Issue #111

Gods Chosen People Declare War On Pedophilic Satanists!


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Here you have an unusually truthful grassroots newsletter exposing the real group behind the Holocaust.  They’re scattered across the world in communities like yours right this second.  Due to their covert ownership of central banks like The FED, they’ve become very powerful and now control the governments, not you or your fellow countrymen/women.  This is true for 187 of earths’ 190 countries and they’re illegally blocking distribution of all our info via their total monopolization of every TV/Radio Station, Magazine  & Newspaper on the Planet. (Yes, Even YOUR LOCAL Stations & Papers)  They also own/control ALL the big websites like youtube, google, wikipedia & facebook.   The information contained herein is so suppressed this will be the first time the majority have ever gotten unbiased truths about the most important facets of their lives.  And here’s the deal; the most coveted secret of these traitorous individuals to maintain is their identities.  Finding and killing them in YOUR community is the most important thing you’ll ever do for God!

Here’s a BIG tip; they’ve been corrupting governments and entire societies of Adamic/Goyim peoples going back to antiquity by calling themselves Christians, Muslims, Atheists & most importantly jews.  But they’re none of the above, they’re satanists who invested billions into propagandizing YOU with millions of messages which make it hard to speak or think negatively about “jews” their favorite, untouchable cover.  We Real Jews have unwittingly taken the heat for them on many occasions throughout history.  The original story is in the Quran and the Bible where these bad apples of our world were called scribes (propagandists/historians) money changers (bankers) and pharisees (elites/politicians).  Lo and behold the same is still true today, even after supposedly beating them in the First American Revolution.  The Europeans our forefathers fought and died liberating themselves and us from never went away & embedded themselves in Americas’ foundation as top level “Masons”, a cover for the same sect of satanic EL-lites who have forever plagued humanity.  They’re the greedy and contemptuous leaders of Wall Street, Washington DC, Hollywood and every major corporation on earth who work for the secretive hybrid originals of Eastern royalty.  They look at Adamites as lowly hue-mans (hue of man) who are pawns and slaves to them as ordained by THEIR g-d lucifer.  It all centers around . . .    

Their Money… It doesn’t add up!

Evil Banker The problem is Forbes Magazine says earths’ 100 richest people are only worth $1.6 TRILLION (“T”) dollars combined.  So, they couldn’t loan the US its $13T in non-foreign debt or our $11T in consumer debt (mortgages, credit cards, autos, etc.) totaling $24T.  And that’s just for America, there’s also an exponentially impossible $200T the rest of the world owes.  So, what’s going on here?  If the richest people on earth only have $1.6T combined and couldn’t have loaned the world $224T, who did?  Who loaned us their QUARTER OF QUADRILLION DOLLARS?   Well, the answer is. . .NOBODY!  There was no money, it was magically “abracadabra’d” into existence like all fiat currency on the planet!  That means we the people don’t owe it and every dollar collected in either principal or interest is total and absolute fraud!  And forget about being backed by gold, only $10T of that has ever been mined on earth!  Which by the way, started with exactly zero “owners” other than we the people (Gods’).  That’s how America began too before being swindled out of the right to mint/print our own money, the single most important, absolutely fundamental requirement and reason for becoming a sovereign nation!!!  In fact, escaping these same tax leaching satanic bankers was the entire point behind the 1st American Revolution! 

Govt2013 marked the 100th anniversary of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, creation of the jewish Anti-Defamation League, the IRS  & the beginning of Americas’ silent rape by the Rothschild Masonic Banking Mafia of Eurasia.  They’re the modern embodiment of “money changers”, the degenerate fake jews Jesus spoke of in Revelations 2:9 “I know the blasphemy of those who say they’re jews and are not, but are the synagogue of satan orSS.  The Rothschilds even used the jewish star of David Y as their family crest as well as on the Israeli flag when they bolstered and funded the creation of that country in 1948.  (Yes, Israel’s a NEW country created  by the fake jews Jesus spoke of !)  It was their ancestors who circulated money they aptly called the “Half Shackle”/shekel for its use as a tool to invisibly enslave Adamites to them while outrageously enriching themselves by running the world’s oldest, most murderous and destructive con job upon Adamite women and children of earth.  Imagine that being your life’s work against any group of decent, unsuspecting peoples of any country or land and you’ll have an idea of what you are and mean to them.  The bottom line is you’re a peasant, a pawn, a tax and debt slave who they call “Goyim”.

The more you work, borrow, spend or even save, the richer, more powerful and callously indifferent they become.  You are in fact at odds with them because they know they are ripping you off.  They get $2 real dollars back ($1 in principle & $1 in interest) for every $0 “zero dollar” they create.  That’s “money for nothing” X 2!  Now ask yourself; who actually wants America to borrow 100s of BILLIONS for welfare, wars, prisons and bailouts?  Who makes unthinkable TRILLIONS on your countries’ failures and the miseries of you and your fellow Americans?   The SS that’s who!  Consider this; Before the SS took over the US monetary system in 1913 our debt was virtually zero & there was no such thing as income tax or the IRS!  And war was literally a “foreign” word to Americans.  WE WERE A THRIVING NATION OF FEARLESS, CLEAR EYED, PEACE LOVING, CONSTITUTIONAL PATRIOTS, we were 100% financially sound, happy & free exactly as our forefathers intended! 

Now, a brief  100 years later we’re a warring nation of tax slaves, dumbed down, divided and financially crippled with bogus interest payments alone to Masonic royals at about $400 BILLION per year on fictitious debt hidden within a complex shell game using bonds and the fractional reserve system to mesmerize the masses.  All Americans are being “shaken down” under threat of prosecution and incarceration by their IRS & other SS goons w/guns for 4 full months of wages in taxes per year (federal, state, county, city, gas, phone, cable, internet, property, sales, use & etc. taxes!)  The thing is “we the people” (Adamites) own planet earth not the other way around, especially in America, it’s called a “democracy”!  So, taxing us to pay back money printed for free and used on our behalf (at our sole cost in labor and resources) is completely asinine!  But even that wouldn’t be entirely bad if we somehow benefitted from it, but we don’t.

Instead we’ve all been enriching and empowering the only real enemies Adamites ever had.  And we don’t owe them $24T, they owe us $714K each  PLUS 100 Years Interest & Damages!  And yes, they have it!  Forbes Magazine and its 100 richest people on earth is nothing but another massive hoax from their media.  They made sure not a single royal ELite is listed but they’ve always had all the riches on earth and are the MULTI-MULTI-TRILLIONAIRES of our world now.  Their rich got richer and everything is a lie.  J. Edgar Hoover nailed it with; “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous they cannot believe it exists.”

