Your Food Is Being Poisoned. Do You Even Care?


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Your Food Is Being Intentionally Poisoned.   Do You Even Care?

An excellent and highly beneficial tidbit (if you choose to use the info) by Scott Roberts.

Poisoned food, poisoned air, poisoned water, poisoned vaccinations, toxic dentistry, toxic medicine, toxic programming…. the list just goes on and on.  It’s depopulation.  You’re being murdered, err genocided, no, culled by talmudic turds who think it’s their job ordained by G-d.

We have allowed ourselves to become so disconnected and ignorant about something that is as intimate as the food we eat. Why?


Cognitive Dissonance: the feeling of discomfort produced by the presence of two thoughts that are in conflict with one another
Disclaimer: I understand that with most of you, your oral fixation and the cognitive dissonance within you that develops as a result of learning this new truth will simply be too much for you to overcome. However, to those of you who actually care about the truth AND your health please continue to read this introductory note. And yes, that’s all it will be, since there is no way to cram 5 years of dialogue/research into this (relatively) short note. As with most other things the burden of proof lies within each of you, since you shouldn’t be taking my word on anything anyway. And as they are pulling this one off right underneath our noses, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to verify things if you find yourself the least bit motivated to do so (which is all I hope to do: spark your interests and guide you in the right direction).

A little -personal- history for you.
I wasn’t looking for a “Kosher food conspiracy” either. This all came about over time.. AND I shared it all publicly, as I went (starting back in 2008). Initially, I thought it was just a “tax”, as most of you probably still believe, until my encounter with Rabbi Dov Coder, where he absentmindedly admitted to me that it was MUCH more than “just a tax”. I had a video documenting this dialogue between the “good” Rabbi and I, but it was another in a long list of casualties to the recent loss of my website (que sara sara, moving on)..

In any case, it snowballed from there. I started doing the research (peeling those layers of this rotten onion back) and sharing that research on YT and on my old website as I went.. THEN guess what happened? Well, I became the “most censored man on the net” (as the members of the JIDF themselves labeled me) right after I made that connection. Now, I spoke about a lot of things, most of which was being said by 101 others, but I was alone in breaking the lid off this particular I suspect that was the primary motive for the relentless censorship I endured.

Here’s a virtual image of Rabbi Coder:

No seriously, this is him:

What’s this about again? Oh yeah, our food. How could I forget? How could you not care? I take it you’re not one of these guys (otherwise your eyes would have already wandered from this page to your pantry):


Right, so I am happy that you are still with me. Here we go:

As with everything else, the layers of this onion/conspiracy/crime simply need to be peeled back one by one and your research must always be taken to the NEXT step.. We can’t afford to be lazy, complacent, or to quick to settle on partial “truths” (like: “it’s a tax” or “it’s all about a Rabbi’s blessing”), and we certainly can’t blindly accept anything we are told (be that by the mainstream or any of the alternative sources of information: many of which are controlled dissent).

However, just for the hell of it, just for the moment, and just to make a point, let us pretend that it really is “all about a Rabbi’s blessing”:

Note: All quotes taken are from the various sites linked here (but you can find plenty of incriminating quotes with you own Google searches as well):


“Kosher is a term used to describe the acceptableness of certain foods and drinks to people that are Orthodox Jews.”


Let’s see.. The total population of Jews in the US was 6,544,000 in 2009 (1.7–2.2% of the U.S. population) and only “10 percent of the Jewish population in the United States are Orthodox.[1]” Yet this MASSIVE Kosher campaign has all been carried out for those “powerless” Jews who represent less than .2% (1/5th of 1 percent) of the population. That’s roughly 655 thousand out of 309 MILLION. But sure, OK, Jews have “no power”.

Especially not those .2%’ers (“Orthodox” Jews). Would you still suggest that Jews “have no power” or that the other 99.8% of us should be held under their thumb like this?



Right, so I wasn’t telling you anything that you didn’t already know and that onion is just waiting for us to really get to peeling those layers back.



 But wait, let me ask: you knew those Kosher symbols were there, right? Well, if not, then go open up your pantry right now and look for the following symbols:


Now I’ll tell you what the real purpose of these symbols is all about.

