What is Evil? (Part 3)


Endless Wars Based On Endless Lies


 (If you can read while listening to music, you should play this song we selected for this post!  Just hit the play button!!!)


 “By way of deception, we shall make war” The Babylonian Talmud

Going from killing animals to killing human beings is a short leap if you wrap HUGE LIES in an American flag and sell it as patriotism.  Our satanic jew leaders make up bogus stories of why war is necessary and use their media to sell you on it.  To confirm the story you’re told, you compare what you read in your newspaper to what you hear on your radio and see on your TV.  You even double check by turning the channel a few times before you accept what you are hearing as the truth and support the “required” actions of our nation.  But now you know that ALL YOUR MEDIA SOURCES are owned by the SAME GROUP OF LYING SATANIC jEWS.  Do you remember the one about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction and Saddam Hussein being responsible for the 9-11?  Do you still believe that?  The truth of course is that the Iraq war and all others have all been orchestrated from jew LIES for the sole purpose of installing their puppet leaders and their central banks to siphon off the natural resources of all the peoples of earth on their forward march to the jew World Order.


War is big business for these heartless rulers and American military has been turned into Israel’s personal army in order to keep the money flowing.  These satanic war mongers:

    • Make hundreds of billions of dollars from manufacturing companies who hold the contracts for producing the majority of military equipment being used by all sides in every war
    • Make hundreds of billions of dollars from selling billions of gallons of gas, diesel and jet fuel to all sides in every war
    • Make hundreds of billions of dollars from selling billions of gallons of oil to create billions of pounds of plastics and composites used by all sides in every war
    • Make hundreds of billions of dollars from contracts for owned private contractors like Blackwater and Halliburton
    • Make hundreds of billions of dollars off interest from loans to fund all wars
    • Make hundreds of billions of dollars off the CIAs’ illegal worldwide Heroin industry made easier by war and they
    • Make hundreds of billions of dollars from drug/medical companies who provide meds and long term treatment to our soldiers when they come home



Isn’t it amazing how many ways these criminals have and continue to profit and benefit from war? The satanic bonus is that they also succeed at keeping Adamite blood flowing. They take your most clear eyed, patriotic young people and destroy their lives by exposing them to unspeakable acts of evil which maim them for life both physically and mentally or allow them to die in far away lands.  Those who do return home are so screwed up that every day 22 of our once bright Adamite youths commits suicide due to confusion and horrors of unknowingly warring for the jew.  And of course those far away lands are filled with innocent families and children whose lives and heritages are also being sacrificed in this sick, twisted, sadistic game of the parasitic, satanic jew. Do you consent to any of this?




During Vietnam, a sickening amount of 18,000,000 Gallons Of Monsanto’s Agent Orange Was Sprayed, killing its people, forests, farmlands and untold millions of creatures such as 800,000 Water Buffalo.  Not to mention the ongoing side effects still being felt by the innocent Adamite peoples who are unfortunate enough to have to live there today.



Leaked documents reveal US-led forces in Afghanistan used white phosphorus bombs, grenades, rockets and bombs over 1,100 times in densely-populated areas. White phosphorus is a substance that burns upon coming into contact with human flesh; it sticks to the skin and continues to burn as long as there is oxygen. The result is horrifically agonizing, severe and lethal chemical burns. According to international conventions the use of white phosphorus is to be restricted exclusively to areas that are not densely populated. 



Are you ready to hold these soulless torturers accountable?  We are but we can’t do it without YOU!



In 2011, the US spent $711 BILLION on its military; that’s more than the next 13 nations combined. According the The June 2014 issue of the American Journal of Public Health,  “Since the end of World War II, there have been 248 armed conflicts in 153 locations around the world. The United States launched 201 of those 248 overseas military operations between the end of World War II and 2001, plus others including Afghanistan and Iraq ….” Which Total 80% of ALL WARS solely due to Americans LIKE YOU not speaking out against Murderous satanic jews who’ve taken over our country!!!