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Their  Media & YOUR Mind!

Bilking BILLIONS of people out of 100s of TRILLIONS in wealth for centuries while remaining alive to enjoy it requires serious propaganda and mental conditioning on your peasants.  The most critical states of mind for dictators to maintain among their sheople are division, confusion and fear.  But DIVISION goes away by uniting against a common enemy and CONFUSION is 100% cured by consuming Truths like these.  That leaves FEAR which everyone knows disappears with action.  Think of this like pulling off the band aid or standing up to the bully who’s really a coward.  That is exactly the case here and they know when enough of us awaken, we’ll easily overcome them at the drop of a hat.  It’s a deadly game of numbers played by dictators around the globe since time began.  They live in houses of cards to this day and rely upon a detailed 11,000 page guide their forefathers have been building on generation after generation of lying, cheating, manipulating and oppressing Goyim for 3300 years. 

The Hebrew “Babylonian Talmud” isn’t just some silly, unused text, it’s the cornerstone of Judaism for every synagogue on earth.  The Talmud’s dangerous and racist teachings say Jews are far superior to soulless Goyim.  In fact, rape and pedophilia on Gentiles is legal, and by the way;  catholic bishops/cardinals, the most prolific pedophiles in existence, read the Talmud too!   Also, millions of corporate board members and head politicians around the globe use the Talmud in Masonry & satanism along with another secret jewish book called the kabbalah.  These are the satanic game books of U.N. EL-ites/royals who seek to rule over earth in a “New World Order”.  Now here’s where you need to pay attention;  their NWO BEGINS with “End Times” of the bible.  Do re-read that.  It’s a very old plan! Satanism is the oldest BIBLICAL religion on earth from the days of pyramids and slavery in Egypt.  Basically, satanism is slavery but we have all been methodically, mentally trained by SS scribes not to take it or the idea of evil seriously.  As if it were all fiction, an old story w/long gone characters or just a silly fad for teenagers, pop stars and shadowy outcasts.  The problem is you got those ideas from SS corps who’ve produced ALL of your entertainmentHere’s a few;


Jewish Media 1


Just saying “Hollywood” pretty well covers the fake jewish creators of every highly suggestive cartoon, TV series and movie you’ve ever “taken in”, all popular music you’ve ever “listened to” and the entirety of graphics you’re mentally “familiar with” in games and millions of commercials.  Do you think it’s had any impact on you?  For starters, could they have changed some of your most basic core values and human instincts such as making you tolerate or even like many of the things and people you’d otherwise instinctively avoid, strongly oppose or flat-out hate?   Take satanists for example, have you been trained into tolerating or even being a fan of people from a biblical sin you know is based on evil, lies, hate, deception and destruction that involves disgusting ritual torture, sexual abuse and murder of millions of children and billions of innocent animals?

Everyone knows this about satanism, the image of a bloody pentagram is the first that comes to mind for most.  So why do we tap our feet, dance and cheer to stars like Madonna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and 1,000s of others who’ve made it perfectly clear they’re satanists?   That’s quite an accomplishment, wouldn’t you say?  It’s similar to us watching images of oppressed people lining up en masse to cheer on their psychotic communist dictators who we on the outside can clearly see don’t care one iota about their people.  They are all mentally conditioned exactly as we are by the same royal/elite hybrids who know being found out and eliminated by us is their single most threat in life.  But how and when did this happen?  Why didn’t your favorite reporters, news anchors, columnists, talk show and radio hosts warn you about this alarming, hybrid/jew monopoly of the entertainment industry?  Well, it might be due to the fact they’re employees of the 5 SS conglomerates who now own/control all media on earth;




Bob Igerjew


Time Warner

Jeffrey Bewkesjew


News Corp

Rupert Murdochjew



Brian Robertsjew



Summer Redstonejew


These Companies are Worth Billions and the Professional Graphic Artists Who Made These Logos Charge up to $1,000/hr.  There’s No “coincidences” in These Works!


 Thanks Walt!

timewarner2Satanic 666 and Reptilian Lizard Eyes

newscorp2Perfect Overlay for jewish Star of Saturn/Satan.  6 Lines & a Templars Earth Cross

comcast2More Reptile Eyes, Breasts And CC = 33

viacom2Nice and Simple; “V” in Hebrew Means “Nail” or Satan (& VI=6)



Those 5 SS companies & a few partners who falsely claim to be Judahites, have total control over all the news and info you rely on.  ALL OF IT.  They choose what stories and subjects to focus on and spin to their benefit.  They shape your opinions and views about them and everything that goes on in our world.  Incredibly, ALL of your media is owned/controlled by these reptiles.  Now lucifers’ SS minion of jews control every single form of media on earth from the top down to YOUR LOCAL PAPERS, TV & RADIO STATIONS;


Jewish Media 3



We’re exactly like the billions of others they’ve oppressed around the globe using DIVISION, CONFUSION & FEAR.  If you read or watch their news, you’re subjecting yourself to advanced propaganda designed to dumb you down and make you subservient.  Their goal is to make sure you don’t know we the people have all the real power and control and that the media in all its’ forms is nothing short of a weapon being used against you and yours.  Realizing that will be among the greatest ongoing epiphanies you’ll ever experience.  The govt & business leaders IN YOUR COMMUNITY behind this deception are backstabbing traitors who think they’ve got you totally fooled!  They’re all on the same team and political parties are ruses created to occupy infantile minds with never ending arguments on divisive subjects like abortion, gay marriage, racism, gun rights, and politics in America which is NOT a democracy.  They pick all the candidates in key elections so they can’t lose and only let us vote on minor laws while orchestrating huge media productions to make it look like you have a choice.  But you don’t and they win regardless. 

Everything is a lie including most of the history SS hybrids popularized in museums and educational materials. For instance pro-jewish stories, books and movies such as Schindlers’ List and Anne Frank are now standard curriculum in schools everywhere!  But do 14 year old girls really have multiple sex affairs while hiding from Nazi death camps?  Did ball point pens exist in 1943?  Why are there 9 versions of Anne Franks’ Diary?  Could her handwriting change 4 times in one year?  Who would lie about such things? Hmmm…

Page 2

The SS Murder & Madness!

