The Chemtrails Questionaire II (Stand Alone)

Here’s a completely updated version of the classic that’s helped millions connect the dots on chemtrails.  The facts put forth in this short, life saving video are simple, irrefutable and easy to understand.  When you’re done you’ll agree that you literally couldn’t have lived without it!



Download The Chemtrails Questionaire (185 MB .mpeg video)

3 thoughts on “The Chemtrails Questionaire II (Stand Alone)

  1. This is a very dense collection of highly disturbing facts that no decent person could possibly ignore. But this whole site is like that. I bet you guys are being suppressed like crazy! Well, thanks for this vid and all the other work, I’m sharing it but am also being suppressed by these worthless, criminals. Facebook is useless, it’s all bullshit.

  2. David Allender said:

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