Another almost unbelievable fact is 9 Out Of 10 killed in modern wars are civilians.  Ask yourself how this is possible when your taxes pay for the worlds most advanced, precisely targeted killing machines in history?  Will you help protect your children and the children of the world from these maniacal murderers!  You’d Better or YOU’RE NEXT.  (That’s a Fact)





“I’m choosing good over evil, light over darkness. I choose humanity.”






There is obviously no shortage of murder, fraud and injustice we could go on to showcase but there are plenty of other people reporting on these same wrongs in the world today.  The obvious difference is that we have come up with a SOLUTION . . . you know, a FIX!  YES, WE HAVE!  It’s a new system designed around Unified Numbering,  a network designed to be owned by it’s users who will be able to openly converse and vote on all major issues as a true democracy, use their own form of currency, take back control of all of their personal information along with countless other common sense things.  All without the influence of satanic jews who have hijacked every power position in our world today.   IT’S TIME for We The People to take back our power, once and for all!  FOREVER.  THE MEN AND WOMEN OF EARTH MUST RULE THE EARTH AS GOD INTENDED.   Not satanic jews.  Duh! 


Here are your tools for change;



As you have read elsewhere on this site, we welcome anyone into the Unified Numbering Network. We do not believe in sugar coating the truth to make it “politically correct” or to spare the feelings of evil doers.  We are not responsible for the fact that most of today’s criminals are from minorities, immigrants and jewish emisc15thnic groups whose allegiance is only to themselves and their god satan of evil, destruction and death.  It is a fact that we will be called “anti-semitic” by those criminals which is their first reaction to anyone shining a light on their disgustingly perverse and nefarious activities.

But, rather than allowing satan worshipping jewish thought policemen like the ADL force us into the defensive, we are proudly anti-satanic and anti-corruption.  If that means being called anti-semitic and anti-government in the process, so be it but both are lies.  94% of Americans disapprove of congress and the only people who like satanic jews are themselves so why would we be any different?

Therefore, we consider those labels to be an unmistakable sign of good character and solid mental health, we wear such labels as true badges of honor.  It is good for all of us to remember a lesson from our childhoods; “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  Neither forms of bogus jew attacks matter in this righteous war between good and evil.  They have no ground.

To continue to ignore the truths uncovered by the multitudes of thoughtful, highly intelligent and courageous prophetic voices across history when there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary is to helplessly go along with the evil agenda of exploitative, psychopathic, satanic powers. It’s imperative that these criminals be tried in a court of law and suffer punishments equal to the crimes which have been committed against you, your loved ones and your world!

SHARING THE TRUTH and UNITING in our efforts is the only way it will be possible to experience life how it was intended by our Creator!  Be that a “Force”, a “God” or “Mother Nature”, We of Goodness Must All Line Up Behind the Righteous Glory and Selfless Pride of That Which Created Us and Makes us Care, Not what Destroys Our Spiritual Connections or Binds Us to Materialism, Subservience and Destruction.  It’s a choice, IT’S YOUR CHOICE and you’re making it 24/7, but especially right now!



Here’s an excellent little 15 Minute Video to finish connecting the dots on jews and murder.



The Hypnotic Spell Is Being Broken.

You’re Beginning to See The Proverbial Lines Have Been Drawn and Now

It’s Time To Choose a Side.   Are You For; War, Evil, Lies, Death and Destruction (satan/sin)?

or Are You For  PEACE, GOOD, TRUTH, LIFE and CREATION (God/Nature) as a Man or Woman of Earth?

Real Jews and Adamites Alike, It’s a simple choice and You’re Making it Right Now, EVEN IF YOU DO NOTHING! 


You Can join for Free & Contribute Later If You Want, There’s No Pressure to Give



Inaction = Evil  -and-  Action = Good

It’s Nice and Simple.






“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”



33 thoughts on “What is Evil? (Part 3)

  1. This might be the most moving post I’ve ever seen. That video was excellent too. Very hard hitting and real. It’s actually bizarre how the subtitles fill in all the blanks and make it understandable for anyone. Reminds me of JFKs speech and how he spoke over the heads of Gentiles about secret societies, the media and a conspiracy while never naming names (jews). Had someone put subtitles on that 50 years ago, we’d all have gotten a clue a lot sooner! Anyway, good job you guys, I’m all in.

