Hi There Fellow Living Being, Lover of Democracy, Freedom and Justice!

Millions of Others Who Have Learned and Are Trying to Share Truths Relating to

the Subject Matter Herein are Being Censored by EVERY Major Forum, News and Social

Networking Site on The Net.  (Facebook, Youtube, Google+ and etc.)   It’s Because They are ALL

Very Well Funded & Highly Advanced Propaganda Machines Made to Deceive the Disillusioned Masses.

You’re About To Learn Who is Behind It, Why They’re Doing It, What It Ultimately Means TO YOU,

and How We’re Stopping It.  FYI:  We’ve Taken The Precaution of Seeing To It That This Site

Will Be Securely Maintained On It’s Own Dedicated Server Without Big Brother/Biz.

God/Goodness/Nature/The Force and YOU Willing, We’re Here to Stay.


THE TRUTH STANDS and this being the most censored site on the internet still managed to draw 52 Thousand unique visitors in 2016!  Just watch what happens next when we take to the streets to begin promoting it!



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At some point during the coming minutes, hours, days, weeks or months, save you the years (depending upon how much time you dedicate to learning the truth at our sites) you will come to know for yourself, and for 110% certain, this is the end of conspiracy “theories”!  FYI; that term was created and popularized by our corrupt govt to sound silly and unreal.  Everything is a psy-op!  Everything is a LIE!  And this is where you’ll find the TRUTH!

FACT;  Only 6% of Americans rate the news media as trustworthy and the net is even worse because of the ridiculous abundance of “Trolls” and “Shills”. You can’t go anywhere online without running into those hateful, belligerent, deceitful, nonsensical and highly annoying entities. It’s because our government is paying workers to spread disinformation, or what’s otherwise known as p r o p a g a n d a which there is zero of here!

Also, if you came over from the AAA Affirmative Action Alliance or from DavidAllender.com, you already know that members of this group are in fact performing depopulation upon We The People of the world, which most definitely includes Americans.  And that is MASS MURDER which is an ACTUAL CRIME!  That makes what you’re about to begin understanding a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY which has AND IS being committed against YOU and YOURS right this second.

There is no questioning or “theorizing” required to reach this conclusion, it’s a simple, undeniable fact that “the group” who are now in control of the most powerful governments around the globe, especially ours, are behind ALL of the evil crap we see today which definitely includes all the propaganda and disinformation everyone sees in the media and online.

But WHO are they?

To Best Answer That We Begin By Asking This; What Is The Name Of YOUR Group? Hint; it has nothing to do with the color of your skin, hair or eyes! It also has nothing to do with your political alignment or your religion, if you have one. So, who are YOU???

Now Pay Attention For The Priceless Answer;


We The People of the world (ie; you) are referred to as Goyim, minim, heathens, useless eaters, gentiles and slaves by satanic “yehudim”. They’re the ones who run our govt, own the FED, ALL THE MEDIA and Most of the Net. They and their traitorous “Shabbos Goyim” (unknowing useful idiots and/or sellouts to the yehudim) run the world.



This is a very short but monumental page that explains what’s wrong with the world and how “We the People” are fixing it. That means there is some gloom, but no doom. Everything will be ok and this will be unlike anything most have experienced. Slow Down, Take it All in, Re-read!



Firstly dear visitor, take heed that BIBLICAL SATANISM IS NO GAME and the leaders of your SATANIC government care about YOU exactly as much as they do about this poor, innocent creature;

A live satanic yehudim slaughter of another kind of “Goy


Just exactly who are these yehudim?

Yehudim is the hebrew plural for yehuda or Judah as in the tribe of Judah which this real life, satanic group subverted back in biblical times.  That’s who’s taken over our country, the same group who falsely claimed Judah as their lineage.   (ask yourself;  could this be why Hollywood puts satanic crap in all of your favorite music, movies and games?  Could this also be why our federal govt and currency is full of satanic symbolism which has been used by jews for millennia? See the connections?)  They are what’s wrong with America and you’ve just stumbled upon the darkest and largest secret the people of this great nation have ever not known.


The following is posted all over our sites but even if you’ve read it, it’s worth a second go! (and 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th etc.)



NEW! JUST RELEASED,; The Goyim Gazette 117 (with a bonus, see how David utterly destroys his ignorant, hateful, brainwashed Christian neighbor on the topic of biblical satanism!)THIS IS A MUST READ FOR ALL CHRISTIANS, MUSLIMS, HINDUS AND EVEN ATHEISTS BECAUSE ALL OF US HAVE BEEN DECEIVED ABOUT THE ONLY LAWS THAT ACTUALLY MATTER IN LIFE!



 Enjoy your continued awakening!



