What is Evil? (Part 2)


All Creatures Great & Small


“Then the LORD God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden To Tend and Keep It“.


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The other living creatures of this earth depend on your intelligence to protect them. So what has happened? Why are there horrible animal atrocities happening everywhere? Why are humans flailing with the seemingly simple task to “tend and keep” God’s creation? Lets see if we can unravel another important mystery.

The predecessor of the zoological garden is the “menagerie”, which has a long history from the ancient world to modern times. Among the most well-known satanic “collections” (torturous imprisonment) of animals was jewish King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylonia. Sadly this sadistic jewish tradition stuck and by the 4th century BCE, zoos existed in most of the Greek city states; Alexander the Great is known to have sent animals that he found on his military expeditions back to Greece. The Roman emperors kept private collections of animals for study or for use in the arena, the latter faring notoriously poorly among the Adamic public, “we the people” didn’t like it.

The 19th-century historian W.E.H. Lecky wrote of the Roman games, first held in 366 BCE. At one time, a bear and a bull, chained together, rolled in fierce combat across the sand … Four hundred bears were killed in a single day under Caligula … Under Nero, four hundred tigers fought with bulls and elephants. In a single day, at the dedication of the Colosseum by Titus, five thousand animals perished. Under Trajan … lions, tigers, elephants, rhinoceroses, hippopotami, giraffes, bulls, stags, even crocodiles and serpents were employed to give more satanic novelty to the horrific spectacle.

With few exceptions, children are born with abundant love and respect for animals. If educated appropriately from childhood on, we would all be living in an entirely different world and the reason we’re not is because our schools are ran predominantly by, endorsed and funded by jews. The rest of the education process is left up to society which of course is also dominated by jews via their stranglehold on ALL our media. Hence our changing attitudes from childhood on;


Excepting trials and errors of youth, Adamites have to be coerced, tempted and taught by the satanic jew to hate, kill, disrespect, torture and abuse living creatures which happens in stages. First, and most importantly, children are taught to disregard the way animals are meant to live, which is FREE in their natural environment.

Zoos, Circuses and Animal Water Parks are legalized animal prisons and torture systems disguised as wildlife preservation which are sold as entertainment by satanic jews to young highly influence-able minds that turn into old programmed minds. You and everyone have come to accept as right what you once knew was wrong. You still know it though, and here’s your chance to officially break the programming. Shed a tear or two, if you can find the humility for it;



The desensitization process has opened the door to allow a bevy of evil acts to follow. To name just a few; puppy/kitty mills, beauty products/medical product testing on animals, poaching, hording, neglect, animal fighting, dog races and using animals as live fishing bait. Please continue your deprogramming.



“You shall not kill” (Ex 20:13) The Hebrew of the sixth commandment is about as terse as it can be. It consists of two words that are the Hebrew equivalent of “No killing.” Hunting was a last resort, defining element of human survival. It’s what kept us on the map but when used for non life or death instances, it’s possible, likely and logical to consider “sport hunting” to be unjustified killing which of course is evil.


Note: We are NOT anti-hunting. We ARE anti-needless killing because it’s EVIL.




Do You Choose To “Tend & Keep” God’s Creation? Are You An Intelligent Steward?


“There’s a Special Place in Hell For People Who Mistreat Animals.”




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