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“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous they cannot believe it exist. The American (Adamite) mind simply hasn’t come to realize the EVIL introduced into their midst. It (correctly) rejects even the idea that (human) creatures could espouse a PHILOSOPHY WHICH MUST ULTIMATELY DESTROY ALL THAT IS GOOD AND DECENT

J. Edgar Hoover, (a luciferian nephilim hybrid) Director of the FBI
as quoted in Elks Magazine (August 1956)




Try understanding that without our notations and you’ll be like the millions of good people prior, lost! This is a history lesson you’ll want to share with your family, friends, coworkers and well, everyone you know, even every stranger you meet!!!  What he’s talking about is a very secret racist goal held by all those of lucifers’ lineage. They actually believe it is their job to make life on earth SO HELLISH and EVIL that every Adamite will go to hell WITH THEM exactly as lucifer, their ET/Jinn father promised!  Now it’s important to realize Hoover was the head of the FBI, America’s supreme law enforcement team from 1924 until his death in 72.  During those 48 LONG YRS he was a key, high ranking advisor to each U.S. president, all of whom were also “club members” (luciferian nephilim hybrids or shabos goys)  In order, those were;

Calvin Coolidge,  Herbert Hoover,  Franklin Roosevelt,  Harry Truman,  Dwight Eisenhower,  John F Kennedy,  Lyndon Johnson  &  Richard Nixon;



All of those men were on the exact same page as Hoover in terms of their occult (secret) goals for a communist New World Order”. The New World Order is as real as apple pie but most have no idea what it’s all about or exactly who’s behind it.  We’re changing that for YOU right now!  Firstly, let us validate the existence of the NWO with some irrefutable proof.  These are “secrets hidden in plain sight”.  Please note the Latin verbiage (Language of the Vatican) on the U.S. $1 Bill & be fully aware the words “WE / OUR / US” do NOT include YOU!


The Luciferian One World Govt. is No Conspiracy “THEORY” And ALL Our Leaders Are Complicit!


Note: “seclorum” is also translated by some as “saecularis” meaning secular or anti-religion/God.

 “Beginnings Approved For A New Order <of The> Ages” (The New World Order)

  • We will succeed in the Gulf. The world can therefore seize this opportunity to fulfill the long-held promise of a NEW WORLD ORDER” President George HW Bush, State of the Union, U.S.A.1991
  • Each of Us has the hope to build a NEW WORLD ORDER.” President Richard Nixon, Hangzhou, China 1972
  • We are moving toward a NEW WORLD ORDER, the world of COMMUNISM.” Mikhail Gorbachev, Russia 1987
    We are on the verge of a global transformation. All We need is the right major crisis and the nations (aka “Goyim”) will accept the NEW WORLD ORDER.” David Rockefeller, The U.N. 1999
  • “Today, Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow They will be grateful! When presented with this scenario, Individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to Them by the WORLD GOVERNMENT” Henry Kissinger, France 1991
  • We will live under the first One World Government that has ever existed in the society of Nations (again, aka “Goyim”)… ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT is inevitable.” Pope John Paul II, Rome 1996
  • All of Us will ultimately be judged on Our efforts for building a NEW WORLD ORDER.” Robert Kennedy
  • “So the tensions which We witness in the world today are indicative of the fact that a NEW WORLD ORDER is being born and an old order is passing away.” Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • We’ve got to give Them a stake in creating the kind of WORLD ORDER all of Us would like to see” Barack Obama
  • “Around the world, the old order isn’t holding and We’re not quite yet to where We need to be in terms of a NEW ORDER” Barack Obama
    (This is NO GAME. There’s 100+ of these quotes from Leaders Around the Globe!)


