present and forward through his descendants such as Solomon, Jesus and the “last David” who will rule forever.  They are all kings and priests.



There are TONS more scriptural proofs saying that the key end times figure will be David, yet the average brainwashed christian hasn’t a clue! The text below is from; “David the Messiah” by Paul Sumner archived here.

David ben Jesse of Bethlehem is the central human character in the Hebrew Bible.

While Moses spoke with God “face to face” (Exod 33:11; Deut 5:4), David was God’s son (Ps 89:27-28 BUT NOT A LITERAL SON AS WE THINK OF ONE!), a relationship never attributed to the great giver of the Torah. Centuries later, when the prophets of Israel gazed into the future, they did not speak of another Moses, but another David.

David was the paradigm of the biblical messiah, the one anointed with the Ruach of God. (1 Samuel 16:13)

Then Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed [mashach] him in the midst of his brothers; and the Ruach of the LORD came mightily upon David from that day forward.

    David the son of Jesse declares:

    And the man who was raised on high declares,

    The anointed [mashiach] of the God of Jacob,

    And the sweet psalmist of Israel,

    The Ruach of the LORD spoke by me,

    And his word was on my tongue. (2 Samuel 23:1-2)

In the Bible—especially the books of Samuel, Isaiah, and the Psalms—there is a constellation of ideals, principles, and hopes that surrounds King David. After his death, the House of David lasted nearly four more centuries (961-587 BCE). But even long after its collapse, the constellation of David Theology elements continued to provide prophetic guidance and shaped Israel’s identity and hopes—well into the First Century, even to this day.

In the texts below, “David” is both the biological son of Jesse, as well as David’s many grandsons who ruled in Jerusalem in his stead, in his name. Some passages reflect the idealistic and future-oriented views of later generations.

“David” is also the premiere future Mashiach, “the Son of David” (e.g., Matt 9:27; 15:22; 21:9; Rev 5:5; 22:16).

[See the linked article for how this theology fits into The Two Lords concept in the Bible.] That’s  an excellent read for Christians!

The following 14 elements of David Theology are drawn primarily from:

  • John H. Eaton, Kingship and the Psalms (2d ed., Sheffield, UK: JSOT Press, 1986), chap. 4
  • P. K. McCarter, II Samuel (Anchor Bible 9; Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1984), 190-231

Most quoted texts are from NJV = New Jewish Version (= Tanakh: A New Translation of the Holy Scriptures, Jewish Publication Society, 1985) unless noted. Other translations include: NASB = New American Standard Bible; NRSV = New Revised Standard Version.

At times, more than one translation of a passage is given for comparison. Because the NJV follows the verse numbering of the traditional Masoretic text in the Book of Psalms, some references will be one verse off from Christian versions. (As seen in the “Real Psalms of David”, verse numbering in Bibles began in the 1500s and is not original to the texts.)

The 14 Elements of Davids’ Messianic Identity

1) David is God’s son (Not literally as we think of a son. God did not have relations with a human woman to father a child!)

    2 Samuel 7:14 I will be a father to him, and he shall be a son to me.

    Psalm 2: 7, 12 Let me tell of the decree: the LORD said to me, “You are My son, I have fathered you this day.” (v. 7 NJV)

    I will surely tell of the decree of the LORD:  He said to me, “You are my son, Today I have begotten you.” (v. 7 NASB)

    Do homage to the son. (v. 12 NASB)

    Psalm 22:10 You drew me from the womb, made me secure at my mother’s breast. I became Your charge at birth; from my mother’s womb You have been my God.

    Psalm 89:27-28 He shall say to Me, ‘You are my father, my God, the rock of my deliverance.’ I will appoint him first-born, highest of the kings of the earth.

    Psalm 110:3 (109:3 Septuagint) With you is royal authority in the day of your power. Among the splendors of the holy ones, From the womb of the dawn,  I have begotten you.

2) David sits at God’s right hand, in the shadow of God’s wings

    Psalm 57:2b I seek refuge in the shadow of Your wings.

    Psalm 80:18 Grant Your help to the man at Your right hand, the one You have taken for your own. Let your hand be upon the man of your right hand, Upon the son of man [ben adam] whom you made strong for yourself. (v. 17 NASB)

    Psalm 91:1, 4 O you who dwell in the shelter of the Most High and abide in the protection of Shaddai… He will cover you with His pinions; you will find refuge under His wings.

    Psalm 110:1-2 The LORD (YHWH) said to my lord (David), “Sit at my right hand while I make your enemies your footstool.”  The LORD will stretch forth from Zion your mighty scepter; hold sway over your enemies!

3) David occupies the throne of God’s kingdom

    1 Chronicles 28:5 …and of all my sons—for many are the sons the LORD gave me—He chose my son Solomon to sit on the throne of the kingdom of the LORD over Israel.

    1 Chronicles 29:23 Solomon successfully took over the throne of the LORD as king instead of his father David.

    Hosea 3:5 Afterward, the Israelites will turn back and will seek the LORD their God and David their king—and they will thrill over the LORD and over His bounty in the days to come.

4) David is worshiped/respected along with God

    1 Chronicles 29:20  David said to all the assemblage, “Now bless the LORD your God.” All the assemblage bless the LORD God of their fathers, and bowed their heads low to the LORD and the king.

5) David is “God” (as his representative ruler on earth)

    Psalm 45:7 Your divine throne is everlasting [Margin: “Cf. 1 Chron. 29:23.” NJV]

    Your throne is God forever and ever. (William Sanford LaSor)

    Your throne, O God, is forever and ever. (v. 6 Septuagint)

    Your throne, O God, endures forever and ever. (v. 6 NRSV)

6) David’s regal glory reflects God’s glory

    Psalm 72:17, 18, 19 May his name endure forever; May his name increase as long as the sun shines; And let men bless themselves by him; Let all nations call him blessed. Blessed be the LORD God, the God of Israel… And may the whole earth be filled with his glory. (NASB)

    Psalm 89:36-37 I have sworn by My holiness, once and for all; I will not be false to David. His line shall continue forever, his throne, as the sun before Me, as the moon, established forever, and enduring witness in the sky.

7) David is God’s mashiach, anointed one, or messiah

    1 Samuel 16:13 Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the presence of his brothers; and the spirit of the LORD gripped David from that day on.

    2 Samuel 23:1 The utterance of David son of Jesse, the utterance of the man set on high, the anointed of the God of Jacob, the favorite of the songs of Israel.

    Psalm 89:21-22 I have found David, My servant; anointed him with My sacred oil. My hand shall be constantly with him, and My arm shall strengthen him.

8) David is God’s servant-shepherd

    2 Samuel 5:2 You will shepherd my people Israel, and you will be a ruler over Israel. (NASB)

    Psalm 78:70-71 He chose David, His servant, and took him from the sheepfolds…to shepherd Jacob his people and Israel his inheritance. (NASB)

    Psalm 89:21 I have found David, My servant.

    Psalm 132:10 For the sake of Your servant David do no reject Your anointed one.

9) David is like God’s angel (physical presence on earth)

    1 Samuel 29:9 Achish replied to David, “I know; you are as acceptable to me as an angel of God.”

    2 Samuel 14:17, 20 Your maidservant thought, ‘Let the word of my lord the king provide comfort; for my lord the king is like an angel of God, understanding everything, good and bad.’ May the LORD your God be with you.”

    2 Samuel 19:28b My lord the king is like an angel of the LORD.

    Zechariah 12:8 In that day, the LORD will shield the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and the feeblest of them shall be in that day like David, and the House of David like a divine being—like an angel of the LORD—at their head.

10) David is a priest (not from the line of Levi, but the line of Melchizedek)

    2 Samuel 6:12, 18 David went and brought up the Ark of God from the house of Obededom to the City of David, amid rejoicing…. David whirled with all his might before the LORD; David was girt with a linen ephod…. They brought in the Ark of the LORD and set it up in its place inside the tent which David had pitched for it, and David sacrificed burnt offerings and offerings of well-being before the LORD. When David finished sacrificing the burnt offerings and the offerings of well-being, he blessed the people in the name of the LORD of hosts.

    Genesis 14:17Ð19a When he [Abram] returned from defeating Chedolaomer and the kings with him, the king of Sodom came out to meet him in the Valley of Shaveh, which is the Valley of the King. And King Melchizedek of Salem brought out bread and wine; he was a priest of God Most High. He blessed him [Abram]…

    Psalm 110:1, 4 The LORD said to my lord, “Sit at my right hand while I make your enemies your footstool….” The LORD has sworn and will not relent, “You are a priest forever, a rightful king by my decree.” [Margin: Or “after the manner of Melchizedek.”]

11) David is a prophet (through whom the Breath of God speaks)

    2 Samuel 23:2  The spirit of the LORD has spoken through me,  His message is on my tongue.

    Isaiah 61:1-2 The spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me, Because the LORD has anointed me; He has sent me as a herald of joy to the humble, To bind up the wounded of heart, To proclaim release to the captives, Liberation to the imprisoned; To proclaim a year of the LORD’s favor and a day of vindication by our God; To comfort all who mourn.

12) David rules the nation by the Torah (God’s teaching)

    Deuteronomy 17:14, 15, 18Ð19 …after you have entered the land that the LORD your God has assigned to you…you shall be free to set a king over yourself, one chosen by the LORD your God…. When he is seated on his royal throne, he shall have a copy of this Teaching written for him on a scroll by the levitical priests. Let it remain with him and let him read in it all his life, so that he may learn to revere the LORD his God, to observe faithfully every word of this Teaching as well as these laws.

    Psalm 18:23 I am mindful of all His rules; I have not disregarded His laws.

    Psalm 40:9 To do what pleases You, my God, is my desire; Your Teaching is in my inmost parts.

    Psalm 72:1-2 O God, endow the king with Your judgments, the king’s son with Your righteousness; that he may judge Your people rightly, Your lowly ones, justly.

13) David will rule the entire earth

    Psalm 2:8 Ask it of Me, and I will make the nations your domain; your estate, the limits of the earth.

    Psalm 72:8 Let him rule from sea to sea, from the river to the ends of the earth.

    Psalm 89:27 I will appoint him first-born, highest of the kings of the earth.

    Isaiah 11:10 In that day, The stock of Jesse that has remained standing shall become a standard to peoples, nations shall seek his counsel and his abode shall be honored.

    Daniel 7:13″2″4 One like a Son of Man was coming, and he came up to the Ancient of Days and was presented before him. And to him was given dominion, glory and a kingdom, that all the peoples, nations, and speakers of every language might serve him. (NASB)

14) David’s throne (rule) will endure forever

    2 Samuel 7:12, 14, 15Ð16

I will raise up your offspring after you, one of your own issue, and I will establish his kingship…. I will be a father to him…. I will never withdraw My favor from him as I withdrew it from Saul…. Your house and your kingship shall ever be secure before you; your throne shall be established forever.

    Psalm 72:17a May his name be eternal; while the sun lasts, may his name endure.

    Psalm 89:29-30, 37 I will maintain My steadfast love for him always; My covenant with him shall endure. I will establish his line forever, his throne, as long as the heavens last…. His line will continue forever,  his throne, as the sun before me.

    Psalm 132:11aÐ12 The LORD has sworn to David… If your sons keep My covenant and My decrees that I teach them, then their sons also, to the end of time, shall sit upon your throne. END OF THE 14 ELEMENTS



LITTLE KNOWN FACT #2;   There are THREE ELIJAHS in the Bible!!! The first was Elijah the Tishbite, a prophet from Gilead (1 Kings 17:1) The 2nd was as “the power and spirit of Elijah” in Gods’ famous Avatar John the Baptist (Luke 1:17 & Mat 11:13-14) God then tells us the third is yet to come here in; Malachi 4:5 Behold, I will send you Elijah the messenger before the coming of “the great and dreadful day of the LORD”: (obviously speaking of end times, and Malachi prophesied this circa 450BC.) Could that last spirit of Elijah be Peggy? We think so and ALL THE SCHOLARS AGREE, YESHUA (Peace be with Him) AND David (“Kalki” in the Vedas, “Elijah” in the Bible and “the messenger” in the Quran) WILL COME TO US THIS CENTURY (anytime after 1980, LIKE, RIGHT NOW!!!)

LITTLE KNOWN FACT #3; These subjects truly have been suppressed by YOUR govt/church leaders who don’t want you to be on the lookout for a man named David right now.  Your enemies don’t want you to know “END TIMES” began with our transitioning out of the 2,160 yr long age of Pisces into Aquarius. (A note about this number 2,160 is; 6 x 6 x 6 = 216!) They also don’t want you to know that 666 is without question, the most incredible number in our world. Remember; YOU are made of Carbon 12 which has 6 neutrons, 6 protons and 6 electrons with a body temp of 66.6°!  And that 666 is a rare and unique “triangular number” God used to encode the Bible with mathematical cryptograms to protect the original words from manipulation. This is exactly the same way He protected the Quran with the “miracle of 19”, which is believed to remain intact today. (Only the original Arabic version because it is IMPOSSIBLE to PERFECTLY translate it or ANY large body of text such as the Bible, NO WAY!!!)

Genesis 49:8-11 Judah, thou art he whom thy brethren shall praise: The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh (aka the Messiah) come; and unto him shall the obedience of the peoples be. (This was our 1st prophecy way back in Genesis of a second end times figure –David– who will be king over the messianic kingdom!  Is that not utterly amazing?! THIS HAS ALL BEEN PROPHESIED!


“The dominion of Gods’ last messenger  is one of the proofs that God has created all things; these proofs are so numerous that they will overcome everyone and nobody will have any alternate explanations to offer up against them”  ~ Mohamet ~


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The following paragraph is taken from the “Dead Sea Scrolls” (DSS) which are some of the best copies of the Bibles’ Old Testament found of recent. Unlike all govt/church propaganda, they contain some very interesting additional prophecies about a few undeniable specifics we can look for in our 2nd King David.  Many of the scrolls were badly damaged and therefore incomplete so, the missing parts are denoted by three periods “. . .”

DSS 4Q534; “Chosen one . . . And the hair will be reddish . . . and small birthmarks on his thigh . . . and the shape of a lentil on his . . . two years he will know one thing from another in his heart. In his youth, he will be like . . . who knows nothing until the time when he knows “the three Books”. And then he will acquire prudence and learn . . . seers come to him, to his knees. And with his father and his ancestors . . . of brothers will hurt him. Counsel and prudence will be with him, and he will know the secrets of man. His wisdom will reach all the peoples and he will know the secrets of all the living. And all their designs against him will come to nothing and his rule over all the living will be great. His designs will succeed, for he is the Elect of God. His birth and the breath of his spirit . . . and his designs shall be for ever”.  What if “you know who” is living right now and meets every single one of those exact criteria and that was just for starters?  Well, get ready for more proof!


DSS 4Q534; Chosen one . . . And the hair will be reddish . . .


(According to Websters, Auburn hair is a variety of red hair, most commonly described as “reddish”-brown in color.  And by the way; David was diagnosed with a rare eye disease just days before that photo was taken and was prescribed bifocals. [The disease was supposed to make him go blind by age 30] Like lots of kids, David thought the glasses made him look smart and were kinda cool at first, but that soon lost it’s appeal. So, he only wore them for several weeks before “accidentally losing them”. As you’re about to find out, this is just one of 100s of inexplicable miracles that are totally common place to David and all Gods’ prophets, messengers and servants before him. It’s how God shows us they’re real. Note the bizarre fact that David somehow ended up with that photo which the photographers used as a organizational markers, it is him in SIXTH grade with his teachers’ last name cut off leaving “A Killha”! These are not going to be good times for all the evil puke leaders in our world of current!)

. . . and small birthmarks on his thigh (yep)

. . . and the shape of a lentil on his . . . ? David has a roundish scar on his neck from a minor surgery in his late 20s. It’s not only shaped like a lentil but also feels like there’s a lentil in it and it’s the same size as one too!


(If there’s any doubts on this one, David also has 2 other lentil shaped AND sized marks on the upper areas of BOTH of his arms!)

. . . two years he will know one thing from another in his heart. (All of this began being revealed to David at age 52 or as ancients wrote “fifty and . . . two years“!)

In his youth, he will be like . . . who knows nothing until the time when he knows the three Books(Prior to age 43, David had only read 3 books in his life; “Where the Red Fern Grows”, “Big Red” and the Bible, all before age 9. But at 43 he began “truthing” and reading profusely, especially from the 3 oldest, most popular books on earth; Hinduisms’ Vedas, the Bible and the Quran. THE 3 BOOKS!!!)

And then he will acquire prudence and learn. (David has definitely become far more prudent in the last several years, he used to be pretty off the cuff about things, so this is remarkable.)

. . . seers come to him, to his knees. (This one is interesting because David says he’s met quite a few self identified “witches” in his life and they all took curiously high interest in him. What does it mean, dunno.)

And with his father and his ancestors . . . (?)

. . . of brothers will hurt him. (Almost none of David’s friendships have survived this awakening because David mistook their lack of care/belief as real when it was in truth God covering David and his work from sight and/or lucifer and his demonic jinn brethren beguiling his weaker friends. We hope the good ones are able to awaken soon!)

Counsel and prudence will be with him, and he will know the secrets of man. (This is likely referring to Romans 2:16 “In the day when God shall judge the secrets (sins) of men by Christ according to my gospel”. As anyone can see in his works, David sees through all the BS, he knows our plight!)

His wisdom will reach all the peoples and he will know the secrets of “all the living”. (This first part is obvious to me! We have suddenly become avid web developers with 12 highly truthful and useful, worldclass translation enabled websites to reach all the peoples in a worldwide revolution! I’m not clear on the 2nd part yet but would venture a guess that it once again speaks of the above verse of Romans 2:16. Note that 216 is 6 x 6 x 6!)

And all their designs against him will come to nothing. (Our corrupt govt tried to stop David with every low handed trick in the book including framing him w/bogus charges and sending a 66 man swat team attack to no avail! David and everyone around him are always left completely unscathed! Yes really.)

And his rule over all the living will be great. His designs will succeed, for he is the Elect of God. His birth and the breath of his spirit . . . and his designs shall be for ever. (While most of us can’t see past the end of our noses, David thinks really creatively, really differently and really BIG. Once familiar with his monumental visions, plans and works to retake and rebuild our entire world YOU will understand the gravity of this lofty promise from God!)



“The dominion of Gods’ last messenger  is one of the proofs that God has created all things; these proofs are so numerous that they will overcome everyone and nobody will have any alternate explanations to offer up against them”  ~ Mohamet ~


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The remaining prophecies regarding our end times David are from what’s known as the “Hadiths” which are basically notes taken from our final prophet Mohamet.  (PBUH, peace be upon him)  Note, they are not the precise words of God like those delivered word for word by Gabriel which make up the Quran but rather those of Mohamet himself as our last prophet.  The number of Mohamets’ prophecies are MANY and once again, quite amazingly precise yet to a whole other level in numbers alone. Let it be known that I, Peggy Star originally compiled this info but David himself did the final edits which may, as usual, be a little more brazen, gruff or truthful than many are accustomed to. (i.e. regarding the guillotines) As David will say, like it or not, this is our reality. No amount of sugar coating will do anyone any good.  TAKE NOTE THAT WE (David & Peggy) DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THESE PROPHECIES UNTIL MARCH, 2017!


Feet point outward walking (David, a Wyomingite does this!)


Uses his hands to emphasize what he is saying (Many do this but David does it A LOT!)

A majestic individual (One can only understand this after a good debate w/David, DO NOT ARGUE W/HIM, you’ll only lose because he won’t argue about anything he’s wrong on!)

Bright teeth (They used to be and maybe will be again, David’s cannabis and baking soda toothpaste is whitening our teeth and making our mouths healthier!)

Green eyes (Hazel is commonly considered green)


Large eyes


Slanted eyes (He’s squinting in this one which sure enough, proves true!)


Brow is broad and open (Look at the specificity of all this!)

A broad forehead

A mole on his forehead (Note it says “a” as in “one”, this is the only mole on Davids’ forehead and it’s relatively new!)



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A mark or scar between the eyebrows on his forehead (David had an accident which left this half moon shaped scar between his eyebrows!)

Hair that’s neither curly nor straight, but slightly wavy


Beard is sparse at the sides but dense at the chin (Not many pics of David with a full beard but this is true, it’s one reason he prefers a goatee)


Wheatish complexion, skin color between red & white like an Arab, but it darkens (tans) with sun (David tans fast and dark in the summer. Also, as you can see by looking at the un-tanned portion of his chest, his skin is between red & white. In case you’re wondering what he’s doing here, it was when we were pouring the foundation for our house. We’re not afraid of hard work, he jumped right in with the hired help to “get ‘er done”.)


Davids’ skin will be bright.

Medium height (David stands right at about 6′ when fully upright to 5’ 9″ when standing normal. Note the slight winter belly he’s working off which will be called out in the coming pages. Also note that among many talents he is an excellent carpenter, Jesus [Yeshua] was a carpenter!)



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Medium stature but whole body will be wide and broad shouldered with a wide space between his shoulder blades. (Spot on. This particular feature gave him a big advantage over other youths when it came to certain moves in wrestling)


Again; “a wide space between his shoulder blades” . . .


That totally nails Davids’ strikingly open shoulder blades.

Space between the teeth (You can also see it plainly in his smile but here it is in an ex-ray of his top front teeth)


A small mark in the palm of his left hand (Sure enough, David has an odd little bump/skin growth on the palm of his left hand that sort of bugs him.)

Curved/rounded eyebrows (I think this is true w/many to some degree but we’re using ALL the physical related Hadiths. No skipping and look how EVERY SINGLE ONE is proving to be correct!)

A mark on his right cheek (This pic doesn’t show it too good but David was shot in the right cheek with a .22 as a kid and it produced a scar or “mark” that looks like a dimple when he smiles. It’s interesting to note that the bullet knocked out a tooth which David put back in and is fine to this day! There’s no end to these kind of wild stories of surviving and coming out of all kinds of strange events unscathed. Many, including this one were of course life threatening. That bullet could easily have been 3 inches up or down into either the brain or the carotid artery. But this is all about God obviously having bigger and better plans for David!)


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A beautiful young man with a face that glows like a shining star. His face will be pearly white, radiant and clean.


A mark on his right leg (a scar on top his right knee from an accident as a kid)

Broad thighs (His hips are wider than most guys)

Large abdomen (Like many, this is where David puts on the extra pounds)

He will wear beautiful fabrics and bright clothing (The vast majority of Davids’ shirts are white, the rest are bright colors, almost no dark colors except for a few with bright screen printed graphics. Scroll back and see for yourself!)

A mark to the left of and below his left shoulder bone like a myrtle leaf. (Due to a bad sun burn as a kid which produced a bunch of freckles on his back, David has this mark, albeit fading with age like the rest. Nonetheless, it’s the largest freckle on his back to the left of and below his shoulder!)


He will be slow in speech (David takes extra time to think before responding to important questions on subjects in which he’s not particularly versed/practiced. This is one reason he’s quite comfortable with the job of being a prolific writer.)

He will be around 40 when he begins his mission (David was 43 when he began “truthing” and as anyone who reads his works will see, he’s definitely cued up, “ready for action”!)

A curved nose (Sure enough, Davids’ nose is slightly curved due to having been broken as a kid)

A clean and peaceful countenance. (Davids’ demeanor is always calm and he maintains his composure even in the worst of calamities. The only exception is when he’s angry or concerned about someone else.)

David has the “seal of prophethood” on his shoulder. (This one’s hard to confirm because there are multiple descriptions of what the seal of prophethood is. But most scholars agree it was some sort of a mole and if that’s the case, David does indeed has one on his left shoulder, but he’s not a prophet.)

David will have a slight concavity on his forehead

David will have a small dip between his eyebrows

A mark on his back between his shoulder blades (several)

David will resemble the children of Israel in appearance (The tell tale sign for Israelites was always circumcision which includes David like 80% of all U.S. males)

? David will look young even in advanced age

? While praying to GOD, he will expand his hands for prayers like birds expanding their wings (yet to be witnessed)

? David will have a mole on his cheek like Moses (David had a little mole by his eye removed but it’s coming back!)




