Well, This Is It, The End of Conspiracy “Theories”.

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At some point during the coming minutes, hours, days, weeks or months, save you the years (depending upon how much time you dedicate to learning the truth here at the Goyim Gazette) you will come to know for yourself, and for 110% certain, this is the end of “conspiracy theories”, facts are facts!  Sure, one may find a couple of “interesting opinions” here and there, but they are rare indeed, and only by necessity in finding the truth.  At bare minimum, 95% of the information on this site is “For Certain, Bona-Fide, Defacto Reality”!  (ie; The TRUTH.)   Here’s an example;

Only 6% of Americans rate the news media as trustworthy and the net is even worse because of the ridiculous abundance of “Trolls” and “Shills”You can’t go anywhere online without running into those hateful, belligerent, deceitful, nonsensical and highly annoying entities.  But what most don’t realize even though it’s right in front of their faces and is the only possible explanation, is that the vast majority of these jerks are government operatives.   Yes, your government is paying workers to spread disinformation, or what’s otherwise known as  p r o p a g a n d a.  

They’ve been officially exposed as spies and dis-informants for the NSA, CIA, MI5/6, KGB, Israeli Mossad and etc. repeatedly around the world and all of those intelligence organizations are all on the same team in an “us vs. them” battle that’s been going on for millennia.   If you’re like we were circa 2010 you have no idea who “they” are but we’re going to change that.  Now if you came over from the AAA (Affirmative Action Alliance) or from DavidAllender.com, you already know that members of this group are in fact performing depopulation upon We The People of the world, which most definitely includes Americans and that is an ACTUAL CRIME, which makes what you’re about to begin understanding a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY that has AND IS being committed against YOU and YOURS.

There is no questioning or “theorizing” required to reach this conclusion, it’s a simple, undeniable fact that “the group” who are now in control of the most powerful governments around the globe, especially ours, are heavily involved in racist depopulation which relies firstly upon the disinformation game that everyone has witnessed online.  The people currently in control of your government have been waging a massive propaganda program against We The People and you’re finally going to be able to fully understand what it’s really all about.  And with that said, we begin in earnest on opening your eyes to what you will soon accept to be a real life “Conspiracy Theory”, Congratulations!

Now, WHO are they?

To Best Answer That We Begin By Asking This; What Is The Name Of YOUR Group?  Hint; it has nothing to do with the color of your skin, hair or eyes!  It also has nothing to do with your political alignment or your religion, if you have one.   So, who are YOU???

Now Pay Attention For The Priceless Answer;


We The People of the world (ie; you) are referred to as Goyim, minim, heathens, useless eaters, gentiles and slaves by satanic “yehudim”.  They’re the ones who run our govt, own the FED, ALL THE MEDIA and Most of the Net.  They and their traitorous “Shabbos Goyim” (We The People who are unknowing or “useful idiots” and/or sellouts to the yehudim) run the world.

According to the satanic yehudim & their “noahide” laws passed by congress in 2004, We The Goyim People are considered cattle whose possessions and even lives can be taken at will by them.



This is a very short but monumental page that explains what’s wrong with the world and how “We the People” are fixing it.  That means there is some gloom, but no doom.   Everything will be ok so long as Americans like YOU care enough to learn about our one and only problem.  This will be unlike anything most have experienced.  Slow Down, Take it All in, Re-read!





A Live Satanic Yehudim Slaughter of a “Goy



Just exactly who are these yehudim?

Yehudim is the hebrew plural for yehuda or judah which is the name of an ancient tribe that corrupt, satanic masons who’ve taken over our country are falsely claiming as their lineage.  Now masonry is both jewish and satanic which yields us with the foreign but apt term “satanic jews”.  (yes, satanic jews, could this be why Hollywood which WAS BUILT AND IS OWNED BY JEWS puts satanic crap in all of your favorite music and movies?  Could this also be why our federal govt is full of masonic symbolism which has been used by jews for millennia?  See the connections?)   They are what’s wrong with America and you’ve just stumbled upon the darkest and largest secret the people of this great nation have ever not known.