So, They think it’s US vs. THEM don’t THEYREMEMBER THAT! They chose to deceive and align against us, We The People.  And we mean “We The People OF THE WORLD”, not just America.  This is a group who haven’t been focused on just our country, at all.  They want to rule the world as literal royalty with all Adamites as their slaves.  The best kind of slaves are younger people who haven’t lived long enough to acquire knowledge to put the pieces together about their enslavement. Our leaders WANT WTP to have lower IQs, increased A.D.D., Autism and for us to use tons of psychotropic drugs.  They also have to make sure there’s no way for us to escape or revolt against them.  Hence one-way borders, Gun Control, Hyper Surveillance, Censorship & Nazi era Fear Mongering Propaganda 24/7 in media.  It’s all about the NWO!

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FYI; The great seal on the US $1 bill is the most circulated & recognizable symbol on earth. So, why is In God We Trust Right Next to the infamous “All Seeing Eye of Amen-Ra” the Egyptian Sun god forever worshiped by paganist heathens???  Since our lives pretty much revolve around use of their money which obviously pays tribute to their Sun God, would it be safe to say they’ve gotten us all to pay homage to him/it?  But does it matter, should you even care?  YES!!!  THIS IS ABOUT EVERYTHING THAT MATTERS TO YOU!  Your freedom, happiness, future and even life itself is now hanging in the balance.  And it’s all due to the existence of a real life battle between good and evil which 98% of “good guys” are oblivious to because they have methodically, cunningly and ruthlessly deceived us all as if we were their chattel (slaves) provided to them by G-d.



“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American (ADAMITE) Public believes is FALSE”


William Casey, Director of the CIA (1981) In Response to President Reagan’s Inquiry Of Casey’s Goals With The CIA.




Now the Goyim Gazette isn’t here to do sermons, but since we’re talking  about God and deception, the area of expertise of all Gods’ messengers like Yeshua, let us see what he tells us about being deceived; PROCESS THESE: Luke 12:1  “Beware of the leaven (modifications) of the PhariseesMat 24:4  “See to it that no one misleads you.”  Ephesians 5:6  “Let no one deceive you with empty words.”  Galations 6:7  “Do not be deceived” 2 Thes 2:3  “Let no man deceive you in any way”  1 John 3:7  “Make sure no one deceives you”  Revelation 12:9  “And the great dragon was thrown down, the serpent of old who is called the Devil & Satan, who deceives the whole world.”  Aren’t dragons/serpents reptiles?


Timothy 6:10; “For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil”

That’s deserving of another WTF isn’t it???  OK, let’s get biblical again briefly;  This is about the jewish, inhuman Pharisee Saul who changed his name to Paul and then wrote 13 of the 27 books in the New Testament while falsely claiming to be an apostle of Jesus.  He stopped eating and went blind for 3 days in the desert when . . . Acts 9:18  “Immediately there fell from his eyes like scales: and he received sight”.  Well, reptiles stop eating and go blind for a few days until their scaly skin is shed!  Biblical parallels between reptiles, our leaders and satan are extensive, far, far too many to dismiss.


Note: We Don’t Hate Animals!


Now we’re only hitting the basics, later Goyim Gazettes are the meaty “educate” portion of our Unite-Educate-Act credo, but it’s important to know this is the same group who privately own the US Federal Reserve, where that “satanic all seeing eye money” comes fromThey create currency out of thin air at absolutely no cost to themselves and loan it to our government, and us at interest which is “usury”.  Usury is illegal both Biblically and Quranically, anyone who does it is going to hell, PERIOD. This is how 300, ultra-rich and real life evil jewish families who own The FED make an avg of around $400 BILLION dollars per year off interest on our nations’ $18 TRILLION “debt to them” along with another $600 BILLION per year from consumer debts (mortgages, auto and etc. loans).  That $1 TRILLION/YR is just for America, they have 55 more “central banks” like the FED around the world with another $200 TRILLION of debt from other peoples.  These sick, insane, inhuman families are seeking to permanently enslave humanity in their NWO.