Actually, this (quote) is taken straight from the Jews themselves. It has nothing to do with generating business for their Kosher industry (Jews “just being greedy Jews”, as most of you would prematurely/erroneously conclude), these certifications have everything to do with the actual ingredients and processes they use in the food industry (Jews taking every opportunity to poison the “Goyim”, and would certainly need a way to avoid poisoning themselves in the process):

The manufacturer must supply a complete, detailed list of every ingredient in the product, including preservatives, release agents, stabilizers or other inert ingredients. In addition, every step in the manufacturing process, every cleansing agent used on the equipment and all other products produced on the same premises require close investigation and supervision.

The certifying agency must track down each ingredient to its ultimate source.

Some ingredients with innocuous sounding names need special attention. “Natural colors” have been known to be derived from insects, “softeners” from whale oil, and “artificial flavors” from cats. Therefore, the supervising agency must conduct a complete and intense investigation into the origin of all the ingredients.

The process by which ingredients are produced must also be carefully checked. In fact, it is necessary to check the processing locations to verify that hygienic standards are not so lax as to allow insects or worms to contaminate the food product. Unfortunately, lax hygiene in food processing is more common than people wish to believe.


I have to reiterate…this higher standard in food scrutiny is not solely their way to make more money off of the manufacturers that hire them. Once a certifying Jew agency is hired to certify a product as kosher they are contractually bound to perform this scrutiny. They are essentially being paid by the manufacturer to ensure the food meant for their people is safe, toxin free, feces free, insect free, and above and beyond the “Goyim’s” standards.

Whereas we are left to guess the source of “enzymes”, “flavor enhancers”, “artificial flavors”, and other ambiguous ingredients, the Jews thoroughly research each and every ingredient prior to certifying it as “Kosher”.

Look it up for yourselves. On the various Kosher certification sites they openly brag about it, as there is actually competition between them and they want to set themselves apart. All of whom have much higher standards than the FDA (who have none), but they still love to point out how they are more strict than the other Kosher certification companies.

Basically, there are many Jewish sites that openly confess their crimes and expose their conspiracies (if this isn’t an actual conspiracy, then nothing is), when it comes to this and other topics/crimes as well. They simply count on the “Goyim” being too stupid to read between the lines and figuring out the obvious in the process.

Here is another link for you, and I will break some of this down myself as well, using their words to incriminate them (“What Exactly Does Kosher Mean”: … sher-mean/ ):


“Basically kosher foods are free of contaminates. Contaminates being blood, most insects and disease”
ADDITION by David Allender; Also note from that website and many others the idea that kosher slaughter is “painless”.  That is 100% BULLSHIT.  Kosher and Halal slaughters are among the most vicious, cruel, painful and disgusting manners of killing animals imaginable!!!   Animals get hung by their rear legs or put in steel clamps to be hung upside down while their throats are cut and larynx is pulled out so they can’t scream while running around bleeding to death in pools of blood from others before them.  

Now as a sound minded person, I don’t want diseased food or flesh from animals that were tortuously executed (do you?), but we obviously don’t count or there would be no need for “Kosher” food. They would simply make sure that ALL of the food on the shelves were “disease” free and pain free, rather than using discrete symbols (with hidden meaning) to warn ONLY the “Chosen” shoppers, while lacing food meant for Gentile consumption with infested, diseased, and toxic additives (these toxins aren’t “just happening” to find their way into the food we ingest).

Most of us just blindly “trust” that the FDA is making sure that ALL of our food is free from disease, so we don’t “believe” there is a need for another (real) layer of protection. Basically, the Kosher food inspectors are doing the job that the FDA is only pretending to do. The problem with that is the blind faith that 98% of the population is putting into the FDA, so they go on eating “diseased” food without thought or concern, while believing that the FDA is protecting them and their families.  (This is only ONE example, there are literally 100s  if not 1000s of treasonous “players” between our govt agencies and eugenic/depopulation companies like Monsanto)


Whether the food is naturally diseased or otherwise, you are still taking your chances by ingesting food that has NOT been Kosher certified. That much is 100% certain, as Jews will all but confess to themselves.

Furthermore, while you might not be ready to conclude that they are poisoning us with malicious intent, after my extensive research I am absolutely certain of it. Keep peeling the layers back and soon you will be equally as convinced. That is, if you are able to overcome your oral fixations long enough to look into these matters on your own and to follow the facts wherever they may take you.