The blogs on this site and our short, easy to read, single page publications will explain all of that and more.  Within 15 minutes of researching a few passages from the yehudims’ holiest book(s), the Babylonian Talmud  in publication #113 and here in “The Truth About The Talmud”  you will further awaken to the greatest truths of your life.  (Yes, really.  Please do tell us if this isn’t the case!)  

And beware, theirs is a very deep rabbit hole one could spend several lifetimes mapping which is completely by design to throw you off.  That’s why the internet is so full of conspiracy theories, it’s to drown  you in a maze of confusion, THEY run 99% of the  sites that THEY make show up on THEIR search engines.  (They own google, yahoo, bing etc.)  We don’t do many bible quotes but some are too perfect; Corinthians 13.11; “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things”.   Dear reader, there are no childish things on this site and regardless of what you think about religion, don’t you forget for one second that Good and evil are quite real!

You’ve been programmed to think that “Conspiracies” are something fun or interesting but that goes out the window when the conspiracies are real and heinous crimes being committed against YOU & YOUR LOVED ONES.  Such is the case, this is a matter of life and death and you’ve finally found the truth in a sea of lies that was created by your enemy to overwhelm you.   That’s why we only stick to what you need to know right now and have condensed that into some simple, yet unforgettable single page newsletters.  Everything will begin making sense soon.  Just know that we are like you and we want you to have the truth about Americas’ ONLY problem.

If you’re like most, you’ve felt it your entire life, there is a monster in our midst.  You will soon learn exactly what those currently “in charge” of our republic and world (all the money, the media, our government and our justice systems)  think of you, their Goyim,  and it’s going to be the best, most liberating learning experience you’ve ever had!  It’s time for you to learn what’s really wrong with America and the world and how beautifully simple the solution is.

But first, stop for 1 minute and ask; do you really think anyone who considers you no better than cattle would bother to tell you the truth about anything in THEIR NEWS and MEDIA?

The end to that problem (and some others) begins here…


The Goyim Gazette

Bringing the truth home, one Goyim at a time


Because the world is in dire need of

Truth, Freedom & Justice!



Here’s What’s Called a Satanic RITUAL Blood Sacrifice of a “Goy” (looks just like that one of the cow above huh?)



Now that was just a famous painting but here’s the REAL thing;



Still think “satanic blood sacrifices” or any of this is a funny “conspiracy” or a joke?  Well, most have no idea that these yehudim have been ran out of over 108 countries on earth in large part due to this utterly evil and disgusting practice shown above.  Now it’s time for FINAL JUSTICE, and when we’re done, there will be no more satanic music, movies, games, horrific blood sacrifices or kosher slaughters, nor war, nor taxes, nor usury, nor environmental havoc, nor filthy lies from the media or the corrupt, sellout politicians in our great “Constitutional, Democratic Republic”!  It’s Time for Change, Beautiful Change!

It begins now when We The People Unite (organize) Educate and Act.  You are now part of it and should be receiving some sort of communication from the yehudim soon.  (more on that in a minute)  But first a very good question; Why do folks with hundreds or thousands friends on Facebook only have a handful of those peoples’ phone numbers and no other way to communicate with each other?  Why don’t we have each others phone numbers and email addresses like we did 10 years ago?  You’ll understand the reason this has happened very soon!


Time to Wake Up Sleepyheads!

Join Us Now at www.unidigi.com

Contact Us by Phone at 866-HelloDC (435-5632)

or email us: info@unidigi.com



You May Freely Post These Highly Informative Images;








We think you’re going to want to use those everywhere you can in your “last posts” on CIA owned Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google+ and etc.  Make sure to get all of your friends email addresses and phone numbers before you get “blocked” by the Yehudim!  Once you’re done being a Facebook Fool you’ll want to use the pic below as your avatar everywhere else that remains free of satanic jew control.