Mayer Amschel Rothschild 1781





Paul Warburg, Feb 17, 1950


Banking has allowed them to quietly become bizarrely rich, a prerequisite for buying EVERYTHING & steering the world towards a One World Government, (The UN) One World Bank, (The UNs IMF) One World Currency, (Digital only, all paper currency, coins, gold & silver are to be illegal) One World Religion, (Take a Guess who’s G-d) One World Law, (Only for us, while they “do what thou wilt”) One World ID, (All IDs are now linked to a database in Belgium and each has 3 sets of 6 numbers for 666) that ID is to be associated with every single human being on the planet via each of our unique finger prints, voice prints, retina scans and DNA.  No RFID chipping needed (although it may be required).  This is the New World Order that ALL YOUR favorite and most hated leaders ALIKE are working towards behind the scenes while talking about it above your head.  It’s ultra-high-tech slavery, no buying or selling without “the mark” (digital), limited reproduction, controlled/shorter lifespans, no vitamins, natural remedies or farming for oneself and restricted travel is just a dabbling of horrific bullshit planned for you and yours.  If you have doubts about any of this, act like you care and read the U.N.s “Agenda 21” for all the additional proof you’ll ever need.  We speak the truth!

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Next, it is our goal in two short pages to completely demystify where virtually all Americas’ and the worlds’ problems originate from.  Many will instinctively say Money or Religion which is 100% correct! The Hebrew word “nashak” (naw-shak’) means to conduct “usury” by loaning money at interest to oppress others. It was known as the bite of the serpent in ancient times and nearly every war ever waged on earth has been over retaining or gaining the right to be the serpent/lender to the masses of various populations

Here’s a quote from the Rothschilds banking brothers of London circa 1800;  “The few who understand the system will be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors, there will be no opposition from that classThe great body of (Adamic) people, mentally incapable of comprehending, (they’re calling you stupid) will bear its burden, and perhaps without even suspecting the system is contrary to their interests.” (To put it VERY, VERY, VERY Mildly!)  OK, now off to Rome near the Vatican; this is “The Arc of Titus” a commemorative of Emperor Titus defeating historically Adamic Jerusalem; (the menorah was looted as a spoil)




Christians will recall Jesus threw the jew-ish money changers out of their 2nd temple, that was about 40 years prior to Titus destroying it to stop the jews from butting in on Romes’ nashak (usury) business which was and is consensual slavery.  Fast forward to 1913 after an ongoing 300+ hundred year struggle between Americans, Rome & Britain for ownership of what’s become the USA, we have The Federal Reserve Act of 1913.  It was overseen by Rothshilds and orchestrated by John Rockefeller a wealthy jew-ish jesuit from Europe working with other EU hybrids including the Schiff, Morgan, Warburg, Harriman, Sach, Goldman, Shroder, Lazard and Lehman Brothers, all of whom are connected to the Vatican and world royalty by way of international nashak err, banking.  The most important thing to know is this; Rome controls the world via usurious banking exactly as it forever hasThe Roman Empire lives on in the Vatican as the ultimate geopolitical and economic force in the world.  This is why you see RE before so many English words (the language created by Vatican jesuits for the bible) and ER at the end.  It’s a way of making us unwittingly pay homage to the Roman Empire and/or the Empire of Rome. This sort of mocking will become a very familiar thing for everyone reading on in later Goyim Gazettes, but those truths are optional, this is elemental.




The Latin term fiat means “let it be done”, “it shall be” which succinctly describes the origin of all the money you’ve ever had.  It was made up out of nothing and nefariously sold to you as something.  It was all a game to “consensually” enslave you per the bogus second version of the  13th amendment!  (page back to the  AAA newsletter to read it.)  You had to agree to your enslavement to the constituents of the bank of Rome, THAT’S WHO ALL YOUR LEADERS ARE.

This is the secret of secrets, the most gargantuan truth of all our lives is money, govt & religion are tied at the hip, part and parcel to an ancient master plan to enslave humanity both physically & spiritually in an oligarchic New World Order.  But since the latter subjects are cans of worms for which we have not the space nor time at present, let us continue this lesson about their fiat (made up) money. The magic tricks begin in their “Central Banks” for which they have heinously warred with every nation on earth to install and oversee, Americas’ is the FED;



The FED . . . Is NOT Federal!