Most people simply will not do so, as they place more value on the immediate gratification of eating their favorite foods than on the long term prospects of their health. But not only are these toxins poisoning our bodies, they are poisoning our minds as well, so keep that in “mind”. Not to mention the high degree of selfishness and neglect it would take for you to dismiss this warning only to continue feeding your children whatever toxic products you find on the grocery store shelves.

“Foods that come directly from the earth, such as vegetables, fruits and nuts, are inherently kosher as long as they are determined to be free of toxins and infestations.”


Infested naturally or by deliberate means? Either way, the “Orthodox” Jews can rest assured that THEIR vegetables are free from infestation, while the rest of us are left playing vegetable “roulette”. It might be “OK”, but then again it might be genetically modified (in a bad way), diseased, infested, or maybe even poisoned (we’ll never know, and we never were meant to know).

Here is a Kosher certified meal replacement: … em_ID=1560

Here’s a link to the NON Kosher counterpart (made by the same company): … Strawberry

1st question you have to ask yourself is “why would a company (Nature’s Plus, amongst MANY others) go through the trouble of (bulk) ordering a few different ingredients to ensure that ONE of their (many) products is Kosher without going all the way with it and using the same ingredients for all of their products”? Obviously, as you will see, the NATURAL ingredients do NOT increase the price, so why not go “natural” with their entire line of products? The Kosher variety is actually cheaper PER SERVING than the NON Kosher counterpart (go figure).

Have a look through the list of products on this Kosher website:

Everything from A to Z is available.

Now if you “think” that the only difference between a Kosher air freshener/athlete’s foot treatment/baby formula/cleaner/deodorant/enzyme/hand sanitizer/insect repellent/joint aid/kidney tablet/laundry detergent/nasal spray/shampoo/sunscreen/vitamin/weight loss product and its non Kosher counterpart is a simple stamp that “only signifies” that a product was “taxed” and “nothing more”, then you are not paying attention. All it takes is a simple comparison of the ingredients to KNOW there are obvious differences, then a little research to get to the bottom of (as least some of) those differences.

Once you see this in enough products (especially the NON food products that have NOTHING to do with their “Kosher diet”), once you realize that Kosher products are often cheaper (so much for this being “all about profit”), and once you witness their confessions (admitting that Kosher food is “clean”, “disease free”, that they “trace every ingredient back to its source”, etc..), you’d have to be a fool not to recognize that there’s much more going on here than a simple “tax”.

Again, they don’t eat air freshener, laundry detergent, cleaners , hand sanitizers, shampoo, or deodorant, but they certainly make sure to avoid the toxic ingredients that are UNNECESSARILY added to the “Goyim” line of products. And yes, these ingredients are obviously UNNECESSARY, since the Kosher products work just fine without them.

One Jew "extorting" another

One Jew “extorting” another


IF they were going to extort a company when it comes to one product, and if all other things were equal, then why not do the same with ALL of their products? IF the “Rabbi” was already there to “bless” one product or “tax” them on it, he might as well “bless” them all.

So this simple question: “Why would these greedy Rabbi’s stop short with just one or two products with a company that sells 101 different things?” should lead you to this simple conclusion: Of course they wouldn’t. So the next step is to dig deeper into this conspiracy, at which point you will discover for yourself just how sinister their little Kosher “scam” truly is.


“But Scott, too many people would have to know about this in order for the Jews to pull off such a massive conspiracy.”

No, they would not.

99.99% of the people involved in producing, transporting, and selling a product would not have any way of knowing that a particular product/ingredient was toxic (or “diseased”), unless of course they did their due diligence and researched every ingredient down to the source. Remember, the Kosher certification companies track each ingredient to it’s ultimate source. Whereas a mom & pops “organic cookie” company does not. They might wholeheartedly believe that their cookies are “organic” and made from “all natural ingredients”, but they are relying on blind faith when it comes to the “industry standard” preservatives and sweeteners they use. Thus, all one would have to control (aside from the FDA and every other governing body) are those toxic ingredients that everyone else uses to “sweeten” or “preserve” their products with.


Now onto a very key point:

Excerpt taken from “Reliable Kosher Symbols”:

“Once contact with a certifying agency is made, the detective work begins. The manufacturer must supply a complete, detailed list of every ingredient in the product, including preservatives, release agents, stabilizers or other inert ingredients. In addition, every step in the manufacturing process, every cleansing agent used on the equipment and all other products produced on the same premises require close investigation and supervision.”