Grab the New Version of Uncle Sam to Use as Your Avatar Everywhere!




In case you’re wondering, “Dregs” are what David Allender named the satanic yehudim in his books “The Everything Pages(We don’t really recommend reading them because David wrote them VERY EARLY in his research and education about “the group” so he was still connecting the dots.  Besides, they’ll just scare the shite out of you which he didn’t understand back then.)  At any rate, like David you’re becoming a “Dreg Hunter” which is someone who hunts and exposes members of the most evil, racist, hateful, murderous, hypocritical, deceptive trash on earth, the yehudim.  However, the actual name this group goes by today is “jews”.  There, we said it!  IT’S THE JEWS STUPID!  That’s what yehudim means, someone from the tribe of Judah which is one of the 12 tribes of Israel from the bible.  However, it’s not that simple  because these jews aren’t even jews!  They just falsely claim to be because they want to fit in with you and be loved by YOUR God YHWH along with his Son Yeshua!  (oops, haven’t ever heard those names or don’t believe in the Bible?  That’s fine, David Allender didn’t either before he and Peggy Star came across several incredibly eye opening sources of evidence which IRREFUTABLY PROVE both it and the Quran were written by “someone” of much higher intelligence than humans!  But that “little discovery” is one you can make later . . .)

For now, here’s a few more of our customized graphics just for fun;








Share this next one with your Christian friends and tell them to join you at Unidigi!

2nd Coming


If you’re a Christian, you’d be wise to take another look at that last one because this is what Jesus would and did do!  He fought the satanic jews tooth and nail, till his death and never had one good thing to say about them.  And for those who aren’t into the bible, just watch how the satanic jews in desperation of being exposed and prosecuted will call you an anti-semite, terrorist, racist, bigot and etc. just as depicted above.  That will be all the proof you’ll ever need to know you’re in the fight of your life against the satanic jews who think they own the world.

Continue the most important education process of your life by reading the other issues of the Goyim Gazette (we’re getting plenty of reviews and they’re very, very good).  Oh, and in regard to “being contacted by the satanic jews” here’s what you need to know;  David Allender, Peggy Star and unknown millions of others have already awakened to the problem you’re learning about.  The funny thing is that upon doing so most everyone will be contacted by the jews in one way or another to scare us into quit seeking/spreading these truths.  It might be via an email, a phone call, visits byblack helicopters or SUVs but almost invariably, if you openly speak of YOUR MORTAL ENEMIES, you will be targeted for fear mongering and censorship!

Of course the latter is because the satanic jewish yehudim own ALL of the communications companies who quite literally spy on us all (it’s their computers actually, they’re “AI” or artificial intelligence) which monitor on our conversations with each other on phones.  This is usually how they first come to know when someone finds out about them.  That and by simply monitoring the sites you browse such as this one like they know you have right now.  (unless you’re reading this on our Archive DVD)

Now, if you’re like most, they will try to scare you into submission with a creepy or threatening email, phone call or as mentioned, maybe even a visit if you’re a very special person!  (ie; a smart and vocal person with lots of friends or clout who’s a threat to them)  Well, DON’T BUY IT.  Oh, and if you’re a real “Go Getter” don’t forget blackmail, bribes, demonic possession of your friends and loved ones and spells cast by these real life SATANIC psychopaths.  David and Peggy can (and do) tell you all the above will occur and they’re all pretty creepy BUT ABSOLUTELY HARMLESS so long as you stay strong!  That’s the key.  And if you get a helicopter fly by or SUV drive by,  if/when you see who’s inside, you’ll likely realize it’s just an ignorant, fat, cross eyed satanist or some poor useful idiot that doesn’t know what you’re learning now who can’t and won’t do shite to you.  It’s all just a ploy to intimidate you into submission AND CONSENT.    DO NOT CONSENT.   Always remember, they have trillions of dollars, endless resources and will do anything to stop these truths but cannot hurt you, they’re threats aren’t real.  There is no law against knowing or speaking the truth in America!  FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS 100% FULLY INTACT WHICH IS WHY THEY RELY ON CHEAP, FEAR TACTICS TO MAKE YOU SUBMIT.  DO NOT SUBMIT BECAUSE IF YOU DO, YOU WILL LOSE!!!