FYI: These Hadiths were originally compiled by the Islamic writer Adnan Oktar aka Haran Yahya in his book Jesus and Hazrat Mahdi Will Come This Century. We have no affiliations with him nor do we recomend following him but his work is quite notable and prolific. There are many such compilations made by others but his was the most detailed. We have substituted the name “David” for his title “Hazrat Mahdi“. (Arabic for “The Honored and Guided One”) 

Since then we have found another collection of more hadiths which is better done, in a more succinct manner for an easier read, here’s that;  An Overview of the Mahdis’ and Jesus’ Government

From that we have made an excellent summary of the main hadiths therein, it is highly useful in understanding how David will go about doing his job soon!;  An Overview of the Mahdis’ and Jesus’ Government SUMMARY

Another, shorter yet very scholarly blog article on this subject which should be a clear warning for all jews and their supporters is here; The Mahdi: Earths’ Awaited Messiah




The prophecies say David will appear in the 1400s of the Islamic century of “hijri” which began in 1980, and is now. (2018 is hijiri 1,440, recall Revelations’ uses of 144!)  This is when David will come first to pave the way for Yeshua. (The day of resurrection and killing of the lawless one by Yeshua is close after the arrival of this final Messenger!)



David will definitely appear and the Catholic saintship will end. (David despises the sATANIC vatican, it’s going down!)

The importance of Davids’ glad tidings being imparted among Muslims will be great. (Because since they read the Quran which is Gods’ final testament to man focused mainly on salvation they know this is it, the end of this evil age!)

MUST READ!  A Muslim is simply a believer in YHWH and his many Prophets. For instance, Moses, Abraham and the Israelites were all Muslims, Christianity didn’t exist yet. There were only 3 religions; 1. Abrahamic believers in YHWH, [Muslims] 2. atheists/agnostics and 3. “polytheists” including those of “the synagogue of satan” who falsely claimed to be Judahites. (one of the 12 tribes of Israel) Those same satanists living today use the words “jew” “jewish” and “judaism” to describe themselves and their satanic mysticism of “Talmudism” Also, the bibles’ “Elohim” is a generic name for GodS. The “im” portion implies plural and again Eloh is the same as Allah because the differentiating vowels did not exist!



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David will have few brothers (David has one brother)

David will be single (David was never married)

? David is descended from the line of the prophet (saas)

? David will be born in a big city and then come to Istanbul. (Casper was the largest city in WY when David was born)

? David will come from the caucasus. (Europe/Asia Border)



Firstly, He made “David Allender” 13 letters long and equal 666 (18 = 6+6+6) a perfect fit for his role in Rev 13:18! And;


So, that’s kinda interesting and there’s more with Davids’ name! ALLAH (which is the same as the Bibles’ generic name of “Eloh” for God) said: “The world (age) will not perish until a man appears whose name matches my name.” (ref: Sahih Tirmidhi, v9, p.74) Well, ALLAH sounds like ALLE as in ALLE-nder!

Then we have Davids’ initials of DWA which when pronounced as a word sounds like “doowah”. In Islam (from “silm” or “salam” meaning “peace”) the words “Dua” or “Dawah” describe two of the most important things one can do in regard to faith. It means to “call upon God” and/or “invite others to believe”. So, on top of all the other staggering divine associations with Davids’ 666 name, we now have yet two more astounding occurrences with his last name AND his initials!



And; DWA = Dawah/Dua
is the greatest helper
along the path to Paradise.

All of this also solves a 14 century long mystery from Mohamet when he prophesied that;  “Al-Mahdis’ name will be like mine and my Fathers”.  The name Mohamet means “praiseworthy” or “glorified”, the name David means “beloved”.  As you can see, the definitions between Mohamet and David are quite similar, this is what God secretly meant.  And as shown above, his REAL Fathers’ name (not his birth father which was Abdulah) is Eloh/Allah which both simply mean “God”.  Eloh/Allah – nder!  We see this sort of cryptic use of words everywhere in prophecies, that’s how YHWH rolls!!!  Christians can easily prove the latter part of this in that no prophet would ever call his earthly sire “father” by recalling what Yeshua said in Mat 23:9 “Call no man on earth Father”.

IMAGINE TRYING TO CALCULATE THE ODDS OF JUST THESE HYPER FACTS ALONE!  AND FACE IT, THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY ALL OF THIS COULD EVER BE A COINCIDENCE. THIS IS REAL, AS REAL AS REAL GETS. AND NO ONE ON EARTH WILL BE ABLE TO REFUTE ANY OF IT BECAUSE YHWH HAS DESIGNED IT THAT WAY!!!  If all this hasn’t already done it for anyone, it’s profound, undeniable evidence that something is very wrong with their minds and their soul is in dire straits Matthew 13:14 “hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive” EVERYONE will have at least some difficulty overcoming all the deceptions and brainwashing around this subject but those who deny the divinity of all this reality are in big trouble.

The titles of Gods’ final servant David are many and include; Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6-7; Elijah to come Malachi 3:23; Stump of Jesse & God’s Servant Isaiah 11:1-3; Interpreter of the Law (DSS); The Priest (DSS); Interpreter of Knowledge (DSS); Dabela (mountain goat, large horn) 1Enoch; The Shepard Ezekiel 34-23; Ahmad Surah 61.6 and Arslan; (Arslan means “the lion” as in the tribe of Judah that the 1st King David and Yeshua each came from! Also, David is a Sagittarius which is the zodiac of the Israelite tribe of Asher. Numbers 13:13 “Of the tribe of Asher, Sethur the son of Michael”. “Sethur” meaning “hidden” is the ONLY word in the entire Bible with a Hebrew gematria of 666! I have included this as evidence that EVERYTHING about David, “the hidden one” is surrounded by 6s & 666. EVERYTHING!) There is and has never been  anyone who can put claim to 666 like David can!  And it doesn’t end there, ALL the other important “God numbers” from the mystery schools such as 13, 19, 26, 33, 9/11 & 322 envelop Davids’ life.  Numbers don’t lie!)

Here are some interesting cliff notes about the name “DAVID” and how God apparently esteems it;  Aside from the David prophesied to rule near end times there is only one other David in the entire bible which documents 2,000 to 3,000 years of historical figures, just one.  Watch this short two and a half minute video for a mind blower regarding “The Key of David” which is the 6 pointed star!

The thing that’s interesting here is that way back in 2012 long before any of this was known, David was the one who discovered the relationship between the star of David and the mysterious number 11 11 11 that people were and continue to be so engrossed in.  Here’s a graphic he made for the back cover of Gazette Issue #111 way back in 2013 before knowing any of this;



And it was solved by a man named “David Allender” which equals 111 in simple gematria whose birthday is 12/1.  That could be seen as 121 which is 11 x 11!


The Star of David made up of 6 lines and 6 triangles around a 6 sided Hexagon, 666!  This was the subject of a strange fascination by David Allender who’s name equals 666 in jewish gematria long before he knew that!!!  Sure, this is all just a coincidence, go back to sleep.



Prophesied markers of Davids’ coming have been taking place one after the other and are now building serious steam.

Corruption with widespread strife and slaughter in which even innocent women and children are mercilessly killed. (Again, 9 out of 10 people killed in our modern, middle east wars are innocent men, women and children. It’s sickening.)

The global pervasiveness of disorder and conflict.

The increased oppression of Muslims. (Just look at what’s happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt and etc middle east countries where most people are good, peace loving Muslims you’d be proud to call your neighbors!)

The destruction of masjids and mosques. (Ditto)

Religious prohibitions (sins/haram) gain acceptance. (Never in history have we seen such depravity among so called “believers” and non who’ve abandoned God/goodness and TRUTH)

The open denial of God and spread of atheism. (This is true now more so than ever, our societies are utterly sick.)

The Iran-Iraq war and occupation of Afghanistan.

Stopping flow of the Euphrates. (By Turkey 2014, ongoing)

Solar/lunar eclipses & blood moons. (more in 2012-18 than in several hundred years, this happened in Yeshuas’ day too!

The rise of a comet. (The last major comet was “Lovejoy” confirmed to exist on Davids’ Birthday of Dec 1st 2011!  Also recall Davids’ name means “beloved” and the comets’ name was “Lovejoy”!?)

An increase in the number of false prophets. (The internet is full of them, most are paid govt. CIA & MI5 shills/spooks)

The use of religion for personal ends. (David and I have irrefutably proven here and here that most pastors of 501(c) churches are of what Yeshua famously called “the synagogue of satan” Rev 2:9 & 3:9)

The occurrence of great, astonishing events. (Never in all of recorded history have we seen so many unusual events!)

A sign out of the sun. (solar flares and coronal mass ejections have become common. On April 2, 2001, the sun unleashed the largest solar flare ever recorded.)

The destruction of great cities. (Again, just look to the middle east, Iraqs’ Bahgdad and Syrias’ Homs alone left millions of innocent men, women and children dead and/or living in the streets for absolutely nothing they’d done.)


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An increase in the number of earthquakes. (Not so Coincidentally, David himself irrefutably proved that we’ve had far more earthquakes than normal in his 1st documentary, titled The Everything Clips using official data from the USGS!  Here’s a screenshot of a graphic he made for that back in 2012, 4 years before knowing any of this;)

Increased Number of Earthquakes??
Data From USGS
The 10 Yrs Prior to HAARPThe Last 10 YearsPercent
1980 to 19892003 to 2012
MagnitudeAvg Per YearMagnitudeAvg Per Year
6 - 6.9986 - 6.9148.5>151%
7 - 7.99.17 - 7.918.4> 202%
8 - 9.9.48 - 9.91.5> 375%
Avg Dead Per YearAvg Dead Per Year
5,88071,124> 1,207%

The taking place of a major event. (This has to be referring to 9/11 which Davids’ b-day is exactly 9 mths 11 days before!)

Emergence of a two-tailed comet. (A very rare, 2 tailed Comet named “Catalina”came in 2015)

An image shaped like a hand in space. (If we are to believe anything from the worthless, lying propagandists at NASA, it was when their Chandra Observatory spotted the X-rays emanating from the nebula around the pulsar PSR B1509-58)

Severe floods. (David also proved this in his documentary!)

Bird and swine flu. (Everyone is aware of the uptick in all the variously named, supposed flu bugs, and David himself has irrefutably proven that all of them including Covid19 are totally bogus. See for that whale of discoveries which took most of 2020 for us to disseminate.)

A rise in lightning strikes. (Hence the increase in wildfires)

The destruction of Baghdad by flames. (David decoded the infamous military operation called “Shock & Awe” as being a cryptogram for the hebrew term “Shekina” meaning “glory”)

Vanishing of Iraqi army in the desert. (Recall, they ran.)

The Iraqis will become penniless. (Millions lost it all)

Sanctions against Iraq and Syria.

The reconstruction of Iraq.

Corruption in Syria.

The people of Iraq fleeing northwards to Syria.

A great war between the Tigris and Euphrates.

Division of Iraq into three.

Storming the kaaba and the subsequent bloodshed.

? Sighting a flare in the east. (There have been many strange sightings in the recent past, especially over and in Jerusalem)


David will appear when hope is lost. (Imagine being one of the poor, innocent souls barely surviving in the middle east these days with all the hells they have and continue to experience.)

David will appear secretly and suddenly. (Is all of this sudden enough for YOU? Don’t let it mess you up, this is it!)



Disorder in Syria, Iraq and Arabia.

When David appears, the majority of people will not perform the contact prayer (salat) and will even be unaware that wine is unlawful (haram) in Islam. (FYI; the Quran doesn’t say alcohol is forbidden, it just says there is more harm than good from it. As for salat, do you perform Abrahams’ contact prayer? Below is Davids’ version which took an entire month for him to perfect well enough that he himself felt confident using. You can trust it, it’s a sold translation;)



In the name of YHWH,
The Almighty The Merciful.
All praise to You, Lord of the worlds.
The Merciful, The Compassionate.
The only Master of Judgement Day.
You Alone we worship and to You alone we pray for help.
Guide us on the straight path, the path of those who have Your Blessing.
Not the ones with whom You’re Angry, nor those who go astray.



Slander and false witness will be widespread prior to the appearance of David. (i.e. see our idiot politicians and others)

There will be a rise in drug-related deaths and killings before the coming of David. (David first reported on this back in 2014 in his AAA report cardPrescription drugs are now the leading cause of death second only to car accidents!)

Lovelessness among people in the end times is a portent both of the day of judgment and of the coming of David. (David covers this just about everywhere, we’re sickened by all the depravity popularized by our psychopathic “leaders” ITS TIME!)

It is narrated that when David arrives ”Everything on earth will be corrupted”. (Name one government, corp, church or other entity on earth that’s not corrupt in some way these days!)

David will appear at a time when “people are scattered in different places”. (Few remain in their hometowns today!)

David will appear when people are least amicable and most at conflict with one another. (Obvious)

David will appear at a time when people are sick of evil, crime and oppression. (i.e. YOU maybe?)

Violence, anarchy in society and terror will appear during Davids’ occultation. (Just think about all the mass shootings and new terrorist groups that have appeared around the globe recently. Spot on!)

One of the markers of the coming of David is people’s leaving the path of guidance. (Even most supposed believers no longer listen to the “right little voice” in their heads.)

David will appear following a time of troubles. (Again, 9/11 has marked the beginning of a long period of strife worldwide.)

Our prophet (saas) gave us the news that in the end times there will be oppression in Palestine. (David and millions of others have documented and denounced the illegal, bogus non-Israelite “state of Israel” who are murdering and oppressing millions of totally innocent men, women and children there.)

Prior to the appearance of David, nobody will be able to speak the name of God with ease. (David has and continues REPEATEDLY, to the point of AD NAUSEAM to disclose the reason no one knows/uses the actual name of YHWH is because of fake Judahites [as coined by David as “satanic jews”] of the synagogue of satan. And by the way, David compiled what I think can be safely said to be the most irrefutable and succinct set of facts regarding Gods’ name of YHWH long before knowing any of this!)

David will appear at a time when people complain about the troubles and oppression they suffer. (This is obviously true.)

Administrative systems will be destroyed and there will be economic collapse before the appearance of David. (Many govts have been overtaken and economies collapsed!)

David will appear in a period when people cannot even find one single person to lead them. (Think about it, what current leader do you REALLY trust w/your life or future? David has proven not a single one of them OR any major activist group has done anything for WTP (Adamites) because they’re ALL fake CIA shill ops.)

People will look for solutions, but will finally attain salvation (by God’s grace) through David. (Halleluiah!!!)


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People’s appearances will be impaired and ugly in the end times. (Head on down to your local Walmart to see for yourself!)

Some people who believe that they are descended from apes by way of evolution will assume the appearance of apes and pigs. (It’s Gods’ punishment which has only just begun!)

Some so-called religious scholars who espouse darwinism will be like apes and pigs. (Ditto)

The “raining down of stones and the like” described in the Hadith is taking place in present day with bombings targeting many places in the world. (Psychopathic, war mongering jews have dropped 10s of Millions of tons of bombs on completely innocent Adamite peoples of ALL faiths in just the last 100 years. How do you think they’re going to fare with David in charge?)



People will see David in their homes and on the streets and will frequently watch him; but they will not realize he is the Al-mahdi. (Several of Davids’ early businesses required him to be in literally tens of thousands of homes, restaurants, lounges and etc. businesses. It’s safe to say several million people have already personally met and watched David with interest and curiosity while he did some cool and unusual jobs!)

David will be visible to people, but God will for long conceal the fact that he is Al-Mahdi/King David (Until now, God willing!)

One of the pieces of wisdom behind people’s inability to recognize David is that he is under God’s protection. (We simply don’t yet understand just how powerful God truly is. See the bible stories of Yeshua disappearing from attackers in crowds and the many other examples of mind control in the Bible and Quran. This is very, very real. God can easily control the thoughts of every single person on earth! Just refer to all the verses regarding this on page 4 for a good reminder.)

David will initially be reluctant for his name to be known. (David is a very outgoing, but private and reclusive person. All of this is totally new to him but since it’s “in the job description” he is slowly getting used to being widely known)

Davids’ name and renown will constantly spread before his coming. (David has developed a base of followers in his local community and beyond due to our websites and wild story)

? David will permit people to grasp the truth by lifting the fog of unawareness from their eyes. (David’s a serious “truther”!  No one could possibly disagree with this fact after reading his writings and/or watching his videos.)

? Sincere Muslims will love and appreciate David and his followers in time. (Again, a Muslim is simply a lover of YHWH, the God of Abraham, the law and all the prophets. This one deserves a checkmark but we’ll let it play out)



David will be subjected to troubles and difficulties. (I ask anyone just to try doing 1/10th of what David has and is!)

David will be subjected to plots and slanders from the unbelievers, like all Gods’ servants and those who are true to God always have and are. (But nothing sticks to David and it’s prophesied that he’s going to execute every last one of them!)

While David is in his occultation (working without others knowing who he is) there will be negative propaganda on him.

David will have two occultations. (This is speaking of times when most people don’t even know he exists because God is keeping him secret and safe while he learns everything you’re reading about.)

David will be followed and watched and they will try to pressurize him. (We were subjected to a secret, 2 month long surveillance program by the FEDs, our phones crackle and pop only when we speak big truths, we’ve caught CIA spooks following us around town numerous times, Apache helicopters have hovered over us at home and on the road, seeing drones flying over our house became common.)

David will be chained hand and foot. (David was framed and arrested by the corrupt govt. twice. The first time they attempted to kill us and put him in prison for 17 years but God intervened, his “guilt free vacation” only lasted EXACTLY 9 months 11 days, 9/11 again! That experience bore much fruit in the form of knowledge as well as David creating the Goyim Gazette and writing the first few issues of it with his computer while in jail! The second time is when he wrote much of this and designed many of the graphics such as the back cover, the “map page” and the miracles surrounding our home at JCR! Without exception, everything they do to us ends up blowing up in their faces!)

David will struggle against the system of the Antichrist (the jewish controlled vatican, govt & media) in the end times.

David will be unaffected by certain people and he will never compromise from abiding by YHWHs words in the Qu’ran. (David remains totally unscathed and loves ALL Gods’ words)

God will clear David of slanders pointed at him as he did with the prophet Abraham. (This is real life and God in action!)

God will lead David to safety from all the deniers’ snares. (David has 100s of wild stories that prove this!)

David will continue his work even during the time of his occultation. (Been at it since early 2012!)

There will be no information against David, all traps set for him will fail. (They’ve tried unknown dozens if not hundreds of times to no avail!  These are the people who own and run the world folks, God does NOT lose at anything!)

All the pressures and attacks will further strengthen David. (This is so very, very true, he just gets stronger and bolder, all thanks to YHWH!)

David will establish the dominion of the Islamic moral values of YHWH under very difficult conditions. (Like I’ve said, I challenge anyone to do 1/10th of what God has used David to do over the course of their entire lives, much less in 6 short years as of this writing all while fighting the richest, most powerful people in the world! Most cannot even dare to think of things as big as what God has shown us! What a ride!!!)

David will never be defeated in any way; nobody will be able to harm him. (So far so good, and I am quite sure this will NEVER change, God doesn’t change His mind!)



Davids’ morality is similar to that of Mohamet (saas).

David possesses the forbearance of Mohamet.

David will show the patience of the prophet Job. (God has and continues to train David how to be patient, people would be blown away at some of the crazy, monotonous stuff he’s done, especially having to do with editing the Quran For Christians. He doesn’t necessarily care for that kind of work but does excel at it!)

David loves God more than anything in the world and has a profound awe and respect for Him. (This should be true for everyone)

The name of YHWH will be much remembered in Davids’ home. (This one is pretty cool. Like most, David never knew the name YHWH until recently but ever since he can remember he’s used a certain phrase to ward off accidents, threats and other things that he was fearful of having occur. It ends in “way” as in YH-WAY!!! He will tell you it has NEVER failed him, NOT ONCE!) “For whosoever shall call upon the name of YHWH shall be saved” Rom 10:13


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David will be very compassionate and affectionate. (This is true in the realest sense, he cares deeply for all that’s good and has become a super caring guy when it comes to others and especially animals.)

David has a powerful urge to defend Islam. (Because the Quran is our last and only perfectly preserved and un-corrupted testament from God and many Muslim people are among the most pious on earth)

David will uphold the truth against cruelty. (Self evident)

Davids’ true gratitude is only to God. (But he’s thankful to everyone for doing their part, even if it’s trivial things)

David won’t tell people of his needs. (Yep, no whining!)

David will be very generous. (I have NEVER seen David be selfish, all he wants to do is give. And hey, it’s “the way”. That said, for those who cross him or any of his friends, lo, woe to them!)

David bears the titles of courage, fortitude, loyalty and solidarity. (Who else do you know that’s openly and publicly taken a stand against the most evil, rich and powerful people in the world; or had the mental will power to see it through even after an attempted murder and 2 frame jobs by our govt; or remains 100% faithful to his fellow man, animals and the earth; or speaks of, promotes and generates solidarity which is unity? See the AAAs’ UNITE-Educate-Act motto! “courage, fortitude, loyalty and solidarity, good words to live by!)

David knows what is lawful (halal) and unlawful (haram). (i.e. Coincidentally, David has proven killing animals is in fact against “Thou Shalt Not Kill” and about 20 other very clear verses against casual meat eating in the Bible. He’s then went on to fully document and prove the same to be true in the Quran. This is yet another massive satanic deception, humans are NOT carnivores or even omnivores by Gods’ design “in His image. We are in fact herbivores who can, if made necessary by hunger, eat animals. The Quran says fish is ok though.)

David is the most auspicious person on the earth at his time. (Just try finding another story anything like this one!)

There will be no shame or cruelty in Davids’ work. (This one is interesting because scriptures say David will be the one who calls for the destruction of MILLIONS of evil, corrupt and/or deceived idiots who are dragging humanity down. Doing so without shame is of course easy but without cruelty? We’ll see. Maybe this has something to do with the 30,000 guillotines the US and UN now have stockpiled. “And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshiped the beast or his image (lucifer or the US dollar) neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years” Rev 20:4 Those who want you to continue being their debt slave by using their tax ID/SS# (mark) and satanic money murdered 260 million innocent people just last century. THIS IS THEIR END NOT OURS!!!



Davids’ insight, foresight and understanding is very powerful. (See all his work and you’ll agree, it’s “beyond”!)

God will inspire David w/true laws. (See His AAA ballot!)

The bounty of God’s title of ”Hadi” or ”the guide” is upon David. (If you want to see heaven, follow and listen closely!)

David will love and understand animals. (David truly loves and feels for all kinds of animals, just a few proofs are here, and here.)

David has no goods or property. (David owns nothing, everything belongs to me and/or Unidigi, a corp to be owned equally by everyone like YOU. Then again, everything is Gods’ anyway!)

David will preach the moral values of YHWH using the most sincere words. (As anyone can clearly see, this is true!)

David will know people very well via God’s inspiration; his decisions won’t require witnesses. (He operates alone w/God)

David will have superior foresight and, by God’s will, possess secret knowledge. (For another example aside from what you’ve read above take “Daves’ BIG Test“. Its’ 26 questions unveil more massive secrets about our world than anyone has ever presented in such a short space! NO B.S. take 15 minutes to see for yourself. FYI; In the spirit of teaching, he made it super easy for anyone to pass!)

C:\Users\David7\Desktop\Dave's NN Works\k'sStuff\K's Images\KsWork\dsbigtest.gif



Almighty God will guide David with his wisdom. (David freely admits he is NOT in charge of all his decisions and learnings, he’s guided and knows it. There is no possible way anyone could compile all of this or even just the information from pages 5 through 11 herein he’s separated and made available at ITSASIGN.COM . It’s simply not possible without Gods’ guidance, no reasonably intelligent person could disagree!)

C:\Users\David7\Desktop\Desktop Clean Up\Pics\Itsasignlogo.jpg


BTW; God had David reserve the domain url some 25 years ago for a sign biz we had. Now look at how cool its use is, IT’S A SIGN FROM GOD! (ANOTHER)

David will possess “knowledge known to none”, secret knowledge like the hidden knowledge from the presence of God. (I think this might be true in the case of a lot of people but not to the degree it is with David. He can make anyones’ head spin just with what he knew at age 52, I can barely imagine what it’s going to be like year to year these days! 4/21 Update; Whoa!!! Again, WHAT A RIDE!)


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David will know the science of numerology. (As anyone will clearly see, David is definitely inclined for doing this but I don’t think it’s an education that ever ends. For instance . . .)

David will notice something extraordinary. (This is speaking about Davids’ discovery of the actual size of Earth. The article he wrote about this took me a full year to digest so don’t think you’ll be any different, but you’ll get it one day. Basically, using simple math coupled with a multitude of verses from the bible and the quran David discovered the location of “Gods kingdom“! Just the fact that David himself unravelled this massive deception is mind boggling!)



Inspired by God, David will know “the best behavior for earning God’s approval” and will act accordingly. (This is happening, David was just a stupid human like everyone else who is now learning, slowly but surely by the grace of God!)

David will immediately tell friend from foe. (Like many, God made sure David has heightened instincts in this regard.)

When the prophet Moses learned of the virtue of David he prayed to God to be David. (Quite a compliment huh?!)