The certifying agency must track down each ingredient to its ultimate source.

I’ll stop the quote there, with good reason. The “detective work” begins. Not the “blessings” or the “taxing”, but the “DETECTIVE WORK”, where they “MUST TRACK DOWN EACH INGREDIENT TO ITS ULTIMATE SOURCE”!

They don’t simply take the companies word that “Dye#34S8t6u7p2i3d4G7o5y4i9m3k” is “safe” or exactly the same as “Dye#34S8t6u7p2i3d4G7o5y4i9m3g”, they trace it ALL the way to the SOURCE, to make absolutely certain it is “Kosher” (in other words SAFE, toxin free, disease free, etc), so the “Chosen People” can buy THEIR food with “confidence”.

Once more, these Kosher inspectors are doing the job that the “stupid Goyim” THINK (more like BLINDLY hope/believe) the FDA is doing for them. FDA might as well stand for “Fooled Dem Again”, because they do nothing but provide us with the illusion that our food is safe, free from diseases/toxins, and ready to ingest or feed to our children.

Another quote (because I know some of you will assume otherwise):

“The cost of certification to the manufacturer is minimal. For non-profit agencies, cost depends on the amount of on-site work. Agencies making a profit might have a minimum annual charge and fees depending on the gross annual sales of the product. The individual supervisor (mashgiach) is typically paid for each visit he makes to the plant (He usually receives less per visit than an auto mechanic makes per hour). The mashgiach is paid by the certifying agency and not by the manufacturer. There is usually no increase in the price of the product due to its kosher certification, because the cost of certification is generally met by increased sales

You might not believe this (on the surface it is always tough to know when Jews are lying or telling the truth), but I have been price comparing for years now and have found that there’s virtually NO difference in price between Kosher and NON Kosher products. Some are more, some are less, but most are basically the same.

Actually, if I had to say that one was more expensive than the other, I would say that the NON Kosher items are slightly higher in price (on average). Which probably has to do with all of the fancy labeling these Jews put on the NON KOSHER kids items in order to entice our little ones to ingest their toxic ingredients.”

Now think this one through:

Would a businessman seek to “increase sales” (have a net gain in customers) by putting these symbols on the food which represent -at most- 2% of the population and risk alienating 98% of his customer base? Now, I am no business major, but those numbers simply do not add up.

Do the Jews themselves really pick and choose their food based on whether or not some “rabbi” got his cut? Seriously, is that THE most important factor they consider while shopping? Where it would instantly encourage them to shift from one product to the other? Forget cost, forget taste, forget the ingredients, forget the health concerns, none of that matters, so long as some “rabbi” they don’t even know gets his shekels. Apparently, that’s what some of you believe.

If they want to keep this “tax” a secret, then why put their mark on the label at all? It obviously serves a purpose and it must tell the Jews something, right? And they are certainly not going to base their entire diet on whether or not the food has been properly “taxed”. Or are they?


OU press release: … _products/ OR … kosher.cfm

“To maintain kosher-certification, Gatorade will continue to undergo regular inspections by OU rabbinic representatives to ensure ingredients, formulas, processes and manufacturing plants comply with the guidelines for manufacturing kosher products.”


“Just a tax”? Something about a “blessing”?

Gatorade was never Kosher before (2010), but suddenly after all those years, they decided to not only change their formula, ingredients, and processes, but they also agreed to submit to “regular inspections”.
Why would they have to change anything if this was just a “tax”?

Why the regular inspections?

Why would they go through all of this trouble (new ingredients, new processes, new labels, inspections, etc) for such a tiny percentage of the population (who are said to be powerless)?

Why would it be OK for us to consume the old stuff if it was not good enough for the Jews to consume it as well? What ingredient was in the old Gatorade that is no longer in the new (Kosher certified) Gatorade? And why on Earth would you want to give it or anything else the Jews would not dare ingest themselves to your children?