Real Jews ask; why are studies devoid of REAL genocides UNLIKE the holocaust such as the murder of 100 million peaceful native peoples of North, Central & South America?  Did educators really just forget to include those long, torturous & illegal invasions or the fact they were planned and incentivized by European SS elites?  Those outnumbered the bogus 6 million “holocausted” by 66 times!  Also, what about the 110 million innocent and peaceful African men, women and children brutally rounded up by SS jews and put aboard their ships bound for slavery?  Those SS jews mercilessly beat, raped and murdered 100 million innocent mothers/fathers in front of their children to mentally break the youths for servitude.  That horror outnumbered the hollowcost by 50X and SS jews did it too!  A great and telling question is; would you vote to brutally murder all of those innocent human beings if given the same choice today?  No?  Well, now you know the difference between satanic killers and yourself.

These are the murderers who took us to war against millions of middle eastern innocents.  (There were no WMDs, Hussein wasn’t w/Bin Laden or Al Queda, he had nothing to do w/9.11, remember?)  They are now intentionally running your country into the ground while setting the stage for a govt. shutdown to end in martial law.  Then, UN Troops would carry out pinpoint GPS assisted backyard executions of adult Goyim and FEMA camp roundups of youths for RFID chipping and permanent enslavement under their new Digital Currency for the New World OrderAnd FYI; you’re already on “the list”, all Goyim are and there’s 900 designated FEMA camps in North America, multiple crypto currencies ready for use and bogus presidential executive orders have ended our constitutional rights against use of military forces on us.  The writing is on the wall and it’s all happened before.  It was the Rothchilds and other satanic scum like Prescott Bush (GW’s gramps) that backed Hitler, an jew who brutally murdered 50 MILLION Christians not unlike 43% of America today.  They didn’t teach us that in school either did they?

Auschwitz was the largest propaganda event in history done to ensure SS jews are pitied on the skirts of Real Judahites.  Now even when Real Jews speak the truth about satanic jews we’re called anti-semites and anyone seeking justice for these murderous degenerates is labeled anti-govt!  These liars and hypocrites will scream and wale “anti-government, “anti-semite” & “conspiracy theory” all day long to evade justice.  This is what happened in Germany 100 years ago when scores of decent Adamites began awakening to the same truths you’re discovering now.  MILLIONS of us unwittingly immigrated here under the wings of the SS, that’s how America became a satanic jewtopia.  Now they are YOUR LOCAL govt. officials, judges, attorneys, bankers, media people & other opulent liars who are living in YOUR NEIGHBORHOODS right now.  And they’re united to overthrow us who they’ve divided with petty subjects like race, class, age, sex, politics and religion via their media.  So, what were unbeatable 50 to 1 odds are now 50 divided by 1, to 1. Get it?

Unite Or Die

That’s the famous “divide and conquer” strategy.  It works until we the “dividees” figure out we have a common enemy.  Then, all bets are off & it’s time to call their bluff, IT’S TIME TO UNITETheir only hope is that we’ll remain divided or frozen in confusion & fear instead of believing in our Creator to rise up while exposing them.  It’s happened time and time again throughout history, fake jews have been run out of 109 countries by Adamites!  This is how the “truth shall make you free” and why “we have nothing to fear but fear itself”.  They want Adamites to cower while Godless and divided in defensive strategies such as stocking up with supplies, guns and food instead of uniting as an offensive team.  If you stop to think about it, you’ll realize they’ve instilled those futile ideas and others like being arrested for protesting against them.  But it’s still our sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, friends & neighbors whose feet fill the “boots on the ground”.  We’re Gods’ soldiers/police and we don’t lose under His Wings!  One key is; martial law can only work if they’re undetected among us, their neighbors who’ll easily overcome them before their U.N. blue hats arrive to protect them.  That’s what this info is for; to identify SS jews in your community & let them know they won’t be safe, this is how we stop Martial Law.  You’ll soon agree, these little newsletters hold the keys to all our futures.

Being found out is what they fear most and you matter in this effort so HAVE NO FEAR because it will cost you your life!  Always remember they are VERY FEW in numbers, this is a “con”-fidence game, a bluff.  They’ve programmed you to retreat into a corner by yourself where you’d feel/BE vulnerable and weak.  SO, Don’t do that at all!  Do the opposite!  Share all this with some friends and family members you can trust then watch your level of confidence rise!  Use these newsletters and a US $1 Bill as perfect icebreakers anywhere you go.  Print copies, share this freely online and sponsor an edition for your area with your “Numbername” on it.  Make income if desired.  This is how we begin taking back a multi-billion dollar media industry which means there’s a lot of money to be made with Our Media!  But that’s only the beginning, we’re on the verge of massive changes with hundreds of Trillions in blood money to seize while taking back our kingdom in the Name of YHWH!

And storming castles is a job for everyday Joes/Janes like you.  Do your part to winThis is your world and your life, it’s time You had a real say in it!  And while deprogramming will take time, the world will begin making more and more sense.  The truth is the only thing missing from most of our lives, that’s why educating ourselves and each other is so important.  Think of yourself as a hero in “Harry Potter meets Luke Skywalker in the Matrix”.  It may seem surreal and hard to believe at times but you’re not alone, we’ve all been deceived.  As it is written, lucifer has deceived the whole world.  And going into denial would cost you everything so, it’s not an option(And besides, denying the truth is a sign of weakness and insanity)  It’s also a sin. According to some top authorities like Moses, Mohamet and Jesus, denying the truth will cost you your soul!  We don’t do sermons but in the coming issues reveal the first real, scientific evidence of a creator that SS jews have hidden from us for millennia.  (Yes really and it’s irrefutable!)  You’re now helping expose the greatest lies and truths ever told and your life is about to change for the better, FAR BETTER!!!  Living in hypnosis and fear of satanic liars isn’t acceptable, Godly or healthy.  And there really are only 2 peoples on earth, US and THEM.  Whether anyone likes it or not, we’re all choosing sides.  Your action or inaction will determine who/what you’ve chosen to serve, good or evil, God or lucifer, your kind or theirs.  There’s no grey area & no excuses.  Also, not being sure of things yet doesn’t matter, rest assured that won’t last beyond the next issues!  Until then, just for fun, get this to at least 2 people as a gag & say; “ha, ha, check this out!”   Or, if all your bells and whistles are already going off as they should be, you’ll want to share it like Paul Revere.  Either way, have exactly the same amount of fear, NONE.   These are sucker punching cowards who’ve always known we’re all in a fight for our lives.  But now you do too and they fear this, they fear you with the truth.  They will use every dirty trick in the book to intimidate and deter you from uniting and informing other non-satanic Adamites.  Just remember they own the media and the net so everything is a lie to Divide, Confuse and Scare youIt’s all a con, don’t buy it.  Have faith you are on the winning team with millions of brave and caring Adamites from all walks of life who want to help, WHILE YOUR MORTAL ENEMIES WON’T.  