David is like a sun, illuminating people to Gods’ words. (If you can find ANYONE who’s doing as much “illuminating” as David has, is and intends to continue, I’ll uncheck this one!)

? David will be a perfect manager over his works and people.

? Everyone’s minds will open to possess greater knowledge in the time of David. (We should all look forward to this!)

? The sincere manner in Davids’ preaching style of the moral values of YHWH will be instrumental in people. (Yet to be seen but David made a promise a couple years ago to “hit the road” and do lectures everywhere so, we will see YOU soon!)

? Having a profound faith in God, David will be an instrument of abundance. (When you learn how to listen to and obey God everything changes, you will become powerful and useful!)

? David will be someone whose reason and faith are greatly to be trusted, and sincere people who recognize David will follow him. (Are you “recognizing” all of this?)

? David will have a very powerful body and voice; at the same time his words and speech will have a great impact across the world. (Yep! One ought to hear him yell, you can hear his voice for miles up and down the canyon lands we live in!)

? David will be recognized by his powerful faith, grandeur, dignity, noble behavior and the descriptions given by our prophet Mohamet (saas). (But essentially David is a normal, everyday person who’s just awake. I want to think that we all hate lies, injustice, inequality and etc. evils once we’re aware.)

? David will resolve matters very fast. (Fingers crossed!)

? David has the most knowledge among people and he is a best friend to people. (Find another like him or his work!)

? David will be the most virtuous person on Earth. (The more you learn about Gods’ way, the more virtuous you become)

? Believers adopt Davids’ moral virtue as a role model. (Let’s hope so! What a wonderful world we will make this be for YHWH!)

? God will purify David in one night and bestow a great blessing and power on David in a single day. (Whoah . . . OK!)

? David is one of the masters of the dwellers of paradise.



David will be long-lived, like the prophet Noah and the prophet Adam. (David has always said he wanted to live a 1000 years so he could learn as much as possible about life, God and creation. Can you even imagine? I can’t!)

David will resemble Melchizedek, Gods’ high priest who was a guide to Alexander the Great and prophets such as Abraham and Moses, he was also called “The Green Man” i.e. an E.T.! (David has seen many UFOs and had a vision of God, a beautiful ET of perfect symmetry, majesty and grandeur!  ie; Numbers 12:6 “I YHWH will make myself known to him in a vision”)

The name of Dhu’l-Qarnayn (likely Alexander the Great) that appears in the qur’an will contain signs of David of the end times. (Lots of people mispronounce Allender as Alexander!)

Davids’ characteristics are mentioned in the holy books revealed to the prophets. (You’re reading them right now!)

? David will rule the world, just like Dhu’l Qarnayn and the prophet Solomon. (Get ready for some SERIOUS JUSTICE!)

? David will resemble and possess the knowledge of all the prophets combined. (Just imagine being one of them now in the “age of information” but he doesn’t do any prophesying.)



It is prophesied that everyone must follow David. (Or be executed!)

Believers wait for the emergence of David with aspiration.

? David will be spoken of everywhere. (We hope so!)

? In the time of David, all the entities in the world will be content with him. (How cool will it be to truly trust, believe in and be content with a world leader guided only by God Almighty?)

? People will be running to David by all possible means, following and never abandoning him. (This will be good!)

? David will be the benefactor of all believers. (Ditto!)

? Plentiful goods and gifts will be distributed to people in his time. (David has designed a new digital monetary system to literally break all billionaires and trillionaires and redistribute their wealth/possessions to the masses!  See “” while recalling the many verses like this;) Proverbs 13:21-22 “Evil pursueth sinners: but to the righteous good shall be repayed . . . and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.” THIS IS IT!


C:\Users\David7\Desktop\Dave's NN Works\Canvas Files\OutbankLogo.jpg


FYI; David was recently offered $30,000 for the domain name but said NO because he reserved if for We the People. Is that the kind of person you want on your side?


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? Great love will be shown for David when he appears. (ok!)

? When David appears he will earn people’s love and concern, even at a time when he is unknown to them, and he will never leave their minds. (Many have expressed their concerns for him without knowing who he is while being falsely and illegally persecuted by the scum in our corrupt govt)



Davids’ community will be few in numbers. (We live in a very spread out but small community of about 1,500 people!)

Davids’ followers are young. (We already see and know this. It’s mostly because older folks have been subjected to more years of brainwashing and have a much harder time accepting all of this.)

Most people in the end times will keep their distance from his community. (Because most people these days are evil, non-believers and brainwashed puppets who fear the Truth and therefore, Gods’ servants and Gods’ judgment that’s coming! And of course they fear David himself as they wisely should! What I’ve seen him do would curl the hair of even the most unshakable of people!)

Very few people will believe in David in the time of his occultation, most will harbor deep suspicions about him. (This is very true, sadly. Most people are so deceived and mentally screwed up they don’t know the difference between right and wrong, up and down, good or bad. Time for that to change! Oops, that’s what we’re doing here, right now!)

David will have a tight working group of about 30 executives. (This sounds exactly like what we’ve envisioned. A small team of highly dedicated and talented individuals who will basically end up “running the world”! Imagine being on that team, now hiring!)

Davids’ followers will have no material or spiritual interest in worldly things. (This is a given)

The great majority of people in the end times will fail to appreciate the worth of Davids’ followers. (The people who follow David are essentially working for God just like him, they are VERY important. The Quran says not many people are going to make it because they are “unappreciative” of such things.)

The spiritual side of Davids’ followers will be very powerful. (Another given)

Davids’ followers will be very select. (We’re picky!)

Only some of Davids’ followers will speak Arabic.

God made David and his followers spiritually powerful and effective; by God’s will, they will be instrumental in the name of YHWH being called on all over the world. (Believe it!)

Davids’ followers will have a very powerful faith. (A must)

Davids’ followers will not fear the pressure put upon them. (Something changes in ones’ mind when you sign up with God, many big fears simply disappear and you become far stronger.)

Davids’ followers will raise no difficulties. (When you “take up the cross” there is no desire to be difficult!)

Regarding the decisions he makes; difficulties and oppression will not wear Davids’ followers down. (Good!)

Some of the young followers of David will break away from and abandon their families which have become caught up in the corruption of the Antichrist/Vatican due to the pressure and intimidation they subject them to. (I myself have let go my entire family of ignorant, brainwashed, – literally possessed- Christians! If you fear corrupt human creeps more than God, you’re screwed.)

David and his followers will be highly effective through the power bestowed on them by God. (No one could understand what David and I have been through, it would not be possible for either of us, nor anyone else, without Gods’ Power!)

Davids’ followers will be able to communicate with anyone wherever in the world they wish by way of technology which they will also make good use of in other ways as well. (Our current state of censorship by the satanic jews who own all the media and internet isn’t going to last much longer. So far, we’ve built a dozen sites, the earliest was “” which is Davids’ 25 year old idea for an identification system, social network, online voting and digital monetary system all in 1!)

Davids’ followers will be made up of those believers from whom God takes a monument in “Qalu Bala”. (referring to the Realm of Souls and the covenant we take upon creation of our souls, it is our answer to Gods’ question, “Am I not your Lord?” which is “For certain, you are our Lord.” See the Quran For Christians.)

Any believer who wishes to be one of the people of Davids’ kingdom must possess “taqwa” & moral virtue. (be cognizant /fearful of God, love the truth, be rational/real and have piety)

? Davids’ followers will cross the “Bosphorus bridges” and travel by plane. (several suspension bridges spanning the Bosphorus strait near Istanbul, Turkey, thus connecting Europe and Asia)

? People who love David will hear his words (on television and in radio broadcasts) from different parts of the world; they will swiftly come to Davids’ side by fast means. (planes?)

? The followers of David will compare fossils of dead plants and animals and show them to people; in this way, God will intellectually neutralize Darwinism and materialism. (Good!)

? Those who listen to Davids’ lectures will rise as learned in the morning. (David says Gods’ spirit comes to us most in the AM hours when fresh/rested after “sleeping on things”.)



The community of David will resemble ”pure and fertile wheat.” Hypocrites, who leave them, on the other hand, will be like ”vile and loathsome weevils in this wheat”. (Buh Bye!)

David will recognize people with hypocritical natures from their appearances. (David has always been a keen judge of character, here again, it has to be God working above him)

On the subject of the coming of Yeshua and David, there will be those who say, “God and his messenger have promised us nothing more than an empty deception”. (This will be the satanic jews and their deceived puppets exactly as it was in the days of the 1st King David and Yeshua. They don’t believe in God but rather 72 angels who make up a “godhead”. They’re only served by jinn/demons and cannot see the truth. So, they will be destroyed now, and again later in eternal Hell. And rightly so!)

The hypocrites, troublemakers and coldhearted will be fearful of David. (Practically no one could read this without feeling a little uncomfortable, just imagine how it will feel to Gods’ and Davids’ enemies! Dan 5:19 And for the majesty that he gave him, all people, nations, and languages, trembled and feared before him: whom he would he slew; and whom he would he kept alive; and whom he would he set up; and whom he would he put down. Psalms 72:11 Yea, all kings shall fall down before him: all nations shall serve him. (IT’S TIME!!!)

David and his followers will not be harmed by those who leave them. (This has already occurred multiple times with family members, fair weather friends and others who didn’t “believe”!)

David will struggle against the hypocrites, who will occupy the very lowest level of the flames. (Islam teaches 7 differing levels of hell for non-believers and that hypocrites who oppose David and therefore God, will get the worst of punishments!)


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There will be false religious scholars who demand money to serve the religion in the end times. (Look around, they’re everywhere! Especially in YOUR towns’ 501(c) churches!)

? Certain shaven-headed, false scholars will appear in the time of David and deviate from the moral values of YHWH by their statements.

? In the end times these shaven-headed people, who know the Qur’an very well, will emerge and they will struggle against the moral values of the Qu’ran. (This will almost certainly pertain to meat eating which many Muslims have been deceived about no different than pretty much the rest of the entire world excepting India. Again, David has proven “Thou Shalt Not Kill” pertains to killing ANYTHING and that humans are herbivorous, see that here.)

? 70,000 scholars wearing turbans will support the Antichrist and Vatican against David. (Bring it on, they’re going down!)


Davids’ weapons are faith and love. (I’m thinking the “Time of David” means AFTER we’ve destroyed all the evil pukes in the world who are responsible for wars, oppression, usury, materialism, factory farming and etc. evils. )

David will prove Gods’ existence, creation of the Universe, the Qu’ran and end times using very strong evidence. None will have any counter evidence to offer in his intellectual struggle against darwinism or materialism. (Doing this w/you right now! Also, see the “Proof” page at!)

David will show people the proofs of Creation, and will point to the verses of the Qu’ran and trustworthy hadiths handed down from our prophet (saas) as evidence in his lectures. (You’re reading those “Hadiths” right now!)

David will prove the fact of creation to people by means of fossils. (David made a very simple, clear and distinct discovery while performing excavation on the roads he built for Joe Creek Retreat, he will soon show us things that all the corrupt and/or brainwashed geologists won’t!)

David will show people the true path of the YHWH via the Qu’ran and the sunnah of our prophet Mohamet (saas).

God will make David his instrument to prepare perfect books that influence his time and the entire world. (This one really stressed David out when he read it!  No one can understand the pressure that puts on a writer. But sure enough, Davids’ stuff is solid as a rock. It’s nothing short of amazing really. Even his 1st book, “The Everything Pages which prompted the subsequent SWAT team attack on us is really, really truthy. We still refer to it for facts now, years and years later, even though at the time we’d only been “truthing” for 1 yr! That’s something for as wet behind the ears as we were!)

David will understand and explain the Qu’ran and the hadiths very well. (He’s obviously already working on this, read the Quran For Christians for obvious proof. There has never been another book like that one, you’ll see!)

David and his followers will cause YHWHs’ moral values to prevail through their intellectual activities. (Like this)

Davids’ works of faith related issues will be instrumental in people attaining salvation in the end times. (Hopefully YOU)

? David will be instrumental in everywhere becoming places in which YHWH is worshipped. (Imagine a world of people ALL being on the same side with the same laws from the same LOVING, CARING AND JUST GOD WHO TELLS US TO BE LOVING, CARING AND JUST TOO! IT’S COMING!

? David will spiritually conquer the world. (Not with wars!)

? When David uses YHWHs moral values to rule, there will be no one left to deny Mohamet (saas) was the last prophet.

? Davids’ “yellow-white flags” on which is written “YHWH” will fly all over the world. (Yep, and he will do the artwork just like he’s done with 100s of the other graphics around here, WATCH!)



David will disclose true Islamic (meaning peaceful) moral values of YHWH.

David will not be influenced by anyone, by any idea or any sect. (This is an absolute fact, David tows the line on all his beliefs, he looks and listens to others but in the end has never been persuaded by anyone. Mostly because everyone else he’s found to date, have been wrong about at least one major thing, usually relating to the commandments, which are not pliable.)

David will apply the “sunnah” “the verbally transmitted record of the teachings, deeds and sayings, silent permissions, or disapprovals, of the prophet Muhammad, as well as various reports about his companions” of our prophet (saas), to rid religions of superstition and restore the faith to its true form as in the time of each of our prophets across history. (happening)

David will enable people to think and act on all matters according to the Qu’ran; that is, he will encourage them to behave in the best, most accurate, consistent and rational manner. (This is true, David will tell you the Quran is the easiest book to understand and live by but don’t forget,the Quran is based upon the Torah and its’ 10 commandments! David actually found a copy of theGospel of the Holy 12written by Yeshuas’ brother, “James the Just” which contains the the expanded version Yeshua taught.  David further clarified the 10 commandments as shown below, you tell me if they sound more like the laws of a loving, caring God!)

(AS INTERPRETED BY DAVID ALLENDER)   “But who can detect their errors?  Clear me from hidden faults.” Psalm 19:12

(YHWH gave us these beautifully simple and easy to follow laws for the benefit of mankind and all of creation.  There will be none who exist in the world to come that don’t follow these basic laws!)

1.  Worship, honor and obey YHWH alone, treat no others as your God.

(Not doing this results in a lack of respect for Gods laws which lessens our morality and causes We the People to become weak and prone to being oppressed by evil leaders.  It’s not about YHWH being egotistical, it’s for our own good.)

2.  No idolatry – No object or image can represent YHWH.  Such are only used for evil.(witchcraft, sorcery, magic, necromancy, divination etc.)

(YHWH has nothing to do with Christianities’ cross, Islams’ moon, Hinduisms’ many statues or any other object/image.  Worship The Creator and be in awe of His creations but DO NOT WORSHIP THEM!)

3.  His Name is YHWH, use it often and reverently for not doing so is taking His Name in vain.

(5410 uses of YHWHs’ name were removed from the Old Testament by pharisees/scribes who have always been mortal enemies to We the People.  There is much power in using your Creators’ name which is why they don’t want us knowing or using it.  No different than your friends and loved ones calling upon you by your ACTUAL NAME, this is the most elemental manner of showing respect to our only true Father, YHWH!)

4.  Devote yourselves to God and Godly things on the day of rest.

 (The Saturday Sabbath is a day of rest meant to rejuvenate man and beast after 6 days of toil. However, doing good, Godly works is definitely allowed for people. And it’s a given that additional prayers should be performed with more thanks given.)

5.  Honor your kin and brethren by being a blessing to all.

(Our earthly parents aren’t the only ones we should strive to make proud of us.  We owe the same to the whole of each other for the simple reason that good begets good.  Giving ample reasons for being proud of our race should be the goal for every human being.)

6.  Do not cause unnecessary harm, torment or death to any living soul, esteem all of Gods creation.

(It is not possible to have high moral character or call oneself “intelligent” while not valuing the lives of innocent, feeling creatures, caring for people in distant lands or respecting the earth which amazes, comforts and sustains us.  Our lack of morals results in We the People allowing murder of innocents in unnecessary wars and widespread destruction of creation which evil people rely upon to be rich and powerful.  This is what “Thou shalt  not kill” is really all about.)

7.  Do not commit adultery with body, heart or mind.

(Adultery shows a dire lack of respect for oneself and everyone else, it plants seeds of distrust which is elemental in undoing the bonds we rely upon for coexisting in peace, love and harmony as a race.)

8.  Do not steal, cheat or lie to harm your brethren.


9.  Do not bear false testimony against or falsely accuse your brethren.

(Ditto again)

10.  Do not envy others, wish all the best and always give thanks for what you have.

(Envy only shows and furthers ones’ lack of ability to succeed, feel blessed and experience inner peace.  This is why satanic oppressors of We the People popularize materialism, one of the 3 foundations of their modus.  The other 2 are imposition and destruction. Resisting each in every form is our shared duty and has great rewards.)

 Deuteronomy 6:6  And these words which I command you this day shall be upon your heart;  and you shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.  And you shall bind them as a sign upon your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes.  And you shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.


David will be instrumental in people having faith and profound fear of God. (Fact. Can’t wait for more to come along!)

David will distance YHWHs’ teachings from all the satanic irreligious currents and innovations, he will call on people to have faith exactly as all our prophets before him have. (Ditto.)

? David will be instrumental in people living the moral values of the Qu’ran and YHWHs’ laws in the most perfect manner. (TBD but his Quran For Christians is obviously a spectacular start!)

? David will illuminate the whole world like the sun, and will be instrumental in all “grief and oppression” coming to an end. (Again, TBD but to illuminate means to provide the Truth as David is.)

? David will be instrumental in people living by “true and deep love”. (Bring it on people! Let’s show each other and YHWH what we’re really all about “for a change”!)

? David will be instrumental in the whole world attaining salvation. (Well, this is for EVERYONE including YOU!)

? David will not be tied to any religion and all schools will swear allegiance to him when he comes. (True and…waiting!)

? David will be instrumental in people attaining moral perfection and sincerity. (TBD but think about it, who else is promoting 100% truth, goodness and morality these days?)

? David will purge the satanic forgeries in all religions and guide people to live by YHWHs’ simple, moral and just laws. (Again, satanism is the travesty of Gods teachings, the most important of which is the law and/or “the way” we’re to live. So, TBD but I’ve been watching David do this from the get go.)


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The “two orphans” in surat al-kahf 18:82 refer to Yeshua and David. (This RARE Quranic reference about the Al-Mahdi in 18:82 is the value of “David William Allender” in jewish gematria, 1882!!!)

The spiritual leadership of YHWH will come to David while he’s sitting at home. (Yep, been visited frequently since 2011!)

? Yeshua will follow David and David will lead Yeshua in prayer (salat). (TBD but that will be something!)

? Yeshua will help David and will express his devotion to David. (Can you imagine having the devotion of Yeshua?!)

? When Yeshua returns to earth, he will preach the moral values of YHWH and Islam in books with a seal upon them.

? Yeshua and David will resemble one another in terms of appearance and moral values. (Well, I guess we now have an idea of what Yeshua looks like!)

? There will be no successor, (spiritual leader) when David appears, he will be the only “one” before Yeshua comes.

? Allegiance will be sworn to David by many. (More = Merrier)

? When David appears, everyone will unite under his spiritual leadership. (Recall David’s motto “Unite – Educate – Act”!)



? David will bestow freedom on Muslims and neutralize the devilish teachings of atheist zionists. (Actually David will tell you they are NOT Davidic “Zionists” nor “real Judahites” and in no uncertain terms to call them what they are; “satanic jews! 4/21 Update; David has now irrefutably proven that this “jew-ish rabbithole” is much deeper than anyone else has ever came forth to expose. We the Adamite People are surrounded by inhuman jinn/human hybrids straight out of Gen 6:4! He’s fully documented that in the Quran For Christians.)

? David will eliminate all strife, conflict and division between Muslims and make Muslims brothers, he will unite the Islamic world. (Keep deprogramming your brain by reminding yourself that a Muslim is simply someone who loves YHWH and “Islam” means Peace!)

? David will call on people to friendship and alliance. (Yep, David is all about bringing good people together!)

? David will free the world from evils and oppressive systems and will cause love and peace to reign among people. (Ditto!)

? David will solve all of people’s problems and come to the rescue of everyone. (What else would we expect?)

? God will eliminate both violence and the philosophy of violence through David. (We’re talking WORLD PEACE!!!)

? The reign of the oppressors will come to an end in the time of David. (The messianic age of Christ we’re promised!)



David will not know arabic. (We want to learn though!)

David will tell the whole world of the moral values of the Qur’an and keeping YHWHs’ faith by means of technological tools available in the end times. (See us and his PDF of the Quran for free download on the web!)

Information about the structure of Earth and the Universe will be obtained in the time of David. (Again, this is surely speaking of “Daves’ Big Truth” and all the other stuff related to it due to the lying govt propaganda operation called NASA)

David will not come with characteristics contrary to the Laws of God; he will come like all the prophets have, in full agreement with Gods Laws. (This is 100% true, David obviously espouses following of the 10 commandments!)

One need not know Arabic and the Proper recitation of the Qu’ran in order to understand the Qur’an or the hadiths: David will use his (internet) knowledge to assist in this. (Many Muslims think others cannot properly practice faith but that’s total BS. All you need is a good translation of the Quran and a little guidance which David has in fact provided! Also, Davids’ huge archive can be freely downloaded at

Our prophet Mohamet (saas) had no religious education nor will David, he will simply rule with special knowledge imparted to him from God. (FYI; Mohamet who compiled the Quran over the course of 23 years under direction of God via Gabriel was completely illiterate. That was his shining miracle. As to this, indeed David is 100% self learned and taught solely by God.  He has an 8th grade education and quit churches at age 8.)

There will be many so called religious scholars who are really just fools of weak faith that will oppose David. (David has been attacked by 100s of these idiots and CIA shills ever since we began down this path. He always utterly and completely destroys their attacks which is why the corrupt govt and all the jewish owned media bans and censors him. But those days of censorship are going to end soon, WATCH AND SEE!)

David will preach from his own home. (His 666 home!)

David will use technology to obtain truth. (Yep, obviously!)


That’s David, “easy at work” with his 7 yr old laptop which is the very same one God made sure he would have while in jail. (This was a really big deal, it was the first time anyone in WA state was allowed to have their pc in jail! I and a court room full of people watched in awe while he argued his case on this and won!) He used it to build his legal defense as well as to secretly write the first 3 issues of the Goyim Gazette, all while listening to our 30,000 song itunes collection and talking to me privately via chat! (a big no-no!) Also on his desk is his 1st bible I bought for him on that “guilt free vacation” as he calls it. If you ask David about the experience he’ll tell you it really was a vacation and that jail is an excellent place to reflect, get healthy and work with zero distractions. The only thing he felt “guilty” about was me being at home alone. As they say, you can’t keep a good man down! Also note the Goyim Gazettes to his left, the Quran which he studied alongside the bible in jail, and wallpaper of Hindus’ Shiva on his laptop. Like all the servants prior, David and I love God, not any particular religion and that’s exactly what God wants from ALL OF US! God does NOT want DIVISION or feign, flawed worship in corrupt churches, that’s the plans and works of “someone else.” This is why so many church goers are totally LOST!


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? David will spiritually conquer Rome, there will be a great earthquake at the vatican. (TBD with great anticipation!)

? A group from the east will prepare the way for the coming of David. (Likely speaking of the Turks)

? Earthquakes will stop by virtue of God’s love for David.

? The companions of the cave will be Davids’ followers. (These are “others” that David and I have been given some very solid proof exist!)

? Different opinions concerning David will be put forward but these opinions will then be united. (The truth always comes to the top!)



Davids’ famous white horse of Revelation will be big, white and black with bright eyes (headlights) spread apart from one another. (This is obviously describing Davids’ vehicles of recent.  Inexplicably, for the first time in his life David began buying white vehicles back in 2009.  It started with a huge Dodge 4500 then for Affirmative Action Alliance Van prototype David created to go around the country taking votes from WTP.  And now most recently is his Ford F350 and a Lincoln Town Car!  All that and we must REMEMBER David wrote the AAA ballots, and did everything else mentioned herein LONG BEFORE ever knowing about the existence of any of these amazing prophecies about himself!)


David will eat plain food. (David was always the guy who orders everything “plain”.  Also, we are vegetarians and both of us are becoming more and more attracted to simpler foods, especially fruits and raw veggies. Still like to spice it up sometimes though! I posted some recipes HERE)

Like our prophet (saas) David will wear white, bright and very clean clothes. (It’s interesting that this is identical to the prophecies in the Dead Sea Scrolls we covered earlier)



Firstly, David will explain to you that no one in the last 1500 years or so could honestly claim to be a Judahite by blood because we had no way to test DNA until recently AND because ANYONE of ANY COLOR can become a “jew” (but not a member of the tribe of Judah, a Judahite) which would dilute the Adamic DNA even if they could have tested it! Secondly, no one could claim that their ancestors were Judeans because it’s asinine, even if one’s ancestors did live in Judea, it has nothing to do with race or religion today as any fake, lying “jew” would claim.  And thirdly, there was no alternate religion of jewdaism among the 12 tribes of Israel, they were all devout worshippers of Abrahams’ God, YHWH.   Hence, on these premises alone, without further need for thought even by a ignoramus, anyone with a brain can easily see what’s going to happen to those who claim to be Judahites “IN THE TIME OF DAVID”.  Any such liars will NOT have a good experience or a future in the days to come!