And another Quote:

“There was a time when a woman did all her family’s preparation in her own kitchen. Back then, it was obvious that pig’s feet were not kosher, and ice cream was. In the past few decades, however, there has been a revolution in American eating. Almost 90 percent of our food is now processed before reaching our kitchens. With synthetic meats and exotic food additives, artificial pig’s feet could be kosher, whereas the ice cream might not be”

Now, keep in mind that Jews (all but) completely control the food market/industry by now. Owning/controlling most of the major food producing companies and the agencies/organizations in charge of oversight (such as the FDA). So this “processing” (which could mean several things) is completely under their control.

They didn’t have enough control initially to start lacing our food with toxins (I’m sure they still did what they could), but as time went on these “opportunities” opened up to them. This “revolution” was obviously not a good thing, when you consider all of the GMO’s, plastics, toxins, diseases and other additives have “suddenly” and “mysteriously” found their way into our food (it’s no wonder we are all dropping like flies now from cancer and all sorts of diseases, allergies, and ailments). Some of the additives are good/healthy/Kosher, while others are bad/unhealthy/NON-Kosher.. We wouldn’t know, but they damn sure would/do.



Also, you must consider the FACT that NON FOOD products are also Kosher certified. Aerosol sprays, plastics, soaps, shampoos, and many other items, which were never meant to be ingested, but are still potentially hazardous to our health (depending on the particular “additives” that “just happened” to find their way into these products).

And once more, I believe that a lot of their toxic “potions” (if not most of them) are meant to effect our minds more than anything else. Sure, they might be giving us cancer and other little “goodies” in their bag of tricks, but you can bet they are targeting our “Gentile” minds as a top priority.


Allow me to revert back to the basics for a moment just to make a simple point (sorry, it’s out of place, but it just came to mind, and I know some of you are still not convinced):

Even on the surface and assuming just for a moment that this is only about a “tax” or a “blessing”, allow me to make a point; Any of these lesser offenses many of you go around parroting on the net (“it’s a tax”/”blessing”) are still dead wrong, inexcusable and should not only have you infuriated, but they should also demonstrate to you just how much control these “2%ers” have over the rest of us.

Imagine that a bunch of Irishmen were to move into an Asian or African country and proceeded to “tax” and/or “bless” their hosts food with “Celtic Symbols” (whose true meaning is not known by the 98% majority). Would their hosts be happy about this? Should they be OK with it (assuming they are even aware of it)? And if they protested against it OR merely tried to inform their fellow Asians/Africans about it, should they be attacked, censored or condemned as being “Anti-Celtic” (and possibly charged with a “hate” crime)? You tell me….


Organic? Not so fast:

Are all “organic” labeled foods the same? Who does the certifying? What standards do they have? Can you trust them? Are they creating another false sense of security? Simply an excuse to charge you more OR another way to get your guard down (for those who see right through the FDA)?

Furthermore, who runs everything? The “organic people” or the “Kosher people”? So whose labels should you trust more? Who truly has the insider information to definitively know what is or is not healthy?


And now, an outline of what I refer to as “junk science”:

We’ve all heard, from various “experts”, that “all GMO’s are bad”, that “all HFCS cause cancer”, that “organic is the way to go”, to “avoid this sweetener, that preservative, or the other”, but what does it all mean IF the whole story is not being told? (not a whole hell of a lot) And why are there some GMO’s, HFCS’s, sweeteners, and preservatives that are Kosher and some that are not? It’s clear they are not all the same, yet some of you blindly follow the narrative of the day (on the “alternative media/science”, which is generally controlled by Jews as well).

Case in point, not all Genetically Modified Organisms are the same. There is a W-I-D-E range of possibilities when it comes to the genetic modifications they make (to state the obvious).

In the hands of the right people, we could have full faith in the science. In the hands of the wrong people, as the technologies currently are, then we better watch out. How are we to know which GMO’s are safe and which ones are not? Well, the Jews certainly know.

So you can’t make a blanket condemnation based on the fact that some GMO’s are (intentionally made to be) bad. Yet I witness so many people going around and talking out of their ass about “GMO’s” being the worst thing ever, as IF they were all “exactly the same”. Critical thinkers they are not, even though they believe they know something the masses are unaware of. Then they base their diets on this junk science and gobble it all up with confidence.


Furthermore, as I alluded to above (based on their own “confessions”), the process from which an ingredient is derived can make all the difference in the world. Dextrose, for instance can be derived from fruit or some other natural source (not all things “natural” are good for us, but you get my point) OR it could be made in a lab somewhere. You would never know the difference based on the list of ingredients (both will simply say “dextrose”), but the Jews, who “trace every ingredient down to the ultimate source” would.