Denial = Death



Figuring out “who’s who” is just that simple!  Use these short, easy to share publications as your favorite tools for the job. Whether handing them out for free or selling them, enemies will react defensively and come up with dozens of excuses to avoid the truth just like all liars you’ve ever known.  Watch them shrink, squirm and lash out in desperation w/anti-semitic, anti-govt rhetoric or try to call you a hater, racist or terrorist when they are all the above!  The 1st time you experience their hypocrisy, your eyes will be wide open.  Just keep your wits about you and recall that no sane person on your team would wriggle, react defensively or say anything other than “Thank You!” for sharing these grassroots newsletters.  Read this one again and take note each issue prints on a single sheet of 11×17 folded or two 8.5×11s. (hint, hint)  Unite, Educate and Act!

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84 thoughts on “Issue #111

  1. Before saying anything else, the blog posts here are friggen awesome too! Don’t miss the pedophilic satanist one, no, no, don’t miss that. You guys have really done some work here and as far as I can tell, everything is spot on. Everything IS A LIE, all wars are jewish wars and money isn’t real, it’s the equivalent of shackles and chains for our enslavement to the satanic elites.

    Just think about it, war shouldn’t be profitable and neither should health care or prisons. No one should make money off of the suffering of others due to the simple fact it encourages evil scum to increase the suffering of others! Who in their right mind would ever want such a system to continue, or ever begin for that matter? Well, I guess we know the answer to that one!

    On another note, I think everyday Jews are being totally deceived too. Being taught the whole world hates you and that you’re better than everyone would make you want to stick together while overlooking just about anything that your elders/leaders do. I’ve always thought this made sense, now whether they can shake free of their associations and conditioning will be the interesting part.

    • David Allender said:

      Anyone can “shake free”. It’s a decision, and it’s time to hold every man and woman of earth responsible for theirs. Feet to the fire, heads to the heavens.

      • Yep, and until we know who’s who for sure, it’s better to lump em all in one pile of shit for brained satanists. This is tactical military ed 101, if there’s likelihood that someone is the enemy, you treat them like it. Take them out by arresting them and ask questions later.

        • David Allender said:

          Exactly. And another side to that is what’s best for the common good. We can’t be worried about protecting 1 of them who “might” be good, when there’s a 100 of ours we know are good. If you’re a known jew or a person likely to be corrupt who hasn’t joined and isn’t supporting us, you’re done. We have to consider them the enemy for now and sort em out later.

          • Holy shit, this is real.

            • Yep, it’s real. Evil jews are the problem. The 2nd blog here says it all about what needs to be done. It’s time to fill the FEMA camps with jews.

              • Truthseeker said:

                So, I’m confused. Is the Goyim Gazette not “Real News from Real Jews”?

                • David Allender said:

                  Ahh, you’ve asked a very good question but the answer is still too advanced at this time. For that you’ll need to read on through the rest of the articles here. I will give you a hint though, ask yourself, what is a “jew”? Wbat is that word short for? Judahite or Judean maybe? And what is the religion of “judaism” if it’s not the same worship of the One True God of ALL 12 TRIBES OF ISRAEL?! Godpseed Truthseeker!

            • Mark Miller said:

              Just came back to re-read and watched the Video you added. The end goes along perfectly with the Pedophilia post. When David says they’re mocking us, he really means it. There is no lightheartedness in it at all, they’re calling us, their enemies, dumb as rocks to our faces. Our response of disbelief is classic cognitive dissonance.

              • Oh man, Cognitive Dissonance. That’s a big word that I’m still trying to fully understand! I like to think of it in more down to earth terms such as “head up your assedance”. Seeing the truth is nothing more than a choice.

                And yes, these satanic jews are mocking us all in the worst of ways, they’re calling you stupid with all their symbols on everything you own. It’s not funny, cute or interesting. They’re totally belittling you while ripping you off and making you worship their G-d satan by way of consent.

                • Hi all, this is an excellent site. Very unique and creative, may I venture the educated guess it was definitely NOT made by “fake Judahites” aka “jews”! At any rate, I consider ALL jews to be the enemy and would highly recommend that everyone here try to do the same. This isn’t a game, your freedom and life are at risk, don’t be fooled into the good jew/bad jew dilemma! A jew’s a jew, and they all stink. Also, some key thoughts on “zionism”;

                  I can’t wait till people really wake up and see Zionism as nothing more than the scapegoat / patsy it really is.

                  Zionism is nothing more than a “GOLEM” (much like a Corporation, or any other nonliving, immaterial entity) that the JEWS are projecting all their crimes onto.

                  Do people really believe once Zionism is gone that everything is going to be A-OK? Do they really believe that the Jews won’t just start their bullshit up all over again under a different bullshit Golem entity like they have plenty of times in the past?

                  Ya know like Jacobinism, Frankism, Bolshevism, Communism, Marxism, etc, etc, etc. The list goes on and on…..

                  They were expelled 109+ times over the last 2000 years for a reason, and the reason isn’t because the rest of the world, when awakened with the truth is quite simply “anti-Semitic”.

                  JEWS ARE THE ENEMY OF HUMANITY!!

                  • “Zionists”: another BS, apologetic, incomplete, less offensive (we wouldn’t want to offend those who rob, poison, and murder us), politically correct euphemism that creates a false representation of the “jew” (say it with me now: j-E-W). Don’t be afraid of using this word everywhere you go! Then watch the worthless kikes bitch, whine and cower about it. EXPOSE THEM!