There will be wealth and unprecedented abundance in the golden age of David. Goods will be given without being counted. It will rain in abundance. David will possess a hitherto unseen conception of justice. There will be peace and security, all conflicts and disagreements will end, love and unity will prevail. David will restore and beautify the world and will spread joy and contentment everywhere. All wars, oppression and corruption will come to an end. David will bring forth the treasures of the earth to all who are just. He will distribute goods and blessings in a just manner; the whole world will be filled with plenty and abundance. (Sounds good!)

The coming age of David will be one of peace and security. The blind will get vision, the sick will be cured and longevity will increase. Such goodness and beauty will be created that even those who felt themselves to be spiritually dead will rebound with zest for life. David will ensure equality among countries and peoples, our hearts will be free of grief and sorrow while being filled with the desire of mutual love and unity. Love and kindness will pervade all the nooks and corners of the earth, people’s eyes will shine w/joy. (All 3 religions agree on this beautiful scenario. I SAY LET IT BE!)



The repeated appearance of false prophets and false messiahs will hinder the recognition of David by some. The suggestion that David will return, not as a person, but as a spirit, will prevent some from realizing David is here. Those who stagnate in disbelief won’t recognize David. The pressure placed on society by eminent individuals will prevent David from being recognized (by those addicted to listening to them and their broadcasted propaganda) The fact that Christianity has become corrupted will prevent most Christians from recognizing their King has arrived, (this is lucifers’ entire plan for them) The vatican ran govt will use the media and internet to spread lies and slander David, those stupid enough to believe it will lose. (They will depict truth as falsehood and falsehood as truth for that is at the very core of satanism) Some of our leaders will also fool people by pretending to be on Davids’ side and wanting the best for him while secretly plotting against him, and spreading rumors in the background. They will use our egos to generate feelings of false pride and envy which will work on conceited fools among us. Many will be bribed with material benefits for not believing David and God are real, they’ll also threaten some with material losses and loss of jobs. Drugs and technology will be used to hypnotize, brainwash and dumb people down so they can’t think critically/rationally. (And since we are talking about the supernatural, our satanic vatican ran govt leaders will use spells, curses and demonic/jinn powers invisibly surrounding us via telepathy to hold the weak among us in states of disbelief)


The predictions herein were made by real prophets of YHWH across the ages NOT by idiots performing sorcery, witchcraft, divination and etc. evil practices clearly forbidden by God.

CURRENT CONCLUSIONS; No less than seven separate Bible verses specifically say the King to come will be named David. David Allender matches every major prophecy in existence about this end times servant to a perfect T. He is also the only man on earth who can easily lay claim to fulfilling the Rev 13:18 requirement of “OWNING 666”. No one on earth has EVER had 1/100th of the connections with 666 as we’ve irrefutably proven w/David. Then we have the plethora of “out of this world odds” and other amazing “hyper facts”(unimaginable by most and yet to be fully understood by anyone) such as those surrounding our home at JCR and Jerusalem. It’s safe to say we’ve also proven beyond any possible doubt he matches every kind of extenuating qualification one might imagine this long awaited end times servant would have, but let us be sure;


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We have conclusively solved several of mankinds’ most monumental mysteries while then going on to surely prove/disprove several of the most hotly debated subjects in history. (Find another body of text that can lay claims to anything like these!)  Now let us reflect on what we’ve ascertained and why this is one of the most important reads (and re-reads!!!) for every good soul living on earth today;

  • The Hindu and Mayan calendars, earths’ oldest, ended in 2000 and 2012 respectively which matches the timing of our 2000 year astrological journey through the age of Pisces into Aquarius. This long awaited occurrence (which would have been celebrated by We the People worldwide like no other event in history) was hushed by corrupt political, business and religious leaders in THEIR media around the globe because it spells their demise.
  • All major prophets respected by Earths’ top 3 religions vividly described a world during “end times” that looks exactly like ours does in EVERY MANNER NOW. These prophecies call for strangely increased immorality, criminality and stupidity of many people, earthquakes, floods, wildfires, wars, disease, famines, astronomical wonders identical to those of recent and other very specific and rare events impossible to fake or mistake. There’s no room for doubt, this is end times and the corrupt “jew-ish” leaders of YOUR govt, schools, media and 501(c) churches are hiding it.
  • YHWH, the God of Abraham openly and cryptically encoded the Bible with 666 and located the most famous holy places on earth (the Kaaba at Mecca and Solomons’ Temple in Jerusalem) using 666 as a geo-locational key undiscoverable without modern technology of “these times”. The secretive and psychotic religo-group currently running the Govt, Media and 501(c) Churches propagandized/brainwashed everyone to negatively associate 666 with lucifer, anti-christs and evil. But in truth, 666 is one of the most positively divine numbers of all and God uses it profusely!
  • Every major religion on earth calls for an end times servant (aka avatar) from God who will bring about a worldwide revolution to end corruption by bringing evil people and the fools who choose to remain deceived by them to judgment. The Bible clearly and repeatedly says this mans’ name will be “David”. Yet rarely a Christian on earth can tell you this because they have all been mercilessly deceived by the satanic group of extremely evil, psychopathic liars who now run ALL US 501(c) churches.
  • The famous verse of Rev 13:18 says there will be TWO 666 entities involved in end times, not just one as everyone has been led by corrupt church leaders to believe. These leaders have always known “Vicarius Filli Dei” (the title of their popes) equals 666. This is why 666 is secretly held dear to them and glamourized by them in their satanic Hollywood music and film industries while at the same time being villianized by them as a number for some future “anti-christ” in their 501(c) churches.
  • This same group has released copious amounts of propaganda via Hollywood geared to make everyone think that numerical miracles are commonplace when they’re anything but. Case in point, the odds of any persons’ given, legal name equaling 666 in their native language and that person meeting just the essential requirements (i.e. knowing it, being male, of age, living now) are 1 in 153 million. Add to that just a few of 100s more basic characteristics the average person would expect from such a servant using ridiculously low factors of 1 in 10 each and we’re at about 1 in 7 septillion (7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 to 1) This alone when expanded upon by anyone of reason is found impossibleAND WHEN WE ATTEMPT TO USE THE ACTUAL FACTORS INSTEAD OF THE SIMPLE 1 in 10s, WE FIND THAT MODERN MAN CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO CALCULATE THE ODDS!!!
  • Along with Rev 13:18s’ 666 prophecy, David Allender matches every description for the end times servant in all major prophecies we know of including the Bible (both OT and NT) the Dead Sea scrolls, the Quran and Hadiths, each exactly and without any ambiguity. The odds against anyone fulfilling all these prophecies are far beyond all mathematical possibility. It simply would never happen naturally regardless of how much time was given. WITHOUT GOD IT IS NOT POSSIBLE, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE.
  • Now add to that already impossible scenario a dozen super key locations in Davids’ life which are exact increments of 666 miles in distance from one and other combined with more facts of such unlikelihood and peculiarity that the odds are literally incalculable by humans at this time. Recall the impossible nature of this required a new word; “hyperfacts” to describe them!
  • Next we saw how the temple at Jerusalem, the holiest city on earth (where Jesus and Mohamet, Gods’ most famous servants prior to David ascended to heaven) mirrors Davids’ land and home which is located nearly exactly opposite (like a mirror) on the other side of the world. This too is not possible on its own much less combined with everything else here and could very well hold some big secrets regarding the mysterious “New Jerusalem” repeatedly prophesied in the Bibles’ OT and NT.
  • Then we have the bevy of impossible to mimic astrological, calendrical and numerical facts surrounding David with clear associations to God, Jesus, Mohamet, 9/11, 322 and countless other theological subjects straight out of the mystery school handbooks. Hey YOU, we have left Kansas. It is now ok to join Dorothy and Toto agape and in awe with zero doubt of Gods’ obvious involvement.
  • To top it all off for now (rest assured there will be additional advents even more incredible than all this) we go back 20+ years before any of this was known to find David Allender inventing a massively advanced, multi-trillion dollar online system to enable We the People to run the world based upon a beautifully simple one number identification system straight out of Revelation! We then see David pioneer a way to vote online and restore our “constitutional, democratic republic” in the US and then abroad which will at the same time aid in outing subversives from the very same religo-group who God, Jesus and Mohamet are each on record for hating with a passion EXACTLY LIKE DAVID who is now their most active adversary on earth. Davids’ dream is now a reality as a working prototype called ““. The vision behind this creation is not of a human order and the unlikely usefulness for it in doing what is prophesied and must happen is to a degree of perfection unimaginable by anyone.
  • More recently, David was compelled to build an organization called “The Affirmative Action Alliance” which is the only one of its kind ever on earth designed to be both a highly profitable agent franchise and a tool to end corruption around the world via pure democracy.
  • Ending corruption requires the arrest and prosecution of millions of liars in current business, political and religious leadership positions who like all criminals, don’t want to get caught to pay for their crimes. This is who dictates what’s said about God, (their chosen enemy) end times (their coming demise) and themselves (their secret religo-cult) in ALL their major TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Books, Websites, Schools and Government Ran 501(c) Corp Churches. It was all propaganda and lies from the very same group of psychopaths who famous figures such as Jesus and Mohamet spent their entire lives exposing, rebuking and fighting for YHWH, the same God of Abraham and David Allender.

Page 25

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Rev 13:18 Here is wisdom, let him who has understanding CALCULATE the number of the beast for it is the number of a man, and HIS NUMBER is . . .
TITLES: Pope/Vassal King/THE Antichrist/Another Beast, False Prophet and "Vicarious Filli Dei" = 666
TITLES: Prince of Peace/Elijah to Come/Stump of Jesse/Interpreter of Law and "David Allender" = 666"
Tells We the People What They Want to Hear (To Retain Popularity/Power Over Us)Tells We the People What We Need to Hear (Puller of the Proverbial Band Aid)
Hates “Real/Pure Democracy”, Freedom and Justice the U.S. Constitution Stands ForLoves “Real/Pure Democracy”, Freedom and Justice the U.S. Constitution Stands For
Quashes Internet Voting and Freedom of Speech, Protects Traitors and AccomplicesPromotes Internet Voting and Freedom of Speech, Prosecutes Traitors and Accomplices
Secretly, Methodically and Sadistically Plots Against We the PeopleOpenly, Systematically and Benevolently Fights For We the People
Poisons Air, Water, Soil, Food & Meds to Sicken YOU & YOURS for Mass DepopulationEducates, Strengthens and Advocates for YOU & YOURS to Avoid Premature Death
Hates Truth! Censors, Bans and Obfuscates It Everywhere In Its Mass MediaLoves Truth! Publishes, Popularizes and Elucidates It Everywhere LIKE THIS NOW
Popularizes Immorality, Materialism, Greed, Division, Hate and PedophiliaDenounces All Such Immorality, Stupidity and Sin, Appeals to Higher Senses
Lives Parasitically, Succeeds By Deception and “Divide and Conquer” StratagemsHates Parasites and Liars, Comes to Unite Those Who Choose the Right Path
Undermines the 10 Commandments (To Weaken, Demoralize and Condemn WTP)Promotes the 10 Commandments (To Empower, Embolden and Save Good People)
Propagandizes WTP to be Complacent and Tolerant of Its White Collar CriminalityRails Against Tolerance/Complacency, Will Soon Prosecute All Such Untouchables
Sublimely Promoted Evil In Advanced Ways That Escaped Detection By the MassesStaunchly Denounces Evil In Simple Ways, Makes WTP Aware of What Happened
Methodically Legalized Satanism In Nearly Every Country Around the WorldWill Permanently Abolish Satanism In Every Country Around the World
Intentionally Maligned Gods’ Words in Scriptures and Mocks Christs’ TeachingsExposes Lies and Mistranslations In Scriptures, Reaffirms Christs’ REAL Teachings
Promotes Same/Old, Corrupt, Privately Owned Banking System to Enrich the 1%Uses New, Transitional Public Owned Banking System to Transfer Wealth to the 99%
Tricked/Used WTP to Murder 260 Million Innocents Last Century in Needless WarsPromotes Peace, Prosecution of Guilty & Those Remaining Silent in the Face of Evil
Needlessly Abuses, Wastes and Pollutes All Forms of Creation - Hates GodCherishes, Conserves and Values All Forms of Creation - Loves God
Deceives, Mocks, Sickens, Enslaves and Feeds Upon YOU & YOURS - Hates ManOffers YOU & YOURS Truth, Redress, Self Respect and Real Hope - Helps Man
Says Anything To Gain Public Trust, Breaks Promises, Rarely Follows ThroughSpeaks the Truth at All Costs, Keeps Promises and Always Follows Through
Utilizes WW Network of Rich/Powerful Govt/Corp/Church Officials Deceived by satan Utilizes Tiny Working Group of Good, Caring Men & Women Empowered by GOD
Support this FALSE 666 MAN of satan to experience humiliation for being a weak, deceived fool deserving of eternal shame and condemnation for it. (“support” means doing nothing as in; “the only thing necessary for triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”) In short; supporting this system by doing nothing will make you look/feel like a piece of sh*t, you’ll hate yourself for it and will be harshly punished.
Support David, the REAL 666 MAN of God to experience contentment for being a decent, stand up individual deserving of eternal peace and honor for it. (“support” here means “doing the right thing” by showing you care in any number of simple ways opposite to doing nothing) In short; supporting this system says it all about THE REAL YOU and not only does it feel good, a greater reward is promised!
Matthew 7:15-20 “Beware of FALSE PROPHETS which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. YE SHALL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITS. Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles? Every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. WHEREFORE BY THEIR FRUITS YE SHALL KNOWN THEM.”


DAVES’ BIG, PRICELESS, TIP OF THE DAY: The 2 most sure fire ways to be sent to hell or heaven during end times are; A; THOSE WHO CONTINUE TO ACCEPT THE BEASTS’ MARK(Your SS#) AND WORSHIP(Defined as “give respect, admiration or devotion to”) ITS IMAGE (the Dollar) ARE GUARANTEED HELL, REGARDLESS OF EVERYTHING ELSE. Rev 14:9 And . . .B; THOSE WHO DIE WARRING FOR GOD AND DAVID, THE LAST MESSENGER ARE GUARANTEED HEAVEN, REGARDLESS OF EVERYTHING ELSE. Rev 14:13


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If These Are Biblical End Times, Who’s Going to be The King of Kings and Where’s All the Miraculous Signs/Wonders/Proof?
THE TRUE LITMUS TEST FOR ALL MIRACLES IS IN THE ODDS. For Instance, Regardless of What Anyone Believes About Jesus, The Odds of Him Meeting ALL The Criteria from Dozens of Old Testament Prophecies of Himself Was Just Short of a Sexagintillion (a # with 153 zeros) To One. This Material Documents A Modern Day Miracle Which Outperforms That and ALL Others Combined By Unthinkable Orders Veritable By All. There is Now A Man Walking the Earth Who Matches SEVERAL HUNDRED KEY CRITERION of The Final Servant Predicted By EVERY Major End Times Prophet and Documented In EVERY Major Body of Ancient Text From EVERY Nation Around the Globe In EVERY Era of Recorded History Which Include Very SPECIFIC Physical Characteristics (hair color, eye color, height, weight, scars, birthmarks etc) Very SPECIFIC Mental Characteristics (attitude, mission, mindset etc.) Very SPECIFIC Personal Characteristics (name, age, birth sign etc.) and Very SPECIFIC Numeric Characteristics (666 and others) Along With EVERY Other Trait One Might Imagine Such a Human Servant to God Would Possess, Plus Countless More. To Be 100% Crystal Clear, That’s EVERYTHING Any Hard to Convince Scholar Could Ever Dream of Having For Solid, Irrefutable Proof. And As One Would Expect From God, THERE IS ALWAYS MUCH MORE. Absolutely No One Can Refute This. NO ONE. Hence, Any Who Deny the Realities of End Times, God Or His Servant After This Are Veritably Insane. (Denying Reality Is De Facto, Clinical Insanity) This Form of Lunacy Created From Deception Was the Goal For The Religonuts Who Run ALL the Major Media, Banks, Govts & 501(c) Churches.
The Dead Sea Scrolls of The OT Bible Match ALL The Characteristics of Our 666 Man Against Odds of About An Octillion (1 w/27 zeros) to 1. There are also many beautiful verses like; “Your eyes will be filled with tears but they will not be due to bitterness or sorrow, rather from great joy and expectation you’ve never experienced . . . You will leap with joy, with shouts of praise and glory to my name!”Revelation 13:18 Has Made 666 the Most Imfamous Number on Earth for 2000 Yrs. Learn How the Odds of A Mans’ Name Both Equaling 666 and Him Having All the Basic Earmarks Expected of Any Servant of God Are About 1 in 7 Septillion. (A MILLION BILLION Earths Worth of People At Current Population of 7 Billion)Rev 13:18 Calls For More Than Just A Mans’ Name Equaling 666, It Implies Ownership As Well. (i.e. “HIS number is 666") Bare Witness to a Plethora of Mind Boggling Miracles From God Which Irrefutably Prove Divinely Granted Ownership of 666 To The Same Man Whose Name Equals 666. No One Else On Earth Can Lay Claim to This And Odds For This Are Not Describable With Words For Numbers Known By Man.
The Hadiths Are the Words of Our Final Prophet (PBUH) Which Contain The Largest Body of Prophetic Texts About End Times On Earth. Even Though They Are Not Claimed To Be Actual Words of God, There Are Literally Hundreds of Very Specific Descriptors and Events, Every Single One (Excepting Those Which Have Yet to Occur) is Shown to Be a Perfect Match For The Very Same Man Prophesied In The Bible. Odds For This Are Not Describable With Words For Numbers Known By Man.End Times Is Not What Corrupt Govt and Religious Leaders Teach Because It Is The End of THEM As We The People Transition From the 2160 Yr Age of Pisces to Aquarius. Who You Choose to Believe, Follow and Support From Here On Out Will Prove To Be The Most Important Decision of YOUR Life. This Is What Every Religion On Earth Was Always Based Upon, IT’S TIME!Seven Prophetic Verses In Four Separate Books of the Bible Specifically Tell Us The Name of Our End Times Servant Will Be “David”. This Blatant Fact Has Been Swept Under The Rug By Corrupt Religious Leaders But Can No Longer Be Hidden From Anyone With Eyes Connected to Their Brain. The Man Who Matches ALL THE OTHER END TIMES PROPHECIES ON EARTH Will in Fact Be “David”. This Man Exists and Started Doing His Work For God 20 Years Before His "Awakening" Which Will Not Be All Together Different Than YOURS NOW.
~ Pronounced “Yah-Way” ~ Embrace The Name and Destiny That Enemies to Humanity Have Hidden From We The People For Millennia!

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That statement is putting things mildly and there are two reasons it’s so difficult; Firstly, as covered on page 4 we have the supernatural influence of lucifer and his fellow jinn demons and then the complete control that God has over everything which of course includes our thoughts. (For the unfortunate whom this is the case, most won’t even be allowed to read this article much less remember it or even hear others who tell them to.  So, consider yourself VERY LUCKY to have made it this far in considerations! YOU are now on a very important precipice!!!) The other obvious factor we’ve hopefully proven is the sheer amount of deceptive propaganda and brainwashing performed on We the People. However, since Peggy and I obviously have and continue to think about all of this, we will do everything in our power to help others see the proverbial light. Thankfully YHWH has made things much easier for YOU now than it was for us early on. We had to operate 100% on faith and simply choosing to do what we believed were the right things. (This is assuming that we had any real choice in the matter which I still like to think was and is the case.) It wasn’t until 2016 when we began getting some of the “big clues” we’ve covered herein which makes things much easier to accept. This of course is Gods’ intention. YHWH truly is the most merciful and compassionate, He tries to help us in every manner yet in the end, it’s up to each of us to either accept things such as these miracles or not, that’s freewill.

ABOUT 2016

Here’s a short bit about that very special year of 2016 when we began discovering the miracles surrounding us involving 666. I wrote it for an answer to one of the quiz questions in “Dave’s Big Test” at;

• 666 is Divine and 2016 is Likely Either Half Way Into the 7 Year Period When the Long Awaited Age of Aquarius Began Dawning on 12/21/12 or, The Beginning of the 7 Years of Tribulation.

• 2016 is 1776 (the year of revolution!) in the Hebrew Calendar.

• 2016 w/out the Zero That Ancients Didn’t Use is 216 which is 6 x 6 x 6.

• 216 Hasn’t Happened for 1,800 Years (600 + 600 + 600)

• And it’s 18 years (6 + 6 + 6) from 1998 (666 + 666 + 666).

• And by adding 1+2+3+4+5 etc. up to 36 = 666.

• Continue On Adding Consecutive #s all the way to 63 (36 flipped, 36 = 6 x 6) and You “End” at 2016(But it was just the beginning of God revealing Himself to mankind in these miracles!)

• This is the Year that I David Allender, The Man Who’s Number Truly is 666, Began Realizing Some Very Wild Connections to 666.

I was being guided by God to this miraculously immense, impossible to mistake body of proof herein that I am one and the same as Hinduisms’ “Kalki” the “Final Incarnation” or “Avatar” of God in the Vedas, as well as the “2nd King David” of God in the Bible and “the Messenger” to be sent from God in the Quran.  If all of that sounds fantastic or foreign to you, imagine how we felt and continue to feel!

You can see those early stages of our story at as we began discovering and writing about it in 2016, the year of 666.  I wrote the 2 articles there while God was slowly divulging things to us over the course of that year and onward. 

This is not easy for Peggy, myself nor anyone to comprehend but no one can possibly refute it which is why there have been zero attempts by anyone to do so.  The only thing people can do is deny this without any real basis but that doesn’t change the immense body of facts.  The facts are this is end times and everything we’ve covered herein irrefutably proves to be exact matches with ALL the major prophecies on earth.   (By the way, the word “aion” meaning age or time was intentionally mistranslated as “world” in the Bible. So, it’s NOT the end of the world, it’s the end of the “age”, the age of Pisces and beginning of the age of Aquarius when “the meek shall inherit the earth”!)


This kind of thing is what’s happened repeatedly in our ancient past, miracles are quite real and quite miraculous! In order to assure We the People know when God sends servants like Peggy and myself, He provides us with such miracles. (We’ve realized they are first and foremost instrumental for the servants, as being humans likely couldn’t do our jobs without the confidence/surety gained from them.) There have been many of these events revered and celebrated across history such as Hinduisms’ Krishna lifting a mountain, changing bodies and resurrecting the dead or; Abraham and Sarah conceiving Isaac even though they were near 100 years old, Abraham surviving unscathed being burned alive at the stake by Nimrod, changing one dead bird into four live ones, viewing/explaining the then unknown expanse of earth and the universe or; Moses’ staff turning into a snake and back to a staff, his hand turning into a glowing ball of light, changing the Nile into blood, summoning thunder/wind/hail, plagues of flies/locusts/disease/boils, parting the dead sea, bringing forth gushing water from a rock or; Noah who lived 950 years, having impossible to obtain foreknowledge of the terrible flood, the ability/tools/resources to build a massive ark to safely house and keep afloat live animals weighing 100s of tons which was a technological impossibility for one man in his day or; Yeshua healing the blind/sick/paralyzed, resurrecting the dead, turning water into wine, walking on water, exorcising demons, feeding 1,000s with a few loafs of bread and some seaweed, calming a hurricane and predicting/accomplishing his own resurrection after seeming to be dead or; Mohamet being completely illiterate yet able to receive the most mathematically perfect, scientifically and spiritually superior, Arabic words of the Quran over the course of 23 years, splitting of the moon, correctly prophesying scores of distant events including 100s associated with end times which we have just proven beyond any doubt in pages 12 through 24 herein. Mohamet did all of that while defeating, destroying and/or enslaving tens of thousands of his (and therefore Gods’) enemies via miraculous acts of blinding entire armies with handfuls of dust, satiating the thirst of his troops in the desert with newly created, abundant springs of water, ending droughts and transforming disorganized, marauding bands of nomads into world conquerors under the flawless direction of YHWH, God Almighty! That was merely a sampling, there are literally 100s if not 1000s more examples of awesome miracles performed by God from every era and nation on earth throughout recorded history.