So, if you’re contacted by them or their AI, don’t sweat it, simply go about your day while working steadfastly on lawfully eradicating them from power with us via the Affirmative Action Alliance.  You’ll be surprised how easy it’s going to be!  And while we’re at it we’ll be reclaiming their ill gotten wealth and ushering in peace on earth.  (Yes Really!)  This is not a game, this is our purpose!  The huge difference between our sites and ALL the others we’ve been able to find so far is that we’re taking action!  Go look at ALL the other supposedly truthful sites out there and note how not a single one of them are building a team or organizing any kind of real resistance.  Quite the opposite, they tell you not to unite or take action, that’s one sure fire way for you to always figure out who’s who.  No organizing or taking action = propaganda/shills/trolls.  It’s nice and simple and is the reason why we’ve been banned and censored from all the major sites on the net.  We’re taking action against the criminals in our world, it’s time to end all their bullshit.

That’s what’s going on here and so long as your activities remain within the law, they can’t do squat to stop you from retaking your republic and world.  We and all the others who’ve been doing this work for the last few years know all about the fear crap, we’ve all been there but nothing ever happens so long as you simply remain vigilant.  All they can do is try to intimidate you and trick you into cowering in a corner by yourself.  You’re going to learn all about this plus a lot more, and it WILL BE THE BEST THING YOU’VE EVER EXPERIENCED.  You will soon fully realize that YOU have the power, not them!  And you can rest assured this is true because if it weren’t, why would we be allowed to keep doing what we’re doing, how would our daily updates keep occurring on this highly truthful site and why would be be making huge progress with the AAA?  Why wouldn’t the almighty jew controlled CIA or FBI just take us out?  Good questions huh?

Here’s the thing, they really can’t do shit to us, you or anyone.  WE’RE HERE TO TELL YOU THAT EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK.  We have this figured out, it’s all going to work out exactly as we’ve been promised for millennia.  For those who don’t believe in the famous the famous prophecies quite yet, just follow your heart, be good and band together with all of your fellow American “Goyim”.  These satanic yehudim pukes are WAY OUTNUMBERED and they know we’re going to win if you take the high road instead of shrinking to the fears they’ve spent billions and decades instilling in YOU.


What’s that you say? “But all this sounds “hateful”, “racist” and/or “anti-semitic” . . .

OK, get this straight right here and now; the “things” we’re calling jews are the only real haters and racists on earth.  (Simply consider the very idea of thinking and claiming to be “g-ds chosen ones” who think they’re better than, and call everyone else, animals!  Can you get more hateful, bigoted or racist than that?)  They’re also the most sick, greedy, immoral, psychotic, MURDEROUS, hypocritical, deceptive and disgusting pieces of shite in existence which is why they are NOT going to be around much longer!  Also, the few turds who call themselves jews (and moreover the millions of others who don’t do so publicly which We The People have historically called “marano”, “crypto” and “converso” jews) aren’t even from the original tribe of Judah (1 of the 12 sons/tribes of Jacob/Israel) so, they’re not jews.  They’re also not of YHWH and Yeshua had nothing to do with them because they were idol worshiping liars, thieves, adulterers, usurers and murderers which is exactly how we feel because we know it’s them who have mercilessly colonized/killed hundreds of millions of completely innocent, men, women and children once native to every continent on earth!  Oh and by the way, since the word “semite” means someone who speaks Hebrew, Arabic or Aramaic, very, very few fake “jews” of today meet this definition.  Also consider that we or anyone who sees this trash for what they are and says so, cannot be “anti-semitic” because we’re NOT talking about the BILLIONS of actual semitic peoples currently living in the Middle East, Africa and Asia who actually do speak the semitic languages of Arabic and Aramaic.  Therefore in conclusion, the idea of being racist or anti-semitic for hating evil, lying pieces of disgusting trash who have corrupted our society and are now quite literally MURDERING We The People with poisons in our air, water, soils, food and vaccines (just for starters) is a farce beyond compare.  So, whenever you hear some whiny little jew piece of shite trying to guilt trip you into not exposing them or prosecuting them, USE THE VERY VALUABLE CONTENT IN THIS PARAGRAPH TO SHUT THEM UP WITH EVERY OPPORTUNITY YOU GET. 