            • How are we to know what is truth and what is a lie? I know that our leaders and media are a joke but when a book like the Bible has been translated over 7000 times and words/book added or taken away to fit someone’s doctrine or agenda from Constantine and the Catholic Church to all the new spirit filled “not the Holy Spirit” churches we see at every street corner. I want to know where to go for the truth so that I don’t fall into the king of this world’s trap. I know the word says he has written his law on our hearts and minds and this I believe to be true I know the difference between good and evil wrong and right because he has blessed me with discernment but it would be nice to know what was actually intended to be the complete unadulterated word of God so that I could share the truth and spread it around but I will not teach a baby what I don’t believe to be 100% truth because I don’t want to have to answer to the most high for leading his children into confusion and deceit and feel sorry for those who are doing it all over the world.

              • David Allender said:

                There is only one way to know what is truth and what isn’t, God has to create a messenger and provide His guidance to us through him. This has always been the case, without Gods’ messengers, we would have practically no truth at all in this world. That messenger is here Paul. And God has given us ample evidence to prove it in that he matches all the prophecies from all the religions as well as, many, many mathematical proofs and other miracles. Read Issue #119 here. Don’t skim it, read it. Then you’ll know who speaks the truth for God.

          • I’m fully Jew aware and agree with 99% of your assessment and solutions however since I’m also fully dedicated to the truth I’m not going to accept that 100% of the Jews are bad until I see solid evidence to expose otherwise seemingly good Jews such as David Cole, Jack Bernstein, Bobby Fischer, Nathanael Kapner, and Neturei Karta Rabbis such as Rabbi Joseph Antebi to name a few. You say Kapner is a proven liar, I’m open to that idea but I’d like to see the evidence myself, maybe you can make a video about that. Of course any of those people I mentioned can easily be shills or gate keepers and I always keep that idea in the back of my mind but until I can find major discrepancies, concealment of the truth, or outright lies I can’t pass a guilty verdict.

            I used to think Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein were good honest Jews until I saw what they said about 9/11, but until such evidence emerges to expose others I’m not going to condemn someone for speaking the truth, a much needed and extremely valuable truth at that.

            • Nope, I cannot agree. We’ve got to rid ourselves and this planet of every last one. NO JEWS PERIOD. Cole and Kapner have been exposed. Unfortunately, my old website was taken down, and all of the evidence was there. Yes, I could make a new video or whatnot, but without the screenshots (in the case of Kapner) and the like, there wouldn’t be a point in doing it. It would be my word and that’s about it. Still, all one has to do is find out for himself. Go talk to Kapner (put him on point) about the Jewish RACE (for the record, he also censored me on the topic of Kosher food) and see how far he goes and how long your comments last.

              Fischer was a good/honest Jew. I’ve never heard any BS from him. He is THE one and only “good Jew” in my book, and I’ve made that known. Bernstein told some solid truths too, just not on Fischer’s level. But still, the list is extremely short. So let’s say we didn’t go so far as to say “100%” and just called it 99.9%, what point is there in focusing on such a tiny and insignificant minority? With all the shit Jews are doing to us, and with so many of them being in on it, I don’t know why anyone would focus on the rarest of all things in the universe: the “good” Jew.

              Not directed AT you, so don’t take it personal, but I am going to elaborate on this point, based off your comment:

              The Jewish race is committing genocide against the Gentile race AGAIN/STILL. We don’t have much time remaining before it’s too late. If a few “good” Jews are condemned based on the actions of 99.9% of their fellow Jews, then they have only themselves to blame. Why should we spend our time going on the hunt for these “good” Jews? After all they have done, why would we trust any of them with anything? Why would we expect them to tell the entire truth when so many of them have been proven to be partial “truth” speaking gatekeepers?

              I wouldn’t trust a wild snake, spider, tiger, or crocodile not to bite me, and at this point (with my level of awareness) I’d be a damned fool to trust a Jew. Sure, I might run into a rare animal in the jungle that is an exception to its species norm, capable of overcoming its biological drives and instincts to bite, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it. Would you? Just as I wouldn’t be foolish enough at this point to trust a Jew. Why would I? Why do we need to? For what purpose? To what end?

              By focusing on these extremely rare “good” Jews, it gives the impression that Jews are all capable of being “good” and/or rehabilitated, when all we should be looking to do (at this point, with 109 painful and bloody lessons learned) is to expel them. ALL of them, not just the “bad” ones. As I promise you, the closer we get to a mass awakening, the more “good” Jews you will find coming out of the woodwork to put on the “good” Jew act.

              Yeah, so like I said: “Every-Last-One”. I didn’t come to that conclusion right away, but with time you will understand why I eventually did. My quest to find the good Jew was a foolish one indeed. Live and learn.

              • David Allender said:

                I know where you’re coming from Scott. We can find out who’s who by focusing on monotheism and equality which is the main theme for democracy. If you feel that all human beings should worship the One True God YHWh, and be seen as equals under the laws of the land, and will openly support such liberty, you’re okee-dokee! FYI; no talmudic/satanic jew would go along with those ideologies! Hence, only those who sincerely believes in YHWH and equality under the law are proponents of pure democracy and friends to our cause, that’s really all that matters.

  2. Mark Miller said:

    This is very well done, just printed a couple copies to take to work. I too agree on the above but do like the fact that you’re not attacking all jews right out of the gate like you see on so many sites these days. They can’t all be bad, I hope!

    • David Allender said:

      Satanic jews created the KKK and most other hate groups. They of course also created the ADL to protect themselves from the KKK so have all sides covered which proves they’ve done a lot of programming on everyday jews to make them afraid of the Goyim. It’s just another level of “Divide and Conquer” for the shitstiens at the top, they’re the satanic jews.

  3. HigherThinker said:

    Great little publication. Looks like it took some time to put together, lots of good stuff. When will more be released?

    • David Allender said:

      I wrote that one with the help of Peggy while in jew jail. It wasn’t fun trying to explain how to do the graphics over the phone but it kept us busy during my “Guilt Free Vacation”. Working on the others now, check back in a week or so.

  4. I like the graphics on this page, those are great visuals. The references to 9/11 in the illuminati card game is crazy.

    • I’d like to add a little understanding to all of those graphics TJ. All of the “future telling” type stuff in our world is actually just the Jews boasting their authority. They’re not only Masons, they’re also the Illuminati and are simply showing off and mesmerizing everyone into states of disbelief at the same time.

      9/11 and all of the other things in the Illuminati card game were planned by satanic jews just like most everything else going on in the world. However, the noodle baker is the bible, specifically the book of revelation. Look at how everything in it is coming true and then take pause to consider who’s boasting in that case! Hint, it’s not the jews.