    • Mark Miller said:

      Ya, I’m already in but WOW, again. This is bar none excellence in gentile creativity. Gentile means gentile, we don’t want war and evil!!! . . . evolving . . .

      • We’d better evolve quickly! The ones responsible for every horror in this post are trying to disarm and overtake you and yours this very second. It’s surreal but they’re literally trying to kill us. They hate us.

        • Mark Miller said:

          You’re absolutely correct. Look up at the chemtrails, the vaccines, the GMOs, the media, non-kosher foods and everything else they’re “feeding” us. Our bodies, minds and spirits are being poisoned by psychopathic jews. They hate us and it’s murder, slow but sure.

          • Ya, I always knew when I grew up I’d want to be a victim of a secret, jewish spawned, government depopulation agenda based on an insidious “boil the frog” psi-op that will dumb me down with high tech, psychological propaganda along with soft metals and toxins in my food, air and water to give me diabetes, Alzheimers and cancer while bilking my loved ones out of their inheritance to pay for the bogus, million dollar, allopathic medical treatments which elongate, exacerbate and assure my agonizing death. Ya, that’s it! Goooooo jewdy!

            • OK, that’s funny and spot on.

              • Thanks Marzipan, but how much worse do things have to get before people realize what’s happening and wake the f up? It’s ridiculous.

                I just watched a couple vids at numberu.com, the one called “The Waiting Game” has a message I’ve never seen regarding how time is on THEIR SIDE. It also featured a song “The Final Countdown” that sticks. It’s the final countdown to get rid of these evil pukes once and for all!

                Pick a side f***ers! IT’S YOUR CHOICE but you have no choice in whether or not you choose!!!

                • Yep, there is only one choice in these matters, you’re either going to be honorable and good or a huge, worthless piece of shit. It’s time to find out who everyone really is!

                  • Well, I already know Gentiles aren’t that “gentile”! We’re vengeful (which means justice) in every manner conceivable except for those we’ve been programmed not to be by dejuden. If you’re feeling “iffy” or scared, look to your jew ran government, church, TV, theaters, internet and etc. jew owned media for the reason/s. You’ve been screwed with, until you’ve had time to process all of this satanic crap, your mind IS NOT ENTIRELY YOUR OWN. So, just get pissed, really pissed! Don’t take it. Don’t be a piece of shite human like they’ve programmed you to be for their success and domination over you! You know who you are, show it. Seek vengeance/justice for criminals and evil jewish f*cks just like you’d do if your neighbor poisoned your family, shot your dog/cat, raped your kids or ripped you off because that’s what jews have done and are doing!!!

                    • Scott said:

                      YES!!! Forget about all that old “love thine enemy” and various other new age love bullshit. David hit the nail on the head somewhere around here with his statement that LOVE has been made into EVOL by the jews. This is why you love your money, car, house, phone, songs, movies, games, sex and etc. satanic/materialistic crap. Don’t use the word love/evol, they’ve ruined it, instead CARE! CARE! CARE! That really hit home for me. I won’t even say “I love you” to my wife or kids anymore, instead I just tell them how much I care for, and about them. And you know what, it’s by far more meaningful and well received!!!

      • David Allender said:

        Just to let everyone know, this post was created by Peggy with the help of Kelsey, her daughter. They worked long and hard at just getting the images. We had to upgrade our account with wildblue from the $79/mth to the $129/mth for bandwidth which still wasn’t enough so they went to the library for SEVERAL DAYS of downloading.

        Then of course came several hundred hours of compiling and editing things. This stuff isn’t just magically appearing, real people are putting their hearts into it and WE NEED MORE REAL PEOPLE. Cash is great too but it’s the work that counts. Chip in, help out, do your part.

  2. Listen up kids, you’re not strong enough to do battle with satan. We are living in the “end times” foretold in the Bible. This is all part of God’s plan and there is nothing you can do to prevent what is coming. Even Jesus, your savior lamb was put to his death for attempting it.