US currency is called the “petro dollar” due to being the only money in the world that can be used to purchase OPEC oil, or gas from Rothschilds oil refineries, the top player in earths’ $200 Trillion energy market 2nd only to other Rothschild creations, the $223 Trillion lending market accompanied by the mysterious $200 to $800 Trillion FED dividend market.  (That $600 trillion mystery difference is due to the FED never being audited because it’s privately owned by the same banking familia who operate the federal reserve system for the Vatican)   Now anyone who’s counting might have noticed just those 3 markets total $600 to $1,200 Trillion. But you were told by THEIR mass media billionaires such as Bill Gates with his $60 Billion made him the Richie Rich of our world.  Uh oh, that’s a blatantly verifiable LIE, a bona-fide, real life conspiracy!  Yes indeed, even a child could figure out that just 1 Trillion is 1,000 Billion, and $600 Trillion (min. of Rothschild holdings) is $600,000 Billion which of course is 10,000 times more than $60B!!  And they’re not even on the list??? The bottom line is Gates is cover for the Rothschilds who cover for the Vatican II which is now cover for … the group you’re going to learn about next!  Nonetheless, it’s all about HUGE LIES & cover ups because if enough people of the world ever figured out that the supposedly saintly vatican was actually just a front for an evil network of psychotic, pedophiliac, lying nephilim, banking criminals from hell, we’d have sacked them and Rome for good.  Well, it’s never too late to do the right thing!!! Thankfully, there is still time. 

Pictured below is “The resurrection of Christ” in the papal throne room at the vatican, they say Christ is the son of lucifer, the devil.  The vatican was built over a cemetery containing St Peters’ tomb & the Rothschilds international banking cartel (FED owners) handle its finances.  You can trust your eyes, it’s evil, they’re evil and this is who our world leaders chum around with because they’re evil too.  And, they all rely upon our disbelief/confusion which is why you have to get past that right now.  Evil is-real, they’ve lied to you about everything you could ever imagine, and more. Banks, Politicians, the Vatican, London & DC are ONE. That’s “the rub” and you’ll see it’s worth taking the time to understand!




See an enlarged version of the above pic below;  Note the “Goat Head” Christ is coming out of.  (As in Baphomet or the Goat of Mendes, a well known satanic icon.)






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Concensually Enslavement via Central BankingClick To Download Graphic
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How to “consensually enslave” mankind via Central Banking
in 4 incredibly nefarious steps;

1Puppet masters tell puppets (politicians, media darlings and church figures)  to popularize needs for vast sums of money and to drum up public support for such expenditures with propaganda.   Common reasons for cash needs include constructing public resources such as highways, dams, high tech/cost buildings, military installations, earth/sea/space exploration, govt. subsidy programs, studies, foreign aid, disaster preparedness, govt. jobs, health care, welfare, social security, (This is how they feed on socialism, the more we take, the more they can  lend)  and ridiculously overpriced govt. supplies (uh-huh, this is the reason!)  Oh, & most importantly/profitably, BY FAR, WARS.  It doesn’t matter how expenses are created, all they’re concerned with is creating reasons you’ll buy for their FED to make loans which result in them recapturing TRILLIONS in principal/interest so, wars are excellent for them.  Can you imagine doing what they’re doing?  No?  It’s because you’re decent!  Now’s a good time to quote the original motto of the secret service agency “Mossad”;

“By way of deception thou shalt do war”


We’re All Paying for & Consenting To Their Hellish Deeds.  That Makes Us Complicit & Responsible, Exactly What They Require!


