Pedophilic Yehudim Satanists from Hell – Part 1

Part 1 of 2

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READ THIS FIRST;  Please take note of the halo type effects around the heads of the victims in many of these historical paintings and pictures.  What you’re seeing is a depiction of the “fear energy” thought to evoke demons in satanic sacrifices.  It’s also useful to understand that adrenaline transported by blood is believed to improve the taste of the meat AND THE BLOOD.  Those are two of the reasons Kosher slaughters and satanic sacrifices are tortuously agonizing for their victims.  Connect the dots! 




Note how all of those “artful” images show zero fear nor torment on the faces of the victims. That would make them un-tasteful to you wouldn’t it? They couldn’t very well hang them in our museums, churches and other public buildings then!

Next we have some more “art” found around the world, a couple of famous headlines and a few pics of a special annual gathering of world leaders at Bohemian Grove in California which was officially disclosed to us on video by jewish shill Alex Jones.

Alex Jones of "Info Wars" who broke the Bohemian Grove Story is a satanic CIA shill David exposed back in 2011.  It's been proven on many sites.

Alex Jones of “Info Wars” who broke the Bohemian Grove Story is a satanic CIA shill David exposed back in 2011. It’s been proven on many sites.

The reason they had him cover the Grove was to take control of the release of this highly damaging information so they could direct the narrative. Never forget, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves”, Vladimir Lenin, a satanic jew.

The narrative Alex Jones was told to follow was to make millions of upright, caring, considerate and responsible Americans, a.k.a. “conspiracy theorists” think 100s of our top jewish politicians and corporate leaders who go to the Grove are just goofing around and put them in a state of confusion. (Division-Confusion-Fear are their tools) They’re not really worshipping satan or sacrificing human beings to the statue of Molech just like millions of their kind before them have for millenia. It’s all “staged” and not real, no one would really do such things.  That is except for satanists of course!

They did the same ploy on 60 minutes regarding the satanic initiations at Yale Law Schools’ skull & bones fraternity where a screaming woman writhed on her back in the courtyard while being stabbed to death on prime time TV.   They said it was just a “fun reenactment” held strictly in private for Masonic members who just so happen to end up being nearly all of Americas’ business leaders, governors, senators and presidents.  How would you feel about your local mayor, judges, sheriff, newspaper, TV, Radio execs and top business leaders etc. in your community participating in such events?

Well, they likely have and do, but it’s no reenactment nor is it a silly game.  Frolicking over the idea or reality of burning gentile children alive is no silly game and neither is the alternate method of pricking their veins or beheading people to drain their blood into bowls for drinking which is happening to this day regardless of whether one cares to believe it or not.  That said, only a complete fool could go on thinking none of this is real after the next page.