    • David Allender said:

      Wow, sounds like NiCe has been very well brainwashed by the satanic jew or he/she is a shill! Well, no matter. Reply to this NiCe; Aren’t we repeatedly told that part of “Gods’ Plan” is to separate the good from the bad by testing their faith here on earth? And isn’t that “testing” to come in the form of satan relentlessly tempting us to side with him in lieu of getting “better” lives in the here and now? (better = money, fame & ease)

      Isn’t this the entire underlying theme of, well, EVERYTHING in the bible? Indeed, Christianity espouses that everyone should always resist evil temptations and HAVE FAITH that the Devil cannot hurt you for doing battle against him! That’s the armor of God, right? The Bible has some great verses on the subject;

      Ephesians 6:11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

      How would sitting idly by, allowing satans’ spawn to run rampid in fear of them differ from accepting a bribe from one of the crooked greaseballs and thereby becoming one of them? It’s the same thing as “selling your soul”, it’s a choice of who you’re siding with. You’re either fighting the enemy or aiding the enemy, there’s no middle ground and for Christians, your faith is being tested. For everyone else, your morals, standards and integrity is on the line.

    • Exactly! And would God’s plan include lying and misrepresenting crucial information about the alleged reasons for going to war against Iraq? There were no WMDs, Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11 and didn’t even know Bin Laden, remember? (I took that from #111!) Would it include waging an unprovoked, brutal and unnecessary war against a nation and its totally innocent peoples who never threatened the United States? Would Gods’ plan call for kill rates of 9 out of 10 innocent, non-combative Iraqi men, women and children? 9 out of 10!!! And what about intentionally starving 500,000 innocent Iraqi children to death with food embargoes? 500,000 innocent children??? God has no such plan, this is not the work of God. It’s the work of satan.

    • What a weak, pathetic, hypocritical attitude NiCe!!

      The following is from Christian patriot, Samuel Z. Batten, from almost a century ago.

      “These evils are not the will of God at all; they are not to be accepted and endured; they are rather to be challenged and destroyed. Contentment with the world as it is amounts to treason against the kingdom of God. Acceptance of the evils of the world as inevitable is a denial of the Cross of Christ.”

      “The power of Christianity which should have turned the world upside down and destroyed its evils, has been turned into a means of making men submissive and keeping things as they are.”

      “The church must regain the Christian conception of the kingdom of God and must stand for Christ in the social order. It must believe in justice and must teach men to hunger and thirst after righteousness. It must develop in men a hatred of evil and must send them out to destroy every work of evil. It is the duty of the church to witness for the true order of the world, to declare that social evils are unnecessary and can be cured, to interpret to men the means and methods of social redemption and unite them in the tasks of the kingdom.”

      • Wow, I almost didn’t read that because of the “Christian” slant but there’s the real dope, for sure!

    • What is wrong with so-called Christians today? One problem is woeful ignorance. Education is the cure for that. However, then we find the greater problem of people not thinking for themselves. It’s so much easier to allow your jewish minister or the jewish news, entertainment and internet media tell you what to think. But that’s no excuse!

      And by the way, yes, I said your minister is jewish. Most church leaders are jews or are taking orders from them going all the way up the ladder to the Vatican. They’re told what to preach and when. They’re even controlled by the government as “Non-Profits” which have to abide by very strict rules like no speaking against politicians or pornography! Yes Really!!! That’s why Christians think the way they do, it’s obviously not because of the bible! Here’s a good one;

      John 5:39, Jesus commands people to SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES. So, INFORMED Christians would KNOW the bible plainly condemns tyranny, shedding innocent blood, bearing false witness, murder and stealing. It is every Christians’ responsibility to INFORM THEMSELVES and then their duty to remind those among them not to allow themselves to be fooled, brainwashed and manipulated by their jewish ministers, TVs, radios, newspapers, magazines, books and crypto jew “friends” on Facebook and elsewhere. (ie; everywhere)

      • Exactly. And besides, what kind of a person needs a bible to tell them to resist evil, fight for your life and don’t be deceived? I think NiCe is a shill.