      Even though their Talmud has been around 3,300 years now, “someone else” has been controlling the really big picture! Someone who is very old, powerful and wise.

      • Someone who was kicked out of heaven by God maybe?

        • Exactly! Maybe the same evil little dude who they toted around in the “Arc of the Covenant” from tent to tent until they built the Vatican.

          • David Allender said:

            It’s funny you should mention that, Peggy and I were just discussing this the other day. We also speculated the Holy Grail could be one and the same “thing”.

          • That would make a hell of a lot of sense. Did you know they killed a priest just for touching the arc while trying to steady it in travel?

            • David Allender said:

              Uh huh, some say the arc is satans’ sleeping casket and has been transported from the vatican around the earth to the capital of each rising nation. Hence, the reason it’s illegal to dance or sing at the DC Monument which looks a lot like the spire in the vatican courtyard. (that part is factual) It’s a wacky satanic world we’re living in. Time to take out some trash!!!

  5. Wow! That’s a wild thought and this is a powerful newsletter! Keep the truth coming!

  6. All you losers need to get a life (: It’s the Illuminati not Jews or Satanists.

    • David Allender said:

      So, someone who calls themselves “yehoda” calls all of us “losers”? Why doesn’t that surprise me. Well, at least you had the balls to actually stick your neck out of the mile deep pile of shit you like to swim in. For that, I give you some credit.

      The people who are calling themselves Jews created both the “Illuminati” and Masonry along with practically every other little boys club you can think of going back to the Knights Templars and the Vatican. The trail is well documented, it’s been these same satanic jews who’ve ran things throughout history.

      FYI; satanists think they’re better than everyone else, they think we’re all just stupid for following a God that doesn’t reveal itself like the demons they conjure. Anyone can test this “lightly” by grabbing a magic 8 ball, ouija board or pendulum to see that there are “others” in our world. That’s who the satanist have been playing with since biblical times. But they forgot who created those spirit beings! Oops.

      • For a paid shill, you’re a real dumbass yehoda! No one around here is ignorant enough to not see through that pitiful attempt at trolling. The Illuminati was established by Adam Wieshupt in 1776. He was a catholic jew which means it’s guaranteed he was a satanic piece of crap as well.

  7. Ballpoint pens were invented in 1938… By a Jew… Also there’ve been investigations into her diary that concluded pretty decisively that they were real… I’m interested to know exactly whose interests you yourself have at heart. And none of this “the people of the world” bullshit but like who you actually work for. This is as blatant propaganda as Anne Frank’s diary would be if it was fake.

    • David Allender said:

      Thanks for making us fact check that again Alex. They were invented prior, by whom we’ll likely never know but we can be sure it wasn’t Laszlo Biro and his brother, if they were satanic jews because theylack the ability to create anything. (satanist jews are not able to create anything outside of random manifestations and reorganizations of gentile works already in existence, but that’s another matter entirely) At any rate, the ball point pen didn’t go to market commercially until being sold first in Buenos Aires in 1945 by Eterpen Co. So, it was close but like they say, this ain’t horseshoes.

      As to “investigations into her diary that concluded pretty decisively that they were real” . . . . Uh, by who? Jews maybe? Ya think? There’s an entire book on this subject called Anne Franks Diary-A Hoax by Ditlieb Felderer available here

      And lastly . . . Now who exactly would we work for if not ourselves and others like us (ie; the people of the world)? I would just love to hear your postulation on that one. It could very well be the worlds’ first, bona-fide conspiracy “theory”! Please do entertain us with more of your shilling bullshit!

      • Did you catch the story this week about the woman who wrote a book about her holocaust memories (about living in the woods, being adapted by wolves and having to kill a nazi soldier) being found out to have completely fabricated the whole story and having to return $22.5 million dollars to her publisher? Surprise Surprise, I say sarcastically. This is what she said when she finally confessed. “This story is mine. It is not actually reality, but my reality, my way of surviving.” Doesn’t that just say it all about the jews and their fables?!!!

        • David Allender said:

          Yep, that’s a real gem. We’re going to be unveiling all sorts of those cock and bull stories soon. Thanks Awakened!

          • Just finished Anne Franks Diary a Hoax. Undeniably on the money. The jews built the whole story and the only real proof you need is self evident in the fact that they’ve covered the rotten tale to death in all of their newspapers, magazines, TV and the Hollywood movie!!! Those poor, poor, rich, powerful, racist, hypocritical, lying satanic jews! C’mon.

  8. I just wanted to say I believe everything in this little newsletter and the blogs I’ve read so far are real. If two or more people get together to commit any crime, it’s a conspiracy. There in fact have been millions of conspiracies to commit crimes such as financial frauds of all kinds as well as plenty of conspiracies to commit murder in America. There have also been literally 1,000s of “tests” carried out by our government on us without our knowledge nor consent and guess what, that’s another conspiracy. This goes back to testing the effects of radiation on our soldiers along with drugs of all kinds which is still occurring to this day. I’ve known about those things for years but never once pinned it on satanists or jews until putting them together. “Satanic Jews”. Wow.

    • First Ever. . . . .the NoMan says YES! Satanic jews they are, everything makes sense. But I disagree with the idea that there’s any such thing as a good jew. They’re all talmudic snakes that aren’t even of this earth. Of course this won’t make it past the mods so there’s really no sense in going on. Fuck you “REAL JEWS”!

      • Well, so much for that! Maybe David and Peggy agree w/you???

        • David Allender said:

          Oh my, they do try! (The only posts that get quashed are incoherent or lengthy ones that don’t belong here) CIA trolls and shills are welcome to get a spanking any time they feel like it.

          But back to the point, does anyone here know who or what a “Real Jew” is? Try tracking this question back . . . Khazar? Ashkinazi? Edomite? Seed of Noah? Seed of Abraham? Seed of Jacob? Seed of Cain? Seed of Satan? Egyptian? Alien? Or maybe all the above. Stay tuned and grab your bibles kiddies!

  9. I can tell this is the truth because I feel confused and sick to my stomach just like I did when I found out my previous wife of 9 years had been cheating on me since day one. We’ve been lied to, it’s time for a divorce.

    • Well put. Let’s just make sure the jews aren’t good “housekeepers” in this divorce! Let’s be sure they get exactly what they’ve earned and deserve which is NOTHING.

  10. Here’s the solution; No more money in politics, religion, medicine or war, none. No profit off of someone elses miseries.