Let it be known theirs is a very deep rabbit hole one could spend several lifetimes mapping which is completely by design to throw We the People off.  That’s why the internet is so full of conspiracy theories, it’s to drown you in a maze of confusion.  Always remember THEY not only run all the Radio and TV channels they also run all the major social media (facebook, twitter, youtube etc.) and various other sites that THEY make sure show up at the top on THEIR search engines (google, yahoo, bing etc.)

You’ve been programmed to think that “Conspiracies” are something fun or interesting but that goes out the window when the conspiracies are real and heinous crimes being committed against YOU & YOUR LOVED ONES!  Such is the case, this is a matter of life and death and you’ve finally found the truth in a sea of lies that was created by your enemy to overwhelm you.  That and pretty much everything else in our insane world of current will begin making sense soon.  Just know that we are like you and we want you to have the truth about Americas’ ONLY problem.

If you’re like most, you’ve felt it your entire life, there is a monster in our midst. It’s time for you to learn what’s really wrong with America and the world and how beautifully simple the solution is.  But first, stop for 1 minute and ask; do you really think anyone who considers you no better than cattle would bother to tell you the truth about anything in THEIR NEWS and MEDIA?

The end to that problem (and some others) begins here…


The Goyim Gazette
Bringing the truth home, one Goyim at a time
Because the world is in dire need of
Truth, Freedom & Justice!


 Here’s What’s Called a Satanic RITUAL Blood Sacrifice of a “Goy” (looks just like that one of the cow above huh?)



Now that was just a famous painting but here’s the REAL thing;



Still think “satanic blood sacrifices” or any of this is a funny “conspiracy” or a joke? Well, most have no idea that these worthless kikes have been ran out of over 108 countries on earth in large part due to this utterly evil and disgusting practice shown above. Now it’s time for FINAL JUSTICE straight out of the book of Revelation, and when we’re done, there will be no more satanic music, movies, games, horrific blood sacrifices or kosher slaughters, nor war, nor taxes, nor usury, nor environmental havoc, nor filthy lies from the media or the corrupt, sellout politicians in our great “Constitutional, Democratic Republic”!  It’s Time for Change, Beautiful Change!


Time to Wake Up Sleepyheads!

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You May Freely Post These Highly Informative Images;















Share this next one with your Christian friends and tell them to join you at Unidigi!

2nd Coming


If you’re a Christian, you’d be wise to take another look at that last one because this is what Jesus would and did do!  He fought the satanic jews tooth and nail, till his death and never had one good thing to say about them. And for those who aren’t into the bible, just watch how the satanic jews in desperation of being exposed and prosecuted will call you an anti-semite, terrorist, racist, bigot and etc. just as depicted above.  That will be all the proof you’ll ever need that YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK AND DOING THE RIGHT THING/S!

Now, if you’re like most, they will try to scare you into submission with a creepy or threatening email, phone call or maybe even a visit if you’re a very special person! (ie; a smart and vocal person with lots of friends or clout who’s a threat to them)  Well, DON’T BUY IT.  It’s all just a ploy to intimidate you into submission AND CONSENT.  DO NOT CONSENT.

And always remember, they have trillions of dollars, endless resources and will do anything to stop these truths but cannot hurt you, their threats aren’t real.  It’s all an illusion, a con game!  And rest assured there is no law against knowing or speaking the truth in America! FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS 100% FULLY INTACT WHICH IS WHY THEY RELY ON CHEAP, FEAR TACTICS TO MAKE YOU SUBMIT.  DO NOT SUBMIT BECAUSE IF YOU DO, YOU WILL LOSE!!!

TAKE NOTE;  The huge difference between our sites and ALL the others we’ve been able to find so far is that we’re taking action! Go look at ALL the other supposedly truthful sites out there and note how not a single one of them are building a team or organizing any kind of real resistance. Quite the opposite, they tell you not to unite or take action, that’s one sure fire way for you to always figure out who’s who. No organizing or taking action = propaganda/shills/trolls. It’s nice and simple and is the reason why we’ve been banned and censored from all the major sites on the net. We’re taking action against the criminals in our world, it’s time to end all their bullshit.

That’s what’s going on here and they can’t do squat to stop good people from retaking our republic and world.  All they can do is try to intimidate you and trick you into cowering in a corner by yourself.  Don’t let that happen either, share that article above with everyone you know so that YOU WON’T BE ALONE!   If you do these simple things you will soon fully realize that YOU have the power, not them!

Here’s the thing, they really can’t do shit to We the People without our consent.  Again, do not consent, do not submit and do not cower.  WE’RE HERE TO TELL YOU THAT EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK.  Thanks to God, we have this figured out, it’s all going to work out exactly as we’ve been promised for millennia.  For those who don’t believe in the famous prophecies quite yet, just follow your heart, be good and band together with all of your fellow Americans. These satanic idiots are WAY OUTNUMBERED by We the People and WAY OVERPOWERED by God.




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