So, this is nothing new but it is the most amazing thing that ever has or ever will happen to We the People living today. This is the story of our lives and believing it is of course the first elemental step for success! Hence;


. . . to make a comment in the comment section below about another story that even remotely compares to this one EVER. (remotely means remotely) Hence, if YOU cannot disprove ANYTHING herein or provide an example of another occurrence that would diminish its one of a kind, miraculously divine status, IT IS ONLY SANE AND REASONABLE TO CONCLUDE that all of this proves God is real, end times are now and you’ve just read about the most amazing story happening anywhere on Earth.  THESE ARE THE ONLY LOGICAL, SANE AND OBVIOUS CONCLUSIONS.

Do you to choose to admit these very well evidenced, mutually supportive and blatantly clear FACTS or reject them? If the latter, another way of putting it is; have the highly telepathic jinn and they’re minion of satanic jews who run the govt, media and churches succeeded at driving you mad? Can you not discern between reality and their illusions/lies? Will you let them and their jinn g-d lucifer win at deceiving you so that you’ll be sent to hell with them? Do you even understand why they HATE you? Let me shed some light there;

The reason these “things” who act like us while living and working among us but aren’t like the rest of us is because they have literally already been tricked by their fathers the jinn (i.e. lucifer) into “selling their souls” and now belong to “the synagogue of satan”.  Said group is simply an earthly congregation of like minded, evil non-people who are condemned by God and fully commanded/controlled by the jinn who are telepathic ETs residing here on earth.  The reason THESE THINGS HATE GOD AND CREATION which definitely includes YOU AND YOURS is because you still have a chance to pass this test while they know they don’t!  YOU still have a chance to literally LIVE while they don’t.  

If you cannot yet say with 100% certainty that this the real, bona-fide truth from God, your only hope is to re-read it and the article on the homepage here until you can. This is exactly as Peggy, myself and everyone must do, in our case we’ve done so literally hundreds of times while also researching, writing and digesting all of this. We know first hand how hard it is to overcome the whisperings of “others” and all the deceptions created by this earthly minion so, don’t think you’ll be any different!  None of Gods’ messengers or prophets ever said that earning eternal life would be easy!  (And for the record, Yeshua didn’t die on the cross for your sins.  That’s satanic church propaganda designed to make Christians let their guards down.)

The final and colossal but blatantly obvious decision each individual has to make is whether or not to resist the enemies while supporting WTP in rebuilding our world and submitting yourself to God and His plans. Thanks to YHWH, we now have all of the prototype models in place to get to work.  Everything is up and running, THIS IS REAL AND IS GOING TO HAPPEN SOON!

A.  WTP will soon vote to end corruption with the AAA Ballot via Unidigi

B.  While building a new currency with Outbank, the first 50,000 users who convert $100 U.S. will be the new worlds’ first millionaires!  (This is how the many prophecies about everyone living in abundance during the “golden age” is going to come about)  ~ Enjoy ~

C.  However, WTP must educate each other with this and all the other information indexed at ItsASign

Again; ALL OF THIS IS THE BEST NEWS MANKIND HAS EVER HAD and we hope YOU are one of the strong ones who we will be proud to call a friend in all the exciting days to come. It is now time for we the people to tend the garden the way we’re supposed to! This is our job and what a glorious job it is, thank you YHWH!

~ Peace be with you, David Allender and Peggy Star ~




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61 thoughts on “Issue #119 (911 Reversed)

  1. Bob the Pastor said:

    Well David, it’s now June of 16, that’s over 3 months and no one has taken you up on your challenge to refute anything here. Me thinks they’re all confused and/or blind exactly as you’ve warned on page 4 above! So, if it’s alright with you, I’d say it’s time to go ahead and open a conversation here.

    If that’s ok shoot me an email or allow this comment to let me know. (This is about my millionth read of #119 here, so I’ll likely see this comment within hours of your approving it if so deemed!)

    Give all glory to God, find your peace and courage through faith in him!

  2. David Allender said:

    Agreed. We’ve gotten zero attempts from anyone. So, have at it Robert, I’ll look forward to hearing from you some more!

    And by the way, as you’re likely aware, the reason NO ONE has had the cojones to try and refute anything here is because of this;

    Isaiah 54:17
    “No weapon that is fashioned against you shall succeed, AND YOU SHALL CONFUTE EVERY TONGUE THAT RISES AGAINST YOU IN JUDGMENT. This is the heritage of my servants and their vindication from me, declares YHWH.”


  3. Bob the Pastor said:

    OK, thank you David. And yes on the verse from Isaiah, things fit just a little too perfectly don’t they?

    Firstly, I hope you guys are stopping frequently to take in the splendor of the experience you’re having. It must really be something to be in your shoes!

    That said, I don’t think most people are going to be able to grasp all of this right away. It’s going to take a few reads and some diligence to overcome all the deceptions. I still find that just the 666 stuff alone is a gargantuan leap and I’ve been aware of that particular lie thanks to you and your issue #116 here for over 3 years now.

    OK, so I think I’ve got something good to add right out of the gate . . .

    FYI: As you know, I too recently used the Rick Simpsons’ oil to cure my dogs’ cancer so, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about your article #115 here on Cannabis and happened to recall the following prophecy from Ezekiel 34:29 “And I will raise up for them a plant of renown, and they shall be no more consumed with hunger in the land, neither bear the shame of the heathen any more.”

    A PLANT OF RENOWN! Since it’s just 5 verses after 34:24 which you used as part of your proof of the second “David” prophesied I wondered if you caught that.

    To know that you wrote about using cannabis to heal and feed the world in #115 years before all of this is astonishing in and of itself! But then again, everything here is. And guess what? There’s tons and tons more! I’m finding that just about every end times prophecy from both the OT and NT line up perfectly with you guys.

    And while we don’t share quite the same beliefs about certain particulars, virtually everything I’ve ever wondered about regarding all this is perfectly connecting unlike anything even I myself ever imagined. There is no room for doubt. I like to think of it as a cosmic game of tag and YOU’RE IT!!!

    So, I think we must be very close to seeing the rest of this story pan out soon! If so, maybe you’ll be meeting YHWH on a nice little ride on the way to Istanbul, the city you chose for this issue!

    Give all glory to God, find your peace and courage through faith in Him!

  4. David Allender said:

    Thank you for your insight Robert! As to “taking in the splendor of this experience”, some days are better than others.

    In all honesty, we’re a little freaked out a lot of the time. It’s the same old truth thing, makes one feel as if you’re in a blender. The wildest ones we’ve experienced yet were both recent. The first one was with the bumbling cops who illegally searched our home and illegally took our computers, phones etc.

    I had just recently overstocked up on Rick Simpsons’ oil for our dog Bear which I never do. The guy I got it from needed money and offered me 25 grams which is worth about $1,500 for $250 and since that’s obviously a really killer deal, I took it. The problem is, it’s a felony to have more than 7 grams here in WA and I had left it all sitting out on the counter because I was going to give a bunch of it away to some friends.

    So, this was obviously troubling for me while on the way to jail and I prayed that somehow, I didn’t know how, they would miss it. (I hoped maybe Peggy would have grabbed it before they came in the house is what I was thinking but she didn’t realize it was there or have a chance.) Well, check this out . . . not only did the 6 man team of brainless cops who did the search not even see it during their illegal 8 hour raid, they left their confiscated items list sitting right next to the 5 syringes full of oil on the kitchen counter! (FYI; You use a needle-less syringe to dispense it by the drop) I’m talking RIGHT NEXT TO THE SYRINGES!!!


    This was absolutely impossible to miss yet, just as in the case of Jesus disappearing from the sight of his pursuers, they did! God has 111% control over all our minds!!!

    The other wild example was just the other day. I simply must share this story too!

    We were getting ready to go out with the van in Wenatchee to practice taking some votes but wanted some signage for our little trailer we bought. Needed a spanish version so had our lady do the translation which Peggy emailed to me. I in turn supplied it to Quick Signs in Wenatchee but the owner turned into a totally possessed psycho upon reading this issue. (Something very weird was going on with her anyway, she totally screwed up one sign TWICE and another once)

    So anyway, I sent the text we needed for the vinyl lettering to a couple others for a quote.

    Well, I don’t know what happened but somehow the spanish translation which I had simply cut and pasted from the original email Peggy had sent me on my Iphone got screwed up. I’m not good at texting yet so would never dream of rewriting this text, plus the spanish version has a couple of those weird apostrophes that I don’t know how to type so I can guarantee you I did not do this!

    OK, so one of the 2 new sign people tells me he’ll send me a proof with a quote but instead just went ahead and cut the vinyl without telling me. He did it in lower case lettering with the wrong text which I had unknowingly sent him and didn’t know about as of yet. So, I told him we wouldn’t want the vinyl due to the lower case lettering, he was totally cool.

    Then the other sign guy called me and told me he had checked the translation with google and found it to be wrong. Why he would do this he couldn’t explain, he said he was just mysteriously “compelled” to do so and voila, caught the mistake which would have cost us a few hundred bucks to redo!

    So, I sent him the original text from my PC when I returned home and approved the proof he supplied. Now, here’s the rub . . .

    1. If the psycho lady’s sign co had done the job as planned, she definitely would have taken pleasure in charging us plenty for having to redo the job. It also would have been a week or so wait.

    2. The same would have been true with the guy who mistakenly cut the vinyl without telling he was going to. It would have cost us double and taken more time as it was a Friday.

    3. The 3rd guy Tom Roche of Roche Design, was able to cut it that night and arrange for us to pick it up at his house the following morning. He like so many these days is atheist which is obviously a bummer because we can’t share this amazing story of our lives with them. But the thing is, I was told loud and clear to tell this man that he was being warned by God to repent. I did so unlike I’ve ever done before, it felt very, very serious which of course it was. You can tell when God is operating through you like this, it’s different than how one usually talks and feels. And again, rightly so since we are talking about ones’ soul! Anyway, he just said I was very intense and that he’d think about it. Again, a nice and smart guy, just not awake.

    THE SUMMATION OF THIS STORY is the government tried to cost us valuable time and money by screwing with the email I sent out for our sign but God took over everyones’ minds and did all the above to make sure it wouldn’t happen.

    The rest of this particular story gets so weird I can’t quite bring myself to write about it yet. We witnessed God literally take over the minds of 1,000s of people later that day! I’m literally queasy just thinking about it. So, anyway that’s how powerful the truth is and a good example of what we go through on a daily basis lately. YHWH is now revealing his ultimate control over the unseen world to us and it is mind boggling to say the least! Just the fact I wrote page 4 herein long before this story I just shared happened is wild! To add to the experience, we’re reading the quran which has a lot of verses about how he sends down “ranks” and “thousands of his invisible angels” to aid his servants and followers. IT’S ALL REAL!!!

    You know you’re dealing with God when even the smallest of his signs totally astound you!

  5. Bob the Pastor said:

    Wow, that’s a great story, I look forward to hearing the rest of it. As you’re aware there are many incidents of God making Yeshua disappear and take on different appearances;

    Luke 24:31 And their eyes were opened, and they knew him; and he vanished out of their sight.

    Luke 4:28-30 And all they in the synagogue, when they heard these things, were filled with wrath, And rose up, and thrust him out of the city, and led him unto the brow of the hill whereon their city was built, that they might cast him down headlong. But he passing through the midst of them went his way.

    John 8:59 Then took they up stones to cast at him: but Jesus hid himself, and went out of the temple, going through the midst of them, and so passed by.

    John 20:14 And when she had thus said, she turned herself back, and saw Jesus standing, and knew not that it was Jesus.

    Mark 16:12 After that he appeared in another form unto two of them, as they walked, and went into the country.

    So, it’s not hard to believe that the LORD can control anything we see and do. Well, we’ve come a long ways since discovering the location of your home in regard to Nazareth haven’t we David! And I thought that alone was a key sign, now we have the whole enchilada in that map you created and the Jerusalem miracles at JCR. Simply amazing! It’s really got me thinking about the New Jerusalem, that’s for sure. Anyway, I can see why no one has tried to refute anything, you’d have to be a complete fool or one of the damned themselves not to see the Lords’ fingerprints on of all this.

    Give all glory to God, find your peace and comfort through faith in Him!

  6. Hi Robert! Davids’ in town today so I’ll reply for him . . . YES, we have came a long ways and we definitely thank you for everything you’ve done so far! Also, your comments are great as usual.

    Peace be upon you.

  7. Lori Stokes said:

    Hi guys, I just came back to the gazette for the first time in about a year only to find this WHALE of an article!!! OMG what you guys have been through is absolutely incredible. I knew something big was going on but not this big! Wow, wow, wow!!! Can’t think of anything else to say at the moment. I’m going to re-read…

    • I knew it too and the timing is obviously right. I didn’t know about the Hindu and Mayan calendars but they do line up with Gods’ 6 days of creation followed by a day of rest which is actually a 7000 year plan. (1 day = 1000 years to God, 2 Peter 3:8)

      Most scholars agree the first 6000 year period is coming to a close right now. This was prophesied by Enoch (Enoch 33:1) and believed by many early church fathers such as Barnabus (see Barnabas 15:4) Clement, Hermas, Ignatius, Polycarp, Papias, Justin Martyr, Tatian, Melito, Irenaeus, Clement of Alexandria, and Tertullian.

      There are a good deal of reliable scriptures about this and the next 1000 years will be of total peace. Good news indeed, love you all!

  8. Hello all. I respectfully submit that the Hadiths say the servant will be born at home in the middle east. What about this?

  9. Hello Realist. We wondered about this one too but came to the conclusion that there are going to be at least a few false prophecies. However, as anyone can clearly see, there aren’t many! The first sign that something is wrong with this prophecy you’re questioning is in the fact that there is another saying the final servant won’t speak Arabic which of course is extremely unlikely if he was born an Arab! Like all of Gods’ words, there are no contradictions so we know something is up.

    Also, the thing about ancient prophets specifying locations is that many didn’t know how big the earth is. (like 99% of us today who haven’t read Daves’ Big Truth) Hence many were often limited to think their geological area was the only one. This is why Hindu prophecies say the final avatar Kalki will be born in India, Islam says the Middle East and various others from around the world follow suit in thinking the final servant will arise from their homeland.

    At any rate, even if it were true we would still have an incredibly against all odds, 99.9% batting average in a game with hundreds of innings. But don’t get me wrong, it was definitely worth your asking about and my replying. Thank you!

    One other thing worth mentioning is that outside of physical characteristics of David we didn’t cover every Hadith from the book, it’s 1,100 pages long! However, I can tell you for certain that the same 99.9% or better hit rate applies throughout. There is ZERO room for doubt. The odds of hundreds of prophecies made by dozens of famous people up to 3000 years ago coming true to a 99.9% rate truly are IMPOSSIBLE.

    All of this is real, it’s just hard to get your mind right on big, unfamiliar truths like these. Trust me, as a lifelong brainwashed Christian, I know first hand! And on top of that, we have everything on page 4 to consider. For those very real reasons, some simply won’t be able to grasp any of this. They will be the losers in this “cosmic game of tag” as Robert brilliantly put it!

    It’s just like David said, being deceived = hell. And not being deceived in a world of deceptions isn’t easy. So, Realist, don’t get hung up with doubts over minor points, that’s what satan and his lil pharisitic helpers (the same pharisees Yeshua fought and hated) intermix in everything and how everything becomes a lie. Yet all the while, Gods’ word THE TRUTH is right in front of your face, you just have to remove whatever blinders have been placed upon you to see it. And when you do, remember to cling to it with everything you’ve got because the evil one WILL try to snatch it from you!

    Mark 4:14-16 “The sower sows the word. And these are the ones by the wayside where the word is sown. When they hear, Satan comes immediately and takes away the word that was sown in their hearts….”

  10. Captain Ron said:

    Whoa, there’s more TRUTH! Thanks Peggy. Well, this was my 3rd read and it just gets more and more amazing. Totally awesome job here, glad the commentary has been opened up too!


  12. I’ll second that, all glory to YHWH!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  13. Well, not to be egotistical but I knew it all along! This site isn’t like any other, never was. Peggy and David have put forth too much resistance and truth to be anything but divine in origin.

    Here’s a little contribution to help people understand that the satanic jews who own and run our corrupt, evil world of current know all about 666 being divine. Note the biblically infamous “bite of the apple” along with the price; (FYI; I’m not saying Steve Jobs was a kike, he was far too creative. But he was surrounded and controlled by them which is why he unwittingly did/allowed these things.)


  14. David Allender said:

    Good one Barry, glad to hear from you! I guess I’ll go ahead and re-use some of my old graphics about this now that we’re on the subject again. The fake jews have definitely mocked We the People about 666 forever. But just look at how God is now using me and 666 to mock and FINISH them!!!


  15. So everything you’ve ever said around here is true isn’t David? I feel like an idiot because all I can ever say is “WOW”. Well, now let me add this . . . THANK YOU!!!

    Peace brother.

  16. Bob the Pastor said:

    Ditto, but don’t forget who we all really need to thank Thomas!

    Give all glory to God, find your peace and comfort through faith in Him!

  17. David Allender said:

    Yes on that Robert! And for the record, actually, not EVERYTHING I’ve ever said is true. There have been mistakes made in restating what I thought were facts given to us by our sick and insane leaders and subversives who falsely claim to be Judahites like THEY ALWAYS HAVE. A good example is measurements in sizes, distance and speeds of the moon, sun, earth and etc which have all been manipulated by satanic kikes to mock us with more 666 falsehoods. Here’s a brief example about that from “Daves’ Big Test” at It is the correct answer from the first question regarding the size of earth;

    “Yep, the Tiny 3,958 Mile Radius of Earth I’ve Been Taught and the Idea of Dropping 3,362 Feet For Every Mile Traveled Is Totally Ridiculous Now That I Think About It! And the 864,000 Mile Diameter of the Sun Mirroring 86,400 Seconds/Day Is a Bit Hard to Swallow!!! Also “they” Said Earth is 24,864 Miles in Mean Circumference and 24 Hrs has 86,400 Seconds! 24,864!!! And the Moon is 216,000 Miles Away with a Diameter of 2,160 Miles? (216 is 6 x 6 x 6 and 216 x 4 is . . . 864!!!) Hey, “they” Designed the “Nautical Mile” System to Measure Earth’s Equatorial Circumference of 21,600 Units! And a “Zodiacal Year”, the Time We Spend in Each of the 12 Signs, is 2,160 Years? And Let’s Not Forget the Earth is SUPPOSEDLY Tilted on its Axis at Exactly 23.4 Degrees (Vertical is 90 – 23.4 = 66.6) While Careening Through Space at 18.5 Miles Per Second x 60 Seconds Per Minute x 60 Minutes Per Hour = 66,600 MPH! WTF??? OK, What is it About 666 That’s So Important to the Corrupt Masonic Leaders Who Made All of This 666 Stuff Up?”

    If that’s not self evident I don’t know what is. Man, it’s been a long road trying to get this across to people. One more time . . . the satanic jews who think they own the world but do run the govts, schools and ALL the media HATE WE THE PEOPLE AND MOCK US WITH 666 BECAUSE THEY KNOW IT IS EXTREMELY DIVINE. (meaning “magical” to them, they don’t believe in the one God idea, even though they say they do.)

    They use 666 in majick, sorcery, witchcraft and etc evil crap which were “arts” delivered to mankind in Babylon by the Angels Harut and Marut as a test from God. 666 is so incredibly important and unique of a number in our world it boggles the mind. Just learning about the “majick 666 sun square” is an example of how deep this mathematical adventure goes. I don’t like messing around with a lot of this evil, magical stuff but do want everyone to know the truth about 666.

    Ephesians 5:11 “Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them”

    Below is a pic of a magic amulet of the 6 x 6 sun square which is rife with really amazing facts about all kinds of astronomical and mathematical stuff.


    See the names of some angels they worship and use in their magic which include Emanuel (recall Yeshua was called Immanuel by Gabriel) and Jehova which is definitely NOT God! (that’s just another example of them getting We the People to worship their g-ds like Amun as in amen and zeus as in je-zeus instead of our Creator YHWH!) On the front of the amulet/talisman is King Sol-omon with his magic wand standing atop (magically/mind controlling) a lion as in the tribe of Judah who Solomon was king over. The word “SOL” above the sun which is what sol means, is for him. There’s much going on there such as the 2 pillars Joachim and Boez (what the 2 trade center towers and others like them around the world represent) with the 6 pointed stars which the fake jews have also usurped along with 666. (FYI; because hebrew/aramaic/arabic/etc. are read right to left, everything is reversed including the #s on the amulet)

    You get 111 no matter which row or column, also diagonally. 111 x 6 = 666.


    Also note the “God Key” number of 37 again is closely associated with 666 below like it was in Gen 1:1.


    And by the way, along with 666 being 37 x (6 + 6 + 6) I just realized that the sun squares’ numbers of 666 and 111 are also special here;


    Just for fun, let us again see just how deep God takes all of this. Recall my b-day of 12/1 is exactly 9 months 11 days before 9/11. Well, 9/11 is exactly 111 days from the end of each year and several years ago I discovered the following association with the roman numerals I and X. (recall the last 6 roman numerals CDLXVI = 666 and that IC XC are the first and last letters in Iesous Christos or Jesus Christ which means the first initials only are I and X);


    11:06 is the 666th Minute of the Day . . .


    And 11:06 flipped without the zero that ancients didn’t use is . . .


    So, 111, 9/11 and 666 are inextricably bound to one and other just like me, the 666/111 man who was born exactly 9 months 11 days before 9/11! (Also note the fact that 12 o’clock precedes 1 o’clock, 12/1 which is my b-day!)

    Uh oh, I just got blown away from a post on Facebook about the actual date of Christs’ birth which we all relate to the 3 wisemen and the “Christmas star” . . .


    Revelation 12:1 (my b-day)

    “A great and wondrous sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth”.

    This is clearly the constellation Virgo during the day in the sun with the moon at her feet. No question about it…

    And from this sign we get a concrete date for the birth of Christ. With the sun “clothing” the woman (in the middle of Virgo) with the moon under her feet. The only time of the year this happened in 3 BC was between 6:15 pm to 7:45 pm on Sept 11th. We know Jesus was born in the early evening, and Revelation 12 clearly reveals it was a new moon day!

    Now get ready . . . my time of birth in Casper WY was at 8:31 am which is 6:31 pm in Bethlehem and that is of course between 6:15 and 7:45pm during the full height of this astronomical event of the “Christmas Star” on a new moon day which occurred when the earth was aligned in the precise middle of Virgo exactly 9 months and 11 days down to the hour before my birth!

    What we’ve just ascertained here is that Yeshua was born on 9/11 during a new moon day between the hours of 6:15 and 7:45pm Bethlehem time and . . . I was born exactly 9 months and eleven days before 9/11 during those very same hours of 6:15 and 7:45pm Bethlehem time!

    Hey all, this alone makes me queasy in awe! Please try to imagine this happening to YOU!

    And here is another important fact. This new moon on Sept 11 was Tishri One on the Hebrew calendar. And what is the significance of Tishri One? It just so happens to be the Hebraic New Year also known as “Rosh ha-Shanah.” This was an important holy day in the Hebrew Calendar when all Judahites were required to be in Jerusalem. How cool is that?

    Now back to the subject . . .

    Magic squares of differing sizes and complexities have interested human beings throughout the ages because we’ve stumbled across the simplest 3 x 3 version by accident and thought it was neat. There are many ways we’ve done this but the popular story is that of a turtle having 9 sections dividing it’s back which someone with too much time on their hands (recall; idle hands are the devils’ workshop!) imagined numbering like so;


    As you can see, when the numbers are positioned as above you get the same sum by adding them in any column or row and in that case even diagonally. This is what fascinated many and led to further “research” (unwitting performance of “kabbalah magic”) into more complex squares of 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 and upward often also including letters/words which become magic “sigils”. In today’s world they have become extremely advanced due to computers. It seems innocent enough but as they say, the devil is in the details!

    Since they seem to be of some kind of alternate, natural intelligence many thought these things to be divine and began using them as lucky charms/amulets/talismans/seals/etc. And in all honesty there is much truth to this association with divinity since God created everything in our world from atoms to DNA founded upon mathematics. If you were an advanced being looking to create a new species or element you’d begin with atoms and DNA which would have to be mathematically counted in many manners starting with the number of protons, neutrons and electrons for each element in the DNA and then the numbers and placements of them in the double helix. Interestingly, we now have the technology to store data in all the empty space in DNA;


    This brings to mind the famous verse of John 1:1 “In the beginning there was the word, the word was with God and the word was God”. Well, the word is commonly thought to be “truth” but I think one of, if not THE greatest form of truth is math! It like God, simply doesn’t lie, hence the title chosen for this article.