Another example: gelatin is named the same on either kosher or non-kosher food products. However, non-kosher gelatin is derived from animal collagen whereas kosher gelatin is vegetable based. Non-Kosher gelatin can be derived from any type of animal (cattle, swine, fish etc.) It will not distinguish on the label “cattle gelatin”, “swine gelatin”, “fish gelatin” etc. The kosher gelatin will not say “vegetable gelatin”.

So you can see how something as simple as “gelatin” can be derived from separate sources which a goyim in the supermarket would not be able to distinguish by reading the label alone.

FYI- you will read positive uses for gelatin, but the negative to gelatin is strictly limited to one area- THE METHOD IN WHICH IT IS DERIVED AND PROCESSED.


And another point: When you start trying to avoid HFCS, Soy Protein, Lecithin, and other ingredients that are commonly thought to be harmful, you might actually substitute the KOSHER variety of any of the above ingredients with a NON Kosher replacement that really is harmful to your health.

The most difficult part with all of this is knowing the difference between Kosher HFCS and the NON Kosher counterpart. Something we were obviously not meant to know, so simply comparing ingredients in the store is not enough.

And that is why all of the “junk science” that many of you base your diets on are worse than worthless. How many times have you wholeheartedly believed that a certain diet or type of food was “good for you” only to find out years later that it was all wrong and that it actually causes cancer (or “side effect” A, B, C, or D)?


“Scott, I checked toothpaste today for kosher symbols. Surprisingly, Toms of Maine WITH fluoride has the kosher symbol.”

-in short, not all fluorides are the same.

A fluoride is simply a compound formed by fluorine and another element. Simple fluorides, such as calcium fluoride occur naturally in water, however when water is artificially fluoridated it is made by adding sodium silicofluoride ..Which is a by-product of the chemical fertilizer industry and is classified as hazardous waste as it contains lead, mercury and arsenic as well as carcinogens.

The chemicals used to fluoridate drinking water are derived from the manufacture of phosphate fertilizer. Captured in the industry’s wet scrubbing systems, these chemicals contain a number of contaminants (e.g. arsenic, lead) not found in pharmaceutical grade fluoride. Of greater interest is the fact that 2 recent peer-reviewed studies (Neurotoxicology, December 2000; International Journal of Environmental Studies, September 1999), have found an association between consumption of water containing hydrofluosilicic acid or sodium silicofluoride (the most commonly used fluoridation chemicals) and higher blood lead levels in children.

As of May 2007, approximately 67% of public water supplies in the United States are fluoridated. Of these water supplies, approximately 91% use hydrofluosilicic acid or sodium silicofluoride (together known as silicofluorides), while 9% use sodium fluoride. As with the silicofluorides, sodium fluoride is derived from the phosphate fertilizer industry.

I bring all of this up about water fluoridation simply to point out to you that not all fluorides are the same. In fact, not all “sodium fluorides” are the same either, as the manner in which it is derived makes all the difference in the world (refer back to that “key point” above).

So you can rest assured that the Kosher fluoride is the good kind, as the Jews “trace every ingredient to the source”.

This highlights the danger in formulating a premature conclusion (which a person might do, as they simply settle on the idea that “all fluorides are the same”), prior to peeling back all layers of that kosher “onion”.


I’m sure that some of you will still come along to defiantly yell out “boycott Kosher products”, in an absent minded act of rebellion, to keep from getting “robbed” (because we all know that losing a few shekles is worse than losing 20 years and 20 billion brain cells).

So go ahead and scream out: “DON’T BUY FROM THE JEWS”.. thinking that avoiding Kosher is avoiding jew owned companies, but one thing has nothing to do with the other, since MOST of the non-Kosher food out there is being produced by jew owned companies. ie One way or the other they are ripping you off, but do you want to be poisoned by them too?

Fact is, they don’t want us to know about this Kosher conspiracy at all. If we come to discover the obvious existence of those labels, they want us to believe it is only a matter of a “rabbi’s blessing”. At most, we are told (by misinformed people and controlled dissent alike) that it is some BS “tax”, and that “by eating their food we are only giving them what they want: money”. Well, no, it is NOT as simple as that. After all, they PRINT the money. This is far more sinister. And not only do they want to keep their secret safe due to the backlash they would get if everyone came to find out about it, but they also want us to keep ingesting the poisons they worked so hard to put in our food!