17 thoughts on “Well, This Is It, The End of Conspiracy “Theories”.

  1. This stuff is way out there! Satanic jews? “Live Satanic Yehudim Slaughters”? The CIA contacting me for reading this??? What? Where did all of this come from? What did I miss?

    • David Allender said:

      Uhh, evidently you missed the first issue of the Goyim Gazette! We have the site set up where you should have read it before getting to this page. So, do not pass go, do not collect $200 dollars, start over and read up! You’ll be up to speed in about 15 minutes and then you can start digging in to the rest of the meal. Bon Appetit!

      • This stuff is “way out there” because it’s the truth that we’ve all been brainwashed into not seeing. Mrs. Martin is like I was and presumably everyone is at first to some degree. From what I’ve seen so far, this is TruthHD which is simply reality. What an absolute mindjob they’ve done on us all. It’s time to send these degenerates back to hell. There’s no place on earth for them.

      • The custom graphics above are excellent and provocative, I’ve used them all and can say they’re great conversational fodder. Everyone I know is joining, things are turning around. Thanks guys.

        • OK, my comment above was about 6 weeks ago, I am now prepared to admit I stand corrected. Massively. Although I still have not been contacted by the CIA or any other spooks, I can believe others would have been.

          What I’m seeing as a total newbie is that these kind of anti-semitic truths are getting pretty rampid on the net, I don’t think “they” can hold this back. There’s all kinds of info about our jewish problem on both google and bing and even youtube.

          • David Allender said:

            Thank you for coming back to comment again! Unfortunately, the vast majority of what you’re finding is in effect propaganda created by the jews themselves. Read the “Can You Say Bullshit” post Mrs Martin. This rabbit hole I mentioned in the post above is much deeper than anyone would guess at first glance.

            And by the way, if you don’t have time/resources to learn, simply join us in taking actions and learn as you go. There’s lifetimes of satanic lies to sift through, don’t let that hang you up from surviving!!!

            • foreverthecatlady said:

              Well said. For anyone who doesn’t have time to get their heads around this stuff, don’t let it stop you from trusting those among you who have. This satanic jew problem is real and the Gazette #111 along with a few of the blog post here are really all you need to see to know you’re in a fight with them. It shouldn’t take more than an hour or two for anyone to figure out that much.

  2. Yes indeed, go read issue #111! That’s got to be the best news article I’ve ever read. The graphics on the back page are priceless.

    • Yep, and just to let everyone know, I’ve fact checked #111 to death. It’s solid, the only thing I might add is that Pharisees were and are accompanied by the Sadducees and Essenes. We have opposing groups of jews united against us!

      • Day Dreamer said:

        #111 is great but just wait until you get hold of the rest. David and Peggy’s story in #000 and #110 will make your hair curl and #666 is the most priceless thing I’ve ever come across. It’s solid, dead on proof of the satanic jewish “conspiracy”, these murderous pricks are going down. Kudos to David and Peggy. (And everyone else who’s here to do their part)

  3. Killer site dude! Besides signing up at Unidigi and contributing, is there anything else I should be doing to help you guys out? I figure I’ve got at least a couple hours a day I can spend on this without impacting my critical time/energy resources. If most people would just turn off their f’n tvs, they’d have the same. Not to mention a glance at sanity/reality! This is truly sickening that we even have to be dealing with these “things”.