    Anyway, it is due to human fascination with magic squares and other objects thought to be talismans/charms that they’re commonly found in the foundations and other areas of both ancient and modern buildings and ceremonial locations where they were believed to be useful in warding off spirits and bringing good fortune or protection. Of course we’re not supposed to do that because God has everything taken care of for each of us just the way he wants it. But the point is; you can see how this simple little mathematical toy could lead many of little faith, weaker constitutions and/or insufficient knowledge to superstition, magic and idolatry which of course is against Gods’ commandment #2!

    2. No idolatry – No object or image can represent YHWH. Such are only used for evil. (witchcraft, sorcery, magic, necromancy, divination etc.)

    Hows that for a slippery, satanic slope!?

    Hence magic squares and other objects including the planets/stars/moon/sun have been satanic gateways to mysticism/witchcraft/sorcery/etc. throughout the ages, commonly under the guises of science, astronomy and mathematics. In fact, I believe they are so sublime in their initial effects they are how many otherwise completely innocent would be believers have been sucked into numerology, astrology and alchemy which are each forms of witchcraft and thus nontheism and polytheism. (The goal is MONOTHEISM!) This takes the mystery out of why so many scientists, astronomers and mathematicians have always been in far greater percentages as non-believers.

    Satans’ web is quite alluring, especially for anyone of above average intelligence which is why everyone needs to grasp the subtleties of it and BEWARE.

    This is why God told us to continually talk about the 10 commandments, write them on our doors and use the contact prayer morning, noon, evening and night! I recommend copying/pasting both from this article above into a reminder on your device like Peggy, myself and millions of other diligent folks have done. It’s all about helping us by keeping our eyes on the proverbial ball. It’s really quite simple.

    • A slippery slope it is!! It’s fitting that those of egocentric attitudes are prone to such failures though. I have no sympathy for them, it’s too obvious. Just look around at creation, do you worship it or the creator of it??? Great stuff here and I am definitely getting all of it!!!

  18. Captain Ron said:

    OK, aside from all the proof this is end times and the impossible odds about all the non-prophesied parts regarding 666 along with the many other one of a kind circumstances and events surrounding you guys, (they alone are enough to conclusively prove this is the modern day miracle everyone’s been waiting for) here’s how I break it down;

    David meets ALL the following prophecies from . . .

    The Dead Sea Scrolls (ALL physical characteristics)
    The Old Testament (“David” in 7 end times verses and more obvious matches in many others)
    The New Testament (666 from Rev 13:18 as well as more obvious matches in many others)
    The Hadiths (Several HUNDRED perfect matches across all spectrums)
    The Vedas (The same end times “rider on a white horse” and other prophesies as the Bible)
    The “White Horse” prophesy of Mormon Joseph Smith (David is obviously a “constitutionalist” like he was)
    The Bios of D & P (Again, I can find no other story in history even remotely like yours)
    The Miracle at Joe Creek (Just the map OR the “mirror” pages – NOT POSSIBLE – IMPOSSIBLE. Yet there it is!)
    The end times enemies to the edomites/jews (God, Yeshua and Mohamet despised and exposed them exactly like YOU!) This one alone stands out like crazy. There’s not another site on the net that compares with your sites in truthfulness about fake judahites. Once again, thanks for the education!

    Anyway, CASE CLOSED. I’m really beginning to understand the reasons behind your faith and conviction guys!!! All I can say is THANK YOU YHWH!

    • David Allender said:

      You should know it took me over a month after writing the brunt of this issue just to be able to begin summarizing things like you just did. Heck, that’s even better than what I came up with for the back cover here Ron, thanks! A good sign indeed, more power to you!


  19. Two words; “cognitive dissonance”. There’s the real reason most people won’t be able to deal with this. It’s how and why brainwashing and propaganda work. The question is; did God and “others” plan everything around such human psychology? Or do they really have control over our minds like David has put forth?

  20. David Allender said:

    Yes on CD Glenn. And yes again as to God and lucifer knowing how our minds work, far better than we do. We’re talking about extremely old beings of VERY advanced intelligence who built the pyramids and all the other amazingly advanced “stone stuffs” so, that much is a given. As to control, ANOTHER BIG FAT YES. FOR SURE, ZERO DOUBTS. THE JINN CAN SWAY YOUR OPINIONS, DULL YOUR THINKING OR TEMPT YOU IN ANY NUMBER OF WAYS, AND GOD HAS 100% CONTROL OVER OUR MINDS.


    For instance; I’ve never seen people go totally schitzo over anything like they do with this short article. Share it and see for yourself. Just watch how people go completely psycho and/or can’t even talk about it! Those people are the losers, they are condemned by God and headed for hell!

    We should start a little thread here just for reporting peoples’ reactions. I guarantee that alone will provide all the proof anyone needs that all of this is quite real!

    So, definitely share this article, watch what happens and report back. Prepare yourself, even with people you thought you knew very well!

    . . . wakey, wakey!

  21. Bob the Pastor said:

    Ha, ha, ha “wakey, wakey”. There it is, straight from the chastizers’ mouth!

    Give all glory to God, find your peace and comfort through faith in Him!

  22. Perfectly Irregular said:

    Forgive my french but this is some friggen scary ass shit! I don’t know how anyone can joke around here. I mean really? WTF?

    • They’re not joking around. It’s called rancor and is meant for non-believers. This is actually very good to see because it’s simply the truth which most Christians don’t have the guts for.

  23. Hi PI and Mark, there is some rancor but mostly just think Hawkeye and Pierce on the old TV show MASH 4077. Remember how they were always under total pressure, calamity, hardship and death everywhere yet still managed to kid around all the time? That’s what a lot of otherwise very caring and wonderful people do when there’s nothing else they can do. (which is definitely the case when dealing with Godless idiots) They’re just staying positive. You should too, fear will get you nowhere. Except for fear of God that is!

    • Word Peggy! And what a great read this is, wow, good job! You are obviously a very strong, smart and good hearted woman. We’re really looking forward to meeting you guys, hopefully soon!

      • I would love to meet both of you as well, if you’re ever near Chicago dinner will be on me! OK, so I’m just feeling the need to do a little summary of my own. I don’t have any doubts about David whatsoever, there’s far too much evidence to deny it yet I know many will. (My husband for example) OK, so here goes;

        God loves 666 because it’s a really cool number in mathematics and hence, His creation.

        Gods’ name is “YHWH” (FYI, I loved this word/name right away! Beautiful!!! Great stuff on your “proof” page by the way!)

        All the popes have been possessed by satan (This explains my and so many others instinctual dislike for them and the catholic church in general. It’s especially true with many other women I’ve known.)

        End times is really just the beginning of really good new times.

        David is the last servant before Christ arrives. (I’m actually confused on this one, is Christ still coming to be the king or is the king going to be David only???)

        Todays jews are evil just like they always were which is why Christ constantly rebukes them (as pharisees and sadducees) throughout the NT. I knew and worked with a lot of jews at Boeing and must say that for the most part, this is very easy for me to accept! They were always condescending and egotistical.

        And lastly, the Quran and Muslims aren’t what our government want us to believe. This of course makes perfect sense. Especially the fact the jews who run the govt and media blamed 9/11 on them. So, I’ve downloaded both versions of the Quran (Thank you!) and am really looking forward to reading it.

        THAT IS A LOT OF LIES TO OVERCOME but I think I’m going to do just fine. Wish I could say the same for my husband and son though, they’re really not doing well. But both my daughters seem to be coping pretty good. I wonder if it’s a female vs. male thing? Anyone else noticing this?

        Well, all I can say is thank you Peggy, David and of course YHWH!

        • Well, it’s not a male/female thing because my girlfriend just turned into a total psycho over this. Says I’m nuts for believing it but I’ve just got to say this the most amazing story I’ve ever come across. How anyone could not think so is completely beyond understanding yet lo and behold, it’s happening right in front of me to a woman I’ve known intimately for 3 years! Total denial and she’s even angry. Seems to be straight out of page 4! WOW

  24. Hi Dan, and congratulations that you can see/comprehend this, sorry about your girlfriend though. For whatever it’s worth, David and I are very familiar with your scenario. We’ve watched it play out with dozens of friends and family members. So, you’re not alone, just remember that.

    I can’t wait to start meeting people like all of you!

    In regard to Yeshua, we have a lot of questions whether we’re talking about individuals who physically exist or whether it’s their spirit, or maybe even the spirit of God, his angels or others such as Melchizedek. We simply don’t know exactly who’s who or what’s what. Only time will tell.

  25. Brandon Riley said:

    I have studied extensively about King David. This not only only feels like the real deal it proves it beyond compare. I have no doubts after just one read. You’d have to be blind not to see all of it. Or even just any single piece of it. Pick a page any page. This is absolutely astounding!!!

  26. You people are way ahead of most. This is some heady stuff!! It’s real though, very REAL.

    • “pick a page any page” is a fact. WOW.

      • I agree. Heavy but real, my life will never be the way it was before this. I can’t believe I’m believing in God now!! I mean who wouldn’t after this. Incredible story.

  27. David Allender said:

    Wow, some newbies are getting it. Congratulations guys!! Hang in there though, the truth can disappear in the blink of an eye. One second you can see it, the next it’s gone. Quite a game indeed!

  28. Ridiculous!!! Insane!!! This is nothing but coincidences, numerology and superstition. God isn’t represented by any one man or woman. We are all of God and that most definitely includes Jews. After all, we did write “the book”! Anyway, you’ll never get far because there’s too much hate around here, it’s about LOVE not hate. Of course this comment won’t be allowed by the bigots in charge so, fux you all.

  29. David Allender said:

    Oops . . . we allow all comments that aren’t spam fool, and lookie what we have here, a lying, cussing kike! Well, the problems for YOU are many which I will try to briefly explain while “speaking your language”.

    Firstly, there’s no such thing as a Judahite or Judean today and judaism is just a joke played on fools by satanic, psychopathic sycophants. (that last word, by the way, is one of the most accurate I’ve found in describing how you worthless kikes deal with each other in the media, church and politics. Everyone reading this needs to look up the definition and turn on their TV or radio and learn/see it for yourself!)

    Hence . . . Secondly, anyone claiming to be a jew “around here” (you are at the Goyim Gazette dumbass!) is just a pathetic, lying, lowlife fool who will soon suffer the fate of a shameful death at the hands of U.N. troops and/or patriotic, God loving Americans. Said death will then be followed by an eternal baking in hell served up by God all mighty.

    So, there’s no need for a “thirdly” and you can bag all your evol/love propaganda and other silly BS. (We the People have been taught to “love” our clothes, cars, phones, houses, jewelry, musicians, actors, selves and ect. instead of the only things we were ever supposed to love which are the innocent, our brethren and God! Hence, they’ve made love, EVOL and nearly every use of the word has become satanic propaganda to reinforce materialism, the first branch of the masonic/satanic motto of “MATERIALISM, IMPOSITION and DESTRUCTION”) Anyway, that’s obviously not going to fly with me or anyone else who’s educated themselves about YOU, the worthless, lying, inhuman “JOO”.

    Now, go spew all your whiny, “joo, boo, hoo” and sickeningly egotistical “I AM”, satanic self worship crap somewhere that anyone is actually stupid enough to give a rip. Or . . . chime in again here for more of the same!

    11:18-22 “Who does greater wrong than he who devised a lie against YHWH? Those will be presented before their Lord. And the ones who bear witness will say: These are those who lied against their Lord. But the curse of YHWH is upon the ones who are unjust they who bar from the way of God and desire in it crookedness. And they, in the world to come, they are ones who disbelieved. Those will not be ones who frustrate Him on the earth, nor had there been for them—other than God—any protectors. The punishment is multiplied for them. Not had they been able to have the ability to hear, nor had they been perceiving. Those are those who lost their souls. What they had been devising had gone astray. Without a doubt they in the world to come, they are the ones who are losers.”

    So, ironically it is we who can say for certain “fux you” loser!

    For fools who think hating evil is mean, know this; My definition of “hate” is “repulsion”. I AM REPULSED by anyone that defends or is deceived by fake satanic jews who are liars, hypocrites, cheats, pedophiles, oppressors, parasites, animal abusers, murderers and etc REAL bigots and lowlifes. According to morality, God and common sense YOU SHOULD BE TOO.

    If you’re clueless to this reality that satanic jews are responsible for all the hell on earth, you’ve come to the right place for a very solid education! Start at when you’re done here for the conclusive answers to most of the questions you’ve ever had about corruption and evil in our world.

  30. Another grade A response as usual David! I can’t believe the lying piece of sh*te was stupid enough to troll here!

    From page 3 your 2nd AAA newsletter;

    • “There are six things YHWH HATES–no, seven things God DETESTS: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that kill the innocent, hearts that plot evil, feet that race to do wrong, a false witness who pours out lies and those who sow discord among brothers.”(note; 41,000 Christian denominations created by jew-ish subversives!) -Proverbs 6:16
    • ” . . . You HATE all who do wrong; you destroy liars. The bloodthirsty and deceitful you, Lord, DETEST”. -Psalm 5:5-6
    • “YHWH, who may dwell in your sacred tent? Who may live on your holy mountain? The one . . . who DESPISES a vile person but honors those who fear God!” -Psalm 15
    • “I do not sit with the deceitful nor associate with hypocrites. I ABHOR evildoers and refuse to be with the wicked” -Psalm 26:4-5
    • “The Lord YHWH examines the righteous, but the wicked, those who love violence, he HATES with a passion”-Psalm 11:5
    • “I HATE them with complete HATRED; I count them my enemies” -Psalm 139:22
    • “HATE what is evil; cling to what is good” -Romans 12:9
    • “HATE the evil, love the good and establish justice” -Amos 5:15
    • “But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.” -Revelation 21:8
    • “Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever: the scepter of thy kingdom is a right scepter. Thou LOVEST RIGHTEOUSNESS and HATEST WICKEDNESS: therefore thy God hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellow men” -Psalm 45:6-7
    • “I tell you, friends, do not fear those who kill the body and after that can do no more . . . fear him who, afterwards, has authority to throw you into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear him.” -Luke 12:4-5
    • “. . . The fear of the Lord is to HATE EVIL” -Proverbs 8:13

    FYI David, I’ve used that list on several forums where shills promote We the People be weak kneed, feckless, putty like cowards and highly recommend that everyone reading this does too!

    The fact is God is only merciful and compassionate to those deserving of it, the rest will receive exactly what they’re due. And that definitely will include punishment for allowing evil to fester and propagate due to remaining deceived.

    Another FYI, I’m on my 3 read of the Qur’an (thank you for that David!) and it qualifies YHWHs’ love equally significantly as it does his hatred for evil.

    God loves those who do good deeds (2:195), those who are pure (2:222), those who are righteous (9:7), those who fight in his cause (61:4) but has no love for transgressors (2:190), ungrateful sinners (2:276), the unjust (3:57), or the proud (4:36).

    Peace to all GOOD men! (and to hell with the rest)

  31. Captain Ron said:

    Ohh nooooooooooooooooooooooo. You guys are being mean to a lying pile of inhuman excrement! My delicate feelers can’t take it, stop, stop, stop.

    Just love everyone like the jew says, especially scum like itself who are our mortal enemies, that’ll make things better.

    Just close your eyes, cover your ears and let them keep mocking and deceiving you, your friends and loved ones straight to hell while they take and destroy the whole of Gods’ creation.

    And don’t worry, YHWH won’t mind your being a weak, jelly like piece of sh*te instead of someone he can be proud of creating. He’ll understand that it’s asking too much for you to CARE.

    Ya, that’s it.

  32. Bob the Pastor said:

    Well, I’d say we owe a debt of thanks to “I Am”. That stupid comment only resulted in the education of readers here!

    So, good job I Am! Anything else on your mind? 😉

    Also, thanks for rebuking that loser David, Ron and Barry. We are indeed supposed to speak up, fight and hate anything or anyone that God hates. Every single prophet and other famous servant of God across history did so and without apology!

    Proverbs 25:26 Like a muddied spring or a polluted fountain is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked.

    Give all glory to God, find your peace and comfort through faith in Him!

  33. Glory, Glory!
    Silence in the face of evil is itself evil;
    God will not hold us guiltless.
    Not to speak is to speak.
    Not to act is to act.

  34. You had me on page one, everything is a lie. So, this is great news. Thank you and God bless!

  35. You are welcome Sammy. Thank you and everyone here!

  36. That space eye graphic on the back cover really trips me out!!! Where did it come from? What is it?

    • Hi Tina, isn’t it mesmerizing? It’s a pic from Davids’ first book, the Everything Pages. When he was writing this issue of the GG while on vacation (in jail) he had me choose it from one of 3 of such pics of exploding super nova. Then he created the overlay of the geometric graphic and the rest of the YHWH art/text later at home. FYI David has created literally 1000s of logos and graphics which include nearly all of those you now see on all our sites and newsletters. It’s another sign, like someone else who made us in His image, David is rather “creative”!

      • Bob the Pastor said:

        You guys are amazing, I knew that you (Peggy) were the brains behind all the programming on and all your sites but didn’t realize David was the talent behind all the artwork around here. It just never dawned on me. What a whale of a task, just the work and graphics on this page alone are copious, I’m impressed! (as usual)

        Give all glory to God, find your peace and comfort through faith in Him!

  37. Bob the Passtor said:

    This is in reply to Cynthias’ question above regarding the confusion between David and Yeshua. It should be of interest to everyone.

    The David prophesied about in Ezekiel 37:24-25 is referring to Spiritual King David, who IS one and the same as the Spiritual King we call Christ.

    Isaiah 9:6-7 – For to us a SON (a man in the flesh) is born…and he will be called…Mighty God… (implying that God will come spiritually as an avatar in the flesh)… he will reign on David’s throne and over his kingdom… from that time on and forever.

    Luke 1:31-33 – He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High. The Lord God will give him the throne of his father David, and he will reign over Jacob’s descendants forever; his kingdom will never end.

    Revelation 5:1-5 – Then I saw in the right hand of him who sat on the throne a scroll with writing on both sides and sealed with seven seals. And I saw a mighty angel proclaiming in a loud voice, “Who is worthy to break the seals and open the scroll?” But no one in heaven or on earth or under the earth could open the scroll or even look inside it. I wept and wept because no one was found who was worthy to open the scroll or look inside. Then one of the elders said to me, “Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the ROOT of DAVID, has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals.”

    All confirm not just that David’s “heir” is the Christ and that Yeshua, the Christ, is Spiritual King David, but that the secrets of God will only be revealed by Him who is the root AND offspring of David:

    Revelation 22:16 – Yeshua said; “I have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the ROOT and the OFFSPRING of DAVID, the bright Morning Star.”

    As you guys covered, David, the 2nd King of Israel, had already been dead 450 years prior to the prophecy God gave Ezekiel. So, He who was already dead obviously cannot be the root of himself AND his own offspring nor can Yeshua be in the flesh while we already have the end times King David Allender living and carrying out his (Yeshuas’) prophetic works.

    So, we are talking about the same spirit of Yeshua returning and resting upon David and . . . Peggy is the priestess figure, together you are indeed the “Two Witnesses”, “Two Lampstands” and “Two Olive Branches”. There are many verses that tie everything together for us but the ones I like most are from Zechariah 6:12-15 which speaks of “the man whose name is the branch” that being the branch of King David and a priest by his side. This is yet another proof source of the final servants’ name being “David”. Here’s that;

    “Behold, the man whose name is the Branch: for he shall grow up in his place, and he shall build the temple of the LORD. (your house where you have both “grew up” spiritually over the last 7 years since you began your mission) It is he who shall build the temple of the LORD, and shall bear royal honor, and shall sit and rule upon his throne. And there shall be a priest by his throne, and peaceful understanding shall be between them both. And the crown shall be in the temple of the LORD as a reminder to Heldai, Tobi’jah, Jedai’ah, and Josi’ah the son of Zephani’ah. And those who are far off shall come and help to build the temple of the LORD; and you shall know that the LORD of hosts has sent me to you. (The same spirit of Yeshua) And this shall come to pass, if you will diligently obey the voice the LORD your God”

    Give all glory to God, find your peace and comfort through faith in Him!

    • Randall James said:

      None can dispute this. Not even a madman.

      • David Allender said:

        Greetings Randall,

        The fact is madmen can and do dispute all this. They are people who are literally possessed by one or more of the following;

        1. What’s known as “shedim” or “familiar spirits” in the Bible or “jinn” in the Quran. It is said each of us are assigned one Jinn for our lives, they live vicariously with us mentally while they themselves live in their own physical bodies elsewhere. (i.e. in the depths below Antartica as well as other locations, often under cities such as San Fransisco and Seattle where we are certain there exist elaborate cave systems. They’re also referred to as “people of the rocks” in the Bible or “companions of the cave” in the Quran) FYI; there is no such thing as “fallen angels”, that’s propaganda. Angels cannot disobey God.
        2. Gods’ angels who do the work of God which can include mind controlling those who’ve been condemned by Him. For people that this is happening to, they are 100% f*d. You cannot get through to them, no one can. And even if you do, they revert because God has total control over the matter. They’ll be killed, raised up and sentenced to eternal hell.
        3. Any number of other mysterious beings who may be spirits without bodies. A few of the names we know of are “archons”, “demons”, “vile spirits”, “the unseen” and etc. However, I think it may very well be that we will come to find out that they’re all just telepathic Jinn. If so, we can tidy things up by saying there were only YHWH, His Angels and the Jinn until the latter of which raped human women who then bore the “nephilim” (see Gen 6:4) which went on to sire another level of human hybrids who are mortal enemies to humanity. These are the blood jews with different RH blood factors and HLA genes than that of Gods’ human creation. (i.e. the progeny of Adam/Eve)

        I will be producing a pretty in depth article about all this, God willing. For now, just trust me when I say “we’re not alone”, at all. This is the secret about satanism, they do the rituals to summon the unsavory spirits (jinn) who make people do things like argue over stupid sh*te (especially husbands & wives). Theses spirits can make people go completely mad, the insane asylums are full of such victims. Recall Yeshua expelling demons? Here’s one famous story about that;

        “They came to the other side of the sea, to the country of the Gerasenes. And when he had come out of the boat, there met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit, who lived among the tombs; and no one could bind him any more, even with a chain; for he had often been bound with fetters and chains, but the chains he wrenched apart, and the fetters he broke in pieces; and no one had the strength to subdue him. Night and day among the tombs and on the mountains he was always crying out, and bruising himself with stones. And when he saw Jesus from afar, he ran and worshiped him; and crying out with a loud voice, he said, “What have you to do with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? I adjure you by God, do not torment me.” For he had said to him, “Come out of the man, you unclean spirit!” And Jesus asked him, “What is your name?” He replied, “My name is Legion; for we are many.” And he begged him eagerly not to send them out of the country. Now a great herd of swine was feeding there on the hillside; and they begged him, “Send us to the swine, let us enter them.” So he gave them leave. And the unclean spirits came out, and entered the swine; and the herd, numbering about two thousand, rushed down the steep bank into the sea, and were drowned in the sea.”
        ‭‭Mark‬ ‭5:1-13‬ ‭RSV-CI‬‬

        • Captain Ron said:

          Wow, you just blew my mind David. So, these jinn who are assigned to each of us are people?

          • David Allender said:

            They’re not humans. I can’t recall where I’ve read something about their appearance, could have been one of the various translations of the vedas, bible or quran. But what I recall is that they’re so different we’re frightened by them whenever we’ve come in contact initially. I suspect that they are reptilian humanoids of some type. I’ve heard stories of natives coming across some tall, strange looking, cave dwelling beings and killing them for their having been cannibalistic by eating their dead. There may be more than one type and/or color of jinn as well, think of the many different types of humans.

            What we do know is that the Arabic word Jinn is from the verb ‘Janna’ which means to hide or conceal which is what they do, they stay apart from us and they’re also not widely spoken of by God or His messengers. So, they are indeed a secret race apart from humanity. We also know they were here with the angels before God created man;

            Quran 15:26-27 “Indeed We created man from dried clay of black smooth mud. And We created the Jinn before that from the smokeless flame of fire”.

            Many have concluded that means the jinn are spirits but this is definitely not the case because the infallible Quran states they have hearts, eyes and ears like us;

            7:179 “And, certainly, We made numerous for hell many of the jinn and humankind. They have hearts with which they understand not. And they have eyes with which they perceive not. And they have ears with which they hear not”.

            There’s more like that which clearly prove the point. Anyway, lots of questions in my mind still but the Quran is quite clear that we share the earth with them and both the Quran and the Hadiths say we are each assigned one as a “companion” who will also be judged by God and likely used as a witness against or for each of us;

            Quran 50:27 His companion will say, “Our Lord, I did not make him transgress, but he himself was in extreme error.”