They have systematically murdered MILLIONS of Gentiles, so what’s a little more poison in the well?


Now I know, not all Jews maintain a kosher diet, and some Jews are just plain angelic (or so I am told), but the whole “I know a Jew who eats just any old thing” line of reasoning only proves that the Jew you know doesn’t know enough about his own tribe: The facts remain the same, despite the level of awareness that any one individual (Jew or “Gentile”) may or may not have.  Cancer, autism, diabetes and a very long list of other diseases are up, way up.  Off the charts up.


I see “Gentiles” dropping like flies these days. Our parents and our babies. All sorts of cancers (lung, colon, etc), child developmental issues, and an assortment of illnesses we never suffered from before (nowhere near the current levels). Whereas I knew of only one person to die of cancer in the 1st 20 years of my life, it seems like 1 in 3 people I know are now suffering/dying from it, and that rate appears to be increasing at an exponential level (due to this and their other methods of poisoning “Gentiles”: prescription meds, vaccinations, etc).

“But we’re not all dying overnight from these poisons Scott.”

Well, these (NON Kosher) ingredients might cause cancer in rats in a very short time (they test it on them for a reason: to know what to give us and what to avoid, and they keep on giving them to us even though the rats are dying), but it appears as though it takes a few years to do the same to us. We might not be keeling over at the dinner table, just after we ingest some of their poison, but that does not mean we are not dying (slowly) as a result of our own ignorance (well, you weren’t informed before, but now you have been officially warned). A level of ignorance that is simply inexcusable from anyone who declares himself to be “Jew-Wise” and who has read to this point of my essay/exposé…

And while we happily ingest the tasty goodies in the pretty packaging, Jews themselves (most of whom are certainly in the know; aside from those ignorant little “angels”) would rather eat dirt than to do the same. What does that tell you?


It really is a shame that we can’t even trust the food we feed our children.

I am not pretending to have all of the answers (there are “holes” in any and all “diets” that I have researched, and not all Kosher food is “healthy”, even if it is toxin free), but I know for certain that these bastards are putting things in our food that simply do not belong. Just as they are poisoning our water, the air we breathe, and injecting poison directly into our children at their most vulnerable age.

Fact is, this is a subject that provides us with an EASY connection to make, which not only illustrates their power, but also demonstrates their true nature. And that’s just going on what we can ALL readily see, in their own words, forget about the (very real) possibility that they are deliberately poisoning the non Kosher food (while avoiding it like the plague).

Just food for thought, take it or leave it.

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  1. Dirty Zionist conspiratorial criminal maggots, they all need to be completely exterminated, annihilated, eradicated, eviscerated, eliminated, incinerated from the face of this earth. The Zionist false Jew is a parasite, a plaque, a virus, a global disease that slowly and incrementally creeps into all political bodies slowly poisoning and feeding off it’s host countries while it keeps crying “Antisemitism.” Demonic lying snakes, these children of the devil have to be completely ANNIHILATED!

    Disgusting filthy, ear whispering, mentally disturbed, psychopathic evil creatures…

  2. It stems from AshkeNAZI jews which is why Hitler and his forces, being such jews, were known as nazis. As to annihilating them, God will do just that. The game’s almost up!

  3. Nice try, but last time I looked 90+ percent of all the toxic crap that passes as food in the supermarket had a Kosher label. This Kosher racket is all about money, not about marking some food items as ‘safe’ for consumption. The best think I person can do it buy whole real up processed food, learn how to read the ingredient list, and NEVER trust labels. This is a money racket. This blog post is pushing lies and a death trap. Kosher labelled foodstuff are as poisonous as most any other foodstuff.

    • David Allender said:

      Yea, that’s more and more true as time goes on. But originally wasn’t the case. Even the 10 years since this post was copied from Scotts’ site have changed dramatically. So has our knowledge. It turns out that there are only Adamites and hybrids from Gen 6:4. The hybrids have deceived many Adamites into thinking they’re “jewish”. Hence they don’t care what they eat and want them deceived and dead just like the rest of us Adamites. To get a real understanding of this reality, read the 33 page intro to our Quran from It’s free. Peace

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