2Board members for The Federal Reserve are appointed by US presidents who all know exactly how this works (please recall the Rothschilds quote)  “The few who understand the system will be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors, there will be no opposition from that class(wealthy families and politicians) The great body of the people, mentally incapable of comprehending, (they’re calling you stupid) will bear its burden, and perhaps without even suspecting the system is contrary to their interests.”  The FED tells congress (whose members also know exactly how this works)  to pass bills requiring loans from the FED.  Congress having the sole ability to mint currency then orders the US mint to print masonic symbols on expensive and durable types of paper at our cost.  The good news is only about $1.3 trillion dollars worth of currency is actually in circulation, the rest GGHistoryOfMoney1is just digits in the FEDs’ ledger.  Nonetheless, the point here is the 10 banks that own the FED are in turn owned by about 300 families who pay ABSOLUTELY ZERO, NOTHING, NOTTA to create TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of dollars which they then “loan” to us.   ALL currency is made up out of thin air from nothing  (fiat) and if you think for one second they care about you, your loved ones or your liberties, think again.  The hard, solid truth is; we have all been conned by evil leaders who rely on our naivety and submission to continue.  It’s time to wake up isn’t it?   Well, their party is almost over now, YOU know too much, but not quite enough . . .


Shut Up You Fools, They Know!


Did You Really Believe ANY Rich & Very Well Educated (Most Are Attorneys) Politician or Congressional Rep. Didn’t Know How The Most Important Facet of Our Govt. Works?


3So, now the booty is waiting, that old serpent the devil is coiled, all that’s left is to seal the deal.  Setting its’ fangs is done by the FED trading the newly created fiat currency congress gave it (or its own digital equivalent)  for interest bearing US bonds issued by the Treasury.  From here on out the FED mafioso uses the IRS as its very own Guido to collect taxes from us, literally at gunpoint, to pay the juice/interest while waiting for the Govt to repay the loans in full, or it can sell the bonds to whomever it may.  That’s real “money for nothing” and the FED has never been audited to see exactly how much it’s robbed from us, but we know for sure they’re saying our govt owes them $18 TRILLION and that we as US consumers owe them another $11 TRILLION as of 2015.  But that’s just the principle and even if we never paid it, they’d still make a TRILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR in interest on govt. and consumer loans!  (Just that 1 trillion is a million, million dollars/year)   Oh, and the FED’s just 1 of the worlds’ 55 central banks, all owned by the same biblical snakes who say humanity owes them a total of $223 Trillion dollars for doing absolutely nothing except making life on earth as hellishly miserable as possible for 7 billion unsuspecting human beings they call “useless eaters.”



The FED (The Mobs’ Loan Shark) & the IRS (The Mobs’ collector)
Both born in 1913! What are the odds?
Celebrating 100 Years of Bankers’ Wars $260 Million Dead!



 4As any criminal will tell you, once you’ve gotten your haul of loot, the only task left is keeping it while staying out of jail.  For this brood of vipers that means doing anything and everything humanly conceivable, starting with censoring these truths against our 1st amendment rights and spreading deceitful and destructive propaganda by using their monopolies of ALL major print and broadcast media as well as ALL major websites and ALL 501(c)(3) non-profit churches.  The irony of all this truly is the blatantly undeniable connection to the church and yes,  the bible as well as virtually all the other ancient texts.  This is history, not religion!  You don’t have to be a “believer” to see how the people who gave us Hindu’s Holy Vedas, Judaisms’ Torah, Christianity’s Bible and Islams’ Quran were telling us to watch out for these very same snakes.  We’ve been thoroughly warned about these enemies but few would ever have imagined they are both our leaders and the clergy in govt. controlled churches.  There has NEVER been a separation of church and state!  And  FYI; it is their stance that mistranslations are not “changes”! Urgent Update:  Evil is real, being deceived is NOT “The Way” and this IS what YOUR life is really all about!!  Together, we have very important work to do!