    • What a concept, no more jewish for profit industrial complexes at all. The parasites aren’t going to like that!

  11. I’m curious as to the evidence to back up the opinions stated on this site. While this tells quite a story, can we see where the information is coming from?

    • David Allender said:

      Hello shill! The facts, numbers and graphics that make up 99% of this work quite clearly aren’t “opinions” but what few things are opinions are something called “educated guesses” based on hard facts. You know, crazy postulations such as “I think pedophiles and murderers are evil” or “that smoking gun in the hand of the person with the stolen goods must be the one that was just used to shoot the person who owned them” or “I believe when guns are outlawed, only criminals (jews) will have guns” or those FEMA camps really do seem to be real because THEY EXIST and the US Army has created these;

      US Army Internment and Resettlement Procedures:

      Civilian Inmate Labor:

      Does that answer your question you worthless satanic twit? Did you really think I wouldn’t see through your classic yet futile attempt of taking attention away from the whale of hardcore, totally irrefutable truths and undeniable facts in those 4 pages? No such luck shit for brains. Next. . . .

    • Open your eyes and look around – more than enough proof for anyone with 2 eyes and even 1/2 a brain. Guess we know where “curious” falls!

    • Ha, ha, ha. David is obviously quite “spirited” about this subject as am I but I would like to respond with one good idea for anyone looking to learn more about these subjects. If that’s you, grab this piece I assume David wrote located here;

      I thought that was quite a piece of work, it’s complete with links to sources and really needs to be promoted along with all of this. Aside from that, I too say F-you “curious”! No one on my side of this battle would try to create doubts without citing something in particular that he/she has opposing info on.

      • David Allender said:

        Thanks Hiker, it’s funny how I sort of forgot about the Everything Page. Seems like a lifetime ago. For anyone who reads it, just remember Peggy and I were still wet around the ears back then so it and the books read with more of a “defensive” and somewhat fearful posture than “offensive” and fearless, as we now know are more applicable and effective. No Fear!

        • No fear here! That everything page is pretty wild, I don’t think it’s much good for newbies though. The Goyim Gazette is much better, this is excellent!

  12. They Call Me Bob said:

    This is fricken unreal. GOOD JOB AND THANK YOU.

  13. Ditto to what They Call Me Bob said. I feel like I’ve just been handed the best gift of my entire life. Thank you David and crew very, very much for the work you’ve done here.

  14. What a mess we have. Simply astounding yet almost expected somehow. I’ve always known something wasn’t right and sure enough, here we have it. I too really appreciate all the work done here and at Unidigi. This was no small undertaking folks. Great job!

    • Yes, Unidigi has got some serious potential. There’s no reason we can’t do this, if a tiny group of degenerate satanists can print dollar signs on worthless pieces of paper and dupe 800 million people into signing up for Facebook, we the people are going to totally own their asses once enough of us wake up. It’s Time!

      • I agree! The first time ever there’s actually a solution to the problems presented to us. WHAT A CONCEPT!

  15. It’s a nightmare but we have to wake up. This is a great tool for doing just that. I made 20 copies and left them in our break-room at work to see if people would take them over the lunch hour. They’re all gone and everyone’s talking except for a couple of people I just know are “them”! Then I printed 20 copies in color and handed them out at the post office which to my surprise, were very well received immediately by the workers. People are hungry for this, they want the truth! We all want the truth!

    • Yes, people are starving for the truth and this is a real decent meal for anyone. I’ve read it 5 or 6 times and keep finding more realizations. David and Peggy did a great job on this issue of the Gazette, use it!

      • I bet I’m up to 10 or more times and just realized that money really is bullshit. It’s literally worthless paper that we make valuable by using it for the jew. Wow. So, yes we can do this Outbank idea. Hell, we can do anything and I’m actually getting really psyched about the prospects! Thanks everyone!

        • Ya, I’m up to a dozen or so reads myself. I left a copy at work in the break room and have one sitting at home on the table for everyone to read. It’s almost hypnotic or something. I guess that’s what seeing the truth does to our minds, it’s so opposite to everything we’ve been trained to believe that it seems very different, which of course it is.

        • Same here and I’ve fact checked pretty much everything in this thing, it’s all good. You can really see how the trolls and shills are trying to cover this stuff up online. Watch out, EYES WIDE OPEN!

        • World Warrior said:

          I actually just bought some #Bucks, I’m a millionaire! This could actually work. If we make it into a crypto currency like Bitcoin, Outbank could be our chance to break free of the satanic jew owned/controlled banking system.

          • David Allender said:

            You have to start somewhere and we couldn’t find anyone else doing it so, here we are! Redesigning our monetary systems sounds like a big deal which it is but at the same time isn’t. We the people can do absolutely anything.

  16. Ralphinator said:

    I’ve waited my entire life to find you guys and this information. I love all of you for doing what you’re doing here and for the first time in decades I’m thinking humanity might just have a shot after all. The only thing hanging us up is the satanic jew!

  17. Shill Crusher said:

    What is the single most threatening entity to the US government today?
    We The People.

  18. I’ve got some more deprogramming to do. I still can’t believe the holocaust was just a propaganda stint. In school I remember we spent months learning about it. To this day I feel awkward even questioning it. But now I’ve been doing some research of my own and there’s a ton of “holohoax” truths that just can’t be denied. And when you put it together with “they control the media, schools and banking” it really does make sense. MIND=BLOWN

    • That’s a tough spell to break, hang in there! It’s time to write our own history and thanks to all the new people getting involved with this project, I actually think we have a chance. People are finally waking up!

  19. I didn’t think Masons were bad? They’re all over in Texas. Maybe it’s just a south thing?

    • Do you know any masons personally? If so they’re probably not higher ups and have no idea what goes on for real and are just laughed by the actual high degree holders. But masons in the top ranks are the evil child/animal sacrificing demons that practice witchcraft. It’s definitely not a southern thing they’re everywhere. You always see that compass with the g on the “welcome to” board as you enter a town. I get the chills every time I pass one on the streets.

      • I go to church with a few masons, but don’t really know them all to well. I’m going to print out a few of these newsletters and bring them with me to church on Sunday. I’m curious to see what they say.

        • David Allender said:

          Go for it Big Tex! Be sure to point out Rev 2.9 and 3.9 in person while you’re at it. That really brings it home. And don’t forget, Jesus was murdered by these satanic jews. He hated them and had nothing good to say about them. NOT ONE good word will you find anywhere in the NT from Jesus regarding the jews.