        • Unfortunately, while NiCe may very well be a shill, there are Christians who’ve been brainwashed into submission by crypto jews in their churches and communities. These jews are everywhere and they’re playing a real life, deadly, winner take all spy game acting as double agents throughout our society, not just politics and media. Like David and Peggy have stated repeatedly, they are in our communities and the job at hand is rooting them out. The way I see it, anyone who doesn’t participate is guilty of treason to our country, Jesus and God.

          • Well said. And might I add, anyone who thinks they don’t have to do good works “to get paid” in any sense is a deadbeat.

            • No, no,no. You’ve got it all wrong. Don’t resist evil, go along with it. If satan says jump, you say how high? And don’t worry about any silly words from Jesus or God. They were just kidding, go ahead and let the jews and satan run you over and destroy the world. Let them rip you off, kill defenseless animals and children and sicken you into your casket, then hell. Ya, that’s it.

              • I’m liking your sarcasm Reva! Seven Old Testament books teach satans’ existence (Genesis, 1 Chronicles, Job, Psalms, Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Zechariah) and every New Testament writer refers to his reality and activity as a personal being. For a Christian to reject the reality or existence of satan is to reject the Bible as God’s word.

                • FYI, Merriam-Websters’ definition for satan is;

                  1: the angel who in jewish belief is commanded by God to tempt humans to sin, to accuse the sinners, and to carry out God’s punishment.

                  2: the rebellious angel who in Christian belief is the adversary of God and lord of evil.

    • I am disgusted by reading the response from NiCe and literature written by apostate religious authors who teach that Christians ought to lay down in submission to government and not resist the tyranny going on in the world today. No Sir, that is not what my Bible teaches. I’ll join! What in the world does anyone have to lose?

      • You have absolutely nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain. Thanks and welcome aboard!

        • Indian Princess said:

          Hi Peggy, I just wanted to let you know you’ve done an awesome job on Unidigi! I’m writing PHP about 90% of the workday and know what it takes to create something like you have. Great job! Let me know if you need any help, I’d be happy to contribute 5 to 10 hours per week in my off time.

          BTW; I agree wholeheartedly with everything being said here. Romans 12:21; Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good!

          • I’m taking you up on your offer Indian Princess. It’s awesome to be involving others in this monumental task. It truly is a project By The People, For The People.

        • This seems apropos;

          • Yep, that’s a good quote alright!

  3. Thank you for this post. The images are hard to look at but a good reminder of who we are and where we’ve been lead by the controlling scum. The question is: Do you care about anyone other than yourself? If you care, then the fate of the victims of financial fraud should bother you. The killing of innocent Iraqis should bother you. The death of innocent animals should bother you. The destruction of our planet should bother you. The theft of trillions of taxpayer dollars should bother you. The fact that the criminals responsible for all of this are walking the streets and living amongst us today should bother you. Every image in this blog should bother you.

    • There’s no escaping the bottom line of this post. This IS what our lives are about, we’re here to use our minds, intellect and soul power to fight evil. This is a test. A very, very, very important test. Put on the armor and have faith!

      • David Allender said:

        Most will have no idea how apropos your statement is Marty. Kudos. Put on the armor of God, if you have faith, prove it, now and always. As thinking, sentient beings, overcoming fear, seeing through deceptions and fighting evil is our assignment, regardless of whether or not anyone wants to accept it. And therein lies the rub. It’s always what you do, or don’t do, that counts. I decided I couldn’t live with myself for “not doing” and I’m 100% certain there’s nothing I could give up in this here and now that would be too much. Nothing! That’s goodness, honor, morality, decency, humility and FAITH at work. Judge the tree by it’s fruit! Faith without works is dead! Spat out that which is luke warm! Fear not Evil! And last but not least; MAN THE F*CK UP!!!

  4. David Allender said:

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    For in depth discussions on these subjects enjoy using our private, TROLL Free forum inside Unidigi.com

    Or email us at “info – AT SIGN – unidigi.com”


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