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Look Who Subverted America While You Were Sleeping!


star  Jacob Lew (jew) – Former COS (Chief of Staff)

star  Rahm I. Emanuel (jew) – Former COS

star  Nancy-Ann DeParle (jew spouse) – Former Deputy COS

star  Alyssa Mastromonaco (jew spouse) – Deputy COS

star  Mona K. Sutphen (jewess)  – Former Deputy COS

star  Peter M. Rouse (jew) – Counselor to the President

star  Valerie B. Jarrett [Bowman] (jewess) – Senior Advisor

star  David Plouffe (jew) – Former Senior Advisor

star  David M. Axelrod (jew) – Former Senior Advisor

SummaryOf the 11 most recent advisors to our presidents, 10 are self-acclaimed  jews or have jewish Spouses. That’s 91%!  jews say they’re 2% of the U.S. population and therefore are over-represented here by a factor of 45.5 times (4,550%).  (FYI; About 1/2 of all jews are “Crypto” or “Marano” jews, who don’t admit jewry, google it!)  



NEWS CORP: (Fox, Nat Geo, FX, Wall Street Journal, Fox Sports, Wall Street Journal, NY Post, Harper Collins, 20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight Pictures, …)

star  Rupert Murdoch (jew) – Chairman and CEO

CBS: (CW, Showtime, CBSRadio/Sports, Simon & Shuster, TVGN, …)

star  Sumner Redstone (jew) – Executive Chairman

star  Leslie Moonves (jewess) – President and CEO

COMCAST/NBC: (NBC, MSNBC, Universal Pictures, Telemundo, Bravo, Weather Channel, Syfy, E!, Chiller, CNBC, …)

star  Brian L. Roberts (jew) – Chairman & CEO

star  David L. Cohen (jew) – Exec Vice President

TIME WARNER: (CNN, HBO, Warner Bros, TBS, TNT, Turner Classic Movies, New Line Cinema, Cartoon Network, …)

star  Jeffrey L. Bewkes (jew spouse) – Chairman and CEO

star  Gary L. Ginsberg (jew) – Executive VP

VIACOM (MTV, Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite, BET, Paramount Pictures, VH1, Comedy Central, …)

star  Sumner M. Redstone (jew) – Exec Chairman of Board

star  Philippe Dauman (jew) – President and CEO

WALT DISNEY (ABC, ESPN, Pixar Animation Studios, Touchstone, Marvel, A&E, Lucasfilm, Lifetime, Hearst Corp, …)

star  Robert A. Iger (jew) – President and CEO

star  Alan Braverman (jew) – Senior Executive VP

Summary:  Of the 12 senior media executives for the “Big 6” who control ALL U.S. media, 11 are self-acclaimed  jews or have jewish spouses. That’s 92%.  jews are over-represented by a factor of 46 times or (4,600%).




star  Sergy Brin (jew) – Co-Founder

star Larry Page (jew) – Co-founder & CEO


star  Jim Wales (jew) – Co-founder,

star  Larry Sanger (jew) – Co-founder


star  Jeff Skoll (jew) – President


star  Mark Zuckerberg (jew) – Founder & CEO

star  Sheryl Sandberg (jewess) – Chief Operating Officer


star  Jeff Bezos (jew) – Founder, Pres, CEO

star  Jeff Blackburn (jew) – Sr VP, Biz Development

Summary:  The 5 top internet companies’ founders are self-acclaimed  jews. That’s 100%.  jews are over-represented by a factor of 50 times or (5000%).  FYI;  Dells’ Michael Dell is a jew, Oracles’ Larry Ellison is a jew both Apples’ Steve Jobs & Microsofts’ Bill Gates are known Crypto Jews.

Gates is now leading depopulation of Goyim down to 500 million worldwide.



star Ruth Bader Ginsburg (jewess)

star Stephen G. Breyer (jew)

star Sonia Sotomayor (jewess)

star Elena Kagan (jewess)

Summary: Of the 9 Supreme Court justices, 4 are self-acclaimed jews. That’s 44% over-representation, a factor of 22 times or (2,200%).




star  David I. Kertzer (jew) – Provost


star  Lee C. Bollinger (jew) – Pres.


star  David J. Skorton (jew) – Pres.

star  W. Kent Fuchs (jew) – Provost


star  Carol L. Folt (jewess) – Provost


star  Drew Gilpin Faust (jew spouse) – Pres.

star  Steven E. Hyman (jew) – Provost


star  Shirley M. Tilghman (jew spouse) – Pres.