            There’s obviously a ton more to learn about here which I will include in the documentary, God willing.

            Peace Ron,


  38. Carol Kennedy said:

    This is definitely astonishing. No one in their right mind could think otherwise.

    So, if I may I would like to ask David the age old, golden question.

    What’s it all about?

    • David Allender said:

      Well Carol, answering your question of “what’s it all about” is no small task but I do intend to take it up, just not in full here. I feel this subject will fill another edition of the Goyim Gazette, coming soon!

      For now, let it suffice to say this life is but a test followed by a death which isn’t good or bad but rather “nothing”. God retakes His soul/spirit (Ecc 12:7 & Quran 2:281) and it’s lights out, kaput, until you’re sent back to live again and then eventually “stood up” for judgment day. On that day (which might be a 1000 of our years long if it’s like other days of God. II Peter 3:8 & Quran 22:47) your life/file will be searched for your transgressions to be weighed against your submissions and then thereby you’ll be judged in balance for equity or inequity.

      If judged equitable your life/file will be uploaded into a new, more efficient body (think ETs) for an eternal life of bliss in a wonderful, pristine, heavenly place full of peace, abundance and contentment near God. (I speak of Gods’ expansive kingdom which is located around this place called “the earth circle” in the Bible. This is fully and irrefutably detailed in my article “Daves’ BIG Truth” repeatedly linked herein)

      Conversely, if judged inequitable your life/file will be uploaded into a grotesque, inefficient slave body which is constantly in need of nourishment and rest but never fully attaining either while in a fiery, miserable and painful place called hell (located beneath the surface of the earth) for an eternity of horror, shame and loneliness without Gods love/soul/spirit forever more. Sound like fun? If you ask me, simply abiding by Gods’ laws and ways of life is a much easier and more rewarding path!

      Here’s one example of what God tells us in the Bible about those new ET bodies for the winners of this test called life;

      2 Corinthians 5:1-10

      For we know that when this earthly tent we live in is taken down (that is, when we die and leave this earthly body), we will have a house in heaven, an eternal body made for us by God himself and not by human hands. We grow weary in our present bodies, and we long to put on our heavenly bodies like new clothing. For we will put on heavenly bodies; we will not be spirits without bodies. While we live in these earthly bodies, we groan and sigh, but it’s not that we want to die and get rid of these bodies that clothe us. Rather, we want to put on our new bodies so that these dying bodies will be swallowed up by life. God himself has prepared us for this, and as a guarantee he has given us his Holy Spirit. So we are always confident, even though we know that as long as we live in these bodies we are not at home with the Lord. For we live by believing and not by seeing. Yes, we are fully confident, and we would rather be away from these earthly bodies, for then we will be at home with the Lord. So whether we are here in this body or away from this body, our goal is to please him. For we must all stand before Christ to be judged. We will each receive whatever we deserve for the good or evil we have done in this earthly body.

      FYI; Again, those new bodies are of made by God so are of Gods’ DNA which means they’re highly intelligent, telepathic and immortal. As for what one thinks of as “you” which is your life/file, it might help to think along the lines of Gods’ uber advanced technology and “transhumanism” which is mans’ current attempt at playing god with our modern, yet far inferior technology. Google it and also take note that several years ago Google patented a way to extract the knowledge and memories from ones’ mind and transfer “you” to the digital brain of a robot which conceivably lives forever.

      For those who think all this talk of ETs is silly, well what can I say other than you’re a fool! lucifer and his fellow jinn are ETs, that’s who’s actually running this show on earth right now and those at the top are fully aware of it. Here’s a little in your face proof from one of the graphics I did about the US $1 bill. (I could spend many, many pages on this subject alone, it truly is the “image of the beast” that people worship and will be sent to hell for!)

      satan US Dollar

      lucifer has the body of an ET and had the opportunity for eternal life in Gods’ kingdom but failed in rebellion over Gods’ creation of earth and man. Here’s an example of what the Quran has to say about our next life as ETs in Gods’ kingdom;

      Quran 56: 10-56

      Ones who take the lead are the ones who take the lead. Those are the ones who are brought near in the Gardens of Bliss. A throng of the ancient ones and a few of the later ones are on lined couches, ones who are reclining on them, ones who are facing one another. Immortal children (small grey ETs) go around them with cups and ewers and goblets from a spring of water. Neither will they suffer headaches nor will they be intoxicated, and sweet fruit of what they specify and the flesh of fruit for which they lust and most beautiful eyed ones, (ETs) like the parable of the well-guarded pearls, a recompense for what they had been doing. They will not hear any idle talk in it nor accusation of sinfulness, but the saying of: Peace! Peace! They will be among thornless lote-trees and acacias, one on another, and spread out shade and outpoured water and many sweet fruit. There will be neither that which is severed nor that which is inaccessible. (complete freedom to wander and explore the vastness of the real earth without borders) And it is an exalted place of restfulness. Truly, We caused females to grow, a good forming, and made them virgins, full of love, of the same age, for the Companions of the Right. A throng of the ancient ones and a throng from the later ones, and the Companions of the Left—who are the Companions of the Left? Those who are in burning wind and scalding water and shade of black smoke neither that which is cool nor generous. Truly, they had been before ones who are given ease and they had been persisting in tremendous wickedness. (being rich and powerful in this life is a likely sign you’re going to hell) And they had been saying: When we died and had been earth dust and bones, will we, then, be ones who are raised up. And our ancient fathers? Say: Truly, the ancient ones and the later ones will be ones who will be gathered to a time appointed on a known Day. Again, you, O ones who go astray, are the ones who deny. Certainly, you will be ones who eat from the Zaqqum tree. (a tree which produces no fruit but can itself be eaten, albeit course and foul) Then, you will be ones who fill your bellies from it, then, ones who drink scalding water after it. So you will be ones who drink like the drinking of thirsty camels. (forever thirsting, never quenched) This will be their hospitality on the Day of Judgment!

      Anyway, the technological nuts and bolts of how God transfers or “transmigrates” us to heaven or hell isn’t the point, it’s the promise and threat that ought to be carefully considered! People simply don’t understand what’s at stake here, eternity is a long time, it means immortality which if spent in a good place with utter grace will be beautiful but if in a bad place with utter disgrace, well, not so much. And for those who still think all this talk about ETs is silly, consider the many, many depictions of Gods’ angels in ancient art. They’re super common surrounding art of Jesus’ birth, life and crucifixion because angels (likely also ETs but different than jinn) such as Gabriel actually did intervene and were present;


      The Quran and common sense tells us that Yeshua didn’t die on the cross by the way, it was just an illusion Yeshua was allowed to put in the minds of witnesses by God and His angels. Read Barnabas and/or the gospel of Judas to see that it was Judas who actually got crucified while screaming “I’m not Jesus”! If you stop to think about it, this is a very obvious reality. God doesn’t let anyone harm his servants, we’re protected like no one can imagine which includes me while I set here being despised by millions of rich, powerful and evil pukes who can’t do anything to harm us!


      Here’s one of what I and others surmise must be Gabriel in a craft above communicating with Mary telling her about her soon to be immaculate conception and pregnancy with Immanuel;


      The baptism of Yeshua;


      The madonna;


      Again, Gods angels are likely ETs too, they’re commonly depicted as humanoid children with wings but I’m pretty sure that’s just part of the game to fool We the People;


      It is also common to see ETs associated with famous battles which we see depicted around the world all across history. This one is King ASHURNASIRPAL doing battle circa 900BC; (there’s 2 crafts above center and right, and a double headed serpent above left)







      Quran 8:9 “Mention when you cry for help from your Lord and He responded to you: Truly, I am One Who Reinforces you with a thousand angels, ones who come one after another”.

      Quran 3:125 “Yea! if you endure patiently and are Godfearing? And if they approach you instantly here, your Lord will reinforce you with five thousand angels—ones who are sweeping on”!

      Quran 89:22-23 “And thy Lord will draw near, and the angels, ranged in rows, on the Day hell is brought about. On that Day the human being will recollect. And how will the reminder be for him?” (Horrifying, that’s how the rest of his life will be! Can you imagine seeing 1000s of ETs saving/taking up the believers to heaven while destroying all the non and then transmigrating their souls to eternal hell?)


      And for people who would argue those are just lenticular clouds . . .

      Psalm 97:2 Clouds and thick darkness surround Him; Righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne.

      Job 22:14 Clouds are a hiding place for Him, so that He cannot see; And He walks on the vault of heaven.

      Job 36:29
      Can anyone understand the spreading of the clouds, The thundering of His pavilion?

      Nahum 1:3 And clouds are the dust beneath His feet.

      Job 37:11 Also with moisture He loads the thick cloud; He disperses the cloud of His lightning.

      Exodus 13:21 The LORD was going before them in a pillar of cloud.

      Revelation 14:14 Then I looked, and behold, a white cloud, and sitting on the cloud was one like a son of man, having a golden crown on His head and a sharp sickle in His hand.

      1 Thessalonians 4:17 Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we shall always be with the Lord.

      Leviticus 16:2 For I will appear in the cloud over the mercy seat.

      Numbers 16:42 It came about, however, when the congregation had assembled against Moses and Aaron, that they turned toward the tent of meeting, and behold, the cloud covered it and the glory of the LORD appeared.

      Exodus 16:10 And behold, the glory of the LORD appeared in the cloud.

      Quran 25:25-26 On a Day when heaven will be split open with the cloud shadows and the angels were sent down, a sending down successively on that Day the true dominion will belong to The Merciful. And it will be a Day difficult for the ones who are ungrateful.

      Quran 2:210 So do they look on but that God approach them in the overshadowing of cloud shadows?

      Quran 44:10-16 Then, thou be on the watch for a Day when the heavens will bring a clear smoke overcoming humanity. This is a painful punishment . . . On the Day when We will seize by force with the greatest attack, truly, We will be ones who requite.

      Quran 46:24-25 Then, when they saw it as a dense cloud proceeding towards their valleys, they said: This is a dense cloud, that which gives rain to us. Nay! It is what you seek to hasten, a wind in which there is a painful punishment. It will destroy everything at the command of its Lord. So it came to be in the morning nothing was seen but their dwellings. Thus, We give recompense to the folk, ones who sin.

      Quran 52:44-47 And if they consider pieces of the heaven descending, they would say: Heaped up clouds! So forsake them until they encounter their day in which they will be swooning. A Day when their cunning will avail them not at all nor will they be helped. And, truly, for those who did wrong there is a punishment besides that, but most of them know not.

      So, ETs are real, they’re jinn. And likely Angels are ETs too but have many forms and exist in unthinkable numbers (hundreds of billions or likely even trillions!) living outside the “earth circle” where we’re at on a massive globe that’s about 5000 times larger than we’ve all been told by lying, psychopathic, elitist twits for millennia, that’s “heaven” or “Gods’ kingdom” in reality and YHWH is the Highest of High over the entire expanse and population. (I know, it sounds nuts but just read my article “Daves’ BIG Truth” and you’ll begin chipping away at the tiny earth lie! It will take your mind a while to grasp all of this so time is of the essence and trust me when I say, there’s not much time left so use it wisely!)

      And there you have it, “what it’s all about” is simply following His very easy, sensible and moral laws/rules/teachings during this very short test and receiving equitable compensation from YHWH for our efforts or failures to do so. He will give us new bodies and let us live in His kingdom in peace and plenitude for a virtual eternity while doing what ETs do which is taking care of His creation or “tending the garden”.

      And for the record, if everyone had simply done as we’ve all been repeatedly taught/warned, this world and life would already be heaven like. There would be no wars, pollution, inequality, racism, hunger, hate, LIES or etc. immoralities nor any other troubling and disappointing hardships. We’d ALL be at total peace with ourselves, each other and in harmony with the world. That’s a glimpse of how it’s going to be for the winners of this test, they will enjoy an awesome existence in a pristine paradise while aided by uber advanced, “creation friendly” technology.

      So, that’s what it’s all about, succeeding! Fortunately, some will, but unfortunately, most won’t.

      Que sera sera.

      From the Quran, Surah #44 “Smoke, The Evident Smoke” or “Al-Dukhan” (My comments in parenthesis)
      In the Name of YHWH, The Merciful, The Compassionate.
      44:1 Ha Mim.
      44:2 By the clear Book
      44:3 truly, We (Gods’ angels) caused it to descend on a blessed night. Truly, We had been ones who warn.
      44:4 Every wise command is made clear in it,
      44:5 a command from Us. Truly, We had been ones who send it
      44:6 as a mercy from thy Lord. Truly, He is The Hearing, The Knowing,
      44:7 Lord of the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them. If you had been ones who are certain.
      44:8 There is no god but He. It is He Who gives life and causes to die. He is your Lord and the Lord of your ancient fathers.
      44:9 Nay! They play in uncertainty.
      44:10 Then, thou be on the watch for a Day when the heavens will bring a clear smoke
      44:11 overcoming humanity. This is a painful punishment.
      44:12 Our Lord! Remove thou the punishment from us! Truly, we are ones who believe.
      44:13 What will there be as a reminder for them? A clear Messenger drew near them. (That would be me, Yours truly!)
      44:14 Again, they turned away from him and they said: He is one who is taught by others, one who is possessed.
      44:15 Truly, We are ones who remove the punishment for a little. Truly, you are ones who revert to ingratitude.
      44:16 On the Day when We will seize by force with the greatest attack, truly, We will be ones who requite.
      44:17 And, certainly, We tried a folk of Pharaoh before them when there drew near them a generous Messenger: (Moses)
      44:18 Give back to me the servants of God, the Children of Israel. Truly, I am a trustworthy Messenger to you.
      44:19 And rise not up against God. Truly, I am one who arrives with a clear authority. (Proven by the power of God who changed his staff into a serpent that swallowed up the staffs of Pharaohs’ sorcerers/priests.)
      44:20 Truly, I took refuge in my Lord and your Lord so that you not stone me.
      44:21 But if you believe not in me, then, withdraw.
      44:22 So he called on his Lord: Truly, these are a folk, ones who sin.
      44:23 He said: Set thou forth with my servants by night. Truly, you will be ones who are followed.
      44:24 And leave the sea calmly as it is. Truly, they will be an army, one that is drowned.
      44:25 How many they left behind of gardens and springs
      44:26 and crops and generous stations
      44:27 and prosperity in which they had been, ones who are joyful!
      44:28 And, thus, We gave it as inheritance to another folk.
      44:29 And neither the heavens wept for them nor the earth nor had they been ones who are given respite.
      44:30 And, certainly, We delivered the Children of Israel from the despised punishment
      44:31 of Pharaoh. Truly, He had been one who exalts himself and was of the ones who are excessive.
      44:32 And, certainly, We chose them with knowledge above the worlds
      44:33 and gave them the signs in which there was a clear trial.
      44:34 Truly, these say:
      44:35 There is nothing but our first singled out death and we will not be ones who are revived.
      44:36 Then, bring our fathers back if you had been ones who are sincere.
      44:37 Are they better or a folk of Tubba and those who were before them? We caused them to perish. They, truly, had been ones who sin. (The Quran has many stories of God destroying entire civilizations of evil people while saving the good.)
      44:38 And We created not the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them as ones who play!
      44:39 We created them not but with The Truth (Atomic and DNA Mathematics) but most of them know not.
      44:40 Truly, the Day of Decision is the time appointed for them one and all,
      44:41 a Day when a defender will not avail another defender at all nor will they be helped
      44:42 but him on whom God had mercy. Truly, He is The Almighty, The Compassionate.
      44:43 Truly, the tree of Zaqqum (a course, foul and non-nourishing food source)
      44:44 will be the food of the sinful.
      44:45 Like molten copper it will bubble in the bellies,
      44:46 like boiling, scalding water.
      44:47 It will be said: Take him and drag him violently into the depths of hellfire.
      44:48 Again, then, unloose over his head the punishment of scalding water!
      44:49 Experience this! Truly, thou, thou art seemingly the mighty, the generous.
      44:50 Truly, this is what you had been contesting.
      44:51 Truly, the ones who are Godfearing will be in the station of trustworthiness
      44:52 among Gardens and springs
      44:53 wearing fine silk and brocade, ones who face one another.
      44:54 Thus, it is so. We will give in marriage lovely, most beautiful eyed ones. (ETs who will be eternal mates that love, cherish and serve each other)
      44:55 They will call therein for every kind of sweet fruit, ones that are safe.
      44:56 They will not experience death with them but the first singled out death. And He will protect them from the punishment of hellfire,
      44:57 a grace from thy Lord. That, it is the winning the sublime triumph!
      44:58 Truly, We made this easy in thy language so that perhaps they will recollect. (The Quran is now available in nearly every language on earth)
      44:59 So be on the watch! Truly, they are ones who watch.

  39. Mike Somersall said:

    I don’t even think there is any more to say regarding this particular issue of Goyim Gazette. You either get it or you don’t. I am willing to bet that if you put this information in front of a relatively smart and intellectually honest junior high or high schooler that they should be able to get it.

    In addition, those who read this in it’s entirety and still can’t understand, or worse, absolutely refuse to accept it : “It’s yo ass, Mr. Postman”!

    Page 5 alone is more than enough proof that YHWH is real. An atheist who relies on science and math can come to the understanding that YHWH is real, unless they’re just hard headed. As the old saying goes: “A hard head makes a soft ass.”

    Take it from someone who was skeptical about ancient Abrahamic texts at one point in his life. Once I read this (so far I have read this about 20 times) it pretty much confirmed that God is real.

    The Genesis 1:1/Pi connection closes this case alone. Pi is a concept, not just a number. It shows up when a lower dimension is encapsulated by a higher dimension. You may be thinking: “So? What’s your point?” It should be obvious if you read Genesis 1:1 “In this beginning, Elohim created the HEAVEN (Spiritual world/Higher dimension) and the EARTH (Physical world/Lower dimension/TimeSpace).

    There is so much more proof of YHWH but that alone sums it up.

    Great job Dave and Peggy!

  40. David Allender said:

    Good job to you Michael, God is smiling!

  41. David Allender said:

    I now have a few more additions which I put together for our JCR site. So, this comment is just a copy of the original I left there. We know these are some good ones because they have taken some time for us to get our heads around. It’s because while each on it’s own could be considered happenstance/coincidence, when you stand back and connect them it becomes quite revealing, to put it mildly. It goes from sublime to blatant yet still, accepting the obvious reality of divine intervention is a mental challenge like no other!

    That’s how all this stuff is, the world that everyone is used to, is NOT the world we’re actually in! In fact, with these new portents (meaning signs or miracles) we are now pretty well convinced this is the matrix with a dash of avatar. This is quite thought provoking when one considers all the promises of judgement, heaven and hell and the ease/means by which God can carry out His promises thereto!

    However, those who are headed for eternal torture in the flames can’t even comprehend most of this stuff because God has blinded their eyes, deafened their ears and sealed their hearts. 2 + 2 barely equals 4 for them and they can’t tell truth from lies, good from evil or pretty much anything that folks such as yourself can easily discern.

    Isaiah 6:10 “Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and convert, and be healed.”

    Matthew 13:14 “. . . hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive.”

    Quran 2:7
    “God seals their minds and their hearing, and their eyes are veiled. They have incurred severe retribution.”

    If all these dumbsh*ts were allowed to realize what’s going on here and what’s going to happen to them they’d soil their pants and run around whimpering like babies all the way to the end. But they can’t see past the ends of their noses, at best. So, sit back and enjoy the show Robert, me thinks it’s going to have quite an ending that’s all starting right here at JCR!

    As you’ll see, these recent signs I’m going to cover give us a little more insight into Gods’ limitless capabilities in this world which can only be likened to the matrix.

    OK, first we have a story from this last November 2019 about the behemoth Montana 5th wheel given to us by Country insurance (via God).


    It sucked for winter which was looming again and was way bigger than anything we’d feel good about traveling with so, it was time to cash out and downsize. Since we got it for free and hate screwing around with selling stuff, we priced it low for a quick, no BS sale.

    This of course resulted in tons of interest immediately even though it was the worst time of year to sell an RV here in Eastern WA. People were calling from all over the country and a guy from ND sent me an offer of a thousand bucks over our asking price while also guaranteeing a fast, no BS deal just like we wanted. Here’s the actual text he sent;

    “Please give me a call, Im sure you are getting a lot of attention on this one at the price so to cut though that and get your attention Ill offer you $23,000 for it. No hassle, no crap Ill pay you cash or whatever you need to make it work. Give me a call or text ###-###-####.”

    Great right? So we took the deal, he put a grand down via paypal for a security deposit and agreed to pay the rest when he picked it up the coming weekend. We took the ads down and started shopping for a travel trailer in the Wenatchee area. However . . . 6 days later he began doubting and renigging (like all liars and/or spiritually weak people do) and wanted me to drive all the way back home to take more pics for him. That was one thing but he also cancelled the pick up date and said it’d be a week or two later. Well, that obviously wasn’t the deal so, we licked our wounds from losing a week of time on him and relisted it for the same amount he offered. So, we thanked God for the nonrefundable security deposit and moved on!

    Same thing again, tons of interest. This time a local guy came up, said he’d take it for cash in 4 days if we’d take a thousand less and if we pulled all the ads down for him so that no one else would outbid him. Even though we didn’t like being “jewed” down on what was already a really killer deal, we figured we were already up a grand and liked the speedy arrangement. He too put down the same security deposit of $1,000, we did our part, pulled all the ads for him and headed out to look at another trailer in Spokane.

    One of the things he said in passing while visiting was that his name was very unique. This was interesting to us due to the fact that Peggy was the ONLY Peggy Dyk (her maiden name) in America. The day before he was going to pick it up I was led to check out his story about his name on the net. Lo and behold, he was none other than the owner of a large RV store on the westside! He lied through his teeth about this! So, I told him the price went back up a grand for him being a lying dirtbag who was just going to sell it to someone else for at least $10,000 to $15,000 more. (This is true, in fact the ins co paid $40k for it.) Fortunately he lost his senses (got possessed) and declined so, voila, God gave us another $1,000!

    Back up the ads went, 4 more days lost but now we were $2,000 ahead. Again, tons of interest, this time the first serious one was a guy from the westside whose dad lived here in Chelan. Said they’d be over the next day to see/buy it. They came, they liked, agreed to have it picked up in 2 days and put a $1,000 down.

    However . . . his dad then decided it best that he take care of the deal from there on out which we were fine with excepting the fact that he demanded to take possession of the RV BEFORE PAYING THE BALANCE! Said we could meet him at the bank for it after his driver was down the road with our RV! That of course wasn’t happening and he wouldn’t budge on it, so now we’re up $3,000 from fools who can’t keep a simple agreement for a really, really killer deal on a very nice Montana!

    Next, we called a woman back from the Tri-Cities who’d left a message the week before. She said she and her friends would be over the following day with cash to pick it up. We trusted her, didn’t put the ads back up and they were there with bells on the next day. She was a believer, she paid us, they left and that’s the end of this part of story. God had just punished 3 unbelieving fools and put an extra $3,000 in our pockets from them plus the extra $1,000 we added due to them with absolutely zero room for a guilty conscience on our parts!

    You’ll want to note that the total we ended up getting was $26,000 and “YHWH” equals 26! Experiencing this stuff firsthand isn’t really explainable in words. Watching people who don’t believe in the supernatural get totally possessed and then turn into stupid, bumbling liars is quite revealing!

    OK, so now we’re homeless. We’re seriously needing to buy another RV and we hate motels so, we headed for the Tri-Cities on account of the lady who bought ours said there were tons of dealers and RVs down there. She was right! There is much more to our experience in the tri-cities including a christian salesman getting totally possessed and losing our easy, cash in hand business but we’ll move on to the really wild part;

    After all the shopping we’d come to like a certain model in the Hideout line of Keystones’ trailers but used ones were few and far between while also being a bit pricier than most. (We wanted a used one because we learned years ago that new RVs outgas TONS of toxins for the first few years.) That said, we saw a dealers’ ad for the model we liked with a similar floorplan that had just been reduced from $15,000 to $11,000.

    This is notable because we already knew what we liked and as you’ll see were about to be given the perfect unit for us! So, we went to take a look. It was taken on trade but in poor condition for showing with a flat tire, broken cabinet and yet to be cleaned up. Also whoever owned it had left some extra wiring underneath for what was a solar system complete with a nice aluminum toolbox installed on the tongue up front for a large battery bank. I figured I could use that tool box for its original purpose, as a toolbox, which is the only real thing lacking on all travel trailers.

    Now this unit was an 09 which was older than our 13 but the previous owners had recently repainted the exterior and done quite a few new custom upgrades so it looked really good, especially since the price was just lowered and it was the rare model we liked. And it was obviously not used much so, we liked it, a lot!