    • David Allender said:

      The jew is our burden, defeating them is our challenge AND our hope for salvation! (And no, I’m no bible thumper) The thing is, if we resist the evil temptations of the jew, we win. So, that’s all I can say, RESIST THE EVIL TEMPTATIONS OF THE jEW. And we’ll win. Of course this is speaking volumes that will go WAY OVER the heads of most. Even Christians seem baffled by the idea of resisting evil!

      Just keep your honor, your dignity and your commitment to be and do good. (remember that commitment you’ve made to yourself and “others”?) I know it sounds wild but we really are in an epic battle for our souls and earth. It’s our duty and purpose to save both. Not to mention our republic, freedom, liberty and justice. So, it comes down to picking your master. Evil or Good. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.

      • So, to clarify, David is saying that the words of figures such as God, Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed who all say to resist temptations of evil (satan, mara or the dajjal) might be right? And he’s saying that satanic jews are the bad guys whom we’re supposed to oppose and resist? Whatcha think everybody? Gonna keep walkin’ with the devil or get with God? Call it nature, goodness, righteousness or justice, it’s all the same thing. RIGHT ON. Tick, tock!!!

  4. This is really great, here’s my 2 cents; We “Goyim” are animals to them to be used as they see fit. The word Shiksa is what they call non jewish females. It translates to ” unclean woman “. Like, physically dirty, it means Whore. As evidenced by the lovely saying the jews have – ” Shiksas are for practice, not marrying “. Practice! So, all you Goyim shiksas are dirty, stupid animals put here for the jews to practice screwing with! (FYI; there’s more to it, think “destroying gene pools”)

    Anyway, jews were cut off from God, by God- because they chose to worship earthly things. MONEY basically. The “golden calf” of the Bible is meant to show this. Moses went up a mountain to speak with God on behalf of his people and came down to find them worshipping GOLD and having an orgy. The jews even had Jesus put to death because he knew of their Talmud and was a threat to their power/rule.

    They forced Rome to kill him in a satanic blood sacrifice on the cross because they thought that it would shift the blame from them… since they did not physically commit the act themselves. Search – GOYIM and SHIKSA and TALMUD on YouTube and Google, or get your hands on a copy of the Talmud. Not saying the beliefs in it are 100% shared by all jews… but bet yer ass the percentage is pretty high.

  5. Oy Veh! (yid exclamation of exasperation or woe) Well, your’e right Wayne! But you forgot about your alternate nickname as a male goyim, you’re a “SHKOTZ”. And when you get together with your genile pals, you’re a bunch of “SHKOTZIM”. And like Jesus, according to jews, you like to screw animals because you are animals.

    So, we Shegetz (an alternate of female SHIKSA) and Shkotzim like to screw each other because we’re dumb, filthy animals. Hey, listen up. jews are the original racists and bigots of our world. They are the first and the worst, period. Mix in satanism and you’ve got yourself a satanic jew that needs to be destroyed.

  6. David Allender said:

    Comments are turned off or may not get posted because we no longer have time to waste on spammers, trolls and shills.

    For in depth discussions on these subjects enjoy using our private, TROLL Free forum inside Unidigi.com

    Or email us at “info – AT SIGN – unidigi.com”


  7. I’d like to suggest contacting Jim at jimstone.is and ken adachi of educate-yourself.org

    they have a huge audience and this info actually dovetails perfectly with what info they provide.
    can be a perfect trifecta …..
    my on line connection is limited but your information was providential in the direction the Lord is teaching me bout spiritual warfare.
    outstanding work oh-rah…..

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