star  Christopher L. Eisgruber (jew) – Provost


star  Amy Gutmann (jewess) – Pres.

star  Vincent Price (jew) – Provost


star  Richard C. Levin (jew) – Pres.

star  Peter Salovey (jew) – Provost

Summary:  Of the 16 Senior Ivy League School Administrators 13 are self-acclaimed  jews or have jewish spouses. That’s 81%.  Known jews are over-represented by a factor of 40.5 times or (4,050%).



star  David Coleman (jew) – Primary Architect

star  Michael Cohen (jew) – Developer

Summary:  The 2 people in ultimate control of educating our children are self-acclaimed jews. That’s 100%.  Known jews are therefore over-represented by a factor of 50 times or (5,000%).




star  Charles H. Noski (jew) – Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


star  Robert E. Diamond, Jr. (jew) – CFO


star  John C. Gerspach (jew) – CFO


star  Josef Ackermann (jew) – CFO


star  Lloyd C. Blankfein (jew) – CEO

star  Gary D. Cohn (jew) – President


star  James L. Dimon (jew spouse) – CEO

star  Douglas L. Braunstein (jew) – CFO


star  James P. Gorman (jew) – CEO

star  Jim Rosenthal (jew) – Chief Operating Officer


star  Oswald J. Grübel (jew) – CEO

star  Ulrich Körner (jew) – Group Chief Operating Officer


star  John G. Stumpf (jew) – Pres. & CEO

star  Howard I. Atkins (jew) – Senior Executive VP and CFO


star  Robert Greifeld (jew) – CEO

star  Adena T. Friedman (jewess) – Executive VP & CFO


star  Gary G. Gensler (jew) – Chairman

star  David Meister (jew) – Director of Enforcement


star  Mary Schapiro (jewess) – Chairman

star  Mark D. Cahn (jew) – Gen Counsel

Summary:  Of 24 senior executives/commissions on Wall Street, 20 are self-acclaimed  jews or have jewish spouses. That’s 83%. Known jews are over-represented by a factor of 41.5 times (4,150%) here.



star Janet L. Yellen (jewess) – Chair      

star Lael Brainard (jewess)

star Stanley Fischer (jew) – Vice Chairman

Summary: Of the 5 Federal Reserve Board members, these 3 are self-acclaimed  jews. That’s 60%.  Known jews are over-represented here by a factor of 30 times or (3,000%) here. The 2 previous Chairmen, Allan Greenspan (1987-2006) & Ben Bernanke (2006-2014) were both jews too.


That was only a glimpse into real-life progress of the Jew World Order, more can be found here and here.  You simply cannot understand it yet but the people calling themselves jews literally HATE you and think ALL Gentiles are their slaves.


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Recall that video you watched at the very end of the AAA website (In Davids’ last comment there) regarding “the group” behind all the mass murders and genocides?  Now you know who they are, it’s the jews!!!  Here’s the original video they pulled off the net within hours of posting it;


Page 7

END OF GOYIM GAZETTE INTRO (Support us by buying the print version and share it!)


AND . . .


If You Haven’t Already, Download These Highly Damning Documents;

pdficon #1. The Babylonian Talmud (This scathing book of racist hatred, pedophilia and textbook psychopathy originally exposed by Jesus has been hidden from We The People for over 3,300 years and now  it’s finally time for YOU to awaken to how it’s been used against YOU!!!)

pdficon #2. Several Key Talmud Verses Explained  (This reference document will help the layman quickly understand some of the racist writings of the Talmud)


  pdficon #3. The Protocolos of The Learned Elders of Zion  (This is a document secretly published for a very select group of  psychotically bigoted, hateful and racist “world leaders” in 1901 which later surfaced and has been the center of countless attempts by them to discredit it with propaganda since.) 


pdficon #4. 100% Irrefutable Proof That the Protocols are NOT a Hoax  (This was taken from a very well researched article and made into a .pdf by us.  Read it and your feet will  forever be firmly on the ground in regard to the Protocols!)




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