          • Hi Everyone, I and anyone who’s read the NT without blinders on can vouch for that. Jesus was at virtual war w/the jews from start to bloody finish. He knew about their Talmud which is one reason they hated him.

            • I think we should stay on point and avoid religious BS.

              How do you get the Dreg Hunter avatar to show up? I downloaded it but there’s nowhere to upload it.

              • David Allender said:

                Hi GoodEgg, please respect others faiths while they’re going through these realizations. Not doing so just creates division and infighting which is why the jews created all the different religions in the first place. (Divide and conquer)

                In the end, everyone of goodness will get back to square one which is the worship of YHWH exactly like ALL the prophets and their followers across history. (i.e. Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Yeshua, Mohamet, etc. Peace be upon them all)

                That said, I also might emphasize that we are dealing with SATANIC JEWS. They are “biblical” so having folks around that know a thing or two about the Bible and them is obviously a major benefit. Almost makes me wonder if you’re a shill, we’ll see!

                As to your avatar, it’s automatic once you setup a wordpress account here;

                Then go to to enter your user info. It will take a couple minutes and when you’re done, your info will follow you on most blogs/forums.

                Until then, thanks and I hope to see you back here with some input.

                • I’m not a shill. Just tired of all the religious bullshit. It is after all, the entire problem is it not? Do we not have a bunch of psychotic religonut zealots who are ruining our world? Isn’t that the whole point of all of this? I say fuck religion and to hell with anyone who’s dumb enough to buy into all the crap they’ve been sold by the “powers that be”. Fuck them. Let’s get back to nature and simplicity. I don’t need to know who’s daddy was who’s, which crazy talked to a burning bush or why the idea of sacrificing your own child was ever any kind of option. Fuck religion, up with the people. That’s all I’m saying.

                  BTW; Thanks for the avatar tip. 😉 I’m with you David. I get it. I’m not a shill and WILL BE A FORCE IN THIS MOVEMENT SO HELP ME, ME.

                  • David Allender said:

                    Whatever lights your or anyone’s fire against the satanic jew is fine by me. It’s the common enemy concept, we’re compatriots.

        • I’ve been experimenting with this for a couple months now and just wanted to share what I’m finding across the board. Firstly, this is all 100% real, no bullshit. We’re dealing with “satanic jews” and when you come across one with this newsletter, they’ll either try to find a way to avoid you or will call you a nutjob, biggot, anti-semite, anti-government etc. They’re easy to root out and are obviously VERY worried about being found out. Just think like a duck and let their BS roll off your back!

          • David Allender said:

            Yep, and if you haven’t been called a hater, an anti-semite or anti-government today and everyday, you’re doing something traitorous to our republic, yourself and your loved ones. You’re not doing your job of simply exposing these satanic kikes! Thanks and good job Hank!

            • This is real alright. I sent this issue out to some friends via email 3 weeks ago today. Since then I’ve found out my sister in law is a crypto jew and now I’m pretty much positive she poisoned my younger brother about 8 years ago when he got back from Iraq. She immediately replied via email saying it was totally anti-semitic and that I should be ashamed for sharing it with our family! Since then it’s been one big game of bullshit and she’s losing every single time. And yesterday, my parents called to tell me they’ve removed her from their will! There’s a little justice right there. Anyway, these worthless people are all liars.

              It also exposed several coworkers and a life long “not really a friend” who I always had a feeling wasn’t right in the head. His comeback was that he knows tons of jews who are among the best, most giving people he’s ever met. When I asked him for a name or two, he avoided me and won’t answer my calls or respond to an email. I’m finding these worthless satanic pukes are everywhere, it’s all one big smokescreen.

              On one hand this shit is downright creepy yet on the other it’s extremely empowering and fulfilling. I’m beginning to understand just exactly why the world is so f’d up. It truly is the satanic jews. I’m also re-awakening to the fact that the forces of good and evil are quite real. Please do your parts everyone.

          • I hope this will be of use for folks;

            1. One cannot fight the jew by positive means. He is a negative, and this negative must be erased from the system, or he will forever corrupt it.

            2. One cannot discuss the jewish question with the jews. One can hardly prove to a person that one has the duty to render him harmless.

            3. One cannot allow the jew the same means one would give an honest opponent, for he is no honorable opponent. He will use their generosity and nobility only to trap his enemy.

            4. The jew has nothing to say about patriotic questions. He is a foreigner, an alien, who only enjoys the rights of a guest, rights that he always abuses.

            5. The so-called religious morality of the jews is no morality at all, rather an encouragement to betrayal. Therefore, they have no claim to protection from the state and we cannot allow our military or police to safeguard them.

            6. The jew is not smarter than we are, rather only cleverer and craftier due to being taught as such by way of the Talmud, Zohar and Kabbalah. His system cannot be defeated economically — he follows entirely different moral principles than we do. It can only be broken through political means by rebuilding/retaking our democracy.

            7. A Jew cannot insult a patriot. Jewish slanders are but badges of honor for a patriotic opponent of the jews.

            8. The more a patriotic person or movement opposes the jew, the more valuable they and/or it is. If someone is attacked by the jews, that is a sure sign of their virtue. The person/s have chosen goodness over evil. He who is not persecuted by the jews, or who is praised by them, is useless and dangerous.

            9. The jew evaluates patriotic questions from the jewish standpoint. As a result, the opposite of what he says must be true.

            10. One must either affirm or reject anti-Semitism. He who defends the jews harms his own people. One can only be a jewish lackey or a jewish opponent. Opposing the jews is a matter of personal hygiene.

            “The jew is self immunized against all but one types of accusations: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, liar, thug, greaseball, etc. it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”………….. Joseph Goebbels, Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945

            • Excellent. All true! Especially the last one, call them jews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Use the word “jew” (without capitalization or respect) in your thoughts and in your speech to others DAILY.

              Especially do this to others when they act like a jew but don’t claim to be! Watch the demons manifest right in front of your face, they hate the light!

              This all sounds nuts until you do it your first time in real life with your crypto jew brother/sister in law, friend, coworker, etc. This shite’s real folks, time to wake up!

  20. David Allender said:

    Comments are turned off or may not get posted because we no longer have time to waste on spammers, trolls and shills.

    For in depth discussions on these subjects enjoy using our private, TROLL Free forum inside

    Or email us at “info – AT SIGN –”


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