    However, we could tell from the salesmans’ attitude that custom painted RVs with lots of mods aren’t great for dealers. So, we offered them $5,000 in cash thinking maybe they’d drop it down to $10,000 or maybe even $9,000. Now get this; out of nowhere the manager jumped in, countered with the extremely low price of just $5,900! This is a pro negotiator who just gave away the farm!

    And even better yet he offered the bonus that everything would be in working condition and clean for the extra $900 above my offer. So, we of course took the deal, gave them the cash and agreed to pick it up the next day! However . . . upon pre-delivery inspection we found out the AC wasn’t working which is common at the 10 year age of trailers, especially over here where AC is used a lot. So, they put in a nicer, brand new $800 AC unit and fixed a few other minor things for our trouble.

    We’re obviously pretty happy at this point but here come the kickers;

    The previous owner/s had applied a very interesting vinyl decal to the front of the unit which says “ALL GIVE SOME, SOME GIVE ALL” which we figured was pretty apropos for us! (We each made our agreement with God to basically do whatever it takes way back in 2012. It was right before we released the Everything Pages. Peggy and I kissed each other goodbye thinking we’d be dead by morning from an attack by the govt. It turned out that they had to get a plan on how to frame me to warrant the illegal 66 man SWAT team attack on us 3 months later. What a bunch of f*cking worthless cowards! Payback time nears, can’t wait for the first occurrence!!!)


    It also had a cool little Ford “Punisher” sticker on the rear, a perfect match for me and our Ford pickup that would be pulling it!



    OK, now what’s really wild about that is the fact that I myself decoded the skull and bones logo as depicting 2 different humanoids way back in 2012. (see the differences between left and right sides of the skull and the different femurs)


    Now look at that Ford Punisher sticker again, it too has 2 types of humanoids portrayed. And this time there’s more being told which I wouldn’t have noticed until recently. God has been revealing the deep truths given only to a handful of messengers before me (i.e. Jesus who used terms such as “brood of vipers” to describe the enemies I’m here to destroy, along with all the fools deceived by or following them.)


    The left side is reptilian with an open hinged jawbone and teeth that don’t erode at the gum line because vipers shed and regrow them every few months. This is all about God showing me the genetic identity of the real enemies to We the People, they are offspring of the nephilim who were born from the fallen ones (who themselves are reptilian) that raped human women. (see Gen 6:4 starters) It is the bloodline of these sick, inhuman pieces of sh*te that have deceived the masses beginning with all the idiots who think they’re jew-ISH and the others who’ve joined up with them via masonry and/or all the other secret kike clubs. The ones who really are of this different race have deceived all those fools into doing their bidding and getting sent to hell with them. What dumbasses, they’re all going to be thrown under the bus soon! Now reconsider how God gave me our white Ford/horse and had that “Punisher” sticker put on my camper! Godspeed, I’m ready!!!

    Another non-coincidental thing about the trailer is the paint job. We hate all the vinyl logos that RV manufactures apply to get free advertising for the life of the rig. In fact, we took the time to remove them from our Northern Lite pickup camper and another one before that. But the thing is you have to do this when the RV is new or you can see where the stickers were due to the sun damage/oxidation which would be uglier than the vinyl. In the case of a used unit the only way around it would be to completely repaint the thing which is exactly what had been done to this one! Perfect, made to order for us by God!!!

    And get ready for this . . . the total price out the door with sales tax and licensing was $6,657.40 which when correctly rounded with $2.60 is $6,660.00!!! (Recall the total amount we got for the Montana? That’s right, $26,000 the value of “YHWH” and now we have $2.60, see how He’s showing his hand!? 6,660 is also the exact distance from JCR to Nazareth where Jesus, Joseph and Mary lived!)


    So, that was that experience from God. THANK YOU YHWH!

    Next we return for some more divine updates to our main story here at JCR. It’s notable how these signs continue to affect us mentally. The best comparison I have is the feelings I experienced during the big Nisqually earthquake back in Feb 2001.


    People don’t understand what actually happens during quakes. The ground and whatever is on it literally rolls and stuff breaks, it doesn’t just pull it apart. I watched our road and some train tracks roll in waves about 18 inches high! It’s a strange thing to experience and it leaves you queasy like you’re car sick, that’s how these miracles feel. You would think that these experiences would always be nothing but positive for us since they always end up being beneficial to us and crappy for our enemies. However . . .

    When you’re at the epicenter of Gods’ portents (signs/miracles) it’s no mellow thing. Indeed, even though Gods’ hand is extremely gentile, each experience is heavy duty for us and they’re increasing in intensity as time goes on. It’s easy to see this is how God is training us, a little at a time, turning up the “miracle meter” as time goes on. He does it this way because no human being could handle these experiences full tilt or back to back. You’d implode and go nuts. Simple as that. Anyway, this is the same feeling one has when witnessing God at work. While of course it is extremely cool, it’s also quite foreign and magnificent to the point of being completely surreal. Tough to grasp and comprehend.

    There is much we could say about all that but let’s get back to the miracles themselves which are becoming even more numerous. It’s because of the shear number of them that we’re now beginning to see some repetition which adds surety that they are indeed divine. God does this so we can be totally confident these things are His portents and not just happenstance. For instance . . .

    One of the first glaring issues for our enemies was the fact that the mortgage company kept paying the premiums for our full homeowners insurance policy with Country insurance company after we stopped making payments to them. This is not how they normally operate. They cancel the policy and take out a new one that’s much less expensive and only covers their interests which is the property, the collateral. Instead they just kept paying for the whole thing which included expensive premiums for over a half million dollars of coverage for our personal property and over a hundred grand for additional living expenses which we were paid in 2018. This utterly flabbergasted our adjuster and everyone else who was involved, no one had any explanation!

    OK, now we get back to this subject of repetition so we can be absolutely certain that God is doing this stuff and it’s not just happenstance. Well, what if the mortgage company kept on paying the premium (about $5,200/yr which is $2,600 or YHWH x 2!) for the full policy EVEN AFTER THE HOUSE WAS GONE!? What? Uh huh. And furthermore, what if the insurance company was involved too because they kept erroneously billing the mortgage company while full well knowing the property no longer existed?! What if these ridiculously unlikely and otherwise unheard of things actually happened? Well, they did and not just once!

    Firstly, the fire occurred in Feb of 2018 and the whole year of ins for 2018 was paid in Dec of 2017 which meant there was an overage that needed to be prorated and refunded. (About $4,000) So, there was that which would be normal however the insurance company kept billing the mortgage company for the next year of 2019 and, they paid it. We weren’t aware of any of this going on until around Dec 20th of 2019 when we got a bill for $5,200 from the insurance company for the upcoming year of 2020. This is when I realized the policy had been paid for 2019 even though the house was long gone a full year and 10 months prior.

    So, I thought “what a bunch of morons”! And I called Country to tell them to cancel the damn policy so that the bank wouldn’t bill me for it again. Remember, this was about a week before it was due on the 27th of Dec 2019. So, they had plenty of warning to stop the payment and cancel the policy. But, they didn’t! The bank paid ANOTHER $5,200 and Country applied it to my account even after I notified them of their idiocy!

    OK, then it dawned on me. God was making them screw up so that we would get the refund. They couldn’t stop it to save their souls, literally!!! So, I called them about it and we did! I got a check for $14,000 a couple weeks later! FOURTEEN GRAND! Off to the bank for a nice little deposit to comfort us for winter, keep our wine cellar stocked and chill out some more in our 666 paradise!


    • FREE expensive, brand new Mac and HP laptops (bought with credit cards online which were never charged!)
    • a free collectors willies jeep
    • a free pickup (which we returned because the guy who gave it to us turned out to be a pissant)
    • $30-$40k worth of free tools from cashiers who don’t charge us for them while checking out at various stores repeatedly (I stopped notifying them after seeing a cashier get fired for her mistake at Lowes)
    • The same with TONS of expensive building materials, appliances, windows, doors, etc. for the house, likely in the $40,000 neighborhood total! (And don’t forget the full set of cabinets we bought for pennies on the dollar which ended up fitting our kitchen layout and all the appliances to a perfect T. This one alone is all it would take for any sane individuals, you can read about it 3/4ths down the page at
    • Top of the line Electrolux appliances and Lane furniture at cost which was HALF PRICE and saved us over $15,000! (There’s a larger story behind this one too.)
    • $10,000 worth of beams and lumber for $150 from lake chelan building supply because their spanish speaking yard guy couldn’t do math and their manager didn’t care to listen to me when I told him of the mistake
    • $314,000 in cash profit from our first mortgages (i.e we built the house for $200k cash and got $514 back in mortgages even though we didn’t have any income and it was at the height of the the housing crisis. Hence, $514 – $200 = $314,000 profit from the banks!)
    • a FREE $666,000 house for 8 full years after not paying said mortgages
    • 22 acres of land worth $150k for 8 full years under which that house sits also for FREE
    • Around $70,000 in property taxes and homeowners insurance premiums taken care of for FREE
    • all 15 other parcels of our land at JCR for free after making $666,000 from it, watch and see! (Although we do intend on giving some of the parcels back to a few of the decent/deserving folk along with countless millions of acres from the rest of the earth.)
    • Thousands of dollars in free cash which has just materialized without explanation repeatedly in our bank accounts and elsewhere
    • Thousands of dollars in free money from “bitcoins” which we didn’t even know we had (the full story behind this portent could be a book all by itself!)
    • Hundreds of thousands of dollars in free gold and silver
    • Two FREE pieces of prime commercial real estate in Tacoma I flipped without even having to buy them
    • Nearly ZERO income taxes over the course of my lifetime after making millions and millions of dollars with my various businesses (because the IRS didn’t cash my checks sent with the returns and kept sending me refunds year after year)
    • A sweet, brand new $40,000 pickup camper for FREE because the dealer screwed up and sent the title to me instead of the bank (this was about a year before we went to war with the jew-ish banks and stopped making payments on our loans and mortgages with them)
    • Over $15,000 in earnest monies for land and various other items due to buyers getting possessed and abandoning their $ (yes, “possessed”, we see it all the time, it’s commonplace for us nowadays, in fact, do you really think that little voice in your head telling you to disbelieve all of this and us is really yours?)
    • A 2nd even sweeter camper which is the $40,000 Montana 5th wheel we’re fully enjoying today COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE (That’s two FREE RVs!)



    And by the way, I wondered what was special about that number of 13,905.43 as well as others which I was just saying to Peggy a couple days ago. So, pulled it up on my calculator in the iphone. There’s only a half dozen or so obvious possibilities to check with it such as its square root and cosine which were the first two I checked. Then #3, the tangent . . . = 2.71828 which when rounded is 2.7183, THAT’S EULERS NUMBER TO 5 DIGITS IN ACCURACY JUST LIKE THE 2ND CALC WE DID IN #119 ON JOHN 1:1!!! Yah, sure that’s ANOTHER coincidence against base odds of 9,999,999 TO 1 (the number of possibilities from the 7 digits of 13,905.43). Add to that everything else and you’ve just stumbled across the most prophetic miracles to happen in all of history. Nothing unusual going on here right?

    OK, now tell me who could question or doubt these incredibly blatant signs? What kind of fool could? And it gets better, with God it ALWAYS gets better, and it never ends! Another for instance . . .

    It’s taken the bungling attorneys, crippled courts and keystone cops over 8 years to get a foreclosure after we stopped paying the satanic bankers back in 2012. And don’t forget, all that time we lived on our property for FREE. No $70,000 worth of insurance payments or taxes and no $350,000 worth of mortgage payments, notta. The only home related expense we had was cheap power from all the hydro electric damns here in eastern WA. The bank paid for everything else while we were sitting in the house doing research, writing and building the systems that God willing, will one day result in their utter demise! ALL ON THEIR DIME!!! They’ve been trying to foreclose for 8 long years and only recently have finally gotten it through the court. 8 YEARS!

    But wait, even though they finally made it through the court process they still can’t get us off the land! Watch this . . . Recall how I’ve never had any probation or oversight even with the first bogus felony charges nor the 2nd? Who wouldn’t think that’s strange? Why wouldn’t they have probation for those felonies when they have it for practically everything else including TONS of misdemeanors? Well, I sort of knew the answer even back then but honestly didn’t believe it. The answer is God went back and changed the law just for me! Too much to believe you say? OK, then answer this; Why is there now some strange law that provides a one year “redemption period” for judicial foreclosures which are very, very rare in WA? And why would the law state that the person/s get to remain on their property “rent free” during this full one year of additional time?


    Indeed, we are witnessing a little divine payback, this is how YHWH rolls! All of those who have opposed us in any way, inevitably lose and then get their noses rubbed in it. We’ve seen it time after time after time, although until recently is was much more sublime. Now things are getting to be quite obvious. This is true to the extent I cannot even imagine how all these fools wouldn’t be scared sh*tless about their futures, especially their eternal ones after they suffer what we’re told will be horrifying deaths! Do people really think that getting killed and sent to hell by God is just a silly joke? Really? Does a horrific death followed by burning in hell for eternity sound like fun? Well, if so, just go ahead and oppose Peggy, myself or anyone else God has chosen to serve Him!

    So that’s some of the more recent miracles worth sharing here. Even though all the mentally/spiritually weak, condemned dumbshits will be FORCED to think it’s all just a coincidence, believers won’t and it will further strengthen their faith. Aside from helping the messenger/s gain confidence in performing their missions, helping good people awaken and stay on track is mainly what miracles are usually for. The difference here is this is the end so, the losers won’t be able to wake up because they’re already condemned by God.

    Rev 22:11 “He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still”

    That verse and the other 3 at the beginning of this comment tell us a very important thing about end times and me, the last messenger. Unlike most of the other messengers across history, I am not just a warner, I’m a doer and what’s going to get done is absolutely unavoidable. No one will even be able to repent without being given the opportunity from God Himself. And for the readers who can see all of this isn’t BS or coincidence be very careful not to lose that ability because if you do, you’re going down with the rest! That’s coming straight from the proverbial horses’ mouth, King David. Now let us end with a bit more irony this time surrounding what’s known as the “Star of David” or “Key of David” which I have definitely been given ownership of along with 666.


    Note it can be drawn by joining SIX triangles or 2 triangles made of SIX lines or just SIX lines by themselves. SIX SIX SIX! That’s the only ways to draw the SOD. Pretty fitting for “Gods’ 666 End Times Punisher” eh?

    So pick your side boys and girls, you’re either with us and God or you’re with snakes who are going to be destroyed and punished in hell, forever. Indeed, peace to all good men and to hell with the rest. Makes one wonder what it’s like to burn in hell?

    Quran 4:56 “Truly, those who were ungrateful for Our signs, We will scorch them in a fire. As often as their skins were wholly burned, We will substitute with other skins so that they will experience the punishment”.

    By the way, that proves the author of the Quran knew about how our nerve endings stop feeling pain after a certain amount of time being burnt. Hence the reason the damned are given new skins to experience this hellish anguish repeatedly, forever.

  42. David Allender said:

    Time for another major miracle, it’s short but good! (We no longer bother with conveying the smaller ones)

    OK, this one is related to my recent completion of translating/interpreting the Quran. (This story/miracle is actually contained therein in the introduction but this is for those who foolishly don’t read it)

    Here’s that verbatim;

    Next; One of the thousands of miracles we (David & Peggy) have been experiencing since early 2016 when God really began showing us His Hand and guiding us on this, our mission. Since it’s directly related to this translation of the Quran, it is very apropos.

    Said translation took about 10 months which in the beginning was hampered by my being distracted with incoming emails, reminders and the many other projects I use my laptop for and generally have open in various programs. Especially distracting at that time was the building of Betterness. At any rate, the process was definitely being hindered by said distractions inherent to use of my laptop.

    Well, we’d just bought a 2004 Lincoln and needed a PC to learn the entry code from the cars’ computer. Buying one seemed like a good idea because I didn’t want to risk damaging my 8 year old laptop which had went through 7 keyboards and needed an 8th! So, I jumped on ebay to look for a used one that might be well suited. I didn’t need or want much, just a basic PC to leave in the car for diagnostics. Among the first few that came up was a little Dell with a 10″ screen for a $100 bucks. I looked at the details and saw it had Windows 7 which was excellent because like most, this old dog doesn’t like learning new tricks (if not necessary). It looked brand new, the seller had good ratings and the price was right so, I figured what the heck and bought it and a new $13 battery for it.

    It arrived in mint condition and I fired it up. To my delight the first thing I noticed was that it was 7 Pro and had a full copy of MS Office 2016 installed. (I use MS Word to write most of our stuff including this Quran) It also had a touchscreen and was just a really nice little laptop overall. So, I began thinking this could be too nice for the car! And it would definitely be handy for using to translate the Quran while on the go instead of putting more hours on my old 17” HP which with its case is huge/heavy. Then I realized I could also run lean without the distractions due to a max of 2GB of ram coupled with an older processor in this one. I couldn’t even be tempted to install a bunch of my other software so, it is perfect!

    Now hold on, it gets better, way better! Most have heard the saying “the devil is in the details” but what we are repeatedly finding is that it’s actually God in the details. Yea, when He does something, anything, it’s perfect down to a T in details. This applies to ALL His Creations, Plans and Proofs of His Almighty Existence. Let us take a quick accounting of how we see His Fingerprints all over this little tool I’d purchased in hope of bringing into existence the very best English translation of the Quran that will ever come to be.

    In addition it had to be one of the most convincing bodies of evidence to simultaneously prove Gods’ existence. It also had to “unloose the seals” (secrets) of prior scriptures as prophesied in Rev 5:1-5 “the lion of the tribe of Judah” would do in end times. For an average guy who’s relatively new to the bible, having only picked it up in 2013, and even more so with only a few years into the Quran, it sounds like a pretty big challenge eh? It is, but in all honesty wasn’t for me. And as you will see, that can only be due to Gods’ Guidance throughout the process exactly like the rest of the roller coaster ride we’ve been on since 12/21/12! (Mayan end date)

    A recap of the 1st set of God confirming details surrounding the PC;
    • Perfect, Like New, Mint Condition for $100!
    • Safe, Cushy, No Stress Deal With A Well Rated Seller.
    • Familiar Windows 7 (days of creation) and Pro “to boot”!
    • Full, Free $100 Copy of MS Office w/Word Not Advertised!
    • Familiar Touch Screen Like My Ipad, Also Not Advertised!
    • Max 2 Gg of Ram = No Temptation to Install Distractions!
    • Really Compact, Perfect For Camper Life Then of Current.
    • Just Enough Processor for Word & Firefox to do Research!
    • A Wireless Card Installed For Our Wireless Only Condition!
    • An Upgraded SDHD For Fast Saves Between 1000s of Edits!

    Note that last one was not advertised either and turned out to be a “Godsend” over the course of 900+ hours of editing! OK, but those aren’t that incredible right? Right. UNTIL . . . you add the following; it’s a picture of how the unit arrived (and now remains) with the strange username of “YasuMasih” which I thought must have been the name of some Asian fellow or gal who owned it before. I being curious googled it one day while having lunch thinking I should get around to personalizing it with my own username. Lo and behold it is how Arabic Christians say “Yeshua the Messiah” and I was using it to write what I had already titled the “Quran for Christians”!

    Note the model #2120, the year I spent doing this! (this is the 21st century) while being lled/dell by other “users”! Also Websters’ 4th def for “latitude”; “Freedom of action or choice” is quite fitting if one looks into what latitude God is prophesied to give me, the al-Mahdi.

    That’s something and it also applies to the weighty feelings I experienced while making big decisions in the proper translation of this Holy Quran! (Interpreting Gods’ Word is no small matter!)

    Now, we’ve learned there are no coincidences when you’re working for God! So, the username prompted me to email the seller for the story behind this. The first curious thing I noticed was his ebay handle of “Abra-Sale” as in Abracadabra, Abraham and Abrasive? (There are no other root words in my Websters version) As we’ll see, it is all part of this miracle, recall God details to a T!

    Those only 3 words have very profound meanings to me; Abracadabra is obviously a magical word as has been our journey since awakening. All miracles are magical, think about ones from all the prophets and recall Yeshua himself was called “the magi”. Abraham is the only messenger out of 25 mentioned in the Quran who is referred to as a “monotheist inclined towards Truth ”. Anyone who reads my stuff will agree I have become the proverbial epitome of that. And of course I do try to cooperate in the transformation, but I did not orchestrate it! Also, I have always figured I am here to unite all those of strong “Abrahamic” faith. Now for the last one; Abrasive. There can be no doubt that I am becoming the #1, most hated individual by millions, no Billions of people on earth. It is because I speak the Truth about them, the enemies to God and We the Adamite People of His creation. Indeed I am extremely abrasive to these filthy degenerates and that is a badge I wear with honor! Now while keeping that in mind recall the 4th definition of latitude; “Freedom of action or choice”. Consider that while connecting it with some of the prophecies of Mohamet about me, the Al-Mahdi. (That link is to a summary of some major prophecies from Mohamet, if you’re an enemy of mine, get ready to sh*te yourself!)

    OK, so that was just about the sellers’ ebay handle of Abra-Sale, remember God is in the details! Here’s the google result I got;

    I of course went there and while doing so shared what I was learning with Peggy. Well,
    she had been on that very same wiki page the day before researching why Muslims call Yeshua the Messiah!

    That little additional coincidence was to let us know all this is definitely NOT coincidence! Beginning to see how God rolls? And after asking the seller three times about the username, all he could tell me was he was compelled to “get the name right”. So, what does this all mean?

    It’s a good question and another is one Peggy and I have had since 2012 when we made our covenant with God and then in 2016 when He really began showing us some of His Handiwork. That question is; who are we? We know our mission isn’t for the average joe and jane, that much is certain from the book we wrote back in 2012 and the subsequent 66 man SWAT team attack on us afterwards. That book like this Quran obviously exposes the actual enemies of “We the Adamite People of God”. They didn’t like that nor this Quran and like Yeshua, they hate me! But as we can now say with surety due to this miracle, God has blessed this work we’ve been doing on the Quran for Christians!


    Take It.  It’s Free!


    You’re going to be surprised about what you learn in just the introduction alone, GUARANTEED!


  43. David Allender said:

    Here’s one of the minor miracles of recent, these little ones happen just about daily so we don’t usually bother with them. (It’s Gods’ Way of Telling us He’s Always There!) I’m only posting it for a couple of awakening fellas I met at the Valvoline oil change station in Wenatchee. (Stephen and Vlad)

    OK, so while on the way to Wenatchee to go to Costco God (or Gabriel) told me to get the transmission on our Town Car flushed. Right after that the transmission started slipping a bit! So, I went there first thing as it’s on the way into the big city. Upon getting there the manager (Stephen) assisted me, the first thing they do is document your mileage which was 99,626 as shown in the following email I got later;


    I told him I wanted a trans flush and then he asked how I was doing on mileage for an oil change. So I looked at the little window sticker and saw it was due at 99,620 which meant I was exactly SIX miles overdue! (sixes everywhere)


    Stephen said “wow, what a coincidence”! So I handed him a print copy of #119 (the article above) and said smiling, “that was NO COINCIDENCE!”

    And here’s the clincher with YHWHs’ fingerprint on it, 26 (as in the mileage of 99,626) is the gematria of YHWH!!! Also note the palindrome number of 626 on the date of 6/2. Ha, ha, ha, Good ones YHWH!



  44. David Allender said:

    Here’s a good one I’m just copying/pasting from our newest site

    It turns out God kept our 5 Truths domain names available for our recent registration even though they are extremely popular and should have been taken 20 or 30 years ago like every other top level .com domain name! Instead we got them in both numbered and spelled versions (i.e. & back in 2016 in English, AND then now in 2021 in Spanish ( & AND all four variations in Chinese/Mandarin! (,, 5Gezhenxiang & WuGezhenxiang) Hey, those are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd most spoken languages on earth and therefore most desired among urls!

    Anyone who knows anything about the domain name market will realize ”something BIG” is up here! We ourselves have been in the domain biz for over 30 years starting with over 500 domains in our portfolio back then so, we know a little about this subject. Each one of these “5 Truths” domains are worth anywhere from $10,o00 up to a million bucks each. To get ALL EIGHT of them for $10 each on the open registration market nowadays is ridiculously IMPOSSIBLE.

    Yet lo and behold in our lucky little hands now they ALL do rest! This is not possible without the “unstoppable assistance” of our aforementioned Friends! See how popular the “5 Truths” phrase is and prove this for yourself, Google “5 Truths“, “Five Truths“, “5 Verdades” and “Cinco Verdades“. (Didn’t bother with the Chinese/Mandarin ones for obvious reasons but rest assured they are quite popular as well!)

  45. David Allender said:

    We’ve moved some of the miracle related comments above to the blog page here at . Stay tuned there for future discoveries!

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